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Passion the Anthology, Page 1

Quaggy Quills


  The Anthology


  A Collection of Poetry and Prose

  Compilation copyright © QuaggyQuills

  Text Copyright © individual authors 2015

  Cover Image and Design © L Carty 2015

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  All rights reserved. This book remains the copyrighted property of the authors, and may not be redistributed to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the written permission of the appropriate individual author.

  Table of Contents

  Contents Page


  Tempt the Taste Buds

  Cheesecake - Gloria Brown

  Soup Night - Gloria Brown

  Foreign Palate - Marilyn Bond

  The Mixing Bowl - Enomwoyi Damali

  Food of the Devil - Enomwoyi Damali

  Is Dis a Pattie? - Brenda Garrick

  Cox's Orange Pippin - Leibert Kirby


  I Release and let go - Jennifer Harris

  Living with all the Silence - Margaret Winstanley

  Virtual Life and Real Life - Edozie Ameke

  Friendship - Gloria Brown

  Mother's Milk - Leibert Kirby

  It's a Wonder - Enomwoyi Damali

  Wild About Harry - Brenda Garrick

  My Date - Margaret Winstanley

  Pens - Leibert Kirby

  The Telegram - Alison Nwakwu


  Perhaps - Dezrene Martin

  Names - Leibert Kirby

  Sensational Script - Enomwoyi Damali

  Passion for Granny - Marilyn Bond

  Flying a Kite - Leibert Kirby

  Eight Stages of Sexual Frisson - Enomwoyi Damali

  Lover's Rock Congress - Jennifer Harris


  If Summer be the Season ah Carnival - Brenda Garrick

  Don't Talk to Strangers - Leibert Kirby

  Compassion - Jennifer Harris

  Invisible Women - Leibert Kirby

  The Triumphant Life - Edozie Ameke

  Perhaps - Margaret Winstanley

  Perhaps Again - Margaret Winstanley

  Holding this Space - Margaret Winstanley

  A Verbal Pruning - Enomwoyi Damali

  Now is de Winter - Brenda Garrick

  Love, Hate & Everything In-between

  If February be the Month ah Love - Brenda Garrick

  Traffic Wardens - Leibert Kirby

  Response to Traffic Wardens - Enomwoyi Damali

  Response to Traffic Wardens - Brenda Garrick

  Don't Throw it all Away - Enomwoyi Damali

  A Lovely Pair - Enomwoyi Damali

  Fine Line - Enomwoyi Damali

  Passion - Brenda Garrick


  I am your Duvet - Jennifer Harris

  Under the Moonlit Church Spire - Edozie Ameke

  The Look - Brenda Garrick

  50 Shades ah Nastiness - Brenda Garrick

  Mackenzie Rose - Leibert Kirby

  Camellia, on not being a Rose - Leibert Kirby

  Black Love - Jennifer Harris

  About the Authors


  This anthology is about passion in the widest sense, since strictly speaking, passion means any strongly felt emotions such as love, hate, anger, and of course, desire. George Bernard Shaw insists that there are passions far more exciting than the physical ones "...intellectual passions, mathematical passion, passion for discovery and exploration: the mightiest of all passion." In themselves, these internal feelings of passions are neither good, nor bad. A passion for the Pattie in Shakespeare’s Patois Pattie is no better or worse than a passion for Cheesecake, or for Flying a Kite. A passion for justice in the Invisible Women has as much value as a passion for, say, Travel. However, when that passion leads us into action, it can also lead us into either positive, or not so positive territories. Flying into a panic because the red skirt is where the blue should be, as seen in Fine Line, means that a passion for an orderly wardrobe could lead to problems. Our passions are based on our individual beliefs and experiences, so while you may have strongly felt views about the concept of Compassion, who would argue against the equally strong belief in the life giving quality of Mother’s Milk? Of course if amorous couplings and the crescendo of emotions culminating in … well… whatever your mind imagined, drew you to this anthology, then take a peep at our ‘Erotic’ writings, and explore the conflicts between external respectability, and internal simmering sexuality. In this anthology you will find a selection of poems and prose, exploring our passion for food, for love and relationships, for creativity, and for life.

  Whatever your passion, may you continue to embrace and enjoy. May your passion energise and not engulf. And as you read this book, may our writings enthuse and excite, and possibly electrify the passions within you.

  Enomwoyi Damali

  Tempt the Taste Buds

  Food out of this world

  Mouthwatering delights from

  Home or foreign parts.

  Leibert Kirby


  I never really liked cheesecake until…the first bite in New York…

  I remember when I was living in New York in the ‘80’s. I was in Brooklyn and after enjoying an all night party – what’s called a rave, my friend, Lynda, and I ended up at Juniors.

  Juniors was a restaurant in downtown Brooklyn. It seated over 100 people and was always busy. They opened 24 hours – and were rushed off their feet all the time. They had a very good reputation and served the most amazing food. Sandwiches that were filled to the brim – any type of bread. Bread that people in England never heard of. The main dishes were served on platters and the quantities were absolutely huge.

  I remember Lynda insisting that I try the cheesecake. Juniors was renowned for their cheesecake – people came from all over. It’s exported worldwide. Anyway, back to how I was introduced to cheesecake. As far as I was concerned, I wasn’t interested in tasting it. It just looked like a block of coloured lard. It did look pretty nice and there were several varieties: strawberry, lemon and plain. After much persuasion, as I just wasn’t interested in tasting a slice, I relented. I opted for the plain one. I had that with a strong cup of percolated coffee.

  As I took my first bite, it was like I had bitten into something magical. I would savour the taste; enjoying every mouthful, making sure that none was wasted. I would wash it down with my coffee. It had taken me about 30 minutes to consume. I remember looking across the table at my friend and wondering if she really liked me. I was never quite skinny but had a good figure. I wondered if she intentionally wanted me to be obese. Why? Because, as a result of having that first bite of cheesecake, I became addicted to it.

  I would eat it daily and would stop off at Juniors on the way home from work. I would take it home and once arriving would enjoy it, all by myself. If the phone rang – I just wasn’t interested in answering it. I systematically went through a large quantity of cheesecake over the months. Eventually, after a few months, I could feel my clothes getting tighter. My face got rounder and my friends, very gently at first, hinted that I was growing at an enormous rate. In other words, getting fatter. Indeed, this was the case. I was not able to wear my business suits because they just didn’t fit anymore.

  Although I put on the weight, I somehow still could not resist my daily hit of cheesecake. It was not only my weight that the cheesecake had an impact on, but my usually faultless complexion. You see, cheesecake is made with large quantities of sugar and fat – not good at all for skin. I developed a blotchy complexion with large bumps filled with pus. I swear, my friend Lynda, who introduced me t
o cheesecake, no longer felt threatened when we went out on the pull. I was no longer considered as desirable.

  After three to four months of overindulging, I woke up one day and said enough is enough. I conditioned myself that no more cheesecake for me. It was such a strong determination that I stopped immediately. Whenever I was tempted, I imagined myself as ugly, obese, and damn it cheesecake was no bloody good for me.

  Within weeks, I saw the difference. I began to shed the weight over a matter of weeks. Slowly my complexion went back to the way it was: healthy, smooth, spotless and a nice bronze complexion. I no longer felt tired and depressed.

  I regained my figure and have never been tempted. Since returning to England I’ve not really had any cheesecake. You just can’t compare Juniors with a Marks & Spencers. There is no comparison. I’m glad about that. I recently went to the States and had a slice – but fortunately, my taste buds have changed, I now prefer a nice curry instead of cheesecake.

  Gloria Brown