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       Christmas from Hell, p.21
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         Part #7 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson

  His mouth snapped shut as he considered her for a moment before saying, “You’re still not going.”

  “Yes, I am,” she said, switching her attention back to the black dress, because if she was going to be honest, she’d admit that she really wanted to wear the black dress.

  “Fine,” he bit out. “But you’re not wearing that dress.”

  “Black it is,” she said with a smile, because he’d just made the decision so much easier for her.

  “It’s freezing out,” he pointed out, clearly not happy with her choice.

  “I’ll wear a wrap,” she pointed out, getting more excited with every passing second.

  She was finally going on a date with the man of her dreams!

  At least, she thought she was, but four hours later when it became obvious that he’d forgotten all about their date, she took off the dress that she’d been dying to wear, pulled on her favorite pair of worn jeans, shirt, and boots and decided to go tell a certain Bradford to go to hell.


  Several hours earlier…

  “You…mother…fuckers…,” he managed to get out on a slur as he took a swing at what he thought was one of his brothers and ended up face down on his bed and once he was there, he found that he couldn’t get up and he definitely needed to get up.

  “You needed this, asshole,” Aidan said, sounding a hell of a lot braver than he had fifteen minutes earlier when he’d been screaming like a girl and begging their brothers and cousins to save him from the psychotic bastard as Duncan went to beat the shit out of the sneaky bastard for taking him by surprise and sticking a huge fucking needle in his ass.

  “You haven’t slept in almost a week,” one of his other brothers said, but he couldn’t be sure which one since his head was spinning and he couldn’t really understand what they were saying anymore.

  The only thing that he knew was that he was going to be late for his date and that would probably get him killed. For some reason the thought of the klutzy little Necie Dixon coming to kick ass made him smile as the medicine took over and dragged him under.


  “Please state your name and business,” the ten-year-old boy who looked very familiar said as the front door swung open.

  Instead of answering him, she narrowed her eyes on him and within seconds knew that she was dealing with the next generation of Bradford males.

  “Necie Dixon,” she said, keeping her tone businesslike even though there was just something about this little boy that made her want to smile. “I’m here to see Duncan.”

  Sighing heavily with a sad shake of his head, the boy said, “I’m sorry, but Duncan isn’t accepting visitors at the moment.”

  “I see,” she said, looking past him to see all the large Bradford males standing guard, ready to stop her just in case she got past the boy. “And why is that?”

  “I’m afraid that’s classified,” the boy said, crossing his small arms over his chest and mimicking the stance of all the large males behind him.

  She sighed heavily in disappointment and shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I’ll have to come back another time then.”

  “I guess so,” the little boy said with a firm nod, really looking just too damn adorable.

  “It’s too bad, because Duncan promised that I could use his kitchen to practice my new recipe for double fudge brownies, but if he’s busy…,” she said, purposely letting her words trail off with another lazy shrug as she turned to leave, but of course she didn’t make it very far before she was grabbed and dragged inside.

  As she was carried towards the kitchen, she just prayed that she didn’t run out of cocoa powder before she got her chance to escape and go have a word with a certain Bradford.


  Heart pounding against her chest, telling her that she needed to move her ass faster and demanding to know why she’d done something so foolish as to only make one pan of brownies when she knew the house was filled to the rafters with Bradfords, she practically dove for the attic door.

  Trying not to panic, she quickly opened the door, shut it behind her and locked it. Not that it would save her, but it should buy her just enough time to do what she needed to do. As quietly as possible, she ran up the stairs and thanked God when she found the door leading directly to Duncan’s bedroom unlocked.

  “That’s my brownie, you son of a bitch!” she heard someone shout from the vicinity of the kitchen, letting her know that they were at least all still contained on the first floor.

  Trying not to think about what would happen to her when they found her, she opened Duncan’s door, damn near cried in relief when she realized that the only person in the room was the man himself, sprawled out across the large bed in his boxers and making her thank God for small miracles.

  When the shouting from downstairs suddenly became louder, she knew that she didn’t have much time so she didn’t waste any. She practically ran towards his bed, pausing every few seconds to pull off her clothes and kick off her shoes. By the time she reached his bed she was completely naked, trembling with fear and praying that this was enough to save her life.

  “Duncan!” she whispered, trying not to freak out, but it was difficult not to when she could hear the Bradford clan moving up to the second floor, letting her know that it was only a matter of time before they realized where she was and came after her, demanding more brownies that she wouldn’t be able to produce, because there had only been enough cocoa powder for one batch.

  When he didn’t move, she tried not to panic, but it was difficult knowing just how close she was to being mauled by a bunch of hungry Bradfords. Telling herself that she had no other choice, she grabbed the waist of his boxers, yanked them down, pushed him onto his side, jumped into the bed and curled up in front of him as she grabbed the comforter folded at the end of the bed and yanked it up over them and closed her eyes just in time it seemed.

  “What the fuck?” someone said as the door was thrown open.

  “Oh, I don’t need to see this!” another one said as she laid there, trying to calm her breathing, but it was difficult knowing how close she was to being mauled for more brownies.

  “I thought you said that shit was going to knock him out for at least a day!”

  “Obviously I fucked up!” the familiar voice said, making her breathe a little easier, because clearly they were buying it.


  “He’s sleeping now so shut the fuck up!” someone snapped, making her wonder what they’d given him to knock him out and why.

  Of course, when she felt the large, warm hand close over her breast and something very long and hard grind against her bottom, she had to agree that Aidan had definitely fucked up on the dosage.

  Chapter 26

  Sunday, December 13th.

  This was probably the best way that he’d ever woken up, he had to admit as he weighed the large breast in his hand as he shifted with a sigh of pleasure when his dick, hard and ready to go rubbed against the smoothest ass that he’d ever had the pleasure of touching.

  Then again, did it really count if it was his cock that was doing all the touching? he idly wondered as he pressed a kiss against Necie’s bare shoulder, loving the grumpy little growl she omitted at being disturbed. She was definitely an angry little thing when someone disturbed her sleep.

  As he lay there, holding her breast and gently rubbing his cock against her ass that felt like silk simply because he just couldn’t seem to stop, he tried to figure out exactly how he’d ended up getting her in bed last night, because he was pretty sure that he’d gone to bed alone and really pissed off. He remembered something about his brothers ganging up on him, a few of his cousins and the bastards cornering him and bitching at him about being done watching him exhaust himself into an early grave.

  Then he remembered the prick in his ass.

  That little bastard, he thought, instantly calming thanks to the large breast that he was rubbing. It was actually rather soothing, he tho
ught even as he thought of all the violent things that he was going to do to his little brother.

  The next question of course was, how did she end up naked and in his bed? Since he knew without a doubt that they hadn’t had sex since his balls were throbbing for relief, he couldn’t help but wonder how he’d managed to get her in his bed, naked. It wasn’t that he was complaining.

  Far from it.

  He was just curious, he told himself as he pressed another kiss to her bare shoulder while he tried to tell his cock that it should be happy with what it was getting now and stop being such a demanding little bastard. But, God, he wanted her. He wanted to lay her on her stomach, cover her body and slide his cock deep inside her.

  He wouldn’t have to worry about making her wet, because he knew without a doubt that she’d already be wet and ready for him, but if she wasn’t, he would be more than happy to get her there with his mouth or fingers, whatever she needed. He would gladly give her whatever she needed and more.

  He’d definitely use his tongue on her, he thought as he found his fingers teasing the small, hard nipple in his hand. He would lick her slit from top to bottom until her lips were swollen and open, revealing the pink little clit that would require all of his attention for a few minutes.

  Just imagining how good her little clit would feel against his tongue had him returning his attention away from the nipple and to the large breast that needed his attention. He would lick her out, slide his tongue inside her and fuck her with his tongue until she demanded more, demanded that he fuck her raw and he would gladly fucking do it, too.

  Unable to take another moment of torture, he gently rolled her onto her back, pressed his lips against hers and moved to-

  “Fucking hell!” he gasped out when the small leg with the surprisingly pointy knee slammed into his balls as the woman that he wanted more than his next fucking breath turned over in her sleep, yawned and fell back into a deep sleep while he laid there, cupping his balls and praying for a quick fucking death before she turned him into a eunuch.

  The most frightening part of all this was that she wasn’t doing it on purpose. It was just another part of her that he adored and yes, it did terrify him that he’d adored this about her, but then again, as long as she was a jinx he would never have to worry about anyone hurting her, because she’d probably accidentally send them to the ICU if they tried. It was a comforting thought he told himself as he slowly rolled over onto his back, closed his eyes and breathed through the pain.

  Perhaps he should start wearing a cup when he was around her, he wondered as he somehow managed to get off the bed and stumbled towards the bathroom where he’d most likely spend the next hour or two soaking in an ice cold bath to soothe his poor abused balls.


  What the hell was wrong with her, she wondered with a cringe as she carefully climbed off the bed and tiptoed towards her clothes, hoping to get dressed and make her escape before the poor man that she’d unmanned, again, came out of the bathroom.

  Not that she was running away, she told herself, because she wasn’t. It was ten o’clock and she was seven hours late for work. She needed to go in and help them catch up all while putting up with her grandfather’s pouts, glares and the knowledge that when he got that far-off expression on his face that he was probably fantasizing about all the ways that he could kill Duncan.

  Yeah, she was probably going to have to do another weapons sweep of the house and bakery, she decided with a heavy sigh, because there was just no way that she would be able to make sure that her grandfather adhered to a strict diet behind bars. Knowing him, he’d probably beat the shit out of the biggest thug in there on the first day just to get it out of the way and then focus on having McDonalds smuggled in.

  The man really had no self-control when it came to his health, she thought with a belated sigh as she bent over to pick up her panties and somehow found her eyes rolling back in her head and a moan escaping her lips as the most pleasurable sensation tore through her body.

  Panting hard, and not exactly sure what that was, but praying that it never stopped, she reached out blindly and grabbed onto the edge of the antique desk as she felt what she thought might be a tongue trace her slit again, more slowly this time.

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