Christmas from hell, p.25
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       Christmas from Hell, p.25
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         Part #7 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson

  strategic run for it, but for a man his size, he was really fast!

  She’d barely turned around when she found herself picked up, thrown over his large shoulder and being carried down that small hallway to what she’d been thinking of as his camp all day. When he carried her inside, slammed the door shut and locked it, she realized that she may have made a tactical error along the way.

  Trying to think of a way to get out of this fast, she did the one thing that her grandfather always warned her against.

  She’d panicked.

  She couldn’t think past the fact that she was now locked in a small room with a man who outweighed her be a good hundred pounds and she may have, umm, tortured for the hell of it all day. Yeah, definitely a big mistake on her part.

  Since she couldn’t retreat, and she definitely wanted to make that retreat, she opened her mouth to apologize but choked on the words when Duncan did the unthinkable. He pulled his shirt off, revealing all those delicious muscles that made up his torso. Unconsciously, she licked her lips as her hungry eyes took in every rope of delicious muscle, too stunned to do anything but stand there while Duncan reached down, undid his fly and simply pulled his hardening member out and began to leisurely stroke it as she tried not to swallow her tongue.

  “Why don’t we have ourselves a little talk, Necie, hmm?”

  Chapter 31

  Her mouth was open and moving, but no sounds were coming out as her eyes locked on what his hand was doing.

  Definitely a good sign, he decided as he slowed his hand even more, tightened his hold and stroked himself from his balls to the tip all while imagining what it would feel like if she got down on her knees and took him into that pretty little mouth of hers. He groaned as he did it again, wondering if she’d ever done that to a man before or even wanted to, because he definitely fucking wanted her to take his cock in her beautiful little mouth and suck on it while she teased the tip with her pretty white teeth.

  Christ, just thinking about how much he wanted to feel her teeth tease the underside of his cock had him hardening to the point of pain. He wanted her, wanted to bend her over, slide his cock inside her wet pussy, slide his cock inside her ass to see just how good that would feel, basically he just wanted to fuck her until his balls were emptied and the only thing that she could scream was his name, but he couldn’t do any of that.

  He had a mission and this small woman with her extraordinary culinary skills was ruining it with very little effort. He was trying to get to know her better, romance her, spend time with her and she was doing everything that she could to get him to tell her what he was up to.

  Now, he couldn’t very well have that, now could he?

  “Sit on the bed,” he heard himself say, sounding almost as though he were in a trance.

  When she licked her lips hungrily and obeyed, he almost lost it. His cock definitely noticed, jumping in his hand in approval, demanding that he move closer to see what else she would be willing to do.

  Trying not scare her and wondering if this was all a dream, a wonderful, lust filled dream starring the woman that took up way too much of thoughts, he walked over to her slowly as he continued to stroke himself.

  “Here’s the plan,” he said, stopping himself from smiling when the adorable woman nodded absently as she shifted anxiously on the bed, her eyes glued to what was in his hand.

  “For the next two weeks you don’t ask any questions about what we’re doing here,” he said firmly, pausing his hand on his cock when she opened her mouth to argue, but as soon as she realized that he would stop if she argued, she closed her mouth shut with an audible snap and a swallow.

  “Very good,” he murmured approvingly as he once again began stroking himself, biting back a moan at the hungry expression on her face.

  God, she was so fucking beautiful, he thought as he found himself coming closer to her. “You and I are going to enjoy ourselves, enjoy this vacation that we’ve both more than earned. You’re not going to worry about the bakery and I’m not going to worry about my family, agreed?” he asked, slowing down his strokes and loving the murderous glare she sent his hand.

  She definitely liked watching, he noted, more turned on by the thought than he ever thought he would be. He wasn’t a virgin, hadn’t been one for a very long time, but he’d never been playful in bed, never enjoyed teasing the women that he fucked, but god, how he wanted to play with this one.

  “Are we agreed?” he asked, coming closer until he was standing between her legs and his cock was now level with her mouth. “No worrying about anything but getting to know each other and taking this break, sweetheart.”

  When she opened her mouth this time, he placed the tip of his cock against her bottom lip and watched with shock and awe as she tentatively ran her tongue over the tip of his cock. He bit back a groan as she did it again and again until she had the tip of his cock in her mouth and was awkwardly suckling it.

  He’d had plenty of blowjobs in his life, but never like this, never this good.

  “That’s a good girl,” he said approvingly as he reached down between them and cupped her breast. “Suck on it, sweetheart,” he managed to bite out as her teeth gently scraped the underside of his cock, sending immense pleasure to his balls.

  Unable to help himself, he gripped himself around the root and pushed in further until she was slowly working her mouth over the first few inches of his hungry cock. When she moaned, his eyes nearly crossed in pleasure and he had to force himself to drop his head back, close his eyes and just savor the feeling of her mouth wrapped around his cock.

  A few more seconds, he promised himself, just a few more seconds and he would pull out. He knew that he was lying, but at that moment he couldn’t care less, he decided as he opened his eyes and looked down, unable to stop himself. He wanted to watch as she sucked on his cock, which was a mistake.

  He never should have looked down.


  “Baby, don’t stop,” Duncan pleaded as he palmed her breast and slowly thrust inside her mouth.

  Part of her realized that she had all the power here, that she could stop doing this for him and demand to know what he was up to and that he would probably tell her, but she couldn’t do that. Not when this felt so damn good. She never thought doing this for a man would make her feel this much pleasure, would turn her on, but it did.

  She couldn’t seem to get enough of him and every time he pulled his cock back, she wanted to scream with frustration. Her hands came up on their own and grabbed onto his ass, using her hold to bring him closer so that she could take more of him inside her mouth.

  His loud groan of approval had her pulling him even closer so that she could work her mouth over his cock, letting her tongue slide against the bottom of his cock, loving his reaction. His hand tightened around her breast, squeezing it gently as he murmured nonsensical words about how good it felt, along with pleas that she not stop.

  She knew that she would have the upper hand if she stopped, would get her answers, but then she would lose this moment with him and she refused to give this up. He felt so good in her mouth, his hand felt wonderful on her breast and she knew without question that the moment that she gave him what he wanted that he would reward her in ways that she’d never imagined.

  So, when he went still, groaned her name and she suddenly felt him thicken in her mouth, she nearly lost it herself. She swallowed what he gave her without thought, without a care, and kept licking and sucking on his cock long after he’d stopped yelling her name.

  “Shit,” he managed to get out, panting and out of breath as he pulled back, taking his cock with him and dropped to his knees before her.

  Before she could complain that he’d just taken away her new favorite toy, he was wrapping his arms around her and kissing her. Praising her as he laid her on the bed and fumbled with her pants. As soon as he had them undone, he shoved them down all the way, spread her legs and slipped two fingers inside her.

  She gasped in ple
asure as he fingered her, stroking her just right with his fingers and making her moan his name as he slid his fingers in her harder and faster until she had no choice but to grab onto his shoulders, bury her face against his neck and scream as her back bowed as the orgasm that she hadn’t been expecting slammed into her.

  Before she was done screaming his name, her moved off her and kissed his way down her body, shoving her shirt up in the process and ripping open her bra. When his mouth came to her breasts, he paused long enough to lick and suckle the large globes before he kissed and licked his way down.

  As soon as he reached the juncture between her legs, he removed his fingers and slid his tongue inside her. It was too much, so damn good, but too much for her to handle after the last orgasm. She wasn’t sure that she could handle another orgasm after the last one he’d given her, but he wasn’t taking no for answer.

  She dug her heels into the mattress and spread her legs further, giving him more room to work as she threaded her fingers through his hair, gasping as his tongue alternated between sliding inside her and licking her clit. It felt incredible, so damn incredible.

  She bit her lip, trying to keep her mouth shut, trying not to repeat the same mistake twice, but when she felt her toes curl into the bedspread and her back bow off the bed, nothing on this earth could have stopped her from screaming his name and saying the one thing that was guaranteed to end this.

  “Oh, God, Duncan….Oh, God,….Oh, God…I love you, Duncan,” she rambled on uncontrollably, barely aware of what she was saying or the fact that she couldn’t seem to shut her mouth.

  As it hit her what she’d done, she bit her lip, refusing to cry or make herself look like a bigger fool than she already was. Panting, he stopped licking her, which allowed her to move back away from him, turn over and move to crawl off the bed before he said something that was going to send her crying and hating herself more for-

  “Mmmm,” he moaned as he covered her body and slid inside her from behind, filling her completely and making her realize that he may not have heard her or cared, because as soon as he entered her she dropped to the mattress, grabbed hold of the metal headboard and held on while he thrust inside her, taking her harder with each thrust and making her realize that she might very well die this night from pleasure, but she was surprisingly okay with that, she decided as he pulled back and slammed into her from an angel that had her screaming his name all over again.

  Chapter 32

  Thursday, December 16th.

  “You put away everything I baked?” Necie asked from the doorway with a shy smile, the same one that she seemed to get every time they made love.

  He couldn’t help but wonder if she’d still give him that same smile in forty years when he woke her up with his mouth and finished her with his cock. The appendage in question apparently was wondering the same thing as it decided to wake up and say hello, hoping that she would walk over and sit on his lap so he could see if he could get her to smile like that twice in one morning.

  It took him a few minutes to realize that she was standing there, frowning, looking adorably confused as he finished off the last cookie. He followed her gaze as she looked around the kitchen, noting the bare counters and table and realized that she was wondering where all the food she’d baked yesterday had gone.

  Since she was already well aware of the Bradford curse and had even tried to take advantage of it, he simply shrugged and said, “I got hungry.”

  “I see,” she said with a putout sigh, but he didn’t miss the pleased look in her eye.

  She secretly loved the fact that he loved her cooking so much. Baking and cooking weren’t just a job skill for her, but a passion and she clearly enjoyed it when someone enjoyed the fruits of her labor. Even though his mother had lived with Bradfords for more than thirty-plus years, she still got vexed when one of them helped himself to everything in her fridge or to the baked goods that she’d baked for a friend and had accidentally left on the counter, unattended for a minute or two, not realizing that one of them was in the house.

  Now that he thought about it, he didn’t really understand why she even bothered to get upset anymore. After all this time and with all her boys, she really should be used to food and entire meals disappearing as soon as she turned her back. She’d known what she was getting into when she’d married his father, so really, she should learn to let these types of things go.

  She’d be a hell of a lot happier if she did, he absently noted as he watched his little baker walk into the kitchen with an exasperated sigh and a smile that she just couldn’t hide. This woman loved cooking for him, and why shouldn’t she? He wasn’t on any diet restrictions and would happily eat anything that she put in front of him.

  “I see that you cleaned out the fridge, too,” she said, but once again he’d like to point out that she didn’t sound mad or upset, just resigned to the fact that whenever he was around, she’d probably have to make multiple trips to the grocery store every week.

  Since she had to do that anyway for the bakery, it probably
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