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         Part #3 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 15

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Aggie leaned over him and whispered into his ear. “I usually have to get myself off in the back room if I get too worked up, but this is a lot more fun. ”

  For her, maybe. His cock protested as she moved away again. Okay, he had to admit it. He was thoroughly enjoying this for some twisted reason. Not watching the guys being submissive to his sweet demon in leather, but watching her get off on it.

  Too bad he’d never be able to give her the pleasure of his submission.

  Chapter 11

  Aggie almost fell off the stage when she recognized Jace sitting at a nearby table in a baseball cap and sunglasses. He should have known better than to come here. The club’s bouncers had long memories and short tempers.

  She hopped off the stage and slid onto his lap. “What are you doing here?” she asked, doing her typical lap dance routine to keep the bouncers from getting suspicious.

  “We’re leaving early in the morning,” Jace said. “Going back to LA. I wanted to say good-bye. ”

  She turned around, rubbing her ass against his crotch. “Will I get to see you again?”

  “I’m sure I’ll turn up every now and then. Do you do this kind of thing a lot?”

  “What kind of thing?”

  “This lap dance stuff. ”

  “It’s part of my job, sugar. ”

  “Yeah, well…”

  “You jealous?” she teased, turning to face him again. She didn’t know how he could possibly be jealous of anything she did after he’d survived watching her punish clients for over two hours and then still managed to fuck her properly after they’d all gone home. She’d never seen a man come so hard as he’d come last night.

  He ducked his head. “Nah. ”

  “I’ll be finished in a few minutes. Meet me in the alley, and I’ll give you a proper good-bye. ”

  “This isn’t so bad as far as good-byes go. ” He chanced a glance at her, grinning crookedly.

  She leaned forward to give him a good view of her breasts and traced the edge of his ear with her fingertips. “If this is enough of a good-bye for you, then—”

  “I’ll meet you in the alley. ”

  She grinned at him and returned to the stage, cracking her whip at some pasty-faced businessman who was drooling all over himself and fluttering a twenty-dollar bill in her direction. The guy shuddered with a mixture of fear and excitement as the whip stirred his hair, but didn’t touch his skin. She should give him her card. Invite him to her sanctum of pain. Talk him into thinking he could take thirty minutes and break him in two. Easy money. She didn’t offer her services to him though. She wasn’t sure why she hesitated.

  She glanced at Jace as she accepted the businessman’s cash between her breasts, but Jace had already left. When her set ended, she hurried to the dressing room and slid a skirt on over her costume. It didn’t tone down her leather bustier and thigh-high boots much, but at least her ass was covered.

  “Mel, I’m going on a break for about twenty minutes,” she called to one of the blonde twins who’d just come off stage. “Cover for me, ’kay?”

  “No problem, Aggie. ”

  Aggie hurried out the back door to find Jace leaning against his motorcycle with his arms crossed over his chest. She lifted his visor when she stopped before him.

  “I’m glad you came to say good-bye,” she whispered.

  “Do you want to go for a ride?”

  She glanced back at the building, fidgeting. She shouldn’t take more than a twenty-minute break this time of night, but she didn’t want to miss her chance to be with Jace. What if she never saw him again? “I don’t think I can be gone for long. ”

  “We can just ride around for a while. ”

  “I’d rather kiss you for a while,” she said, tilting her head to the side so she could kiss him inside his helmet.

  “Kissing will be involved. ”


  “Among other things. ”

  She liked the sound of that. She kissed him again and stepped away so he could mount the bike. The Harley roared to life, and he extended a hand to help her climb on behind him. She molded herself to his back, loving the scent of his body mixed with the smell of leather. He drove to a secluded area far outside of town, turned off the bike, and shifted it back onto its kickstand. Roy was going to skin her alive for taking off like this. She should already be back at work by now.

  She’d give herself the pleasure of Jace’s company for a minute more. Just a minute. She unzipped his jacket, her hands sliding over the T-shirt beneath the worn leather. She couldn’t get enough of his hard little body. She was so stupid about this guy. Dammit. Why did he make her feel so out of control? And why did she like it? Control had always been her forte.

  He removed his helmet and stuck it on the end of his handlebars.

  Looking up at the sky, he said, “You can see the stars out here away from the city lights. ”

  She tilted her head back and took in the beauty of the speckled sky. “I never take the time to look at the stars. I’m usually working. ” She snuggled closer to Jace. She hoped Roy didn’t fire her for leaving. She could tell him she had an emergency. Knowing Jace was leaving Vegas counted as an emergency, didn’t it? Her arms tightened around him. She had to admit she didn’t want him to go.

  “Come here,” Jace murmured, sliding an arm around her waist to coax her to move around his body.

  She slid so they faced each other, her back to the handlebars and her legs straddling his. Up on the main road, a car passed, but no one seemed to know their little dirt road existed.

  “You said you wanted to drive out to the desert to have an orgy on my bike. ” His low voice sent ripples of delight through her body. “If you still want—”

  Aggie kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He remembered that offhand comment? He groaned, his hands gripping her bare thighs beneath her skirt. She tugged his T-shirt up and ran her hands over the smooth, warm flesh of his belly. Why did this man drive her so crazy? No other man ever had. Not like this. Her fingers moved to his fly, releasing his thickening cock from its confines. She stroked his length with both hands until he was fully erect.

  She tugged her mouth from his. “Condom,” she whispered.

  “We don’t have to rush,” he murmured.

  “Yes, we do. I want you. ”

  He pulled a condom out of his pocket, and she took it from him. After applying it, she slid her thong to one side and shifted her hips closer to his on the bike’s seat.

  “Careful,” he said, “the engine’s still hot. ”

  “I’ll show you what’s hot. ” She rose up, directed his cock into her body, and sank down, taking him deep. Her head fell back in wonder. Her breath released in a shuddering gasp.

  “That is hot,” he murmured.

  “It’s always hot for you. ” She found good footholds, having no idea what part of the bike she was using for leverage and not much caring. Rising and falling over him, she rocked her hips with each downward motion, grinding her clit against him. He held her to support her motions, his forearms running along her sides and back, palms at her shoulder blades, fingers pressing into her skin. His lips gently caressed her throat and chest.

  Why did his tenderness drive her insane with need? “Jace. ”

  He rocked with her, coaxing her into that perfect rhythm. He seemed to know her body better than she did. The rough beard stubble along his chin scraped over the sensitive flesh of her nipple as he nudged her bodice down. Her back arched, her breast offered willingly to his attention. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, rubbing the tender bud with the flat of his tongue. The rhythm of his mouth matched the rhythm of their joining. She felt the tug at her breast through her womb, her pussy, her clit.

  “Oh, Jace. Oh. ”

  Her breath caught as her body spiraled toward orgasm. She increased the tempo of their joi
ning, rising and falling over his thick cock, faster and faster—driving it hard into her body. Deep. So deep. Seeking release.

  Wanting it.

  Needing it.

  Now, Jace. Make me come.

  But he would have none of it. His elbows clamped into her sides, and he slowed her motions into their perfect rhythm.

  He released her nipple from his mouth. “Don’t rush, baby. Savor it. It might be awhile before I see you again. ”

  So he planned to see her again? She usually hated making plans for the future. Things never seemed to work out the way she intended, but as unusual as it was for her, she wanted to see him again. The sooner, the better.

  Jace used his chin to brush the other cup of her bustier down and tugged her neglected nipple into his mouth. Again, he sucked with the same rhythm of their joining.

  “Oh, Jace. Please. ”

  He shifted forward slightly, changing the angle of penetration.

  She gasped, her head falling back in wonder. “Feels so good. ”

  He murmured in agreement around her nipple. He’d probably like her to hurt him, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to be tender with him, the way he was always tender with her. Well, until he got overexcited and fucked her hard. She wondered if he could get off without pain.

  Jace’s tempo increased at her breast. She met it, grinding down as he rotated his hips. He pulled away from her breast, gasping in delight. “Aggie. Hurt me. ”

  “Not this time, Jace. ”

  It was too dark to see his expression. Was he disappointed?

  He kissed her. Their bodies moved together faster. Faster. She gasped into his mouth. Ground against him. Seeking release. Seeking.

  He separated their mouths and rested his forehead against her jaw. “You feel so good, baby. ”

  “Can you come if we’re gentle like this?”

  “It will take awhile,” he murmured.

  “I’ve got all the ten minutes in the world. I’m so gonna get fired for taking a fuck break in the middle of my shift. ”

  He chuckled. “If you get fired, I’ll hire you as my personal dominatrix. I’ll go broke in a matter of days, but—”

  “I’ll give you a frequent flyer discount. ”

  He laughed, the deep, rich sound warming her insides. Why did that laugh mean so much to her? It made no sense. She cherished it. More than any of the other things she loved about this man, his laugh meant the most to her.

  Their bodies continued to come together, moving in perfect synch. Her thighs trembled in exhaustion.

  “You getting tired?”

  “A little,” she admitted.

  He shifted back on the seat, pulling her with him. “Lie back for a while. ”

  She leaned back against the tank, the gas cap between her shoulder blades, the handlebars hitting her in the back of the head. Not the most comfortable position, but he took over the motion, rocking forward to possess her body. She arched her back to get more comfortable. He gasped brokenly.

  “God, baby, I’m going to miss you,” he murmured.

  “Los Angeles isn’t that far away. Come visit me when you have a spare evening. ”

  “Can I?”

  “I want you to. I’m going to miss you too. ”

  He slid his arms under her back and lifted her so he could kiss her passionately. His breath caught. Their bodies moved together faster. Her pleasure built. Their breaths mingled in excited hitches. He moaned, rubbing his open mouth over her throat. She cried out. They strained against each other as they flew to nirvana together. The stars in Aggie’s eyes had nothing to do with those in the sky above.

  Chapter 12

  Jace opened his apartment door and tossed his duffel bag on the floor. He set his bass guitar down gently beside it. “Hi, honey, I’m home. ” His voice echoed through the sparsely furnished one-bedroom apartment. He hung his keys on their hook and closed the door.

  “Brroowww rrrown rrown rrrown rown. ” Brownie, a black tuxedo cat with white paws and a large, white inverted triangle under her chin, trotted in his direction and wrapped her sleek body around his boot. Round and round his ankle she went, still meow-purring in her unusual fashion.
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