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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 44

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Her smiling face appeared in his unfocused line of sight. “Let’s go eat and have some fun. ” She planted a playful kiss on his chin.

  “What kind of fun?”

  “I’m sure we’ll think of something. ”

  He took her hand and headed for the door. The faster he got some food in her, the faster they could move on to the fun. “Later, Trey. ”

  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. ”

  “Well, that leaves open a world of possibilities,” Jessica quipped.

  “You know it,” Trey said.

  Sed tugged Jessica from the hotel room and closed the door behind them. He drew her into his arms and stared down at her in the glaring yellow of the streetlight in the parking lot. “Alone at last. ” He lowered his head and kissed her deeply. He expected her to protest, but her arms stole around his back and she pressed her tight little body against the length of him. All senses set to go, his hands shifted to the curve of her ass and pressed her closer.

  She gasped and tore her mouth from his. “Food first, fun later. ”

  Luckily, there was a chain restaurant across the street.


  Jessica picked at her salad, watching Sed through her lashes. When should she tell him she loved him?


  Her heart fluttered.

  No, not now. Maybe later.

  “What’s wrong? You’re really quiet. ” Sed tossed an empty rib bone on his plate.

  “Nothing,” she lied. “Are we going straight back to the motel room after we eat?”

  “Trey’s expecting some dinner. But knowing him, he’s ordered himself some takeout and has seduced the delivery driver by now. ”

  Jessica wiped her damp hands on her pants. “Maybe we should tour the city. ”

  Sed paused with a rib halfway to his mouth. “I figured you’d never want to do that again after what happened the last time. ”

  She scowled. Why’d he have to bring Vegas up now? “Yeah, well, it wasn’t the end of the world. Not an experience I’d like to repeat, however. ”

  “It wasn’t good for you?”

  She looked up at him, catching his knowing grin. “Oh don’t get me wrong, the sex was fabulous, but the video quality was shoddy. ”

  “I know a great film crew. They do all of Sinners’ music videos. Maybe we can add some special effects to our next public encounter. Heavy metal sound track. Giant robots. Explosions in the background when I come inside you. Stuff like that. ”

  She picked up one of his French fries and tossed it at him. It hit him on the cheek and landed on the table. “We just have to be more careful. ”

  Nodding, he devoured his barbecued rib. “Eat faster,” he insisted, his mouth full.

  She grinned and pushed her salad around her plate.

  “Slight problem,” she said. “I don’t have a skirt on. ”

  “It’s dark out,” he said, stuffing French fries in his mouth ten at a time. “No one will see a thing. ”

  “And there isn’t really anything worth seeing around here. ”

  “So we hop in a cab and drive around until we find someplace interesting. ”

  She stole one of his French fries and nibbled on it.

  “You aren’t eating faster,” he pointed out.

  She tried to eat faster, but she was nervous around him tonight. Ever since he told her he loved her, things felt different. Confusing. “Can I ask you something?”

  “What kind of something?” he asked suspiciously.

  “Why do you let Eric watch you have sex with your groupies?”

  He leaned away from the table and rubbed a hand over his backward ball cap. “You know about that, huh?”

  “Yeah, I know. Will you tell me why?”

  He gazed out the dark window beside them. “You don’t want to ask me that. ”

  “I just thought… I thought if you like it that much, I wouldn’t mind Eric watching us together. If you wanted him to. ” She felt the heat rise up her neck to her cheeks, but forced herself to not duck her head, so he’d know she was serious.

  His gaze swiveled back to her. “Really?” After a moment, he shook his head. “I don’t need him to watch us. ”

  Her brow furrowed. Need him? Sed needed Eric to watch? This entire time, she thought it was Eric who needed that kind of voyeuristic stimulation. “What do you mean, you don’t need him?”

  “I don’t have any problem getting off with you, Jessica. Something about him watching me do boring chicks helps me get off. Without him there, I just can’t… get excited enough. ” He stared at her for a moment and then lowered his gaze. “See, I told you that you didn’t want to ask me that. ”

  “You can’t get off with other women?” She was so stunned by the idea that her head started to spin.

  “Why do you think I do two or three of them at a time?”

  She winced. Okay, she didn’t need that reminder.

  “Since you left me, I have a hard time, you know. ” He glanced at her pointedly.

  “I have no clue. ”

  “Finding satisfaction. ” He hesitated. “Will you just finish your salad, already?”

  She grinned, feeling strangely validated. “I’m the only girl who gets you off?” she pressed.

  He scowled at her. “Do you know how horrible that is for someone who loves sex as much as I do? I went two years like that. Sex was a chore to find ten seconds of relief. Sometimes I thought I’d do better being celibate. ”

  “Poor baby. ” She didn’t feel one bit sorry for him, though. Just happy for herself. “I’ll make it up to you in a few minutes. ”

  “You’d better,” he growled. “This thing with Trey has made things impossible. You’re always there, but it would be wrong to pounce on you every couple of hours. ”

  She grinned. “Why is that wrong?”

  He groaned. “Will you just eat faster?”

  Chapter 35

  “Let us out here,” Sed told the cab driver.

  The cab pulled to a stop along the curb and let them out. Jessica glanced around, a confused expression on her face. On the other side of a chain-link fence, brightly colored slides sloped and twisted around deep pools. A fake volcano spewed orange-lit water into the air. People shouted and laughed throughout the attraction.

  “A water park?” she asked. “This place will be packed. ”

  Actually, as it was after dark, the parking lot was almost empty. “I thought you were feeling adventurous. ”

  “I am, but I didn’t bring a swimsuit. ”

  “I’m sure they sell them. ”

  “We have to be discreet, Sed. No repeats of Vegas. ”

  “Agreed. ”

  As they walked hand in hand toward the entrance, Jessica still seemed uneasy.

  “Something’s bothering you,” he said.

  “This is like a family place. There will be little kids all over the place. ”

  “No one will know what we’re doing. ” He spotted a sign next to the cash register. No one under 16 admitted after dark. He pointed at the sign. “Does that make you feel better?”

  “A little. ”

  “Two, please,” he said to the cashier and reached for his wallet.

  “We close in an hour,” the attendant told him.

  Only an hour? Well, he was with Jessica. An hour should be plenty of time. “That’s fine. ”

  They went to the gift store first. Jessica sorted through a rack of swimsuits in her size. He pulled a white string bikini off the bar and handed it to her.

  “Try this one,” he growled into her ear.

  She lifted it to eye level. “It’s kind of… revealing. ”

  He growled against her neck. She shuddered and headed for the dressing room with the bikini in hand. He grabbed the nearest pair of swim shorts in his size and went to stand outside the curtained dressi
ng rooms at the back of the store to wait for Jessica. He heard the rustle of her clothes as she removed them on the other side of the curtain. He glanced up at the security camera and shifted his merchandise in front of his raging hard-on. God, he couldn’t wait to sink into her warm flesh.

  “How does it look?” he asked gruffly. If it weren’t for the damned security camera, he’d have already joined her to see for himself.

  “Skimpy. ”

  “Let me see. ”

  She slid the curtain back and he dropped his swim shorts on the floor. “Whoa,” he said, eyes skimming the rounded tops of her breasts spilling from the scraps of fabric, her belly, the triangle of white fabric concealing… He forced his gaze to her thighs. Thighs.

  She turned around and watched him over her shoulder. His gaze moved down her sexy back, the lower curve of both ass cheeks peeking from beneath the swimsuit, her thighs. God, her thighs. And her slender calves. Thighs. Ass. And her… “Ungh. ”

  “Well?” she asked. She turned to face him again, looking down at her body uncertainly. She brushed her hands over the flare of her hips. “Do you like it?”

  She wanted him to form actual words? “Nice,” he managed. Nice? She looked fucking amazing. Say it, Sed. Before she closes the curtain.

  Too late.

  He stared at the red gingham curtain that concealed her from his eager gaze. His brain slowly started to function again. “It looks great, babe. Perfect. You look perfect in it. I think you should get it. I mean, it looks really, really good on you. Awesome. Did I mention sexy?”

  She chuckled and called to him through the curtain, “I saw the look on your face, sweetheart. Of course I’m going to get it. ”


  “Did you find anything?”

  Who cares? “Yeah. ” He glanced around, wondering what had happened to the swim shorts he’d been holding. He noticed them on the floor and stooped down to retrieve them.

  Back in her sweats and T-shirt, she let herself out of the dressing room. Now that she’d reminded him what was under those baggy clothes, he couldn’t wait to get his hands all over her. Those thoughts did make walking normally a challenge, however.

  He bought her swimsuit and his, as well as a couple of beach towels. They left the shop and made their way to the locker rooms near the Olympic-sized swimming pool. He pinned her to the wall near a glowing torch and kissed her deeply. After a moment, he pulled his mouth away and gazed down at her. His dick strained against his pants as he pressed it against her lower belly.

  “Do you have any ideas on how to get this hard-on into the pool without the whole world noticing my tented shorts?”

  “Towel around the waist? That’s how I plan to conceal the juices dripping down the inside of my thighs. ”

  He growled in torment, drawing a shudder of anticipation from her. “You’re deliciously evil. ”

  She chuckled.

  “But mostly delicious. ” He dug her scrap of bikini and one of the beach towels out of the sack and handed them to her. “Meet you on the other side,” he murmured. “Don’t dawdle. ”

  “No chance. ”

  He watched her enter the women’s dressing area, and then went into the men’s. He successfully got into his swim shorts, locked his belongings in a rented locker, and wrapped his towel around his waist. It did make his tented shorts less noticeable, especially if he bent at the waist slightly. At least, that’s what he told himself.

  He waited impatiently outside the women’s dressing rooms. Ignoring the appreciative stares of nearby women, he crossed his arms over his chest and scanned the attractions looking for something that would offer them discretion, but not diminish the excitement of their overt naughtiness. Wave pool. Definitely the wave pool. The sound of the rhythmically lapping waters had his lap at full attention.

  Jessica stepped out of the dressing room looking hotter than the sun. She’d let her hair down and, as she’d planned, had her towel wrapped around her waist. It hid her thighs from view but didn’t prevent him from thinking of her juices and how much he wanted to taste them.
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