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       Hot Ticket, p.7

         Part #3 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 7

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Jace slid the condom into the top of her thigh-high boot. Her nipples pebbled beneath his heavy gaze. He didn’t touch or kiss her excited flesh, only stared as if in utter awe. She felt like the most beautiful woman in the world at that moment. And then he slid down her body to suck her nipple into his mouth.

  She gasped, her fingers stealing into his spiked blond hair. She held him to her breast. Her back arched and she shuddered with pleasure. His hand moved to her free breast, and he cupped it gently, caressing the nipple with his thumb. He used a rhythm that matched the strokes of his tongue. No awkward plucking and brutal squeezing from this guy. The man knew how to please a breast.

  “Jace,” she murmured. “Jace. ”

  She squirmed, wriggling her hips from side to side, wanting him to fill her body with his. His shaft brushed the inside of her thigh, and she cried out.

  Oh God, Jace. Take me.

  She was ready for him. Probably had been the moment she’d noticed him striding across the room back at the club. He lifted his head, blessed her with a gentle smile, and then shifted his head to take her other breast in his hot mouth. He sucked hard, and then rubbed the flat of his tongue against her budded nipple. Sucked hard again. Rubbed. Sucked. She quivered beneath him, the throbbing ache between her thighs unbearable.

  “Jace,” she cried desperately.

  His hands slid over her rib cage, and he moved down her body, trailing tender kisses down the center of her belly. He made love to her navel with his tongue until she thought she’d explode. Sliding farther down, he shifted until his face was even with her crotch. Her thighs trembled in anticipation. He must smell her sex and feel the heat coming from it. She was so hot. So wet.



  “Jace, please. ”

  “Shhh, Aggie. Don’t rush it. ”

  He lowered his head and kissed the inner surface of her thigh. She gasped, her pussy clenching, so close to release she knew she’d explode the second he finally possessed her. But he didn’t claim her. He kissed a trail down the inside of her thigh. When his mouth reached the top of her boot, he fished the condom out and tucked it inside her other boot. He then started his slow journey down her leg. Unzipping her boot as he went, his lips and tongue forged a gentle path of pleasure from thigh to toe. When he finished, her boot lay discarded somewhere on the floor, and she was clinging to the bedclothes.

  “Jace, you’re driving me crazy. ”

  He chuckled. She loved the sound of his laugh. Deep and rich. Happy. Could a man so consumed by pain feel happiness?

  She lifted her head and gazed down at him as he crawled his way up her body to work on her other leg. He was smiling to himself as he pulled the condom from her remaining boot and tucked it into her panties, as if to say, this is next on my list of things to pleasure with my sinful mouth. Her breath came out in an excited huff.

  Yes, Jace. There. She couldn’t wait. Couldn’t wait to feel his tongue against her clit. Stroking her fluid-drenched lips. Writhing in her pussy. Oh! Please, hurry.

  He worked his way down her other leg, his beard stubble rough against the inside of her thigh. He soothed the rawness left behind with tender kisses. She was panting and thrashing with excitement when he moved back up her body. He ran his finger under the elastic of her black satin panties. She shuddered.

  The condom tumbled free over her hip and landed somewhere on the bed beside her. He took it between two fingers and inserted it into her mouth. She fought the urge to bite into it, not wanting to compromise its integrity and have it break when he finally opened the package, unrolled the condom over his massive cock, and thrust into her. Her back arched at the thought of him inside her. Filling her. Pounding her. Oh God, Jace, I need you. Inside me. Immediately.

  He slid her panties off, his hands skimming her thighs, the backs of her knees, calves, and ankles. He tossed the undergarment aside and spread her legs wide. Cool air bathed Aggie’s hot, aching flesh. His warm breath stirred against her wet skin. She groaned.

  She was glad she’d waxed every bit of her pubic hair when he drew one exposed and swollen labium into his mouth, sucking until she thought she’d go mad, sliding his wicked tongue over the slick inner surface until her hips bucked. He suckled his way to her mound. His tongue brushed the hood of skin that covered her clit, and she cried out in delirious torment. He suckled her other swollen lip, swirled his tongue in the empty, wet well between them much too briefly, and scraped his stubble-rough chin over her tender asshole. He plunged his tongue inside the puckered orifice and then slid it up to bury it inside her throbbing pussy. Her mouth fell open, the condom sliding from between her lips and down her face.

  “Jace, Jace!” She grabbed his hair, yanking upward hard.

  He shuddered and then fucked her with his tongue, thrusting it as deep as possible and withdrawing, before thrusting inside again. He slid the tip of one finger in her ass, removed his tongue from her pussy, and replaced it with two fingers on the same hand. Her body strained against his hand as he burrowed his fingers deeper, deeper, wriggling them inside her, spreading her wide. And then, he sucked her clit into his mouth.

  She exploded with ripples of unparalleled delight.

  “Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed as he sucked her clit, his tongue stroking the engorged flesh, his fingers writhing inside her clenching pussy and her delighted asshole.

  Too quickly, he pulled away and moved up her body until they were face-to-face. He licked her juices off his fingers, murmuring delighted sounds in the back of his throat.

  He retrieved the condom from near her shoulder and tore it open with his teeth. He lowered his head and kissed her, before rolling onto his side to apply the condom. It was too small. He struggled to stretch it over his thick shaft, biting his lip with concentration—should have brought him a Magnum. She’d been with only one other guy who needed them, but that had been years ago. She knew she didn’t have one on hand.

  He used his hand to guide himself into her body, and every concern vanished.

  His strokes began shallow as he wet his cock with her juices and allowed her to grow accustomed to its glorious thickness. When he finally possessed her completely, she arched her back to take him even deeper. Ah God, she’d never felt so deliciously full in her life.

  “You’re beautiful,” he murmured, brushing his lips against hers. “Your body—bliss. ”

  She didn’t know how he managed to make her feel so loved. Love? Now there’s a sentiment she didn’t typically consider when a guy was between her thighs.

  Jace pulled back slowly and thrust forward again. He watched her closely. Seemed to be gauging her responses to determine what she liked. It was as if his own pleasure didn’t matter to him—only hers. Jace’s rhythm, relentless and perfect, tugged her willingly up the slope toward release, spiraling closer to nirvana. His deep strokes were neither too slow, nor too fast. Just right. And deep. Oh so deep.

  Once he found her rhythm, he kissed her neck while he made love to her, brushed the backs of his hands over her skin, rubbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, and drove her utterly mad with desire. She’d never known a guy to continue with foreplay throughout the entire experience. Jace worked every pleasure point on her body as he moved within her. Going so far as to rub his big toe over the instep of her foot every so often, after he discovered it made her shudder with unexpected delight. She closed her eyes and let him have complete control. She’d never given her power to a man so effortlessly. She always struggled with this, but not with Jace. Why? She was too delirious to consider the reason.

  After a long while of inflicting his perfect pleasure, Jace’s breath hitched, and Aggie opened her eyes to find him biting his lip. “I waited too long,” he gasped. “Can I come now?”

  He was asking her?

  “Yeah, go ahead. ” He’d more than earned his release.

sp; It was as if something inside him snapped. He tore into her like an animal. He wrapped his arms around the backs of her thighs and folded her in half. He fucked her hard, driving his thick cock into her body. She cried out, unable to distinguish between pleasure and pain, knowing only that she loved it and didn’t want him to stop. She liked the harsh contrast of being fucked after the considerate, tender lovemaking he’d showed her before.

  “Yes, Jace!” she screamed. “Fuck me. ”

  “Hurt me,” he countered.

  Aggie’s nails dug into his chest. He groaned.

  She drew her hands down, leaving eight parallel scratches down his chest. He shuddered, his head tilting to the side, his mouth falling open in ecstasy. “God, yes,” he growled.

  She grabbed his nipple, twisting viciously.

  He lowered his head to kiss her. She bit his lip until she tasted his blood. He didn’t resist her cruelty, but rose up on his knees so he could fuck her harder.

  She cried out, close to orgasm.

  His lip now free of her bite, he lifted his head and looked down at her. “Do you want to come hard?”

  Well, of course she did. What kind of a question was that?

  “Yes, Jace. Make me come hard. ”

  “Don’t take your eyes off mine. ”

  He continued to thrust into her, driving her closer to the edge. She stared at him, lost in his intense gaze. He watched her as if looking for the exact moment to let go and join her in bliss.

  She felt a connection to him—deeply personal, more than sex. More than she wanted to experience with some guy she scarcely knew. Her heart thudded hard in her chest. For a short instant, he let her see him. That internal part of his troubled psyche he hid from the world. Her breath caught, and she held it even after her lungs began to sting in protest.

  Unexpectedly, her womb contracted. A spasm gripped her pussy. Ripples of release sent her body into convulsions, and she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer.

  Oh God, she was coming. And coming. And coming. He pumped into her harder. “Aggie, hurt me. I need…”

  The instant she dug her fingers into his raw back, his body shuddered against hers as he spent himself inside her. He rubbed his face against the hollow of her neck as he called out. They clung to each other, bodies writhing in mutual bliss.

  He paused and lifted his head. His voice sounded distant. “Breathe, baby. Take a breath. ”

  Breathe? What did he mean?

  “Aggie!” He shook her by both shoulders.

  She gasped, glorious air filling her stinging lungs, and came again. Came even harder than when that first orgasm had gripped her in that intense moment of personal connection she didn’t quite understand. Aggie cried out, rocking her hips to work against his softening cock. Her entire body writhed with ecstasy, twisting her into an involuntary spasm of delight.

  That had been fucking amazing.

  When her body stilled, Jace moved his arms from the backs of her thighs so she could stretch her legs out straight. He rubbed her hips to alleviate the ache, and then cupped her face in both hands to gently kiss her lips.

  “You okay?” he whispered. He rubbed the tip of his nose against her cheek, his lips tickling the skin near her ear. “I think you forgot how to breathe there for a second. ”

  “I’m more than okay,” she said deliriously. “What was that?”

  “What?” He rubbed his lips over her jaw.

  “I can’t explain it. I don’t know if it was how hard you were fucking me or the way you were looking at me or something else. It was…”


  “Exciting? That was fucking unbelievable. Do it again, please. ”

  He lifted his head and stared down into her eyes. He looked utterly stunned. “You don’t hate me now?”

  “How could I hate you after that? I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. It was wonderful. ”

  “Even though I couldn’t come until you hurt me?”

  “If that’s what you need to get off, I’m perfectly fine with it. ”
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