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       Their Virgin Captive, p.12
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         Part #1 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 12


  Slade got down on one knee. “Do you understand what he’s saying? Soon, we’re going to take you into that shower and spread your legs. I’ll hold you down, and he’s going to shave that pussy of ours until it’s ripe and bare and pretty as a peach. ”

  “A-all right. ” Her voice shook almost as much as she did. She wanted to say it was nerves, but Hannah knew better. Excitement coursed through every muscle until she shook.

  “But don’t think I won’t taste her just the way it is. Slade, you got to spank her. It’s my turn to play. ”

  Slade climbed onto the big bed and wedged himself behind her. She could feel the hard line of his erection against her spine as he pulled her back, his chest to her back, cradling her in his arms. He caught her ankles with his legs and spread her wide, kissing her temple, her neck, as Dex climbed between her thighs.

  “He’s going to eat your pussy, love. He’s going to make a feast out of you. ” Slade’s voice had gone dark and deep, seducing her with words. “I’m going to watch and feel every shudder and twitch you make. ”

  Her breath caught. Her womb clenched. She could hardly wait.

  “I love the way you smell. ” Dex took a deep breath, letting his nose touch her labia. Hannah felt so vulnerable, and somehow that excited her even more. She loved the way Slade’s body wrapped around hers, anchoring her. In other circumstances, she would be horribly embarrassed by what they were doing to her, but now it seemed right.

  And then she wasn’t thinking about anything but the slow slide of Dex’s tongue rasping against her flesh, lighting up every one of her nerves. She tried to arch, to demand more, but Slade’s grip tightened.

  “No, Hannah. You be still. Take what Dex gives you. ”

  He licked his way up her swollen folds slowly, followed by a torturous flick over her clit.

  She gasped, every sensation so stirring. He made her dizzy. He made her feel alive. She writhed between the two men, wondering how she’d ever survive such pleasure.

  “Let him lead, Hannah,” Slade insisted. “If you misbehave, we’ll tie you down. We’re fully equipped here. We can bind your hands to the headboard and strap down your torso, but my favorite part will be fitting your legs to the spreader. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable, but you won’t be able to shift even an inch. Your pretty thighs will be so wide. ” Hannah moaned as Dex continued to nibble on her pussy. He pulled one soft fold into his mouth, sucking briefly, then the other. He was devouring her like a sweet treat. His tongue slipped in and out, plunging deep, as if he couldn’t get enough. There wasn’t an inch of her he didn’t taste. The orgasm built inside her. Now that she’d had one, she recognized the sensations.

  And she longed for it.

  “Please, Dex. ”

  Slade’s hands went straight to her nipples. He pinched them with a punishing little twist.

  Hannah gasped as that tiny bite of pain opened a livewire straight to her pussy. Arousal jolted her, hovered, like it played on a knife’s edge.

  “That got her juices flowing, brother. ” Dex chuckled, the vibration resonating against her sensitive flesh.

  “She’s not allowed to talk. ” Slade pinched her again, making Hannah mewl. “Next time, I’ll put these incredibly sensitive nipples in clamps. ”

  “We should have them pierced. Hmm…”

  Hannah started to say something, but Dex nipped the nubbin of her clit between his teeth.

  She whimpered as he toyed with her, gently biting and laving.

  “I like that thought. Dainty little bejeweled rings. ” Slade’s tongue traced the shell of her ear.

  His fingers still played with her breasts. “We can run a chain through them and tug when we want to arouse her. You’d never get me off you then, baby. ”

  Even the thought made her tremble. But all they needed to do to arouse her was to walk in the room. It had always been that way.

  She bit her bottom lip to keep from pleading again. She wanted to come. She was so close.

  And Dex merely toyed with her, pulling away when he knew he’d driven her close to orgasm.

  As she tensed and cried out again, Dex eased away to lave her thigh. “We’ll need to begin her training as soon as possible. She has zero discipline. She’s almost gone off three times since I put my mouth on her. ”

  Slade tsked behind her, as if she was a naughty school girl. “That won’t do. We can’t have her coming every time we touch her. ”

  “I thought that was the point,” Hannah groused, and then hissed as Slade tortured her nipples once more. This time the punishment was accompanied by Dex’s short slap to her pussy, which had Hannah bucking. But Slade’s iron grip wouldn’t allow her to move. He forced her to lie still and take it.

  “Your orgasms belong to your Masters,” Slade explained. “Just like your body belongs to us.

  We’re going to teach you to accept pleasure and to discipline your responses so you can come on command. Would you like that, love? Would you like for us to look at you during one of our office parties, and with a simple touch or one word be able to get you off? You’ll be so well trained that no one will know what’s happening besides you and your men. We’ll always be close, always willing to bring you pleasure. ”

  “And to receive it,” Dex added. “I can picture that party. After we make our girl come a few times, we’ll find a nice place away from the crowd so we can lift your skirts. Then you’ll take our cocks. You’ll know to keep quiet or everyone will hear you. Everyone will know just how well we’re fucking you. ”

  She hadn’t thought she could get aroused merely with words, but her sex clenched and spasmed. It felt so good—far beyond anything she’d imagined. She wanted everything they were offering.

  “But I think since she’s a novice, we can forgo the rituals tonight. It would just delay the good stuff. ” Dex’s tongue came out to lick at her clit.

  “Agreed. I’m very eager to get my cock inside that cunt, but I’ll leave the actual deflowering to you, brother. I did get to spank her first, and you were the one to find her. ” Dex groaned. “Let’s get her ready. ”

  Dex’s fingers poised at the entrance of her pussy. He gently worked one inside her. Then another. Hannah fought not to squirm as he filled her, his rough hands oddly gentle, but providing friction that sent her even closer to the edge. It felt so good, even as he stretched her, scissoring his fingers, and it burned. What would it feel like when he was inside her? And Slade, too? She might be a virgin, but she wasn’t naïve. If they intended to share her, she knew what that meant. They would fill her front and back. What would it feel like then? A wave of heat scorched her at the thought.

  “She’s still so fucking tight. ” Dex shoved his fingers in a bit farther.

  Slade held her closer and ran his tongue up her neck. “I’ll bet. She’s going to have the tightest pussy we’ve ever fucked. ”

  She was going to be their last one, too. A savage possessiveness was overtaking her. They thought they were the barbarians, but maybe she could be one, too. Hannah reveled in the passion she felt. Love had been a quiet thing before this moment. Her feelings for her grandmother had been a gentle camaraderie. Loving her mother and sister had required sacrifice and patience. But this, oh, this required a kind of trust she’d never given. It challenged her courage…yet it was as natural as breathing. She was allowed to be greedy in her love for them.

  Hannah grabbed it with both hands and held it to her heart. These men were steady anchors, and for the first time in her life, she felt certain that she could fly.

  “Come for us, baby. ” Dex growled the words, then sucked her clit between his lips. His fingers moved in time, curling up and finding some sweet spot Hannah hadn’t known existed.

  Sensations piled up under her clit, inside her body, building, converging. The orgasm rushed over her like a tidal wave, sure and powerful, drowning her in need and leaving her gasping for more. Her body jerked, but Slade continu
ed to hold her tight, utterly safe in his arms.

  “That was so beautiful. ” He kissed her temple with a sweet affection that softened her after the violent orgasm.

  “And she tastes so good. She came all over my mouth. ” Dex dropped a similarly gentle kiss on her pussy, before looking up at her through the thick fringe of his dark lashes. “We want you so badly, Hannah. Let me make you ours. ”

  Her lips curled into a shy smile. “Yes. ”

  Chapter Seven

  Dex looked up at Hannah, and his heart constricted. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. As she rested against Slade, her soft honey hair spread out across his brother’s chest.

  She arched and slowly blinked, revealing slumberous green eyes. Her lips parted; her mouth relaxed. Hannah looked so well loved. He and Slade had put that look on her face. That fact made him proud—and hungry to do it again.

  And she’d said yes. She’d invited him into her untouched body. Dex’s cock swelled, and he’d been pretty damn sure he couldn’t get harder than when Hannah’s cream pulsed from her pussy onto his tongue. He’d been wrong. Now, his entire body was hard, excruciatingly aware of what he was about to do. Still, he hesitated. God, he wanted to get it right.

  Hannah’s lips curved up invitingly. She reached out and touched his hair. “Just love me, Dex. ”

  That was his Hannah. So giving. He loved her wild and wanton side, but her soft heart pulled him to her every time. “I love you, Hannah. ”

  She should know that the man who claimed her body first was mad about her. Dex looked up at his brother, who stared down at Hannah with desire and joy. The second man who would claim her adored her, too. They would wrap her in their love. She wouldn’t want for anything.

  Dex got to his knees, his cock standing straight up his body. He stroked himself a few times, enjoying the way Hannah’s eyes widened. He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom.

  “Someone was sure of himself. ” Her words were sassy, but she kept watching the way he rolled the condom over his rock-hard erection.

  He didn’t want to put that fucking condom on. He wanted to take her bare, to spend himself deep inside her body, but he didn’t have that right yet. When they were married and settled, he and Slade would talk with Hannah about starting a family. Until then, his caveman urge to fill her with every drop of his seed would have to wait.

  “We were sure of the three of us being right together,” Slade clarified.

  Dex settled himself between her legs. Her pussy still glistened with moisture from her recent orgasm.

  Slade palmed her luscious, round breasts, thumbing her nipples until she moaned. “You’re so precious, baby. We’re going to make you feel so good. So loved. ” Dex wanted to show her just how much. Taking a calming breath, he lined his cock up to her pussy and watched as he began to sink inside that warm, sweet body.

  Tight. God, she was so tight. He’d never been in a pussy that gripped him and threatened to rip his control away so immediately. It was a gorgeous sight, his big cock disappearing into her pussy. Dex gritted his teeth and forced himself to take her inch by inch, slowly plunging inside, gritting his teeth as he gave her time to adjust.

  When she whimpered, fingers clasping Slade’s thighs, his brother kissed her mouth, his tongue rolling in slow and deep, while Dex’s dick sank down, thrusting past her barrier.

  Hannah stiffened, and Slade thumbed her nipples, his lips soothing against her ear. “He’s almost in, baby. Just a little more and you’re ours. It’ll be all pleasure then. Take a deep breath. ” She did, and relaxed enough for Dex to delve in another inch.

  “You’re so big,” Hannah moaned, wriggling.

  He paused, cupping her cheek. “I’m doing my best to be careful, darlin’. ”

  “It’s okay. Just give me all of you. ”

  Fuck, that turned him on. Heat sliced through his belly, fired through his balls. She was going to get all of him. No way could he hold back now.

  With a grunt, Dex tilted his hips up and shoved deep inside her pussy. After a second of resistance, her flesh parted like melted butter, and he finally sank in all the way to his balls.

  Hannah gasped, holding Slade tightly.

  “You’re ours now, Hannah,” Slade murmured, tilting her chin up and fisting a hand in her hair for another possessive kiss.

  Dex held himself still, watching her soften under his brother’s mouth. While Dex filled Hannah, their mate, completely with his cock, he took a moment to enjoy the feeling of rightness. But she constricted like a hot, silken vise on his dick. He wouldn’t last long.

  “Help me, brother,” he said, desperate for her to find pleasure in the act.

  Slade’s hand left her breast and trailed down to her clit, gently pressing. Hannah’s eyes widened. Her breathing shallowed.

  “Please. ” She spoke the one plea Dex couldn’t refuse.

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