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The green points, Page 1

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  English version (hybrid)

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  Luigi Ametta

  The green points

  The green points

  Copyright © 2012

  Zerounoundici Edizioni

  ISBN: 978-88-6578-164-7

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  The present story is work of pure imagination.

  Every names person's reference, places, events, addresses e-mail, sites web, telephone numbers, done historical, is them really existed or existing, it is him to consider purely casual.

  The my more felt thanks to (without any particular order): my relatives for their continuous support, Riccardo Porcellana, Stefania Lovati, Oriana De Iulio, Giusi Di Fury de You Feltrinelli Torino, and to Jonathan Coe for the encouragement.

  To Katiuscia and Victoria, my marvelous girls

  "Talkin' 'bout my generation"

  (from My Generation, The Who, 1965)

  The green points

  A whistle, feels then my name shout from a little far.


  I turn me as soon as in time to avoid to play the intercom of house of Evandro, I see my friend sat on a bench of the small situated public garden to less than one hundred meters than distance, in proximity of the next intersection. I see him/it that it gesticulates for signalling his/her position, I make a sign with his arm to make him to understand that I have acknowledged him and I hasten me to reach him/it.

  "You had told me to pass to call you when we are seen before supper there..

  "You, but there was tonight my mother that gave me in head, then I/you/they have gone down."

  There is little people in this green handkerchief, despite is a magnificent evening of beginning summer; I also take a seat me on the bench, and I observe Evandro that is trafficking with a metallic scatoletta, a packet of maps Rizla and a lighter.

  "That you have brought?he/she asks " me with his/her usual air sorniona pointing out with the look the brochure that I hold.

  "The program of the Points Verdi, to see if we find something to do."

  "But it goes there, the Points Verdi. it replies sneering while continuous to traffic without peace with his/her things.

  "Because no? There is sometimes something interesting."

  "You have said well, sometimes."

  While he/she is answering me, Evandro folds up to half in longitudinal sense a ticket used of the bus, it tears him/it along the folding and it starts to roll up him/it.

  "It was also for unriveting here us from, even only for a beer to the coolness."

  "You feel, the beer we drink her/it here, we are equally to the coolness, and I don't risk to cross here around the woman in the zone; you know as it is, I didn't have head to see her/it tonight, I have told her that I was home."

  "You have thrown the package to Nadia?"

  "I am not with Nadia anymore, already from three weeks.

  "But as, has Age, released Nadia? I would want to find her/it me a girl as her."

  "It allows to lose, it goes.

  Evandro unthreads him the wallet from the back pocket of the jeans, it throws out a diecimila piece Liras and it hands me him.

  "From the, you make a jump to the cafe of Sergio, you take four cans and facts to give two sigas. tell him that they are for me, otherwise not you the ds even to die.

  I take the money, I get up me standing and through the road watching out for not to make me stretch from one of the rare autos that transit from here to this time. After few minutes they are back with the beers and the cigarettes for Evandro.

  I again take a seat me and I open a can, Evandro does as many, and after having given a gulp it begins to manufacture him a spinello.

  "And how come have you left her?I ask " him taking back the discourse interrupted a little before without taking care of me of the fact that I could seem him indiscreet. For all answer Evandro limits him to lift the shoulders, then he/she thinks of us above and, without dissuading the look from his/her hands in full activity, it tells me :

  "So you liked Nadia? A ball. now free, but I fear that is brought out for an inexperienced person as you. Perch instead not points that biondina that he/she lives here on the angle? Tòh, looks now at case you/he/she has leaned out on the balcony. I would see together well you.

  I lift the look to understand of who coop speaking, then I return to look at my friend that in the meantime you/he/she is still looking in direction of the young girl, and meanwhile it licks in plebeian way the adhesive edge of the map to be able to close again her/it around the mixture of tobacco and marijuana.

  "But is a ragazzina. Age, from the, stop to make her/it the fool!

  "I don't do anything, six you that you must give yourself to do."

  "It will be fifteen years old, and I am already adult.

  "Beh, that you want to keep on making only you the tardones? And then you go calm, before you succeed in sweeping you/he/she has become her/it to you of age also her."

  "From the Age, stop to aim her/it to her, his/her father still goes down to take us to kicks!"

  "Calm, Paul, is seen that you don't know her enough the women. On the other hand, after that whole time that you have passed there with that gang, behind that there was not even never a girl to pay her/it.

  "And this that wants to say?"

  "He/she wants to say eccome: you seemed a company of fennels or sfigati, always planted there in circle to speak of nothing. You pay attention to me, to unhook you/he/she has been them the most cunning thing that you have ever done in your life."

  Evandro puts on among the lips his/her spinello and turns on him/it.

  "You want to make a draught?"

  "No Age, doesn't smoke even the cigarettes, imagine if I smoke that stuff!"

  "It looks that it is good stuff, it is that of my plant. And then you know him/it that it doesn't hurt.

  "Thanks, I prefer of no. I prefer to take me a ciucca."

  "Good, with the ciucca the morning later bushels of merda, with this you wake up again yourself fresh as a rose. You give, not from habit, and it seems that I/you/he/she am also therapeutics."

  "Not to insist."

  "Worse for you!"

  Evandro makes a long pull, then it holds back the smoke in the bellows for different seconds and it slowly expires finally. I see him/it close the eyes, we remain for a couple of minutes in silence.

  "That beautiful evening, true Paul? There is not around oddly even a mosquito."

  "A pair of balls, have massacred already me the ankles! Could not we go from some other part?"

  "Already, because in the other parks I am not there, they don't make the mosquitos enter for you. Do you give, bushels good. th
at you have l?

  Known that Evandro is looking at the object that sprouts from one of my back pockets, I extract him/it and I hand you him.

  "A cassette, me the done son to record from one schoolmate of mine."

  "Ugh mother, Ted Nugent and the I Owe! But have not you learned anything from me then?"

  "Because, thing they have that it doesn't go?"

  "Minchia, the I Owe! But they are of the waferazzis! Of the peggior kind! And that video then, where they eat the buns of merda.

  "You intend that of Freedom of Choice?"

  "You, liberty to choose better something of from sentire.a intention, goes tomorrow for shops of disks, I must throw on the last of Steve Hackett. Do you also come? I am also there Diego, Mark, Pino and perhaps somebody else.

  "You, because no.a what time you find you?

  "See, the hook is toward the three, but if want passes from me before, make even us a birretta.e on that cassette I record you something of meglio.minchia, Paul, the I Owe!"

  "But he/she leaves alone.

  "You see, also this is consequence of the time that you have thrown with that tamarris that you frequented before: to strength of sentir to speak than From her, De Gregori, Stumpy and Gianni Togni has become convinced that anything didn't reenter in their knowledges it was good, but it is not so."

  "That it enters it? It is that I want to know other things."

  "No, you want to show something more to the others that to yourself, but you are out road."

  "You are psychoanalyzing me? Has you/he/she taken you the smoke badly?"

  "I repeat you, to unhook you from those there has been the best thing that you could do, rather you would have had to think of us before.