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         Part #4 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning

  “I want to do things to your… ass.” She said the final word so quietly, she was surprised he heard her.

  Owen’s jaw dropped and for the first time, Caitlyn saw the smooth operator take a hike off a cliff and fall fast and hard.

  “Um,” Owen said, “I’ve never done anything like that.”

  “They have strap-ons in the gift shop,” Kellen said helpfully. “Big, thick ones, so be sure to use plenty of lube.”

  “Is that what you meant?” Owen said. “You want to tie me down and fuck me in the ass?”

  Her face felt like it was on fire, but she said, “Yeah, that’s what I meant.” There was no way he was going to go for it. She was going catch him in a lie. All men were lying bastards. They only managed to get her hopes up, say they were going to do something, but never followed through.

  “Well, okay then,” he said, “but promise you’ll be gentle. I’m a virgin back there.”

  And now Caitlyn was the one whose jaw was on the floor.

  Kellen slid out of the booth. “Let’s get going. I don’t want to sit around here all night waiting for him to get his rocks off. I’m tired of being a slave to his libido.”

  “You didn’t have to accompany me,” Owen said. “I could have come alone.”

  “Then you wouldn’t have come at all,” Kellen returned, “and I’d have had to listen to you bitch about how much fun you would have had if you’d gone out. And how I’m no fun anymore. And how you should think about getting yourself a new best friend. One who is as insatiably perverted as you are.”

  “I don’t bitch. And I don’t want a new best friend, even an insatiably perverted one. You used to be insatiably perverted. Remember?”

  “Nope. Don’t recollect that,” Kellen said. “Get out of the booth, Owen. I haven’t tied anyone up in months, you know.”

  “Why are you so anxious to tie me up?”

  “Because you’re being an incredible pain in my ass, so maybe if you experience a little pain in yours, you’ll stop tormenting me all the time. Now move. If you annoy me, I might find myself out of practice and pull certain ropes too tight. If I were you, I wouldn’t drag my feet too much.”

  “I’m not dragging my feet. And you wouldn’t be in such a bad mood if you’d—” He cut himself off and tore his gaze from his friend to look at Caitlyn.

  “Are you really going to go through with this?” Caitlyn asked when she was finally able to retrieve her mandible from the floor.

  “I said I’m game for anything. I meant that.” His tone was surprisingly calm.

  “Owen doesn’t fuck around,” Kellen said. “Well, yeah, he always fucks around, but when it comes to kink, he’s all in. Trust me, he’s been subjected to far kinkier things than what you’re proposing.”

  No shit? Based on her limited exposure to what went on outside her own bedroom walls, she couldn’t think of anything kinkier than screwing a man. To let him know what it felt like to be invaded. Overpowered. Taken. Not because she didn’t enjoy being on the receiving end. She loved being filled. Overwhelmed. Fucked. But she had always wondered what it would be like if the roles were reversed. Caitlyn hadn’t ever mentioned her fantasy to her ex-husband because she’d known he’d never try something so daring. His favorite kinky act was fucking on his desk during office hours. And he didn’t seem to discriminate when it came to his partner. Caitlyn scowled at her thoughts.

  “We’d better hurry,” Owen said to Kellen. “She’s giving off those men-suck vibes again.”

  “I’m glad it’s not my ass she’s about to take them out on,” Kellen said and started walking toward the stairs that led to the basement.

  Owen slid out of the booth and offered Caitlyn his hand. As she stared up at him, she was taken by how attractive he was. She really shouldn’t take out her anger toward Charles on him. “I’m sorry, Owen. You don’t have to go through with this.”

  “Baby, I want to go through with it,” he said. “I love experimenting in the bedroom, and though I thought I’d tried just about every sex act, I’ve never done that. You have my complete attention, beautiful.” He smiled reassuringly.

  She took his hand and slipped from the booth. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” she said under her breath. And she really couldn’t believe how much she wanted to.

  Chapter Three

  Out of the corner of his eye, Owen watched Caitlyn examine strap-on dildos. He wasn’t going to interfere with her selection, but he was silently praying that she chose something small. Very small. As in so small it was invisible.

  Kelly was purchasing rope and sniggering every time his gaze landed on Owen. Bastard. Would a true friend find this situation that fucking hilarious? Owen grinned. Yeah, totally. If Kelly had been the one about to be taken by a complete novice, Owen would laugh at him until he puked.

  “Anything here you want me to try out on you?” Owen asked Caitlyn, sidling toward a collection of vibrators and clit stimulators.

  “Maybe later,” she said. She took the biggest, blackest dildo down from the shelf and tested its firmness by bending it slightly. “Midnight Power Hammer,” she said. “I like it. It has some meat to it.”

  Owen winced.

  “Since you’re a virgin,” Caitlyn said, “I think we should go with something huge and hard. What do you think?” She glanced up at him, her soft brown eyes inquisitive.

  Owen felt the blood drain out of his face before he noticed the corner of her mouth quirk as she tried to maintain her composure. She had an ornery streak. He enjoyed that about her immensely. There was no arguing that she was a stunning woman. That had been what had attracted him at first. He loved her thick, long dark hair that fell in gentle waves almost to her waist. Her inquisitive brown eyes scrutinized her surroundings, which gave him the impression that she was intelligent. He appreciated a woman with a strong mind. He also appreciated a woman with a strong body, and Caitlyn had a body that wouldn’t quit. The fact that she was a bit older than he was and yet maintained a youthful wit had him over the moon with excitement. This woman was exactly his type. So what if she was a little kinky. He liked kinky. Especially when it took him out of his comfort zone.

  Plus, he couldn’t resist a woman who gave as much bullshit as he did. But two could play at her game.

  “Yeah,” he said breathlessly. “Why settle for one cock? You should get two of them and shove them both up there at the same time.”

  She grabbed a second dildo off the shelf. This one was wide at the tip, flesh-toned and covered with tortuous veins. Owen forced himself not to gag at the sight of it. She held both phalluses to her crotch and simulated thrusting. “I don’t know,” she said. “I’m new to this. Do you think I can control two at once?”

  “I can’t control the one I’ve got. I’m not sure how anyone could control two of them.”

  She laughed and put both giant dicks back on the shelf. The one she selected to purchase was blissfully small, but not quite invisible.

  “For beginners,” she read from the package as they headed for the counter. “Suitable for anal play. Maybe if you like it, we can move up to the Midnight Power Hammer model on our next attempt.”

  He smiled. He’d let her have her way the first time but was confident he wouldn’t be the one on the receiving end the rest of the night. Or ever again. He’d try anything once, but that didn’t mean he’d try it twice.

  The clerk offered them some complimentary lube at check-out, and then the three of them made their way upstairs to the back of the place, where private rooms were available for rent.

  “You could join us, Kelly,” Owen said. “We used to have a great time when we worked together.”

  “I’m just here to help her tie you properly. I wouldn’t want her to injure anything permanently.”

  “Just temporarily,” Owen said.


  Caitlyn clutched her paper bag in both fists, her brown eyes wide as they made their way through the rooms to one near the very end of a l
abyrinth of hallways. Hopefully it would be a little more private back here; Owen didn’t want anyone to hear him yelling in agony if it came to that. He was pretty sure this was going to hurt like a son of a bitch. Not that he was against a little pain. Not as long as it was followed by plenty of pleasure. He regretted removing the barbells from his nipples earlier; they could give him pain and pleasure simultaneously.

  Kelly unlocked the door and it swung open to reveal a small room. It held a full-sized bed with sterile-looking white bedding, a functional sink, and a basket full of condoms on a side table, but little else. Tony was a stickler for cleanliness and safety in all his clubs. Owen would, however, be using his own condoms. Call him paranoid, but he didn’t trust anyone but himself with the health of his dick.

  “I’m going to borrow a pommel,” Kelly said. “Caitlyn, make him naked while I’m gone.”

  She saluted him. “I’m on it.”

  A pommel? Wow, Kelly was serious about doing this properly.

  Kelly closed the door, leaving Owen alone with Caitlyn. Every time he started to feel nervous about what was about to happen, he just had to look at her and the lust he felt chased his concerns away. It was as if he’d found a magic take-out menu and checked off everything he found attractive in a woman, which had resulted in Caitlyn being delivered to his door hot and ready in thirty minutes or less. This woman could do anything she wanted to him and he was not going to protest.

  She approached him cautiously. He swallowed hard, forcing himself not to grab her and tumble her to the bed. All his instincts told him to make his move, but he forced himself to remain civilized and not attack her like a wild creature. For now.

  “Can I make you naked now?” she asked as her hands slid over the fabric of his shirt.

  His chest muscles flexed of their own volition. “Yeah.”

  “Are you as nice to look at under those clothes as I imagine you are?”

  “Only one way to find out.”

  He held very still as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Her fingers started at his collar and made their way down, slowly, slowly, toward his waist. He was always self-conscious about his body. It didn’t help that she stared up into his eyes while she worked at the buttons, as if she wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him naked or not. But soon he didn’t care. He was too lost in her gaze to feel anything but desire.

  Owen fought his urge to drag her body against his. To kiss her. He fought other urges as well—like talking. He wanted to ask her about herself. To get to know her. He legitimately enjoyed women. He could talk to them for hours. Unfortunately, he’d learned long ago that anonymous sex worked better when he kept a certain distance from his lover. He couldn’t get attached to Caitlyn and so he needed to be careful not to give her the wrong idea. It would be an easy mistake to make. He already liked this woman—those few glimpses he’d seen of her true personality—and he would love to know what made her tick. Maybe he could even convince her that getting to know each other was a good idea.

  But it wasn’t a good idea. It was never a good idea. He’d learned from past entanglements that unless he enjoyed getting his heart broken, he shouldn’t throw it into the equation. Ever. And he didn’t enjoy getting his heart broken. He’d allowed it to happen far too many times in his youth. And it always hurt. He was sure a mangled heart hurt far worse than getting it up the ass by a woman with no thrusting experience.

  Caitlyn opened his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. It fell to the floor at his feet. She glanced at his body and drew her tongue over her sensual lips. She made a little sound of pleasure in the back of her throat and then held up a hand to shield her eyes.

  “My God, Owen, you’re so gorgeous it hurts my eyes to look at you,” she said. “Do you have a pair of sunglasses I can borrow?”

  He laughed. This was one of the main reasons why he found himself liking her more than he cared to admit; she made him laugh. “Fresh out. If my friend Jacob was handy, I’m sure he’d have a spare pair or three. He’s never without his shades.”

  “Hmm,” she murmured, looking reflective. “First you, then Kellen, now Jacob. Tell me, is Jacob as attractive as you are? Because you hotties seem to travel in packs.”

  “Most would argue he’s better looking than I am,” Owen said. “But I don’t think he’s your type.”

  “How do you know my type?”

  “Well,” he said, “when I touch you, you show signs of attraction. To me.”

  “I do?” she said, her mouth dropping open as if she were shocked by his claim.

  He nodded and lifted his hands to her shoulders. He slipped the flimsy wrap from her body, and it fluttered to the floor. She shivered and the darkened tips of her breasts grew hard beneath the transparent white lace. God, even her nipples were perfect. He so wanted to nibble them and then suck them raw.

  “You do,” he said. “So either you’re attracted to me or it’s been so long since a man has touched you that your body would respond to anyone.”

  She frowned. “I don’t think I’m that desperate.”

  “So that means you’re attracted to me. And Jacob and I are very different. He’s sort of a caveman type.”

  “A caveman in sunglasses?”

  Owen chuckled as he imagined Shade Silverton in a loincloth and sunglasses. “Exactly.”

  Her gaze dropped to his chest, and she made that little sound of pleasure in the back of her throat again. The tone made shivers race down his spine. He couldn’t wait to hear what she sounded like when she came. His cock twitched in anticipation making her call out in ecstasy.

  “I like your tattoos,” she said as her eyes explored his chest. “Do they mean anything special?”

  “Some of them, but we’re not discussing personal details, remember?”

  Her finger traced the cross tattoo on his left pec. “You must work out constantly.”

  “I’m working out right now as a matter of fact.” He flexed his pecs in an alternating pattern.

  She giggled and tilted her face up at him, looking a bit more at ease. When they’d been walking to the room, he’d thought she was going to bolt.

  “Are you less nervous now that we’ve shared a few laughs?” he asked.

  She nodded. “How did you know I was nervous?”

  “With those big brown eyes of yours, you look like a calf being dragged to slaughter.”

  “You’re the one who should be nervous.” She bent to pull the strap-on out of the bag she’d set on the floor. “I don’t think they should let someone operate one of these things without a license.”

  “You’ll do fine,” he said. “Let me help you with that.”

  She stiffened when he moved to stand behind her. He lifted the hem of her negligee to expose her succulent ass. He took a moment to enjoy the view. The woman had a great butt. And something about seeing a thong disappear between the two plump globes of flesh did things to his self-control. Unable to just look—he had to feel—Owen tugged Caitlyn’s body back against his. He stiffened when his cock brushed against her cheeks.

  When he had her pressed securely against him, he looped both thumbs through the elastic of her panties and eased the tiny garment over her hips, shuddering when her thong’s strap scraped the length of his cock through his pants.

  Her entire body jerked when his fingertips brushed the bare skin along either hipbone as he lowered her panties.

  “What,” she said in a broken gasp, “what are you doing?”

  “You have to take off your panties to put on the harness.”

  “How do you know?” she asked. “I thought you’d never done this before.”

  “I haven’t. But I’ve played with a couple of girls who used one of these on each other. It never occurred to them to use it on me. I guess they weren’t as kinky as you are.”

  “Do you really think I’m kinky?”

  “Everything is kinky the first time you try it.”

  He slid her panties an inch lower, shifting his hands forward to rub hi
s thumbs over her smooth-shaven mound.


  “I’d really like to sink my fingers into your heat,” he said, “and then bring them to my mouth to taste your juices.” She shuddered at his words. He ran one thumb along the apex of her cleft, pausing just before he brushed her buried clit. “But that will have to wait until later.”

  She groaned.

  Owen slid down her back slowly, rubbing his bare belly and chest over the skin of her buttocks, pressing open-mouthed kisses along her spine through the lace of her teddy as he lowered her panties to the floor. Crouched at her feet, he lifted them one at a time to remove the scrap of fabric from around her ankles. He paused to admire her ass and sank his teeth into one cheek. She jerked, but didn’t pull away, not even when he latched on to her flesh with a tight suction. He continued to suck as he took the harness from her trembling hands and helped her slip into it. He pulled his mouth free, grinning when he saw the reddened spot he’d
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