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       The Master, p.14
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         Part #8 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me

  “You may,” Cole answered.

  Sasha waited for him to say something about not speaking to her, but he didn’t. Relying, perhaps, on Daniel’s training to have covered party etiquette.

  “Where is your Master, Julie?” Cole asked her.

  “He’s teaching bullwhip techniques in the garage, Sir, and told me to wait for him here.”

  Julie had been present the night Daniel whipped Peter as part of his punishment for the scene with Sasha. Cole’s attention had been focused on her, but Julie had almost passed out herself.

  “Ah, yes,” he said. “I remember you almost fell that night.”

  “And you’d already caught Sasha. I felt guilty I didn’t get to her first.”

  It was strange listening to them talk about her like she wasn’t within hearing distance. She didn’t remember much about the night they were talking about. She did remember Cole holding her.

  “You’re a good friend, Julie. I mean that sincerely.”

  “Thank you, Sir.”

  They were silent for several minutes and Sasha’s gaze traveled across the room, noting not many people were looking her way anymore. Everyone’s attention had been captured by the appearance of a woman Sasha didn’t recognize. She had curly brown hair and was glancing around, obviously looking for someone in particular.

  Someone breezed past the couch. Master Greene, she noted, making a beeline toward the unknown woman. Whoever she was, she saw him and ran into his arms.

  “They’re the demo we’re going to watch, little one,” Cole informed her.

  As she watched the embracing couple, his words hit her and she realized he’d never meant for them to watch a demo immediately after the meeting in the kitchen.

  “I’m ready now, Sir.”

  • • •

  The submissive at his feet grew stronger and more confident every day. And though he was glad she’d come so far, part of him was sad because he knew that meant their time was limited.

  Unless he took her up on her request for slave training. That would give him more time.

  Already his mind longed to make plans. To have her at his complete mercy and under his exclusive control. To touch her. Feel her.

  Fuck her.

  He clenched his fingers into a fist until he got his desire under control. He’d probably scare the hell out of her the first time he took her. He knew damn well it wouldn’t be gentle. It would be hard and rough.

  Hell, he was a grade-A bastard to even consider it.

  “Master,” Julie said, sliding from the couch and going to her knees.

  Daniel must have finished his teaching. He stood near the couch and held out his hand, helping Julie to her feet. He pulled her into his arms and then looked Cole’s way.

  “Sorry I can’t stay and talk, I told Julie we’d leave after my session.” He kissed her forehead. “Been working overtime this week and promised her the weekend would be just the two of us.”

  Cole chuckled. “I’ll make certain to keep my distance from the main house.”

  “No need,” Daniel assured him. “We’re going away for the weekend.”

  They spoke for a few more minutes, but the entire time Cole was thinking about what Daniel had said. Going away for the weekend. If he decided to train Sasha as a slave, he should take her away for a weekend. That would be fun and provide new ways to play.

  When they left, he stood and said to Sasha, “Stand up and straighten your shirt, little one. It’s almost time for the demo.”

  He’d spoken to Daniel earlier in the week about what the demos would be and who would be doing them. He had a feeling she would enjoy watching Greene and his sub for the evening.

  The demo was being held in the garage and, as he expected, a large crowd had gathered. Everyone was standing, so he led her to the corner of the observers where they could watch but also be able to talk without bothering anyone.

  “Stand in front of me, little one. I’ll be close behind you, but I won’t touch you.”

  He wouldn’t touch her, but he was so close he felt her heat and smelled the faint lemongrass scent of her shampoo. If she moved backward at all, she’d push against his erection—but he didn’t want to move any farther away from her. He wanted her acutely aware of his proximity.

  Before them Greene was speaking in low tones to his submissive, running his hands over her body and eventually bringing her hands above her head to bind. While he worked, she watched him with soft and trusting eyes.

  Once he had her secured, Greene whispered to her again and pressed a kiss to her forehead. She nodded and closed her eyes.

  Cole dipped his head to Sasha’s ear. “You’re wondering who she is and what connection they have. They’re a long-distance couple. She lives in California and they only see each other every few months.”

  Sasha leaned forward as if trying to get a closer look.

  “He’s going to demo a sensual flogging. Nothing too intense, at least for those of us watching. I imagine it’ll be quite intense for her. What I want you to do is picture yourself in her place. Let yourself go. Remember the feeling of being pleasured by the one you’ve turned control over to. And for tonight, I’m the one who decides that pleasure.”

  His words had the desired effect and he smiled inwardly as she trembled in response. So far he hadn’t noticed any sign of panic or distress from her, but he recalled how quickly it’d hit her when they went to look at the house. He believed this was the first flogging scene she’d witnessed since her time with Peter. And while he felt she was strong enough to watch a sensual flogging, he needed to keep a watchful eye on her.

  “Watch,” he commanded as Greene began. “You’re standing bound before me. Naked and needy. You came to me for one reason: you know I can give you what you need. But now that I’ve bound you, you realize I’ll take what I need from you as well.”

  They both watched as Greene circled his sub, every so often flicking the flogger toward her, but not striking her with it yet.

  “I make you wait for the tails to fall and you try to anticipate it. Try to imagine where they’ll first land. You’re expecting it to be forceful, so you’re surprised when the leather softly sweeps across your back. I’m being so gentle, you don’t notice I’ve picked up a second flogger until you feel it against your backside. I put more power into the stroke and you yelp. I whisper for you to be quiet, telling you that you will take what I give you in silence.”

  Sasha’s gaze was on the couple in front of her, but Cole saw the quick rise and fall of her chest.

  “I continue working both floggers, harder against your arse and softer on your back. I ask you if you’re getting wet being tied up for my pleasure and receiving a flogging.” He wasn’t watching the demo scene anymore. His focus was Sasha, and he was pleased she’d shown no unease when he’d mentioned her back.

  “Check, sub,” he commanded in a low growl. “Slip your hand down the front of those shorts and finger yourself.”

  She jerked to attention.

  “Discreetly. Don’t draw attention to yourself.” He waited while she checked. “Are you?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “Good, because next I’ll tell you that you need to be wet because I’m going to slide the handle of the flogger inside you.”

  She stiffened.

  “It’s not quite as large as my cock, but it’s nothing you want to attempt dry.” He leaned so close he almost brushed her ear with his lips. “Look at it as preparing yourself to take me. Rub your clit, but don’t come.”

  This time he didn’t have to tell her twice. She obeyed immediately. He let her play with herself while he observed Greene and his sub.

  “Rub that needy clit as I work your body with my floggers,” he whispered. “At times it feels like a hundred fingers caressing you, almost a kiss. But when I swing it harder, you accept the sweet pain because you know only pleasure follows.”

  Her voice was strained. “Please, Sir, let me come.”

  “Not yet.
Because whilst you’re still floating from the flogging, I’m going to ease the handle between your legs and make you fuck yourself with it.”

  “Please, please, please,” she softly begged.

  The silence of the room was broken by Greene commanding his sub to come and her cry of release. His cock grew distractingly hard at the erotic sound, but even so he didn’t miss Sasha’s spine stiffen, followed by an intense tremble.

  Hell, no, she didn’t.

  “Did you just come without permission, sub?” he asked through clenched teeth.

  “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.”

  “Apology accepted and punishment deferred. And I hope you enjoyed that orgasm, because it’s the last one you’ll experience for quite some time.”

  • • •

  “I’ve decided to change my plans for the evening,” Cole said. The demo was over and the few remaining people in the garage were talking amongst themselves as they waited for the next one. “We’re leaving.”

  She knew he’d only changed plans because she came without permission. Fuck. It’d been too long since she’d had to hold back an orgasm, and listening to his wickedly delicious whispers while watching Master Greene and his sub had been too much.

  He was quiet as they made their way to his car. Every so often, she’d look his way and try to gauge his mood. Was he angry? Disappointed? Neutral? He was too damn hard to read.

  Silently, he opened the car door for her before getting in himself. They were halfway to Daniel’s before he said anything.

  “Leaving early was not a punishment. I had planned to do something the next time we met, but I’ve decided to do it tonight instead.”

  She continued to stare out the car window. He hadn’t given her permission to speak and he hadn’t asked her a direct question.

  “When we get to the guesthouse, I want you to kneel and wait for me in the office.”

  Instead of allowing panic a foothold, she did as he’d told her and ran through what she knew would happen: he would give her a week’s notice before he punished her, he would not touch her without telling her, and he had this planned before she’d disobeyed him. The panic she feared didn’t make an appearance.

  They pulled into the driveway, and the absence of Daniel’s car signaled he and Julie had already left for the weekend. She wondered if Cole’s offer on the house they’d looked at had been accepted and, if so, when he’d be moving. She rather liked looking toward the guesthouse whenever she visited Julie and trying to guess if Cole was inside.

  Once inside the quiet house, she made her way to the office. A small lamp had been left on, so the room wasn’t completely dark, but just lit enough for her not to trip over anything.

  He entered the room mere minutes after she settled herself on her knees. The soft thud of his bare feet approached the middle of the room, and she saw his toes when he stood before her.

  “Before we move on,” he said, “I need to know what happened in the garage whilst we watched the demo.”

  “It’s been so long since I’ve had to delay my orgasm, Sir. I couldn’t hold it anymore.” She bit the inside of her cheek and hoped he understood.

  “Did it once cross your mind to yellow if you thought I was pushing you to do something you didn’t think you could do?”

  “No, Sir,” she said in a small voice. It hadn’t. Fuck, she was the worse submissive ever.

  “You must learn to use your safe words, little one. Otherwise they are worthless. If you think for a minute I can attempt to slave train you without knowing with absolute certainty that you will use them, you are mistaken. Do you understand?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “Your next assignment is to write an essay, no word limit, on submission, its meaning, and how safe words enhance our play. This one will take some time, so you have a week. Do you have any questions?”

  While before she dreaded writing assignments, this one actually sounded interesting. It would be insightful to explore her thoughts on safe words.

  “No, Sir. I have no questions.”

  “In that case, we’ll move on to your next lesson, which will take place in the garage playroom.”

  Her chest tightened and her heart thumped wildly. It was almost as if two voices argued in her head. The playroom. He’s taking you to the playroom. The other one countered, This is Cole. You are safe.

  “Sasha.” His one word banished the voices and grounded her. Tied her to him alone.


  “There’s nothing to worry about. I’m going to explain everything. Do you trust me?”

  She did. One hundred percent. No questions asked. “Yes, Sir.”

  “I’ll keep you safe. Remind yourself of that fact.”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “You will remain in the outfit you currently have on. I will not be attempting to get you into subspace because I need you with me mentally for the entire scene. Any questions so far?”

  She’d never played with her clothes on. This would certainly be interesting. But she trusted Cole to know what he was doing. Her job was to simply obey and learn the lesson he was teaching her. “I have no questions, Sir.”

  “I’m going to be touching you,” he said. “All over. And I’m not going to tell you beforehand. This is me giving you notice. If this troubles you in any way, let me know and I won’t do the scene.”

  She took a few minutes to think about his words and their meaning. He was going to be touching her. All over. A few weeks ago, that would have been a hard limit, but now, knowing what she did of Cole, it no longer was. He would keep her safe. And more than that, she liked his hands on her. She wanted his hands on her.

  “I have no problem with that, Sir.”

  “I will also be pushing you harder than I have ever before and testing your limits. Again, this is your choice. If you feel uncomfortable, we won’t do it.”

  She almost told him no, that it sounded like too much and she didn’t want him to push her and test her limits. But deep inside, in that quiet place she hid her secret desires, it was exactly what she wanted. And hadn’t she already confirmed she trusted him?

  “I want to do it, Sir,” she said in a strong voice.

  His smile chased away any lingering worries. “Very good, little one. I’m proud of you.”

  She felt her face heat.

  “I don’t normally give submissives choices about playroom time, but I’m making an exception here. I can either walk with you, meet you in there, or have you meet me.”

  He was giving her a choice because he remembered the panic attack she’d had at the mention of Daniel’s playroom. She once again realized she had no reason to fear when she was with Cole. He knew her fears and he’d keep her safe.

  “I would like for you to walk with me, Sir.”

  His expression gave away nothing, but his reply was filled with approval. “With pleasure.” He held down a hand to her. “Come with me.”

  She placed her hand in his and rose to her feet. Holding his hand, she felt more confident and she knew she’d made the right decision. They entered the garage and she took comfort in finding it unchanged since her last visit.

  He led her to the middle of the garage where cuffs were mounted from the ceiling and adjusted her until her position met his approval. “Look at me,” he said. And when she met his eyes, Cole had been replaced by Master Johnson.

  He buckled her wrists one at a time to the cuffs above her head. She focused on his face the entire time, breathing deeply and somehow keeping the panic at bay. He finished securing her and took a step back, once more meeting her eyes.

  “I’m going to blindfold you, but before I do, tell me what you say if you need me to stop.” His gaze was steady and sure and gave her the courage to continue.

  “Red, Sir.”

  “If you’re scared, or starting to panic, I don’t want you to think twice or second-guess whether you should say it. You say it immediately, understand?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

If you’re a little uncomfortable and you need a minute to gather your thoughts or you feel like I’m going too fast, what do you say?”

  “Yellow, Sir.”

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