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The Enticement, Page 11

Tara Sue Me

  “You asked her?”

  “Mmm.” I nodded. “The more I thought about going with you, the more I liked the sound of it, so I figured why not go ahead and do something about it?”

  He groaned. “Normally, I’d tell you to leave the details like that to me, but right now I’m just excited that you’re interested in it.”

  I rose to my toes and whispered, “That’s not all I was thinking.”

  “Don’t let me stop you from telling.”

  I dropped my hands to his waistband and ran my fingers along the smooth leather of his belt. “I was also thinking how I obviously never earned this the weekend Simon and Lynne came over. I hope I do better in Delaware.”

  He groaned and glanced around the living room. “Where are the kids?”


  “At the same time?”

  I understood his surprise; it didn’t happen very often. I leaned in close and ran my tongue along his ear. “I’m that good.”

  His hold on my hips tightened. “Fuck, Abby. How long?”

  “They should be down for another twenty minutes.”

  “Excellent, but twenty minutes isn’t enough time for me to properly work you over with the belt.” He rocked his hips against me. “Are you pouting? How about I put that pouty mouth to better use. I want to feel it around my cock. Do it and I’ll reward you now and seriously consider bringing a belt to Delaware.”

  “What if—”

  He held a finger to my lips. “Stop talking and get on your knees. Right now the only thing you need to be thinking about is my cock and how it belongs in your mouth.”

  I dropped to the floor and hurriedly shed him of his pants and boxers. Usually, I’d tease him by running my tongue around his length, but I wanted to keep him guessing, so I engulfed him all at once. He hit the back of my throat and I relaxed and took him all the way in.

  “Fuck!” He grabbed fistfuls of my hair.

  I started bobbing on him, sucking as he withdrew and then allowing him access to go as deep as he wanted. I alternated short shallow moves with long ones because I knew it’d drive him crazy. His breathing came in pants and I smiled around his cock, knowing he couldn’t hold out much longer.

  With a yell, he pulled out and dragged me to my feet.

  He’d never done that before. Had I done something wrong? “What?”

  He pushed me backward until I hit the living room wall. “What’s the only thing you’re to be thinking about?”

  My knees wobbled and my arousal increased exponentially. Damn, I loved it when he was rough. “Your cock.”

  “Right.” He took a step back and fisted his erection. “And right now it wants to fuck your pussy. Undress from the waist down. Quickly.”

  My fingers trembled as I hurried to unbutton my pants. I gave a shake of my leg to remove them completely and stumbled. Nathaniel’s sure hands caught me and held me steady.

  “Careful now. A trip to the ER wasn’t how I saw this ending.”

  I shook my head. “It’s okay. I’m good now.”

  “Oh, Abby.” He pushed me against the wall and hooked my right leg around his waist. “You’re more than good.” He slowly pressed his cock inside me. “You’re fucking fantastic.”

  “Just wait until Delaware,” I teased. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

  “No, my lovely.” He pushed his hips and moved so deep within me I clawed at his back. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

  I decided to push him a bit. After all, I didn’t want to become predictable. “Really? You have new moves or are you going to be using the same ones you always do?”

  “Are you seriously questioning my moves?” He rotated his pelvis against me and I moaned at the sensation of how he felt inside me. “I think you are. You want me to show you moves?”

  “I just questioned if you had any new ones, Sir. A verbal reply is fine—you don’t have to show me.”

  “Like hell.” He pulled out of me and spun me to face the wall. Grabbing my hands and pinning them above my head, he growled out, “Keep them here. Move an inch and I redden your ass and not in the way you enjoy. Understand?”

  “Yes, Sir.” My heart pounded wildly. Fuck. I loved it when he took control of me like that. He roughly kicked my feet apart, so I had to bend at the waist.

  He pressed against me, his cock teasing my entrance. The clock in the hallway chimed. Nap time was almost over.

  “The kids will be up soon,” I warned.

  “They’ll be fine. I’m so hard, this won’t take long.”

  With that, he pushed into me and thrust so deep, I had to bite the inside of my cheek so I wouldn’t cry out. His hands came over mine as he withdrew and entered again.

  “Love fucking you against a wall,” he panted. “I get so deep. You feel so good.”

  He could keep it up for hours, too, while keeping me on the edge. It wasn’t impossible for me to come without it, but by holding my hands against the wall, there was no way for me to touch my clit.

  I wiggled my hips, but his only response was to thrust harder. He rocked against me, pushing my lower body forward. I whimpered. I was so close, but unable to reach it without my hands.

  “Please,” I begged.

  “I know what you want,” he said. “I’m just not ready to give it to you yet. Enjoying this too much.”

  “I need,” I panted.

  “You don’t need. You want.” He picked up his pace. “There’s a difference.”

  “So close.”

  “I know.” He went faster and harder. “I know.”

  I kept quiet then. Sometimes begging worked. This wasn’t one of those times. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the feel of him, the strength, the drive, and the power. If he just touched me, I’d come so fast. But his hands remained where they were.

  His hips shifted and he hit a different spot within me, making my eyes widen in surprise. “Oh my God!”

  “Come,” he said with a hint of smugness.

  Though it happened for me so rarely I thought it nearly impossible, with one more thrust inside me he made me come simply by being inside me. I shuddered around him, my climax sending tremors through my body.

  “Shit,” I managed to mumble. “How’d you do that?”

  He didn’t say anything, but stiffened behind me as he reached his own release. He was still breathing heavy when he withdrew and pressed a kiss to my back. “Just wanted to show you my moves.”

  “I’m thinking about calling Linda back,” I said.

  “Oh?” He took my hands and I stood up.

  “I may not survive a week in your collar.”

  * * *

  “Incoming!” Jackson picked up one of his three-year-old twin sons and flew him like an airplane around the living room. The child he held airborne was either Levi or Luis. From my angle on the couch it was difficult to see the tiny birthmark above Levi’s eyebrow that made it possible to differentiate the two identical twins.

  Felicia sat on the couch across from me. Her feet were propped on a stool and she rubbed her pregnant belly. “I’d tell him to watch out because he’ll break something, but he won’t listen to me when the boys want to play airplane.”

  The other twin stood in the doorway, bouncing up and down. “My turn! My turn! My turn, Daddy!”

  Jackson swept across the room again, making a whoosh sound as he turned the corner where Elizabeth and Lucy, their five-year-old daughter, sat playing with dolls.

  “That’s dangerous, Uncle Jack,” Elizabeth said. “If you drop him, he might break his clapacal.”

  “Clavicle,” said Maddox. He was approaching ten, in a bad position, really, being too old to play with the other children but too young to be interested in the adults’ conversation. He sat in a chair by himself, reading a book.

  “That’s what I said,” Elizabeth explained patiently before turning her attention to Lucy. “Did you bring a bathing suit? Want to go swim? Mommy?”

  I shook my head. “Too late to
night. We haven’t had dinner yet and you have school tomorrow.” Granted it was preschool, but bedtime was bedtime and we tried to keep it consistent. “We’ll have everyone over soon for a swim date.”

  Laughter floated down the stairs, making it to the living room before Nathaniel and Todd. The two men entered, smiling. Nathaniel walked over to me and ran his arm along my shoulder before sitting down and talking to Maddox about what he was reading.

  Elaina returned from where she’d been in the bathroom and sat beside Felicia. Though they’d tried repeatedly, she and Todd hadn’t been able to conceive since Maddox was born. They’d looked into adoption, but nothing had worked out.

  I turned my attention to Nathaniel. Maddox was explaining something in the book. It sounded like a fantasy novel. Nathaniel must have read it or heard of it because Maddox became very animated over whatever it was he said.

  A timer went off in the kitchen and since Linda was changing Henry, I motioned to Elaina and we went in together to take care of it. I took the roast out of the oven while Elaina grabbed the plates and silverware.

  “This smells so good,” I said, putting it down to cool. “Want me to help you set the table?”

  “That would be great.”

  Linda’s dining room had changed over the years, the biggest addition being the small kiddie table she added for guests like the ones she had tonight. Sometimes the kids ate at the table with the adults, but they seemed to enjoy their own space, so tonight we were going to let them eat by themselves. Except for Maddox, who had insisted he was too old to eat at the kiddie table.

  “We heard from the adoption agency,” Elaina whispered, looking over her shoulder.

  “Oh?” I tried to be nonchalant, but I knew how important this was to them.

  Her face broke out into a huge grin. “We’re picking our son up tomorrow.”

  I dropped the silver and she scooped it up. “Really?” I choked out.

  “Yes, but we’re not telling anyone until it’s a done deal. You never know. I had to tell someone though. It’s eating me trying to keep it a secret.”

  “I thought you and Todd looked different tonight.”

  She nodded and placed the silver around the table at each setting. “It’s been a rough time. Infertility and then nothing with the adoption for so long. I feel like everything should happen right now, when I want it, and I’m learning patience is hard.”

  I started putting out the napkins. “I understand. It’s tough when things happen you don’t have control over and can’t make fit your timetable.”

  “Sounds like you’re speaking from experience.”

  “The things we appreciate the most are the things we have to work for. Wait for. If it’s handed to us, we don’t value it as much.”

  She cocked her head to the side. “Are you sure you aren’t a psychologist?”

  We laughed while we finished setting the table and then called everyone in to grab a plate and get their food. As everyone sat, my advice to Elaina repeated in my head. It made sense, what I’d told her. Looking across the table to where Nathaniel sat, laughing and joking with Jackson, I was reminded that our own journey hadn’t been the easiest, but I liked to think we valued what we had as a result.

  He looked up and caught me staring. “I love you,” he mouthed to me.

  “Always,” I replied.

  Chapter Eight

  A few weeks later, we were in our private jet on our way to Wilmington, Delaware. I’d felt off the entire week before. The day we left, I knew I’d been a bit of a brat. Probably because of the week ahead of us. I wanted to try wearing Nathaniel’s collar for this extended period of time, but I was apprehensive as well. Plus, we’d be leaving the kids for longer than we ever had before.

  I drummed my fingers in a disjointed staccato on the armrest. My legs were crossed and I swung my foot in time with the tap-tap-tap of my nails. Nathaniel reached out and put his hand over mine.

  “Stop, please,” he said.

  I stopped my fingers, but my leg kept swinging. “I don’t know why we’re taking the jet. Wilmington isn’t that far away—we could have driven.”

  He raised an eyebrow. “We’re taking the jet because I want to.”

  I snapped my hand out from under his and buckled my seat belt. It was a petty thing to do, but I couldn’t help it.

  “It’s not going to be easy,” he said. “We’ve never played this long before and that alone will stretch us. But I want you to know, I do plan to push you as well. It’s okay to be anxious.”

  I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the seat. “I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’ve never been anxious before. I’ll work through it.”

  But I knew it was more than anxiety; I just didn’t say that to Nathaniel. But it was also him. He was different lately and it confused me as much as it turned me on. I couldn’t give specific examples, but it was there and it made me uneasy.

  “Just as well you get the attitude and snark out of the way before I collar you,” he said. “Because I’m not going to put up with it once I do.”

  I turned my head to look at him. He was leaning back in his seat and though his body was relaxed, I sensed an underlying tension in him.

  “Don’t even think about arguing,” he spoke before I could utter any disagreement. “You’ve been goading me for the last few days. I’ve already decided you’ll be on the floor the first night. Keep it up and you won’t sleep in my bed all week.”

  My mouth fell open. “You can’t punish me for what I do when I’m not wearing your collar.”

  “Oh, you’re very mistaken. I can do anything I want. And I never said it was a punishment. I simply stated a fact.”

  I wanted to say more, but didn’t. I couldn’t remember the last time I slept on the floor; surely he had a good reason for insisting I do it tonight. Just like this week. Even though it was something I wanted, he’d specifically said it wasn’t working out for him the way things were. Perhaps this was his way to show me how things could work. Or maybe he was seeing if he liked it better with me in his collar more frequently.

  I glanced out the window. We’d almost reached our cruising altitude. It would be a ridiculously short trip.

  Beside me, Nathaniel unbuckled his seat belt and stood up. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw he had my platinum and diamond collar with him. I had another one made of leather but I remembered he’d said something about a cocktail reception tonight, so it made sense he’d pick the platinum one for today.

  “If you’re ready, Abigail,” he said just a few steps beyond my chair. “Come kneel and show your desire to wear my collar.”

  He’d instructed me earlier to wear a dress with no hose or panties, and when I stood up, I felt cool air brush against my skin. The hem came only to my knees, so I knelt down carefully before him. As always, when I got into position to serve him, I felt restful and at peace.

  I relaxed with a deep sigh as he slipped the collar into place and fastened it with a softly spoken, “Thank you, Abigail.”

  I looked up at him to see if he made any sort of movement that indicated he wanted to use my mouth.

  “Not right now.” He ran his fingers through my hair. “The pilot said there was a possibility of running into turbulence and I’d prefer not to have my dick in your mouth if that happens.”

  I couldn’t help it—I laughed at the visual. “Ouch.”

  He smiled. “Come back over this way. I have something for you to do.”

  He pulled a large pillow from the cabinets beside my chair and placed it on the floor. “I want you to sit and write in your journal. I’d like for you to spend twenty minutes writing down your goals for the week.”

  He’d told me yesterday to have my journal with me and accessible during the flight, so his assignment didn’t come as a