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       Their Virgin Captive, p.27
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         Part #1 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 27


  She was very satisfied when Gavin’s mouth dropped open and Dex’s eyes narrowed.

  “That’s over-the-line bratty. ” Dex’s body language changed. He popped his shoulders back and firmed his jaw. His demeanor went from hesitant to commanding in a heartbeat. “I don’t like that, Hannah. What do you call me when we’re playing?”

  “Sir. ” She repressed a smile. Yes, she was probably going to top from the bottom a lot.

  “I prefer Master, baby,” he drawled. “And I have a few questions for you. Care to explain why you were alone outside the house when you had a stalker after you?” Hannah bit her bottom lip. Put that way, it sounded a bit careless. “I was getting some fresh air and enjoying the sunlight. ”

  “What were Master Gavin’s instructions?” Dex barked.

  Boy, when he decided to go into Dom mode, he went all the way.

  “He told me to stay in the house. But I didn’t really think about the patio not being a part of the house. ” She hadn’t been thinking at all.

  “I like the way Master Gavin sounds, Hannah. ” Gavin looked down at her, hovering close.

  “You’ll call me that in the bedroom from now on. Let me hear it. ” Hannah knew he was still worried about being on the outside. “Yes, Master Gavin. ”

  “Did you disobey a direct order given for your safety?” Gavin growled.

  She nodded, wincing. She might be in more trouble than she’d imagined. She suspected that her backside was about to get very sore.

  “Hannah, pick a safe word. ” Dex touched her head, his hand stroking her. She couldn’t miss the way his cock strained against his jeans.

  They were all so worried about her. Only Slade understood that she needed them full throttle and hard to handle. And she needed them now. She wanted everything the James Gang could dish out.

  “How about elephant? I promise to use it if things get to too tough to take, but I want something from you, too, Dex. ”

  His eyes warmed. “I might be willing to grant you a favor, baby. ”

  “Change your name. ”

  He stepped back, scowled. “What?”

  Dex might be shocked, but his brothers were smiling.

  “We tried to convince him to do it, sweetheart. ” Slade’s hands were on the buttons of his shirt.

  “He refused because he said he didn’t want the last name of the man who’d abandoned him,” Gavin explained.

  Hannah looked up at Dex. “But it’s going to be my name, too. Unless you think I should keep mine. We could have a very modern marriage, keep everything separate. ”

  “Hell, no. There isn’t going to be any of that, Hannah. You will take your husbands’ name and that’s that,” Dex said with finality. “I’ll talk to the lawyer tomorrow. We need to tell him to stop the mess Gavin started, too. ”

  Slade knelt behind her and slid his hands under her shirt, slipping it off and exposing her to the chilly air and his brothers’ heated gazes. He cupped her breasts, and she sighed in his arms.

  This was what she’d needed. She felt safer now that they surrounded her.

  Gavin watched the hands on her breasts. “I don’t believe I’ll stop the distribution of stock, merely alter it. I’m going to split the company four ways. I think our wife should have a say, too. ”

  Tears filled Hannah’s eyes. “You can’t do that. Gavin, I was ready to sign whatever prenuptial agreement you wanted. ”

  His eyes hardened. “No, Hannah. This is going to work, and this is going to be your company, too. Do you understand?”

  She nodded. They were giving her a great gift, but it went far past the monetary value. They were giving her a family she could count on. “I love you, all of you. ” Gavin got to one knee and kissed her soundly. “I will never make you regret that. ”

  “But I might,” Dex said. “You’ve had all the concessions you’re getting for the night. Now present that ass to your Masters for punishment. ”

  “First, pass me the clamps. I want to see these nipples decorated. ” Slade pinched at them, rolling Hannah’s nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

  Hannah tried not to squirm. She watched Dex walk to the small closet and pull out a box.

  Slade thumbed and twisted her nipples while Gavin tossed his shirt aside, exposing his wide, hard-muscled chest.

  “I don’t think they’re hard enough yet. ” Gavin tweaked one of her nipples.

  “Perhaps a little tongue play would get them where we need,” Slade suggested.

  “I was thinking the same thing. ” Gavin bent his head and sucked a hard tip into his mouth.

  As he drew her nipple into his hot mouth, the sensation shot straight from her breast to her pussy. Hannah gasped. Gavin sucked hard, his teeth just grazing the edge of her flesh, lighting her up. He bit down gently as his hand found her thigh.

  Dex knelt beside Gavin, a small piece of jewelry in his hand. He held it up for her perusal.

  “This is a clamp, Hannah. I’ll clamp your nipples when you’ve been a bad girl, or simply because I want to decorate my gorgeous girl’s body. ”

  Hannah hissed a little as he pinched her free nipple, then clamped it. Gavin worked on her other nipple, sucking and laving it with affection. Then Dex clamped that one, too, before gently hauling Hannah to her feet. The clamps jangled, the weight of them making Hannah incredibly aware of her breasts.

  “See, that’s just pretty,” Gavin said with a sweetly lecherous smile.

  Dex tugged carefully at one, grinning when Hannah shivered. “So sensitive. It’s time to light up that lovely backside of yours. Bend over and put your hands on the table. I want that ass in the air. Do you need a gag?”

  “I don’t know. Will I?” The question came out as a breathless little squeak.

  “I love hearing your cries, baby. It makes my cock weep, but Gavin is new to all this. ”

  “Why don’t you let me decide what I can handle?” Gavin shot back.

  Slade’s lips quirked in a sarcastic grin. “We could give him a safe word, too. ”

  “Fuck you, Slade. Hannah, your Master gave you an order. Why aren’t you obeying?” Gavin demanded, his voice all deep and dark.

  Slade chuckled, and Hannah breathed a sigh of relief. She had her men exactly how she wanted them—working together.

  She walked to the table and placed her palms flat on the walnut table. She arched, raising her ass to them.

  “This won’t do,” Slade said as he yanked on her skirt, tugging it down, then kicking it away.

  “That’s better. Do you have any idea how much I love you? Sometimes I think my life really began the day you walked into it. ”

  Hannah twisted to gaze up at him. The warmth in his blue eyes made her heart well with emotion.

  Slade’s hand caressed down the line of her spine, then he dropped a kiss between her shoulders.

  “I thought I was going to die when I realized how close that asshole had gotten to you. ” Dex chimed in, his big, rough hands caressing her hips. “I don’t know what I would have done if he’d hurt you. ”

  “It would have been bad, brother,” Gavin said, his hand tangled in her hair. He moved closer, then whispered in her ear. “You did what I couldn’t. You made us a family, sweetheart. I promise to love you for the rest of my life. I won’t let you down again. ” He kissed her cheek—and dropped a blindfold over her eyes.

  Hannah barely had time to wallow in the sweetness of their devotion before it began. Smack.

  “This isn’t going to go easy, darlin’,” Dex intoned, his Texas accent more pronounced as he became aroused. “You owe us twenty-five for disobeying. ”

  Smack. This one on her right cheek had to have come from Slade. Tears formed, hot and desperate, in her eyes. “And another five for trying to top from the bottom. ” She didn’t point out that she hadn’t tried; she’d done it. She had everything she wanted, including this spanking.

  Smack. The hardest one
yet, and it had landed right between her cheeks, heating up the crack of her ass.

  “That’s for throwing glassware at my head. ” Gavin hummed. “Fuck, that’s pretty. It’s so pink. ”

  She felt someone pull her cheeks apart.

  “Where is the plug, Hannah?” Displeasure resonated in Dex’s voice.

  She’d forgotten about that. “I took it out. ”

  Hannah didn’t mention that she’d thrown it away.

  All three men growled.

  The smacks rained down, one after another. She heard them counting, but somewhere at ten they seemed to recede until all she felt was her body and its sensations. Tears squeezed from her eyes. Even that felt good. The pain released not only the fears and worries she’d buried deep inside her, but it freed up some reserve and uncertainty that she’d kept chained up. She was safe here. She could trust her men and discover herself.

  Heat lit up the flesh of her ass. It only started out as sharp, stinging pain. Then…it morphed into a deep warmth, seeping beneath her skin. Every nerve in her body leapt to life, kindling need in her veins. Her breasts, weighed down by the clamps, brushed the cool wood of the table, setting off another wave of awareness. Everything inside her seemed awake and alive.

  “Add another twenty for taking out the plug. ” Slade’s demand brought Hannah out of her pleasant haze.

  A hand smacked her already sore ass once more. God, how was she going to take another twenty? They were going to make her, and that fact sent pleasure hammering straight between her legs.

  She gasped as big, male hands, Slade’s she thought, pulled her cheeks apart and cold lube dribbled onto her rosette.

  “Is she ready?” Gavin asked.

  Hannah tensed, her stomach knotting. She knew what they were talking about. She was nervous but ready. Her first brush with real anal sex might be rough, but she wasn’t about to shy away. She wanted to be filled with her men.

  “God, she’s going to be so tight. ” Dex’s voice spoke as she felt a new plug begin to breach her ass. A familiar ache started. Jittery, jangled sensations sparked to life deep inside. “This is the medium plug, baby. You should know that I’ll regularly plug you as a part of our play. If you take one out without permission, I’ll just use a bigger one next time. We’ll never run out of ways to fill you up. ”

  She knew they would keep her full in more ways than sexually. They would fill her life, her heart, and one day, her womb. What had seemed so empty just days before now burst at the seams, giving her hope, anticipation for the future, and perfect contentment.

  She breathed out and arched her back further. The plug slid home. She would never deny them what they needed.

  “Very good, baby. ” Dex walked around and lifted the blindfold. A warm smile creased his face, and his voice had softened. “Are you trying to get out of the last count?” She shook her head. “No. I want it. I want everything my Masters want to give me. ” He chuckled and kissed her forehead. “Masters. We all know who’s really in charge. Give it to her. I’m dying to get to the part where we make her come. ” The slaps started again, Slade and Gavin seeming content to take turns. When the heat sank into her skin, they caressed her with a gentle but firm hand. One of them pressed and played with the plug while the other found her pussy. She whimpered at the feel of deft fingers teasing her folds and brushing her clit for a moment before retreating. Then the spanking began once more.

  Over and over they repeated the process until Hannah was so aroused she thought she would scream.

  Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Gavin finished counting, then teased between her legs again. “She’s very wet. I think our little sub liked her spanking. ” So much. Hannah was taut with hunger, her body nearly screaming in need. “Please. ” Dex bent to her. “What did you say, darlin’?”

  “Please, Dex. I need you. ”

  His lips split into a wide smile. “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. ”

  “That isn’t what she’s saying, and you know it. ” Slade was the soft touch. Hannah felt fingers press against her clitoris. “She’s desperate to come. Are we going to give our bratty little sub permission?”

  “Hell, no,” Dex insisted.

  “Please, Slade. ”

  A thunderous frown rolled across his face. “Not until we get inside you. What are you supposed to call me?”

  Perhaps he wasn’t all that soft on her, after all.

  “Master,” Hannah sighed as Slade hauled her into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her to the bedroom.

  She looked over his shoulder. Dex and Gavin walked side by side. Both had shucked their clothes, and their gorgeous bodies were on full display, complete with impressive full-staff erections.

  Slade set her on her feet and turned her face up to his. “Are you sure you’re ready for this, sweetheart? We’re going to be demanding. ”

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