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         Part #1 of More Than Words series by Shayla Black

  after a few kisses, I’d be impatient to get on with it. Not now. Not with Keeley. “I don’t want to rush this, sunshine. I didn’t savor you last time and I’ve regretted it like hell.”

  She nips at my lobe with a dainty bite, then whispers in my ear. “I don’t regret anything. In fact, I think it happened for a reason. It brought us here.”

  Good point. Damn, this woman is smart.

  I need to keep up, make sure that, after all the waiting for tonight, it’s worthwhile, give her something she’ll never forget.

  After a passionate crush of my lips on hers, I kiss a path to her chin, over her collarbones, down her sternum. Her breasts beckon. No, they’re not just tits. Keeley’s are special, at least to me. I nuzzle the side of one, dragging my tongue up the so-soft skin while my thumb teases the hard tip. The little sounds in the back of her throat urge me on. Her body has a language all its own. The way she’s flushing and arching speaks volumes.

  I wrap my lips around her nipple, suckling, laving. Even her skin is slightly downy and sweet. I bring her closer, move in for seconds, lose myself in everything that makes her special.

  She glides one hand over my short hair and tries to pull me in tighter. She pants. She sighs. She writhes.

  I move to the other breast. I don’t even want to open my eyes and deal with any reality except Keeley right now. So I suck harder on her nipple while I press my fingers around the other, giving it a squeeze. Satisfaction jolts me when she cries out my name.

  Risking a glance up her pale body, I watch in fascination as she tosses her head back, throat arched, lips parted. God, she’s so beautiful. So…what’s the word? Unabashed.

  Keeley isn’t afraid of anything, least of all what she feels.

  My father would call me a loser and a pussy for even imagining she matters as anything but a fuckhole, but he can eat shit. This woman excites me. Inspires me.

  Completes me.

  Clutching her waist, I travel farther down her body, my hips sliding out of the cradle of hers. As my knees hit the floor, I drag her to the edge of the mattress. Her legs part even more as she plants her feet on either side of my head.

  She braces on her elbows and stares down her body at me. “You don’t have to—”

  “I want every part of you I can get my hands—and mouth—on. Pleasure seems like a small gift after all you’ve given me. But I can give you so much of it, sunshine. Let me.”

  As I kiss the inside of her thigh, she melts back to the mattress with an aroused sigh. “Please.”

  Keeley doesn’t have to ask me twice. I rake my tongue through her slit. She’s wet, plump. Ready. So fucking sweet. I swipe at her hard button and focus there, suckling, teasing, mixing the touch point and pressure. It doesn’t take long before she’s curling her toes around the edge of the bed, grasping for the fitted sheet, and panting out in passion. I love watching her unwind and give herself over to me, even as her body tenses in anticipation of the climax I’ll give her.

  I slide a pair of fingers inside her, almost groaning when her flesh closes around them and clamps down tightly. Once I thrust inside this hot heaven, I won’t last long…but she’s going to get a thrill first. And I can always give her oral seconds, right? Yeah. I’m digging that idea.

  Her body jerks, bringing me back to the now. She’s flushing. She’s close. And she’s a stunning sight to behold.

  “That’s it. Give it to me, sunshine,” I murmur as I stroke my thumb over her clit, only to replace it with my tongue again.

  Her knees fall even farther apart, and Keeley opens herself utterly to me. She keens out her surrender as her hips buck in need.

  Almost there…

  I give her one last nudge with my tongue, then suck her clit deep—and she’s gone. Screaming in a long, hoarse cry, she seems to soar up in pleasure and sail in weightless ecstasy before she shudders her way back to earth and into my arms.

  Keeley in climax has to be one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.

  “Maxon,” she sighs in satisfaction, then holds out her arms to me.

  I’m Johnny-on-the-spot, vaulting up the bed to scoop her into my embrace, taking her deeper into the soft cocoon of sheets with me. I can’t wait to get my hands on her again, especially when I look into her eyes. They’re dazed and dilated. Her cheeks are red, her breathing rapid. And that crooked smile of hers is epic.

  “Hi, sunshine.” I can’t help but grin at her. “Happy?”

  I hope so because I know that’s what she wants out of life.

  “Yeah.” Her smile widens. “You’re awfully proud of yourself.”

  I glance off as if I really have to think about this. But she’s right. “I’m thinking I just gave you some of the best minutes of your sex life.”

  “It’s always about you…” She laughs with a roll of her eyes.

  I pause. “No. That was all about you. That statement was just my asshole way of making sure you really liked it.”

  Her smile morphs into a laugh. “You know I did. I’m pretty sure your neighbors know it, too.”

  “Fuck them.” I settle over her and stroke her hair away from her damp forehead. I love the spill of loose red curls across my sheet. I’m glad my bed will smell like her again. I’m thrilled that I’ll have a memory of her here with me I can play over and over.

  Before we make more together.

  “I’d be happy to reciprocate, you know.” She brushes her fingers across my jaw, caresses my shoulder.

  I’m excited about the idea of Keeley on her knees in front of me, moaning as she takes my cock between her sweet, bowed lips, into the sweltering heat of her mouth, while I wrap my fingers in her hair and let her have at me. Just imagining it, more blood jets south.

  I’m not going to lie. Of course I want that. But right now I want to feel her beneath me, against me, around me way more.

  “That sounds great.” I reach for the condom. “Later.”

  Her breath catches. “All right. Can I ask for a favor?”

  This ought to be interesting. Keeley never fails to surprise me.

  “Shoot.” I’m poised to rip the foil wrapper, depending on what she says.

  She nods at the little square. “Can you hurry that along?”

  “Impatient for me, are you?”

  Her eyes soften as she seems to open the windows to her soul wide for me. “I’m impatient to be with you. I want you to feel as good as you made me feel.”

  God, the woman just keeps giving to me with her big heart. How am I worthy of her for even a second?

  “I have no doubt it will be my pleasure, sunshine.” I tear into the condom, roll it down my length, then align my erection against her opening.

  Keeley is already welcoming me, curling her arms and legs around me, tilting her head as I nudge forward and plunge inside her, taking both her sex and her mouth at once.

  I groan into her. Now I understand the difference between mere pleasure and connection. I feel the contrast between sex and love. I’m drowning in something that feels so much like devotion.

  Fuck, I really do love this woman.

  We’re rocking together, breathing together, surging through pleasure together. I break the kiss. I have to look into her eyes, see if Keeley is feeling the way I am. She’s right there with me, lids heavy, lips parted, skin rosy. To a man who didn’t know her, they might see the quirky, carefree, emotionally in-tune woman. If he wasn’t looking carefully, he’d fail to see the sensual grace just under her surface that blooms when given attention and passion. When she trusts.

  Weeks ago she told me that when she gives her body, she gives her soul. I feel both now.

  Tonight, she’s all mine.

  I lay my face over hers, foreheads and noses touching, as I thrust deep again. I’m looking right into her eyes, so blue and available. Everything about her reaches inside and rips me wide open—guts, chest, feelings—and spills them out between us.

  My personal “number” is probably embarrassing.
I’ve nailed too many chicks to count. None have felt anywhere as amazing as Keeley.

  Her fingers curling around my shoulders suddenly begin digging into my back. I feel the prick of her fingernails, the tightening of her walls around me. Her breathing picks up pace. Those pretty blues flare with sensual tension.

  “Maxon, I need to come.”

  “Do it, sunshine. I’m right here. I’ll make sure it’s so good. I won’t let you down.”

  If I have to bite the shit out of my tongue and think of something boring, like the fine print on escrow documents, in order to keep my self-control together, I’ll do it. For her.

  “Come with me.” A high, keening note fills her voice.

  It’s so tempting…

  I ease back and rock into her again. And again. Jesus, I’m going cross-eyed. It’s that good. I know I have something precious right now and I don’t want it to be over. But holy crap, I don’t know how long I can hold off.

  “I want it to last,” I pant out before I take her lips again.

  Kissing her is an addiction. There’s always something new about her mouth to explore. She’s sweet…but then she’s tart. She’s teasing and sly…before she turns eager and draws me in like a siren. I’m waxing on and on—mostly because I never knew I could feel this way about a woman.

  Keeley eases away, and her lips drift up my neck until I shudder with a whole new ripple of excitement. My blood boils; my head is hazy. I don’t even have words to describe how hard I’m working to ignore the ache in my balls.

  “We have all night…” she murmurs in my ear. “We could do this again, you know.”

  We could. We will.

  “I’m planning on it. It’s so good, sunshine. I don’t know how you’ll ever keep me away from you. I’m always going to want more.”

  “Hmm, know what I thought about the first time I saw your lanai?”

  From her tone, I’m guessing it’s not about the pretty ocean and that my dick is going to like it. “No.”

  “I wanted you to touch me out there. I wanted to lean on the rail wearing one of your shirts—and nothing else—while you sauntered up behind me in just your pants and filled me. No one else would know. It would be our secret. But we could move like the waves of the ocean while we watch the sea crash…”

  Oh, fuck. That sounds good. That sounds amazing. “Next time around, I’ll make that come true.”

  I nuzzle her neck, breathe against her skin, squeeze one of her nipples. Her entire body tenses around me.

  “Can’t wait,” she breathes.

  Neither can I. She’s so close…and I’m right behind her. At first, I resist but I see the future. I can make her come now and later. I can make her come tomorrow and the next day. I can make her come for the rest of our lives.

  I slam deeper into her, grinding against her to put pressure where she’s most sensitive. She gasps, reaches out to me like she needs me to steady her. Her eyes go wider. Yeah, that got to her. I do it again. Her pussy clenches on me so tight I can barely move.

  With a grin, I roll to my back and take her with me, until she’s straddling my hips, hands braced on my shoulders, swaying over my body. Her hair grazes her arms as her breasts bounce and I surge up beneath her, deep into her, hitting the one spot that should coalesce all the tingles and aches into an eruption she can’t deny.

  But leave it to my Keeley to change things up on me. She doesn’t sit passively above and wait for me to make her come. Of course not. She surges with me, gliding, sliding, slamming until there’s really no stopping the runaway ecstasy from taking over.

  Her cry of unrestrained pleasure fills my bedroom. The sound sends me over the edge. I lose all hint of composure. Some grunt that’s low and dark and shocked by the force of my climax spills from my chest in a guttural roar. I empty out my balls, my energy—my fucking heart—until I’m lying beside her spent and gasping and wondering what the hell hit me.

  Is that what love does?

  “Wow,” she sighs.

  I gasp. “Yeah.”

  “We should do that again soon.”

  I look over, watch her chest rise and fall rapidly as she tries to catch her breath. She looks sated and happy, just like I feel.

  “Very soon. That was amazing.” I prop my head on my elbow. “You may laugh or not believe me but…it’s never been like that for me.”

  She smiles like my words please her as much as my touch does, then she gives me a wry grin. “So I’m better than your usual good time?”

  I lift her hand, press a kiss to her palm. “You’re the best.”

  I want to tell her I love her. I think she’d be happy to hear it. I hope. I think she loves me, too. But what if I’m wrong? What if she says it’s too soon? What if she laughs?

  This should be simple, right? Why does it now feel so complicated?

  “You okay? Your face got serious all of a sudden.”

  I swallow. I have to grow a pair. It’s not as if she’s going to put up with me for the rest of my life if I can’t tell her I love her. I mean, I want to hear it from her, too.

  I suddenly realize that Dad didn’t believe in love because he didn’t want to deal with emotion—too inconvenient—and didn’t care enough about anyone else’s feelings to try—too much effort. Fuck him. I am different. What’s the point of living and working your whole life if you don’t share it with anyone? Granddad used to say that. I wonder why my mom couldn’t be more like her father. Maybe Barclay Reed shut her up over and over so she just shut down.

  I can’t imagine ever smothering Keeley that way. I don’t want to stifle her or make her feel less than worthy. I don’t want her to wonder if I love her. I just have to work up the courage to tell her everything I’m thinking.

  “Yeah. No. Good. I’m—”

  Suddenly, my phone rings. How many times can a guy get interrupted in one evening?

  Then I realize I haven’t heard this chime in three years. My ears aren’t deceiving me. But I don’t know how that’s possible. After Griff stopped answering this number, I figured he’d changed it. I didn’t even remember that I’d set up a special ringtone for him. I certainly never thought to change or delete it.

  Holy shit.

  Keeley groans. “Who is that?”

  I rise from the bed and snatch up my boxers. The chime sounds again. I drag in a bracing breath. “That’s Griff.”


  “Griff?” Keeley sounds as confused as I feel. “Now?”

  Exactly. The only reason I can think of for my brother’s sudden call is Dad.

  I’ve already put up with as much shit from that man tonight as I plan to. And I can’t imagine why the fuck Griff would bother to call me about him. It’s not as if my brother will want to compare notes about what a son of a bitch Barclay Reed is. We both know that well. There’s no way in hell Griff simply wants to talk to me.

  Something must be wrong.

  Heart pounding, I fumble through my pockets until I find the phone.

  I glance at the display. Sure enough, it’s Griff.

  With a trembling finger, I press the button. I’m not sure what to say. There’s no etiquette for greeting the brother you haven’t spoken to since he splintered your business, called you a shitbag, and fucked your ex-girlfriend all in the same week.

  “What?” I say cautiously.

  “God, you’re still a selfish prick, sending Dad to my place while I’m working my ass off to finish my pitch. These are the two most critical days of my career! Harlow swore you’d changed. But nope. You’re still putting yourself first and not even bothering
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