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       Hot Ticket, p.34

         Part #3 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 34

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Yeah,” Eric whispered, still watching and stroking his cock. Aggie extended one hand in Eric’s direction and ran her fingers over his scrotum.

  His mouth fell open, and his eyes drifted closed.

  “Jace. Look at him. He’s about to come all over himself. Put your cock inside me,” Aggie said, watching Eric’s reaction as she barely touched him. If watching Jace eat her out excited Eric that much, she could only imagine how excited he’d be when Jace’s massive cock stretched her to her limits.

  Jace stood and spread her legs wider. He grabbed his cock and pressed it into her, sliding in and out to wet himself with her juices.

  “Oh God, that’s hot,” Eric gasped. He shifted further down the mattress to improve his vantage.

  Jace held onto Aggie’s hips as he buried himself inside her.

  “Jace,” she gasped. Goose bumps rose to the surface of her flesh. Could Eric tell how perfectly they fit together? She wanted him to recognize it.

  “You feel amazing,” he whispered.

  He withdrew. His eyes were on the connection between their bodies. When scarcely an inch of him remained inside her, he lunged forward. She cried out as their bodies collided. He picked up his tempo, quickly finding their familiar rhythm. Aggie watched Eric stroke his cock with the same tempo.

  “God, I’m about to come already,” Eric gasped. “This rhythm is insane. ”

  “Perfect,” Aggie said. “He’s perfect. His rhythm… perfect. ”

  “Yeah, if your goal is to come. Jesus, dude. I can hear how wet that makes her. What does it feel like?”

  “Silky,” Jace murmured. “Slick. Hot. ”

  Eric whimpered.

  “Tight. Soft. ”

  Eric loosened his hold on his cock, skimming its surface more gently as he continued to stroke himself in time with Jace’s deep thrusts. “Aggie, what does it feel like to have Jace inside you?”

  “Full. Hard. Warm. Thick. Hard. Full. Full. Oh, God. ”

  Jace continued the same relentless tempo for a long while. Aggie lifted her head to look at Jace and found him watching her. He smiled gently, and her heart melted. It seemed strange that by allowing Eric to join them, the bond between them was strengthened. It was as if having a witness and sharing this made it more profound, not less. She hadn’t expected that when she’d agreed to this arrangement. She’d expected Eric’s presence to cheapen the experience.

  Eric cried out, drawing Aggie’s attention. He spurted cum over her lower belly, trembling uncontrollably as he let go. “Damn,” he gasped.

  “Done already?” Jace murmured, still maintaining the rhythm that held Aggie suspended on the brink of orgasm.

  “Already? How long do you plan on continuing?”

  “Oh, an hour, though without a condom I might not last that long. Aggie’s body is heaven. ”

  “I bet. ”

  Eric lowered his head and sucked Aggie’s clit into his mouth. Her back arched as ripples of pleasure radiated out from her core, clenching hard on Jace’s cock. She screamed with unexpected release.

  “Oh God, don’t stop. Don’t stop,” she pleaded. They didn’t stop. Jace pounded against her, filling her as only he could, and Eric sucked her long after her first orgasm subsided.

  “I’m gonna come again,” she cried. “Oh. Oh. ”

  Eric squeezed her breast, pinching her nipple as she came a second time.

  The pleasure was so intense that she was in tears.

  Jace pulled out.

  “Please don’t stop,” she gasped.

  “Eric,” Jace said to get his attention.

  Eric stopped sucking on Aggie’s clit, and she groaned with torment.

  “My turn?” he asked.

  “No, I’m changing position. ”

  Eric moved away while Jace eased Aggie onto her hands and knees.

  “Oh hell, yeah,” Eric said.

  Jace climbed onto the mattress, knelt behind her, and spread her knees apart.

  “Wait,” Eric said. “Don’t put it in yet. ”

  Jace chuckled. He seemed to be enjoying this. Another thing Aggie hadn’t expected.

  Eric slid on his back beneath Aggie until his head was between her knees, and he was looking up where the action was about to take place. His hips were between her hands on the mattress, and when she looked down, his cock was in her field of view.

  “Okay, ready when you are,” Eric said.

  Aggie laughed. She felt the head of Jace’s cock touch the rim of her pussy, and her laugh became a groan of torment.

  “Slow,” Eric coaxed. “Slide it in real slow. ”

  Jace slid it in real slow. Aggie watched Eric’s cock jerk excitedly in response.

  “God, look at it stretch and swallow you. And she smells so good. ”

  Eric lifted his hands to rub his fingers up and down her belly. Aggie shuddered.

  “Deep, Jace. Take her deep. ”

  Jace was already fully inserted, but he ground against her to drive himself deeper.

  “Give her pleasure, Eric, or you’re leaving,” Jace said.

  Eric’s fingers found her nipples and stroked them persistently.

  “Does that feel good, Aggie?” Jace asked.

  “Y-yes,” she gasped, grinding her hips to stimulate herself on Jace’s cock. She pulled forward and then rocked back to bury him deep again.

  “I think she wants you to fuck her, Jace. ”

  “Yes. ” She groaned. “I want it. ”

  Eric’s cock lengthened and thickened as Jace began to move. Jace’s finger slid into her ass, and her legs buckled. “Yeah, Jace, that’s good. Tease my ass. Eric, rub my clit. Rub it. ”

  Eric rubbed her clit with one hand, and his other went to his hard-on. She loved watching Eric stroke himself while Jace filled her and dipped his fingertips into her ass. A single bead of precum glistened at the head of Eric’s dick. Unable to resist his offering, she lowered her head and licked it. Salty. Sweet.

  “Oh sweet heaven,” Eric gasped.

  Encouraged, she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. His entire body convulsed. Jace picked up his tempo, his thrusts deep and steady. He buried two fingers in her ass and curled them down to stimulate the head of his cock as he thrust into her. Aggie cried out, gasping brokenly on the wet head of Eric’s cock. Eric stroked her clit faster—himself twice as fast. Jace vocalized his pleasure louder with each thrust.

  “Make her come, Eric. Make her come. ”

  Eric wasn’t making her come, Jace was. His thickness. Filling her. Rubbing her. His fingers filling her further.

  While her body convulsed with release, Jace slowly slid his fingers from her ass.

  She lost track of the number of times she came. She sucked Eric’s cock when she thought of it, but most of the time she was too delirious to pay any attention to what he was doing beneath her. Jace’s tempo increased, his breath hitching in the back of his throat. He pulled out at the last moment and came on Aggie’s back with a startled, sputtering cry of release.

  “Did I just miss the money shot?” Eric asked. “Ah, fuck. ”

  Jace collapsed onto the bed beside her, still breathing hard. “Let me catch my breath, and we’ll start over. I’ll do better next time. I didn’t mean to come that fast. ”

  “Better? That was amazing,” Aggie said, still trembling in the aftermath of multiple orgasms. “Amazing. ”

  Jace lay beside her, unmoving, his eyes closed.

  “Okay, okay. ” Eric shuddered, spurting all over his belly. He groaned as he pumped his fluids out with a tight fist. “God, I needed that. ”

  When Eric went still, breaths still coming in trembling gasps, Jace forced his eyes open. He smiled gently at Aggie and tried to get up. He managed to lift himself on one arm before crumpling to the bed.

  “What’s wrong?” Aggie asked.
  “I think I need some breakfast. ”

  He’d overdone it again. “No more sex until you’re fully healed,” Aggie insisted.

  “I’ll be okay. I’m just hungry. ”

  “I’ll go make some scrambled eggs,” Eric said. He wiped the cum off his belly and stuffed his softening cock into his blue boxer briefs before heading for the door in his underwear. Eric should always walk around in his underwear. Dear lord, that long, lean body was some serious eye candy.

  “Wait!” Jace called desperately.

  Eric paused at the door and looked over his shoulder in question. “What?”

  “Don’t get creative with the spices this time—salt and pepper only. ”

  “What’s the fun in that?” Eric grinned and left the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

  “Aggie, you have to stop him,” Jace whispered as if Eric were on a murder mission. “Last time he mixed cayenne, cinnamon, garlic, and basil. ”

  Aggie’s nose wrinkled. “In eggs?”

  “And I’m starving. I need to eat. ”

  Aggie kissed his lips and rose from the bed. “I’ve got you, baby. You rest. ” She reached for her clothes.

  While Eric pretended to be the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show, Aggie monitored his progress and cooked the bacon. Whenever he reached for a spice to sprinkle in the huge pan of eggs, Aggie smacked it out of his hand. Eric cooked like he did everything else: to the beat of a different drummer with all the heart and enthusiasm he could muster. And while she expected things to be weird between them now (she’d just washed his cum off her belly, after all), he didn’t act differently around her at all. If anything, he seemed more relaxed and friendlier than before.

  Aggie spread strips of bacon over a paper towel to collect the grease and dumped frozen hash browns into the bacon pan. She put a lid on the top to stop the grease from spattering.

  “Why don’t you make some toast? The bread’s in that cabinet there. ” He pointed with his spatula.

  While she was occupied with opening the bread wrapper, Eric reached for the allspice.

  “No,” she said, grabbing the bottle from his hand.

  “It’s called allspice,” he said. “Doesn’t that mean it should be used to spice all?”

  “Eric, add that crap to your own eggs after everyone gets their safe serving. ”

  “Safe? Boring, you mean. ”

  “Eggs are supposed to be boring. ”

  Jace opened the bedroom door and hobbled to the table. Wearing nothing but jeans and his sling (which he’d been using less, so its appearance must mean his shoulder was bothering him), he slid into the booth. Resting his left elbow on the table, he propped his forehead up with his hand.

  “You wore his ass out, Aggie. Look at him. ”

  Oh, she was looking at him, all right.

  “Shut up, Sticks,” Jace murmured.

  The toast popped, and Aggie buttered a slice. She handed it to Jace. “Eat this while you wait for your eggs. ”

  Jace lifted his head from his hand, patted her butt affectionately, and accepted the piece. “Thanks. ”

  “I smell food,” Brian said, leaning out of his bunk. “Smells good. Who’s cooking?” He blinked his eyes in the light of the cabin until they focused on Eric at the stove. “Sticks? Never mind. I’ll starve. ” He closed his curtain again.

  “Good,” Jace called, his mouth full of toast. “Leaves more for me. ”

  “Aggie’s got him under control,” Trey said, hopping out of his bunk and stealing bacon from the counter.

  Trey sat across from Jace and handed him a piece of his bacon. “You okay, man?”

  “Yeah. ”

  Sed climbed out of his bunk and slid next to Trey, his big body taking up more than its share of the booth. “I’m in,” he said. When he tried to help himself to Trey’s bacon, he got his hand slapped.

  Brian hopped down from his bunk. “I guess if the rest of you die of food poisoning, there’s no reason for me to go on alone. ”
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