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The bed, Page 1

Quelli di ZEd

Giovanni Rodini

  The bed

  The bed

  Copyright © 2012 Giovanni Rodini

  Smashworlds Edition

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  It autonomously operates proposal from the author and not submitted to selection by the publisher

  This ebook, Zed Experiments series, was published as an experiment in English language with Zed Lab.

  The ZEdEx stories and novels are translated in a "hybrid" (automatic) version, waiting to be corrected by a reader who knows the language reference.

  Ideal for those who, precisely, has a good knowledge of the language translated but who may not know the source language text, and therefore would not be able to make a pure translation. Or even for those who, despite knowing a good level language translated, and its grammar, want to perfect it.

  If you believe this initiative interesting, you come with us in Zed Lab.

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  The bed

  Need to have patience! In the industry of the transports the incidents are the rule. There is always some obstacle that he/she forces the recipient to be with the braccias supported to the window, the look on the road, in the hope to see the van that draws near to the front door to effect the delivery.

  The man had already made space. Since the entry up to his/her room you/he/she had created a path on the floor. You/he/she had piled up objects on the two sides of the corridor, stacking them the one on the others, and you/he/she had emptied the space destined to his/her bed to two plazas.

  The artisans of the mobilificio had a certain imagination in to attribute the names to their products. When you/he/she had chosen him/it you/he/she had tried to understand what they centered the Nights of Egypt, so it called his/her model, with that wood pieces that inserted together all composed a bed. Also the other articles of the shop had fanciful names, strangeness invented from who knows what guru of the publicity.

  It looked at the suspended clock to the wall. Already twenty minutes of delay and nobody did him alive to justify the drawback.

  It kept on still scrutinizing from the window for about ten minutes, without sighting the van with his/her bed. The traffic proceeded chaotic, as always in the road under his/her house. All seemed to have a big hurry to reach destination and they almost bumped him the one with the others, looking for passing that didn't succeed in doing. Then they were recomposed and they waited for the next hole to again accelerate and to retry the manoeuvre that had not succeeded not a little before. But also the second attempt didn't get the desired effect and so all stayed in tail, proceeding for the whole length of the road in the same position that you/they occupied when you/they had taken her.

  The telephone and the man it rang it estranged from the ant hill of plates that stirred under of him. Sure to hear the voice of one of the salesclerks of the shop, he/she rudely answered, as who boast too for a long time a credit toward an insolvent debtor.

  "Good morning, is Martina. I call her from his/her telephone operator to inform her/it about the offer "I call You but I don't pay!". And' a promotion that we offer her to an unbeatable price, thinks that... European monthly... great occasion..."

  "No Martina... I thank her/it... but it doesn't interest me.".

  "You look that it is really a great offer, believes me..."

  "No Martina, don't do anything. I thank her but I am busy now."

  "Allow me to call her/it another day back. And' really a great offer...".

  The cornet cut the voice of Martina and the man it brought him on the window.

  You stuck out with the whole bust beyond the glass and it puffed with anger. In distance it a white van under that he was accodato to the line of cars that you/they transited of him. It followed the vehicle for everything of his/her journey without breathing, trying to understand if it were his/her bed what he was approaching.

  An orange light bulb started to flash on the bumper of the van and the driver it approached in second line encumbering I space him/it of those that were behind him. Someone became impatient him and it nervously played the horn, while from the cabin of the van a hand made sign to advance and to proceed over.

  Two men went down from the dowdy and tired air, they looked around him trying to understand if it were the correct place and they turned toward the façade of his/her building. There was no need to speak. Seeing the man leaned out to the window of the second floor they understood that you/they had reached destination.

  An electric noise made to go off the lock of the front door while the two opened the luggage van. From the tall one one were seen of theirs that entered the back of the van while the other one grabbed an extremity of the metallic net and the mattress. The two entered the building and they reached the man in front of the door of his/her house.

  It made them arrange with a severe look and those they excused him for the delay. You/they had wasted time trying to deliver some furniture to another address. There was no anybody in the house and you/they had had to wait that someone reached them to allow to unload him the commodity. The attempt to justify him played false, an invented history on the moment to unload the guilt on somebody else.

  They crossed with attention the whole journey and they supported the net and the mattress on one of the walls of the bedroom. Then they turned him and, following the owner of house, ridiscesero the staircases to take that that missed still.

  The man didn't want to appear too much discourteous and, while the two got further, you/he/she brought him in the kitchen to prepare some warm coffee. With the open window he/she succeeded in feeling the noise of the front door that opened, the metallic creaking of the doors that you/they were opened wide, the complaint of the suspensions while someone saliva on the van and, shortly after it came him the whole same sequence of sounds, but in inverse order.

  It returned to the door in the moment in which the two took the last ramp of staircases that brought in his/her landing. They transported every thing wound in a thick cardboard that brought the name of the mobilificio.

  You removed for allowing to enter him and ripercorrere him by now known journey, while he went in the kitchen to extinguish the stove. Once in the room it informed them that you/he/she had prepared some coffee and churches to the two they wanted. It didn't do in time to feel their answer that realized that something didn't go.

  Someone had to have commits a mistake because the bed that you/they were delivering him was not what he had purchased. It immediately stopped the men and it pointed out the wood aces that formed the handrail. Not only the color was different, clearer and less shining, but also the model was wrong. It had a whole other form and it didn't center anything with what he had purchased.

  To this point a strange thing happened. Not as soon as you/he/she had finished speaking it noticed something in the two look and it had the impression that theirs knew that that was the wrong bed. It was as if you/they had been open, amazed to trim a bed for another. Two nobody said nothing but they looked him with a worried air and of agreement at the same time. There was a long silence. Then one of their takings a portable telephone and with the hand it made sign to the man to wait.

  On the other side a masculine voice he felt. The conveyor handed the telephone to the owner of house and went for a stroll in behind leaving that if they hurried her/it between them. To speak was him the salesclerk that had recommended him/it in his/her purchase.

  With the same safety with which you/he/she had convinced him/it that is not be repented
of his/her choice it now tried to persuade him that the bed that you/he/she had been delivered him it was still a best choice.

  The salesclerk put us everything of his/her appointment to convince him/it of the qualities of the new bed but the situation you/he/she was also too much paradoxical for him and, not as soon as the man interrupted him/it with severe voice, the seller he surrendered.

  " I know him/it that it will seem her some strange, but the point is that we cannot deliver her the bed that had chosen."

  "As would be to say! It was on sale and me I have paid him... What has it happened? Have you sold him/it to another?"

  " No, believes me, its bed witnesses here me. It is not that we don't want it is alone that we cannot give him/it for him. And' a really complicated thing to be told the telephone. It is better perhaps if it passes in shop and we explain her what it has happened."

  "I wish that I/you/he/she am not a joke and that there is there once for indeed a good reason. Have never seen anything similar!"

  "We, don't believe even me, we have ever seen nothing similar. You leave now that our conveyors accompany him here in shop, then we pay her a taxi to reenter to house."

  "Indeed I don't understand... if you have had an incident you can deliver me him another time, for a few days I will sleep on the couch..."

  "We cannot deliver him him, neither another time neither never... You trusts me and climbs on the van with our