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       Their Virgin Captive, p.7
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         Part #1 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 7


  He grabbed Hannah by the waist before Gavin could change his mind. She tensed a bit, but he dropped a kiss on her shoulder, and she became a sweet bit of languorous femininity, trying to show trust in her men.

  With minimal fuss, she allowed him and Dex to pull her off his lap then sit her on his thighs once more, her back to his front. Slade arranged her legs on either side of his knees so that when he widened his stance, he parted her thighs.

  Hannah’s blonde hair flowed down her back, tickling Slade’s face. She smelled like peaches and sweet sex. Her head fell back against his shoulder. She was closer to him than he’d ever managed to get to her. The hugs he’d stolen before were nothing compared to the intimacy of holding her in his arms after disciplining her.

  Enfolding her in his arms, he turned his chair and faced Gavin.

  His brother’s serious face tightened, his brows a deep V over rain-cloud eyes. He was perfectly still as his gaze fused right on Hannah’s very slick pussy. Gavin clutched the arms of his chair with trembling fingers.

  “Pretty, isn’t she?” Slade couldn’t resist baiting his brother.

  Gavin swallowed in silence—but didn’t look away.

  Slade trailed his hands up her body. Hannah whimpered but didn’t fight him, and her soft submission went straight to his cock and filled a place in Slade he hadn’t known was empty.

  He’d been working to earn Hannah since that first night he’d entered a BDSM club. Now she was here.

  With seeking palms he found her breasts, gorgeously round and soft. His thumbs grazed her stiff nipples through her clothing. She whimpered a little.

  “It’s all right. I just want to play for a minute,” he whispered.

  After a moment’s hesitation, she settled back down.

  “Don’t try to tell him that you don’t like it. ” Dex knelt between her legs. “Your lips can lie, but your pussy doesn’t. ” He peered at Slade then shot a glance over his shoulder at Gavin. “She’s coated in cream and getting wetter. ”

  Gavin clenched his jaw, but he stubbornly remained mute.

  “Dex,” she protested. “Do you have to say it so bluntly? It’s…impolite. ” His brother grinned, the expression making him seem younger than his twenty-eight years.

  Dex never looked as open and young as he did when Hannah was making him smile. “Darlin’, you have your legs spread in front of three men. We passed polite a while back. ” Slade pinched her nipples again. “And we like you this way. ” Her head lolled back on his shoulder. Even from his vantage, Slade could see the hint of a smile on Hannah’s face.

  She had entered the plane filled with self-doubt and no small amount of fear. Now she was relaxed, even somewhat happy. He’d given that to her, and damn if it didn’t make him smile.

  He’d almost be happy, too, if he could just get the reaction he wanted out of Gavin.

  Slade rolled Hannah’s nipples through her shirt. He couldn’t wait to get those breasts in his mouth. What would Gavin do then?

  “Damn, darlin’, you’re so wet. ” Dex didn’t hesitate. He put his nose right where Slade knew he wanted it. Hannah gasped as Dex inhaled loudly. “And you smell so fucking good. ” She tried to dodge him, but Slade tightened his arms around her. If Hannah was concerned with the impoliteness of Dex talking about how good her pussy smelled, she’d likely have a problem with him diving in for a feast. But that wasn’t going to stop him.

  “Oh, oh. ” The breathy sounds that flowed out of Hannah’s mouth told Slade that maybe they really had moved past simple courtesy. “That shouldn’t feel so good. ”

  “Yes, it should, baby,” Slade encouraged. “It’s going to feel even better when you have one of us suckling your breasts and one eating your pretty pussy. It’s going to feel so good then. ” Dex dropped back beside Gavin. “She tastes like sunshine. Get her off. We want to watch. ” Slade couldn’t wait. He cupped her cunt. It was soft and slippery, swollen and pouting. His thumb went to the nub of her clit and caressed while he slid a single finger in. “You are so tight, love. ”

  He groaned because he could feel her muscles clamping down on his finger. His cock protested. He wanted to be inside her so damn badly, but this was about her. She’d submitted beautifully and deserved to be rewarded. Besides, Gavin needed to see what he was missing.

  Slade struggled to work a second finger into the tight clasp of Hannah’s pussy. He doubted he could squeeze in a third. She was going to be so damn snug, but that was okay. He’d do whatever it took to maneuver his cock in and make her like it. Dex—and hopefully Gavin—

  would do the same.

  As he felt his way around her cunt, he hit just the right spot. Hannah gasped. He pressed in and rubbed, rotating as he slid his thumb over her hard bundle of nerves. Her entire body stiffened. Her breath came even faster. She clawed at his thighs.


  “Feel good, baby?”

  She nodded frantically, words seemingly eluding her.

  “That’s so fucking sexy,” Dex purred as he moved in again and trailed a hand up her thigh.

  His gaze fused with hers.

  “You have no idea. You’ve got to feel her. ” Slade pulled his slick fingers back, lavishing all his attention on her hard clit, paying close attention to the cues of her body. He kept her right on edge with soft, circular strokes.

  Dex didn’t waste a second before he slipped a thick finger inside her pussy. “Fuck, she is tight. You’re going to be incredible. ”

  As Hannah whimpered, Dex kissed the inside of her thigh and pumped another finger inside her, turning his wrist so his fingertips danced right over her most sensitive spot.

  He and Dex didn’t have to speak a word. They both knew it was time.

  While Slade rubbed the hard little nub a bit faster, a bit harder, Dex prodded that spot inside her relentlessly. Hannah’s back arched. As he worked his lips up her neck, her skin turned dewy and damp. She drew in sharp little breaths, one after the other.

  “Give it to us, darlin’,” Dex demanded. “Let go. ”

  Immediately, she shot off like a rocket, bursting high. She shook, screaming her pleasure in his arms. He wished he could see her face, but he watched Dex, who looked supremely pleased.

  Slade could tell that Hannah in rapture was a beautiful sight.

  He glanced at Gavin. Every muscle in his oldest brother’s body was tense. Hunger darkened his eyes as he watched the explosive orgasm wrack Hannah’s body until her mewls became whimpers, and she turned limp in his arms.

  Still, Slade wasn’t quite ready to let her go. He continued to brush her clit gently. Each time he did, her body spasmed with little aftershocks.

  Dex withdrew his fingers and sucked them, closing his eyes with a moan. “That was gorgeous, darlin’. I can’t wait to see it again. ”

  “Oh my goodness. What was that?” Hannah asked in a desperate, breathy voice.

  Slade turned his face in to breathe her scent, his lips scraping across her cheek and chuckled.

  She could be so adorable.

  “That was a killer orgasm,” Dex said with a grin as he stood, his hand on the button of his pants. “It’s going to be even better when it’s my cock inside you. Come on, baby. I want you to ride me. ”

  Abruptly, Hannah sat up, pulled her skirt down, then glanced at him. Brows knit, green eyes uncertain, she looked away. Slade reeled back at the confusion on her sweet face and forced himself to sit up.

  He turned her in his arms. “You’ve never had an orgasm before, baby?” Hannah stared, blinked at him. “No. ”

  The entire room froze.

  “Darlin’, what were those men thinking?” Dex scowled.

  “What men?” Hannah asked, her eyes innocent.

  The clues slid into place for Slade. “You’re a virgin?”

  With a pretty flush, Hannah scrambled off his lap, smoothing her skirt. “Yes. ” He and Dex exchanged a quick glance. This changed e
verything. They’d been ready to introduce her to the pleasures of ménage at thirty-thousand feet, but if this was her first time, she deserved a real bed and an enormous amount of patience from them.

  “Oh, I get it,” she murmured. “You don’t like virgins. Because I don’t know what I’m doing, right?” Hannah backed away. “I don’t know what came over me earlier. Let’s just forget it happened. ”

  Slade got to his feet. His cock was a hammer in his slacks, but it would wait for Hannah.

  He took her hand and drew her closer. “Look at me, love. ”

  She hesitated, then finally met his gaze. He could see the courage it cost her.

  “No, we won’t forget that it happened. And it’s going to happen again. We are so honored that you trusted us with the truth. We hope you’ll do the same with your body. ” Slade raised her hand to his mouth, palm up, and kissed her. “We’ll take such good care of you. ” Dex was right there, taking her other hand. “I promise. We’re going to cherish you. ” Tears filled her eyes, along with a spark of what Slade could only describe as hope. “You’re not disappointed?”

  “We’re thrilled,” Slade said. “Now, sit down, and I’ll fix you a drink. You should rest. ” He poured her a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. When he turned, she was sitting in her chair next to Dex. They had left a seat open beside her. That was his place, beside her. He passed her the glass and sat. Dex began to talk about her cat and how he’d rescued the fur ball. By the time he was finished with the story, Hannah was smiling into Dex’s face. When Slade found her hand with his, she squeezed back.

  Slade couldn’t help the smile creasing his face. The moment was perfect with the singular exception of Gavin on the other side of the aisle. Alone. His gray eyes were stark, miserable.

  Slade didn’t know what to say, but he figured he’d better come up with something fast.

  Before he opened his mouth, Gavin shook his head and stared out the window.

  For the first time it really sank in that Slade could gain a wife and lose his brother.

  Chapter Five

  The limo slid away from the tiny airstrip, its engine purring almost silently.

  Gavin was well aware that it was utterly incongruous to have a limo in a backwoods town like River Run, Alaska, but his father had kept one for his infrequent trips, and it had seemed cruel to Gavin to fire the driver. The man had been with his family for almost fifty years, so when Gavin or any of the executives came to River Run, they were greeted by the elderly driver and late-model limo.

  The vehicle seated six, not that they needed that much space. His brothers had practically sprawled Hannah across their laps. She didn’t take up much room anyway. Nor, apparently could she walk. When the plane had touched down, she’d tried to stand, but Dex had been there, sweeping her into his arms. He’d passed her off to Slade when they reached the limo. Now she sat curled up like a sweetly rumpled, sexy kitten between them. The minute Dex had curled his arm around her she’d let her head find his chest and fallen asleep. Dex had closed his eyes, too.

  Lucky bastard. Gavin doubted he would be able to sleep even in his comfortable bed. His cock was still hard hours after watching Hannah spread her legs and come for the first time.

  Gavin knew he’d never touch her…but in that moment, he’d felt so involved, sharing that brand new experience with her and his brothers. Fuck if he didn’t want more.

  He’d never given much thought to the whole Dominance and submission thing Dex and Slade were into, but watching Hannah’s pretty backside turn bright pink under Slade’s hand had flat out done something for him. He’d imagined it was his own hands holding her down, administering discipline. He would have turned her over and forced her to ride him.

  But she was a virgin. God, he didn’t want to think about that, about the fact that before too long, she wouldn’t have her virginity anymore—and one of his brothers would be the privileged man taking it.

  “Have you heard from the Lenox brothers, yet?” Slade kept his voice low, in deference to the sleeping pair.

  Gavin was grateful for the reprieve from his dark thoughts. When he found Hannah’s stalker, he would think of an excellent way to take more of his frustration out on the asshole. “They sent a text saying they have all the data. It will take them a few days to go through everything. ”

  “We can always hope this sick fuck walked past a couple of security cameras with the package. ”

  “Yes, we can hope. ”

  Gavin watched the terrain slide by. It was high summer in Alaska, and the ground was covered in colors he never saw in Texas. Rich, vibrant flowers formed a carpet that led from the road to the flat, plain that seemed to go on for days. Even the grass was a lush Technicolor green.

  “I always loved it here,” Slade said, his gaze trailing to the mountains in the distance. “I felt free. ”

  “We were certainly much freer than we were at home. ” Gavin knew his strict father thought that sending Slade and him up here every summer was some form of punishment. Stuart James had told his nine- and five-year-old boys that they needed to toughen up, and that Alaska would make them men.

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