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       One Starry Night, p.6
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         Part #6.6 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  glare at the hand Dev was using to gently stroke Michelle’s bare arm. Jake moved to her other side to wrap an arm around her waist and gently stroke her hip. But really, what he wanted to do was touch Dev’s cock again, taste Michelle’s sweet pussy, massage her soft tits, have his balls licked and his cock sucked, preferably at the same time. A hand grabbed his rapidly rising cock.

  “Someone is thinking dirty thoughts,” Michelle said, using her thumb to rub Jake’s cockhead through his jeans.

  He realized as the pleasure licked down his length to his lower belly that he hadn’t been receiving as much sexual attention as he’d been giving. He hoped it wasn’t because he was the only one ready to roll.

  “I’m more interested in making those thoughts a reality,” Jake said, covering her hand with his to keep her touching him.

  “Are you thinking about Devlin or me?” she asked.

  “Both,” he admitted. “Have you ever sucked cock, Dev?”

  Devlin laughed. “You just say whatever comes to mind, don’t you?”

  “Yeah,” Jake admitted. He couldn’t seem to curtail that particular personality trait of his. “Well? Have you?”

  “If I haven’t yet, I’m pretty sure I’ll be sucking one by the end of the night. How’s that for an answer?”

  “Mysterious,” Jake said.

  “And sexy,” Michelle added with a grin.

  Devlin unlocked the door and hurried to a control panel to enter a security code into the alarm system. Jake glanced around in awe. Because he was friends with many successful musicians, Jake had been in a lot of awesome houses—none that belonged to him, unfortunately—but Devlin’s mansion was unbelievably vast and opulent. Just wow.

  “Software?” Michelle squeaked. “Creating software got you all this?”

  Dev smiled. “Security software,” he said. “Gotta outsmart the crooks in this world. And big business is very interested in protecting customer data. They’ll pay a premium to do so.”

  “I’ll say,” Jake said, wandering out of the three story high foyer with its multi-tiered crystal chandelier and into the great room.

  “The elevator to the third floor is over here,” Dev said and took Michelle’s elbow to escort her toward a paneled door that blended in with what Jake believed was a marble wall.

  Jake rushed forward to join them in the small elevator. Dev pushed a button and Jake immediately moved up against Dev’s back—not accidentally—and forced Dev to press against Michelle, who was trapped against the rear wall. Jake buried his cock in the crack of Dev’s ass and reached around to unzip Dev’s fly. In an instant, Jake had the guy’s dick out of his pants. He massaged its tip into Michelle’s mound and she sucked in an excited breath.

  “I want to guide your dick into her hot pussy and massage your balls while you fuck her nice and slow,” he said into Dev’s ear. “Her cunt is going to grip you so hard when she finally comes.”

  Dev shuddered. “No wonder this guy gets you so worked up, Michelle.”

  Michelle chuckled. “He always says the most delightful things when he’s taking advantage of a person.”

  And it worked well for him. Well, it did with certain, sexually open partners. If his way of stating his desires was a turnoff—and it was to some people—he moved on without regret. He liked his partners hot and willing, not frigid and boring. If a lover couldn’t handle his words, there was no way they’d be able to handle his actions when he got down to business.

  The elevator dinged to announce their arrival on the third floor and the door slid open to the master suite.

  Chapter Eleven

  Michelle stepped off the elevator, her mouth agape with wonder. Now this was a master suite. The bedroom encompassed the entire third floor and was semi-circular in shape. A bank of floor-to-ceiling windows curved around the side of the room facing the water, giving a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean beyond the cliffs. An enormous and very inviting bed stood on a platform in the center of the expanse of windows. Even the ceiling over the bed was made of glass and gave an unfettered view of the night sky. There was a casual seating area to one side of the platform and a minibar complete with stools on the opposite side. A spa-like bathroom and several walk-in closets, complete with a dressing room were just visible through a pair of open French doors along the far wall.

  Devlin went to a control panel near the elevator. An instant later, the lights dimmed and something began to bubble and glow with a soft blue light in the floor at the foot of the bed. A hot tub. With the same spectacular view of the ocean that the bed enjoyed.

  “Would anyone like a drink?” Devlin asked, loosening his tie as he crossed an expanse of polished mahogany floor toward the wet bar.

  Michelle stifled a giggle when Jake stepped into Devlin’s path. He stopped short and looked up at Jake in question.

  “No one came here for a drink, Dev, and you know it.”

  She had a bit more experience with Jake’s moods than Devlin did. Once the man had his mind on sex, there was no deterring him. Oh, he never forced the issue. That wasn’t his style. With a few words, he just made a person want him. Desperately. At least it had always worked on her.

  After being brought so close to orgasm—twice!—and being left wanting, Michelle was feeling that desperation to her very bones.

  Jake slipped the tuxedo jacket from Devlin’s shoulders and tossed it on a nearby chaise. His deft fingers went to the buttons of Devlin’s shirt next and he began to unfasten them in quick succession. Devlin slapped a hand over Jake’s. “Wait. What about Michelle?”

  “Trust me; she wants you naked just as much as I do.”

  “I like to take things a little more slowly,” Devlin said.

  “Too fucking bad. I’m so hard I’m about to burst.”

  Jake shifted to stand behind Devlin and reached around his body to unfasten another button.

  “Sweetheart,” Jake said to Michelle. “Maybe you can convince him that haste is imperative for my sanity.”

  Was she supposed to do something? She was too busy staring at the gorgeous contrast the pair of men created. Edgy, lithe and tattooed Jake made short work of handsome, muscular and clean-cut Devlin’s clothes. When Devlin tried to take a step forward, Jake snagged his earlobe in his teeth to hold him still. Devlin sucked in an excited breath and clutched Jake’s thighs for support. Now that Jake had Devlin where he wanted him, he ran both hands over the bare skin of Devlin’s cut pecs and delightful six-pack as he pushed the crisp white dress shirt aside.

  As if in a trance, Michelle reached behind her and tugged the zipper of her dress down. Both men paused and watched her as she slipped the straps from her shoulders and let the silk flutter to the floor.

  “Beautiful,” Devlin said breathlessly as his eyes journeyed from the swells of her breasts above her strapless bra, down her belly, over the panties he knew quite intimately, along her bare thigh to the garter strapped there complete with now-empty flask, and down her calves to her red stilettos.

  When Devlin’s gaze travelled upward and met hers, he yanked open the fly of his black dress pants and dropped them to the floor, struggling out of Jake’s grasp so he could remove every stitch of his clothing as quickly as possible. Jake followed his lead; tugging his T-shirt off over his head and removing his jeans, shoes and socks in one sweep. So now she had two gorgeous naked guys at her disposal and she wasn’t sure what to do with them.

  Luckily, Jake wasn’t afraid to make a first move. Eyes locked with hers, he hurried toward her and drew her against him. His fingers made short work of her bra clasp and he drew away slightly to pull the garment free of her body. She shuddered when the hoop in his nipple piercing brushed against the tip of her breast.

  “Oh!” She pulled away and glanced down at the piece of jewelry.

  “You like that piercing?” he asked.

  “I think so,” she said, lowering her head to offer it an appreciative lick.

  Devlin stepped up behind her and took her heavy b
reasts in his hands. She straightened with an excited gasp. He rolled one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed the other against Jake’s ring, teasing her nipple—and apparently Jake’s as well—into a hardened peak. She shuddered when Devlin’s cock brushed against her ass and wished that her panties would vanish. She’d wished that in the helicopter too. When he’d been pleasuring her through them.

  “Then I have something else you might like,” Jake said and took her hand in his.

  He directed her hand to his cock, which she gripped eagerly. Several small hard round objects pressed into her fingers. She pulled away slightly and looked down, lifting his cock to examine its underside. There were four barbells piercing his shaft and bordering the thick ridge there with eight metal balls.

  “Wanna climb my Jacob’s Ladder?” he said in a low voice.

  “What the hell did you do to yourself?” Michelle asked.

  Devlin released her breast and ran his hand down the length of Jake’s cock. “This had to hurt,” he said.

  “Completely worth it.” Jake grinned. “You’ll see what I mean soon enough.”

  “You mean, Michelle will see what you mean.”

  Jake tilted his head and met Devlin’s gaze with a challenging stare. “I mean both of you will.”

  His eyes still locked on Jake, Devlin’s hand slid into the front of Michelle’s panties. He parted her lips to draw a finger through her slick heat and she shuddered.

  “I thought we came here to pleasure her, not each other,” Devlin said.

  “I came to come. I don’t care who delivers my pleasure.” Jake grabbed Devlin by the chin. “Or who accepts it.”

  Jake leaned forward and Michelle thought he was going to kiss Devlin—the thought of which turned her knees weak for some reason—but he claimed her mouth instead and it was suddenly as if she had no bones in her legs at all.

  The deeper and more desperate Jake’s kiss became, the harder Devlin pulled her ass against his erection.

  “I haven’t kissed you yet,” he said in her ear. “When do I get to kiss you?”

  She turned her head to separate her mouth from Jake’s and turned to face Devlin. She answered his question by pressing her lips to his. The sparks dancing across her nerve-endings intensified and she moaned into his delectable mouth, pressing her breasts firmly into his hard chest. Oh, she was a goner. A complete goner.

  “Take me to bed,” she said against his lips.

  His cock jerked against her lower belly at her words. She touched it gently with her fingertips. Hot, smooth and hard. Just how she liked it.

  “You’re sure?” he whispered into her mouth.

  She nodded slightly because speaking would force her to separate her lips from his and even a hair’s breadth between their seeking, melding mouths was too far a distance for her liking. Still kissing her, he bent and slid an arm behind her knees, lifting her into his strong arms and walking toward the platform where the bed was situated.

  “I’m really starting to like you two,” Jake said as he followed Devlin to the bed.

  Devlin laughed against Michelle’s lips and she couldn’t help but smile in return. He set her on her feet beside the mattress and Jake knelt to remove her panties and, after a few appreciate strokes of her ankles, her shoes.

  “I thought I just wanted to talk to you tonight,” Devlin said and ran a finger under the garter on her thigh. “Until I saw you hike up your dress and pull out a flask of booze.”

  She flushed—unsure why she would blush considering the intimacy they’d already shared and were about to intensify. “You saw that, did you?”

  “Yeah, and that’s when I knew talking wouldn’t be enough.”

  He shoved her shoulder and, unprepared for his uncharacteristically rough action, she tumbled back onto the bed.

  “Then I knew,” he said. “That I had to fuck you.”

  She opened her legs wide and slid a finger through her slick center. “Then I’m glad you caught me in the act,” she said, and drew her wet finger up her belly, between her breasts and into her mouth.

  “Could you taste me through my panties, Devlin?” she asked. “Do you have any idea how much I want you inside me?”

  She used her saliva-moistened finger to indicate exactly where she want him, sliding it back down her body and inserting the tip into her overly excited pussy. She didn’t think she’d ever been wetter than she was at that moment.

  Devlin grabbed her and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, his fingers gripping her ass, his mouth open as he panted in broken gasps.

  “Excited much, Dev?” Jake stood behind him, his eyes locked with Michelle’s, his hand working to unroll a condom down Devlin’s length.

  “Oh God, hurry,” he said.

  “So you no longer want to take things slowly?” Jake teased.

  “Maybe later.”

  “Do you want him inside you, Michelle?”

  Jake used one hand to drag the head of Devlin’s cock through her juices and she shuddered with need.

  “Yes. Please. I can’t take your teasing anymore.”

  Devlin’s cockhead pressed into her opening and she groaned. He moaned in answer, but Jake wasn’t finished toying with them yet. He tugged Devlin’s tip upward and rubbed it over her clit, before directing it just inside her again. Devlin sank into her several inches and her body tightened around him, drawing him deeper.

  Please, deeper. Please.

  But no. Jake rubbed Devlin against her clit again and he was whispering things into Devlin’s ear that Michelle could only catch snippets of. “Pull out when she’s— Don’t give it— I’ll take—”

  She could only guess what they were plotting. Well, what Jake was plotting and Devlin would be acting on.

  Devlin groaned. “Please, Jake,” he said. “Let me take her.”

  “You want to be balls deep inside?”

  “Yes,” Devlin and Michelle said in unison.

  “All right, if you promise to do what I said.”

  “I promise,” Devlin whispered. “I promise.”

  Jake shifted his arm and Devlin sank deep. Michelle cried out in bliss, rocking against the cock that filled her. Finally filled her.

  “Look at her, Devlin.”

  Devlin stared. His gaze searched her face, examined every inch of her body, and when he looked to where their bodies were joined, he thrust into her and withdrew slightly, before filling her again. His mouth dropped open and his eyes squeezed shut. “Oh God.”

  “How many times have you dreamed of this moment, Dev?” Jake asked. “Your cock buried inside her. Her body flushed with desire. For you. Does it feel as good as you thought it would?”

  “Better,” Devlin said and turned his head to look at Jake. Jake stole Devlin’s lips in a heated kiss. Devlin released one of Michelle’s hips to grab the back of Jake’s head and deepen the kiss as he began to thrust his hips repetitively.

  Michelle groaned as that unbearable ache inside was replaced with the fullness and friction she craved. Jake pulled his mouth from Devlin’s and leaned over where their bodies were joined. Devlin unexpectedly changed the angle of his penetration, leaving far too much room between her clit and his body. She wanted him to grind into her. To send her flying. When Jake’s tongue brushed her clit, Michelle jerked involuntarily and cried out. Oh dear God, yes. Her cries grew louder as Devlin’s thrusting cock and Jake’s massaging tongue pulled her rapidly toward release.

  “So close,” she crooned. “I’m coming. I’m—”

  Jake turned his head and Devlin pulled out, leaving her stuck in that mind-numbing and agonizing instant just before release. She tore her eyes open and gasped in surprise when Jake took Devlin’s cock in his mouth and began to suck. Devlin held the back of Jake’s head as he thrust into his throat. He groaned, rising on his toes to force himself deeper. Watching them together made Michelle’s pussy clench. It was almost worth giving up her orgasm to witness their interaction. Devlin cursed under his breath when Ja
ke released his cock with a loud pop and turned his attention back to Michelle’s clit. An instant later, Devlin was inside her again, pounding her hard and deep while Jake flicked his tongue over her throbbing center.

  Oh yes. Right there. Right there. Yes. Don’t stop.

  She hoped they were both mind readers because her brain wasn’t functioning well enough to form words. Michelle clung to the sheet, her back arching off the bed as her body quaked with the first teases of orgasm and then, the bastards left her like that again—close, but unsatisfied. Devlin pulled out and slammed his cock deep into Jake’s throat. Jake swallowed Devlin without choking and then pulled back to apply strong suction and rapid, repetitive tugs to the head.

  “Fuck, you’re awesome at that,” Devlin said and pulled free of Jake’s mouth to plunge inside Michelle’s achy pussy again. “One more and I’m done.”

  “Don’t stop this time,” she pleaded. “Don’t stop.”

  “One more,” Jake said. “And then we switch.”

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