Wonder, p.24
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       Wonder, p.24

           R. J. Palacio
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  Don’t try too hard to be cool. It always shows, and that’s uncool. —Amos Conti


  To thine own self be true. —Hamlet, Shakespeare


  Sometimes it’s good to start over. —Julian Albans


  If you can get through middle school without hurting anyone’s feelings, that’s really cool beans. —Summer Dawson


  Keep calm and carry on! —some saying from World War II


  Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcometh the world. —Auggie


  I am grateful beyond measure to my amazing agent, Alyssa Eisner Henkin, for loving this manuscript even in its earliest drafts and being such a strong champion for Jill Aramor, R. J. Palacio, or whatever name I decided to call myself. Thanks to Joan Slattery, whose joyful enthusiasm brought me to Knopf. And most especially, thank you to Erin Clarke, editor extraordinaire, who made this book as good as it could be and for taking such good care of Auggie & Company: I knew we were all in good hands.

  Thank you to the wonderful team who worked on Wonder. Iris Broudy, I am privileged to call you my copy editor. Kate Gartner and Tad Carpenter, thank you for the brilliant jacket. Long before I wrote this book, I was lucky to work side by side with copy editors, proofreaders, designers, production managers, marketing assistants, publicists, and all the men and women quietly toiling behind the curtain to make books happen—and I know it ain’t for the money! It’s for love. Thank you to the sales reps and the book buyers and the booksellers who are in an impossible but beautiful industry.

  Thank you to my amazing sons, Caleb and Joseph, for all the joy you bring me, for understanding all those times when Mom needed to write, and for always choosing “kind.” You are my wonders.

  And most of all, thank you to my incredible husband, Russell, for your inspiring insights, instincts, and unwavering support—not just for this project but for all of them over the years—and for being my first reader, my first love, my everything. Like Maria said, “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.” How else to explain this life we’ve built together? I am grateful every day.

  Lastly, but not least, I would like to thank the little girl in front of the ice cream shop and all the other “Auggies,” whose stories have inspired me to write this book.



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  R. J. Palacio, Wonder

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