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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  Author: Olivia Cunning

  His orgasm within reach, he grabbed her wrists and crushed them into the door on either side of her head. She struggled against his hold, which fueled his need to dominate her. To fuck her harder. Harder. “This is mine,” he growled into her ear. “Say it. ”

  Harder. Harder. Oh God, he was going to come.

  “Say it, Jessica. Say it. ”

  Her word came out in a rush of air. “Y-yours. ”

  “Yes. Mine. Don’t you fuckin’ ever forget it. ”

  He rubbed his face against her throat as he let go, his entire body shuddering with release.

  He backed out slightly and thrust forward again, still coming. Spurting his seed into her body. Flooding her insides with his fluids. Claiming her as his. His. “Ah God,” he gasped. “Mine. ”

  One more stroke was all he could take as he buried himself deep and collapsed against her, still shaking from the aftermath.

  He released her wrists and she moved her hands to stroke his back. Her gentle touch kept him shuddering and twitching for several minutes.

  He drew back to look at her. Maybe she’d said it because she was delirious with pleasure, but she’d said it. That she was his. He kissed her feverishly. Her lips, her face, her jaw, her neck and chest. He pressed his lips to every inch of her he could reach. She giggled at his enthusiasm.

  “God, I’ve missed you. ” He touched her cheek tenderly, wanting to tell her he loved her, had never stopped, but he didn’t think she was ready to hear that just yet.

  She stared up at him, face flushed, eyes glassy. “You missed me… or my body?”

  Before he could answer her, the bedroom door opened at the back of the bus.

  “Is it safe to come out now?” Jace called from the end of the hall.

  Chapter 18

  Sed kept Jessica tucked securely against his side as they forced their way through the crowd surrounding the hospital. About halfway through, Jace hollered in protest, trapped in the mob. Sed backtracked and managed to keep Jessica at his hip while he untangled Jace from the arms of two overexcited fangirls. Apparently, Jace was so fucking cute, they couldn’t control themselves. The first girl lodged his face between her huge breasts, squealing with excitement as he struggled for freedom. Sed rescued him before she could suffocate him. Jace wasn’t accustomed to battling his way through a horde. Sed was a pro, but as much as he hated to admitted it, they needed to bring security with them.

  “Any news on Trey?” someone yelled.

  “Did Trey wake up yet?” asked another.

  “I heard they amputated his arm. Please, tell me it’s a lie. ”

  Sinners also needed to have a press conference to stop ridiculous rumors from taking hold.

  “Trey is awake and recovering just fine!” Sed shouted. “Can you give us some space here, please?”

  The crowd backed up marginally.

  “Are you dating Jessica exclusively now?” someone near his left arm asked.

  “Of course, they’re back together. You saw their video, didn’t you?”

  “I saw it,” someone else said. “That was so fucking hot, dude. ”

  Jessica’s fingers dug into Sed’s forearm. “What are they talking about?”

  Sed shrugged. “Hell if I know. ”

  They had to present ID and prove they were on Trey’s guest list before they were allowed to go up to his room. The folks at the front desk looked harried and exhausted. Hospital security looked ready to break out the tear gas. While Sed, Jessica, and Jace stood waiting for the elevator, a pair of security guards escorted some fan from an open elevator car and shoved him back outside. “Sinners forever!” he screamed as he was jostled to the back of the mob.

  “This is insane,” Jace muttered, rubbing the silver hoop in his earlobe.

  Sed chuckled. “I bet the hospital will be glad when Trey checks out. ”

  “What video?” Jessica said, still mulling over what that fan had said outside.

  “I hope Trey’s in a better mood,” Sed said.

  Jace stared at the floor. “I haven’t seen him since he woke up. ”

  “What video?” Jessica grabbed Sed’s arm and gave him a shake.

  “I’m sure it’s nothing. Calm down. ” Sed placed a hand on the small of her back to help her into the elevator car.

  “I’m not going to calm down. That guy said, ‘it was so fucking hot, dude. ’ What did he mean by that?”

  “Maybe he was talking about the music video we released last week,” Jace said. “Those scenes with Sed and that chick were pretty hot. ”

  Jessica’s nostrils flared. “What chick?”

  “Yeah, someone probably thought the actress in the video was you. That’s all. ”

  Jace’s brow twisted with confusion. “That woman didn’t look anything like Jessica. Wasn’t she Japanese?”

  Work with me, Jace. “Yeah, so some of our fans are stupid and blind. Whatever. ”

  “A music video?” Jessica wrung her hands together and took a deep, steadying breath. “I hope you’re right. ”

  Well, what else could it be?

  When they entered Trey’s flower-and-balloon–infested room, Trey, Eric, and Dave were squashed together in Trey’s hospital bed watching the computer screen with their mouths hanging open. Some woman was vocalizing her sexual excitement on whatever porn video currently held their attention.

  “What are you guys watching?” Sed asked.

  Trey glanced up from the screen. His eyes moved to Jessica and widened. He slammed the laptop closed on Eric’s hand.

  “Ow. Fuck!” Eric jerked his hand back and then moved it to his mouth to suck on his fingertips. He reached over to slap Trey alongside the head, hesitated when confronted with a row of staples, and dropped his hand on the computer on his lap instead.

  “N-nothing,” Trey said.

  “Well, it must’ve been something good. All three of you have drool on your chins. ” Sed was ribbing them, but the three on the bed wiped their chins on their shoulders in unison.

  Dave struggled to stand. Eric gave him a push and he found his feet. “I’ve gotta go. ” And Dave darted out of the room as if Trey’d been eating too many bean burritos while they were trapped on the tour bus again.

  Eric cradled the laptop against his belly and climbed from the bed as well. “Yeah, I’d say it’s time to go. ”

  “Yep,” Trey said, struggling to rise from his bed. He grabbed his IV pole for leverage.

  Jace grabbed his arm. “Don’t hurt yourself. Get back in bed. ”

  “All right,” Sed bellowed. He glanced from Trey to Eric. “What the fuck is going on here? It’s not like Jessica doesn’t know you guys watch porn videos. She doesn’t care and you know it. Explain. ”

  Eric and Trey both looked at Jessica. Eric shifted the laptop down to cover the bulge in his pants.

  “She’ll care about this video,” Trey said.

  “Video?” Jessica strode over to Eric and tried to wrestle the laptop out of his hands. “Show me. ”

  Eric shook his head vigorously. “You don’t want to see it. ”

  “Show me, Eric. Now!”

  “He doesn’t have to show you,” Trey said, allowing Jace to stuff him back in bed. “You were there. ”

  “Oh God, don’t tell me…”

  “Okay, we won’t,” Eric said.

  Jessica yanked the laptop away from Eric and popped it open. Sed moved to look over her shoulder. He had no idea what had her so upset.

  “What’s the password?” she demanded.

  “Uh, the password is password. Duh,” Trey said.

  “Jessica, don’t do this to yourself. ” Eric squeezed her shoulder, his expression empathetic.

  Jessica got the video going and the chick on screen started vocalizing again. Wait a minute. That wasn’t a chick. That was Jessica. A bubble of intense rage erupted from S
ed’s insides. Not only was she a stripper, now she was a fuckin’ porn star, too. What else was she hiding from him? And he didn’t care if it was work. He’d kill the jackass she was fucking so well while clinging to some chain-link fence over the Las Vegas strip. That prick who was drilling her… Wait. Why did that jerk look so much like him?


  Sed bit his lip. That was him. And her. Going all out at the top of the Eiffel tower. Oh shit. She’d never forgive him for this. Not in a million years.

  “Five hundred and twelve thousand views!” she bellowed. “This happened last night. How in the—I can’t believe—Who posted this? And how did they get it?”

  “There’s some girl at the beginning of the video…” Eric attempted to take the laptop from her. “You shouldn’t watch this, honey. ”

  She slugged him in the gut. “Why not? You were. ”

  “Yeah, but—”

  “And more than five hundred thousand other people have. ”

  “I think some of those are repeat viewers,” Trey said. “I mean we watched it, what, five times?”

  “Six, I think. ”

  Typically, Sed found Jessica irresistibly sexy when she was pissed, but this pissed-off-Jessica wasn’t sexy. This pissed-off-Jessica was terrifying. He took a step back and let Eric take the brunt of her fury.

  “You watched it six times?” she screamed. “Six times?”

  “I’m sure it was only five and a half,” Trey said. “You confiscated the computer before we finished watching it that last time. ”

  “Oh jeez, Trey, that makes me feel a lot better. Thanks. ” She slammed the computer on the mattress at his feet and moved the slider to the beginning of the video. “I have a pretty good idea of who filmed this and posted it online. ” She turned her head and pinned Sed to the floor with a glare. “One of your stupid fangirls, no doubt. The one who gave us privacy in exchange for your shirt. What do you bet?”

  He lowered his gaze. “Probably. ” He wanted to comfort her. Knew that her anger was a front for deeper feelings, but he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t take this back. Couldn’t hide it. Couldn’t make it go away. How could they deal with something like this?

  Jessica started the video from the beginning. The attendant from the Eiffel Tower came on screen. She wore the white T-shirt Sed had given her, his signature evident across her left breast.

  “I knew it,” Jessica muttered.

  The girl on-screen started talking to the camera. “I know there are a lot of Sedric Lionheart fans out there who hate this bitch as much as I do, so please, copy this video and distribute it as much as possible. Sed, if you see this, you are an absolute god and you can do so much better than Jessica Chase. She’s such a skank. ” She extended her pinkie and thumb and held it to her face. “Call me, big guy. I’ll treat you right. Enjoy the show, fans!”

  “Skank?” Jessica sputtered. “Where does that little bitch get off calling me a skank?”

  The video recording started. Grainy, but not terrible quality. The sounds. Oh dear God, the sounds. Sed couldn’t help but get excited watching Jessica with her top down and her skirt up while he plunged into her eager body. And you could definitely tell it was Jessica. Their undetected audience kept zooming in on Jessica’s face. And as if the title, Sedric Lionheart Screws a Harlot Over the Vegas Strip, wasn’t bad enough, the caption at the bottom read, Jessica Chase Orgasm Count, and there was a rolling ticker beside it, currently at 2. When Jessica cried out and shuddered with release, the number flipped to 3. Three? He was sure that had been her fourth. But that was beside the point.

  “God, Jess, this is bad,” Sed whispered. He reached over her shoulder to pause the video. Her beautiful face stayed frozen on screen as she continued to cry out in ecstasy.
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