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       Their Virgin Captive, p.16
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         Part #1 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 16


  Tears started to blur her eyes. It was worse than she thought. Never mind that he didn’t want her. He didn’t even like her. If he had this much contempt for her because she wasn’t good enough for him, he probably felt the same about her relationship with his brothers. No doubt, he wished they’d settle down with some well-bred society women.

  As much as she’d loved last night, Gavin’s words proved that staying with Slade and Dex would tear apart their family and shred their brotherly rapport. And they’d end up hating her for it. She couldn’t risk that. She had to put their needs beyond her own.

  “You will, Mr. James. I know you need your brothers. So I won’t be the wedge that drives you apart. I love them too much for that. And I know you don’t feel the same way, but I care about you, too. ”

  He rose from the piano bench slowly, his every move predatory. His stormy eyes pinned her in place. Even from across the room, she sensed the menace in him. “You care about me?” Hannah’s breath hitched. Fight or flight? She had to decide. Everything about Gavin, from the set of his broad, naked shoulders to the dangerous gleam in his eyes, told Hannah that something nasty brewed inside him. Definitely, she should run. Yet she couldn’t make her feet move.

  Fight it was.

  “Yes, Mr. James. I care about you. ” She took a step toward the angry, inebriated male.

  At six feet three inches, Gavin towered over her. She should definitely run from the room, screaming. Yet all she could think about was taking him in her arms and soothing his hurt. This was her last chance to fight for the future she wanted, to try to heal this proud, strong man. If she couldn’t somehow stop him from drowning in his own pain, then she feared all was lost. If she failed, at least she would have the comfort of knowing that she’d given it her all.

  “And you don’t want to come between me and my brothers?” He stalked toward her. He didn’t wobble or hesitate, merely strode forward with dangerous grace.

  “I don’t. ”

  Brow raised sardonically, he moved closer. Hannah fought the urge to back up and stood her ground. He needed to stop lying to himself and understand that she was right for all of them.

  Gavin invaded her space. This close, she could feel the heat of his body, smell the vodka on his breath. She knew it should turn her off, but her body was singing.

  “I think you’re a little liar, Hannah. I think that being between me and my brothers is exactly where you want to be. I heard you last night. I heard your every cry and moan. You liked being between Dex and Slade. Tell me something, Hannah, did they fuck your pussy? Did they shove their cocks into that tight, virgin cunt?”

  His challenge, his language, his aggression—none of that should turn her on. But it did.

  “Yes. ” She hated the breathless way the word came out, sounding not strong, but submissive.

  “Did you like the way it felt? Did they hold you down, make you take every inch? Pound you?

  She nodded as her pulse leapt. Her breathing turned unsteady. She didn’t trust her own voice.

  He moved closer, his body a wall of warm, muscular flesh. “And did my brothers fuck your ass, too, Hannah? Did one of them tunnel into your tiny hole back there and make you howl?”

  “No. They said I needed to be prepared. ”

  His eyes flared. His hands twitched at his side, coming out as though he wanted to touch her, but he forced them to behave. In the end, he lost. He grabbed her arm and dragged her against his body, her chest against his. Her head snapped back, and she looked directly into his eyes, gleaming with unslaked desire.

  “I know my brothers, Hannah. Did they shove a plug up your pretty virgin ass?” Hannah looked away, feeling a flush crawl up her face. God, she could feel the plug even now, and Gavin’s words made her so aware of her body. Slade had promised her the pink plug was small, but it felt huge. She clenched around it again, as she had all day, lighting up nerves she didn’t know she had.

  Gavin took her chin in his hand and forced her to look up at him again. “Tell me what my brothers did to you, Hannah. Don’t be shy. Tell me how it felt when they pushed that plug against your ass for the first time. Did you shiver when you felt the cold lube against your warm, puckered skin?”

  She fought her embarrassment, wanted to look away. Gavin wasn’t going to let her. And this was too important to simply give up. Gavin wasn’t acting like a man who didn’t care. He might not like the fact that he cared, but he wanted her. She could feel it. If details would bring him to his knees, she would give them.

  “Yes. It was very cold. Slade’s fingers warmed it. ”

  “Did he play with you, then? Rim your rosette with his fingers?”

  “Yes, for a long time. Then he pressed in, so deep. I gasped. I’d never felt anything like it. ” It had been an odd sensation. “I didn’t like it at first. ”

  His fingers stroked her chin. “Only at first? Then you changed your mind, didn’t you?”

  “Yes,” she whispered.

  “I’ll bet. I think that, after a while, you liked Slade putting his fingers up your ass. You liked it a lot. In fact, I have no doubt he kept at you until he figured out exactly what you like. Until you came, isn’t that right?”

  Hannah shifted, trying to back away, find a little breathing space. Gavin wasn’t having any of that.

  “Answer me,” he demanded, gripping her tighter.

  “Yes, I came. ”

  The truth relaxed his body, but he fired his next questions out at her just as rapidly. “Because he also played with your pussy with his other hand? Because Dex sucked those pretty nipples that are poking through your silk blouse at me right now?”

  “Because Dex used his mouth down…there. ”

  Understanding flared hotly across Gavin’s face. “So Slade shoved his fingers up that virgin ass to get you all ready? Did he tell you how much he loves anal sex?” Hannah knew she couldn’t help the shock jolting across her face.

  “I didn’t think so. Yeah, nothing our middle brother loves more than to bend a woman over and shove his cock straight up her ass. Every day. More than once a day, if she’ll take it. ” A little smile smeared across his mouth.

  “Slade ordered me to spread my legs, bend over, and present my backside. ” She remembered how insistent Slade had been and how obeying him made her feel like the sexiest goddess. But the way he’d stripped her of control had left her vulnerable, trembling. Excited.

  “Exactly. Did you obey, or did he have to spank you?”

  Yes. Gavin had liked watching her spanking. No matter what he’d said before, he was interested in her. Hannah couldn’t help but remember the conversation she’d overheard between Dex and Slade about Gavin. They believed Gavin was hiding something.

  “I obeyed, Mr. James. I felt scared and vulnerable, but I did it. I placed my hands on the bed and presented my ass. ”

  His eyes tightened, and his breath became ragged. Hannah glanced down. Gavin’s cock tented his pajama pants.

  “Then Slade plugged your ass?”

  “Yes. He worked the plug in. He kept playing. He pushed it in and out, gaining a bit of ground each time. I thought it would never end. The sensations were so different. ”

  “You mean it turned you on all over again?” His narrowed eyes warned her not to lie.

  She flushed. “Yes. Slade pushed and pulled until the plug slid home. And I got…aroused again. ”

  “Was Dex still eating that sweet little pussy? Because you know Dex loves pussy. Between the two of them, they are going to keep you constantly busy and sated, sweetheart, front and back. ”

  “Dex didn’t stop until I was boneless and wrung out. Until I almost couldn’t catch a breath.

  Then he talked to me about all the things he wants to teach me. ” Gavin stroked down her throat before his hand settled on her nape. “Like what?”

  “How to suck his cock. ” Dex’s words still heated her skin and made her tremble. While Slade had played
behind her, Dex had leaned in and whispered to her. “He wants to teach me how to take his cock in my mouth and swallow him down. ”

  His hand tightened around her nape, the slight pain cutting through her system. The pain heightened her arousal to almost unbearable heights. Her nipples were so hard she could feel her blouse chafing them.

  “Sir,” he growled. “You call me Sir when we’re alone. I won’t allow you to respect me any less than my brothers. ”

  She brought her gaze up to meet his. If there wasn’t any room for disrespect, then there wasn’t any room for shame or shyness, either. “He wants to teach me to suck his cock, Sir. ” One hand tightened on her hair. The pain tingled across her scalp. “They didn’t force you to fellate them, then?”

  “No, Sir. ”

  He pulled on her hair, forcing her to her knees. Hannah hesitated only an instant before sinking down. As her knees hit the plush carpet, the plug shifted in her ass. She had to clench to keep it in. It was a constant reminder of Slade and Dex. Even if they weren’t in the same room, it marked their possession of her in a real, physical way.

  “You care about me?” Those words ground out of his sneering mouth again. He looked slightly cruel, but she could hear the want behind his words.

  “I care about you, Sir. ”

  Gavin had been alone for too long. She wasn’t sure why, but he needed this. Needed her now.

  He loosened his hold on her hair. His hands went to the waistband of his pajama bottoms.

  “So you say now. I wonder how you’ll feel after. ”

  “After?” Hannah’s heart started racing.

  “After you’ve had a little taste of me, sweetheart. Open your mouth. I want what my brothers haven’t had. ” His cock sprung forth. He was his brothers’ match. It was big and gloriously hard.

  No matter what he said, he definitely wanted her.

  He was on the edge. She could sense it.

  With a secretive smile, Hannah leaned forward toward Gavin’s cock.

  Chapter Nine

  What the hell am I doing?

  Deep in his alcohol-rattled brain, some scrap of common sense screamed the question at Gavin, pounding at his consciousness. All of that fled the instant she lowered her tongue toward his cock.

  He’d intended to scare her, push her away. But Hannah hadn’t run. Instead, she’d answered every one of his questions with that sweet West Texas twang that made him hard. She’d told him how she’d submitted to Slade’s fingers and Dex’s mouth. Fuck, Gavin could picture it, could see himself there, watching, with her tongue lashing his dick. Though he teetered on the knife’s edge, he knew he should push her away.

  Instead, he pushed for more.

  “If you’re going to learn how to suck cock, then by God, I’m the man to teach you. ” She stared up at him with big, green eyes and nodded. Fuck, she turned him on.

  “Now what, Sir?” she breathed.

  “Lick the head. ” God, he was a bastard, but he was going to enjoy every second of this.

  Her pink tongue peeked out from her lush, berry lips. Gavin’s cock twitched and strained toward her as if the fucking thing had a mind of its own. It was wrong, but his cock wanted Hannah. Who was he kidding? His soul wanted Hannah, too. Only his brain knew better.

  Tentatively, she leaned in. He felt her breath on the swollen head. Every muscle in his body tightened. The wait was pure torture. Gavin knew his brothers had thoroughly debauched Hannah last night, but when she looked up at him with that innocent stare, all he could think about was that he’d be the first man on her tongue.

  She licked him slowly, like an ice cream cone on a summer day. Then she eased back, waiting, uncertain.

  “More, Hannah. Lick the whole head. Pull it in your mouth. ” She’d responded so beautifully to commands before, he hardened his voice now. He made it deep and unrelenting.

  Almost instantly, that little tongue ran all over the sensitive head of his dick. Gavin gritted his teeth as fire sizzled up his spine. Desire scalded him.

  Sweet Hannah was so submissive, so willing. He’d never had the urge to have a woman call him Sir or itched to spank her ass and watch it turn pink under his hand. Hannah changed everything. Gavin could envision her tied up and so trusting, waiting for him. She would be a beautiful sight.

  Hannah worked his cock over with little butterfly licks and kisses. She trusted far too much.

  She wouldn’t trust him at all if she knew who he was deep inside. And his brothers would never forgive him.

  Fuck, he shouldn’t do this to her. The command to stop her perched on the tip of his tongue, but then Hannah swallowed him down, nearly to the back of her throat. He hissed, groaned. It felt so good. He’d had women give him head more times than he could count, so why did Hannah’s untutored mouth send him reeling? He looked down at his cock disappearing into her virgin mouth. Her eyes were closed, her face almost beatific.

  He’d waited so long to touch her. The minute they’d met, Gavin had known on some level that her goodness and light was the perfect reflection of his terrible, dark soul. If he were a better man, he might have deserved her. If he were a better man, he would move heaven and earth to make her sublimely happy.

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