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Seduced, Page 20

Melody Anne

  Shoving his hand back under the table, his body went from hard to throbbing when he realized she was sitting next to him in a short skirt with no panties on. A small groan escaped his tight throat, and Rafe looked at him with concern.

  “Are you sure you’re OK, Shane? You really don’t look well,” his friend said.

  Ari laughed, then quickly covered it up by coughing, and Shane was mortified to realize she had a pretty good idea of what was going on. The situation just kept getting worse and worse.

  “Maybe I should go back to the room and lie down,” Shane said, taking full advantage of their concern. When he got Lia alone, he was going to make her suffer as much as she was making him.

  “Of course, Shane. You’ve been through so much, and here we are keeping you out,” Rosabella said, making him feel about two inches tall.

  “You know what, I’m sure it’s just that I’m too warm. I probably simply need more water,” he said, looking down, not able to look in Rosabella’s eyes and tell an outright lie.

  “Are you sure?” she asked. She’d been like a second mother to him from the moment he’d walked into her home as a young man.

  “I’m positive,” he said, shooting a chuckling Lia a warning look.

  Lia continued torturing him for the next two hours. But by the time they arrived back in the room, she wasn’t laughing anymore, not when he pressed her against the wall and sank inside her, making her beg for more.

  Chapter Thirty-Three


  For two weeks Ari had been back at home, back to teaching, and back to her real life. Well, sort of.

  She stepped inside the doors to her classroom, still getting that feeling of pride as she approached the desk she used when she taught history. The smell of jasmine enveloped her from a bouquet left for her in the departmental office; she had brought a few of the sprigs along with her when she went to teach.

  Before every single class there was something waiting for her, in her mailbox or beside it — flowers, books, a bracelet, chocolates, candles — the list went on and on. And each time, a note accompanied the gift.

  She’d told Rafe on the way home from Italy that she wasn’t ready to jump back into a relationship with him; she’d warned him that she had to focus on herself first before she could consider attaching herself to another person — even him. But the man was persistent and she was wearing down.

  She’d inhaled the sweet scent of jasmine as she grabbed his latest note. Even her name was written beautifully in cursive on the envelope. Rafe had incredible handwriting, far better than hers.

  Meet me after class. I promise it will be an evening you will never forget.


  Maybe she should just do it. Was she going to win this battle of wills with Rafe? She had every intention of holding out, but the thought of having him touch her, of having him make her heart race, was enough to make her think she was a fool for depriving herself of something she wanted with every fiber of her being.

  Soon her class was about to begin, and as she looked out and her eyes connected with Rafe’s, she was lost.

  It was a fruitless battle. She desired him, wanted him on so many levels that it was insanity come to life.

  Usually when she taught, the time flew and class was over before she knew it. Not so today. She couldn’t erase from her mind questions about what he had planned for her.

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  Though she tried not to look his way, her eyes kept going to him involuntarily, only to find his gaze always centered right on her. Her blood circulation was rising, her heart beating as if she were in a marathon, and her clothes feeling like restraints on her overheated body.

  She needed to decide what she was going to do. As her eyes connected with his again, she made her decision.

  When the class ended, she sat at her desk, answered questions and waited.

  When she looked up and found Rafe gone, her heart thudded dully. Maybe he’d given up. The disappointment that filled her made her angry. He’d left, given her what she wanted, so why did she feel so let down?

  Leaving the sprigs of jasmine on her desk, Ari gathered her belongings and slowly walked from the classroom. It looked to be a long, achingly lonely night for her.

  When Ari stopped and looked out at the curb along the building in which she taught, her heart picked up speed again.

  There was Rafe, standing in front of his flawless silver Jaguar, a single orchid in his hand as he gazed at her with his sparkling eyes. She couldn’t help but notice how debonair he looked in his sharp hand-tailored business suit, his crisp white shirt standing out against the black jacket and tie. When had he had time to change? Did it matter? No.

  Slowly approaching, Ari felt relief and hunger all at once. She wouldn’t turn his invitation down — not with the level of excitement filling her just at the sight of him looking so suave, so incredibly toothsome.

  “I’ve thought of nothing but you today,” Rafe said as she reached him.

  “You look very handsome, Rafe,” she admitted, not wanting to play games.

  His eyes rounded in pleasure as he leaned in and brushed his lips across hers. “Words can’t come close to describing how beautiful you are, Ari. ”

  The honesty in his tone took her breath away. She felt beautiful in his presence. Her heart was already involved, so why punish herself any longer? There was no use in pretending she didn’t want this, didn’t want to be with him.

  “Where are you taking me?”

  At her simple words, his shoulders relaxed and he pulled her into his arms, the flower dropping to the pavement as he lifted his hand to her face, cupping her cheek and looking into her eyes.

  “My place. ”

  “That’s a bit presumptuous, don’t you think?” she asked on a sigh.

  “Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. ”

  She knew he meant it. This gentler Rafe was nice, but she found herself missing the assertive, almost domineering Rafe she had known. What was wrong with her?

  “I’ll come on one condition. ”

  He looked at her in surprise. She had always been strong-willed, but she had allowed him to lead their relationship. It seemed he didn’t know what to do with this stronger personality that she was presenting him with.

  “What is your condition?”

  Ah, there was the fight she liked to hear in his voice. Rafe didn’t like to be controlled. She’d test his patience tonight. Knowing what she had planned made desire pool deep inside her, made her feel emotions she hadn’t felt for two years.

  “I get to do whatever I want to you. ”

  He looked at her with puzzlement.

  “I don’t understand. ”

  “You’re not supposed to,” she said with a laugh. She felt powerful. It was freeing, and it was delicious.

  “Why don’t we discuss this over dinner?” he said, hoping for a compromise.

  “No. Then you will just get your own way, as usual. I won’t go with you unless you promise to give me control. Let me do what I want,” she said, pulling back slightly against his grasp.

  “What exactly is your idea of control?”

  “I guess you will just have to trust me,” she said, feeling a measure of triumph at the worried expression in his eyes.

  They stood there at an impasse for several moments, but then she saw the reluctant acceptance in his eyes. She’d won this round.

  “Fine. ”

  Rafe didn’t add anything further; he released her and opened the back door to the car, keeping his hands to himself as she got in. Just for added effect, she took her time, making sure to arch her back just a tad to accentuate her fabulous behind. At the gritted growl that escaped his teeth, she smiled, feeling on top of the world.

  It felt good to finally feel that she was ahead of him, that she was the one with all the power. There was the very real possibili
ty that it would prove short-lived — but for this moment, she was reveling in it.

  “Would you care for a glass of wine?”

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  “Yes, please. ” She let him pour her a glass of red, then took a sip and enjoyed its complex savor.

  There was no talking as they moved through town. Ari felt hunger and excitement. From the look in Rafe’s eyes, he was worried, which only stoked the flames of her passion.

  They arrived at his home, and Ari fought the immediate intimidation that she felt when entering his domain. Rafe was always the one in charge in his home — but not this time. He’d promised. One thing she knew about Rafe was that he was a man of his word.

  Even if it killed him, he’d stay true to his promise. Wouldn’t he?

  He led her to an elegantly set table, and she sat gracefully, enjoying it when he pushed her chair in. She’d always appreciated what a proper gentleman he was when they were dining, but how he let go when they were in the bedroom. Pure bad boy!

  When their first course was served, Ari had a hard time eating. Anticipation burned through her at what was to come. She had no idea what exactly she was going to do, but she knew she wanted to push him — and push herself.

  There wasn’t much conversation during their meal, neither of them being able to focus on anything except for the night to come. After they finished dessert, Ari was the first to stand.

  If she was going to do this, she needed to have the confidence to see it through.

  “Are you ready?”

  Rafe’s eyes widened in shock at her boldness. But fire clearly burned behind his eyes, now nearly all purple as his pupils dilated.

  “Oh, yes, Ari. I am more than ready,” he assured her.

  Need was a constant pulsing sensation in her belly as she moved to the stairs, very aware of where his bedroom was. Walking with grace, she sashayed up the elaborate staircase, swinging her h*ps with each step, his heated breath on her neck, pushing her passion higher.

  They stepped through the doorway and she walked over to his bed, running her hand along the top of the black satin comforter.

  Rafe stood in the center of the room, lifting his hands to undo his black tie.

  “No. Stop. ”

  He paused and looked at her in some confusion.

  “I want to do that. ”

  Looking downward at the clear arousal straining against his trousers, Ari slowly brought her gaze back to his eyes — fire leaping from their depths.

  Leaving him standing there, Ari lifted her hands and undid the top button of her blouse. Slowly, she undid her top, then shrugged her shoulders to let the fabric fall from her body. Never breaking their gaze, she reached down and undid the button on her skirt, then unzipped it. With her slight wiggle, the fabric slid from her body, leaving her standing before him in nothing but a lacy white bra and thong, and a garter belt with white stockings and red heels.

  Rafe had given Ari a love of sexy lingerie, and she was grateful now. She’d been wearing it ever since their time together, and here was a major payoff as his eyes stroked her body. Feeling ultra-feminine, she turned in a circle so he could get a nice glimpse of her shapely and uncovered derrière.

  Turning back around, she slowly made her way over to him. “No touching,” she whispered into his ear as she arched against him.

  “That wasn’t the agreement,” he argued.

  “The deal was that I’m in charge. You have to do what I say. If you can’t play by the rules, I can put my clothes back on and walk from the room. ”

  She hoped he didn’t pick that option, because she’d never be the same again. As it was, her body was in a constant state of arousal that only Rafe could sate.

  “Fine,” he said through gritted teeth as she lifted her hands and finished undoing his tie. She pulled it from his collar and ran the silky material through her fingers before lifting it and wrapping it around her neck, letting it dangle over her br**sts.

  “Mmm, I like this material,” she murmured as she picked up one of the ends and trailed it across the mounds of her br**sts. Her reward was Rafe’s groan as he swayed toward her.


  “Yes, Rafe?” she asked, her eyes innocent.

  “Please…” he begged.

  “Not so nice to be on the other side of control, huh, Rafe?” she asked with a flirty laugh.

  “Point taken,” he gasped as she trailed her finger down his stomach and over the bulge below.

  “Your lesson hasn’t even come close to being learned, Rafe,” she purred. She lifted her hands and began undoing the buttons on his shirt.

  When the last one was undone and she’d parted the material, her nails trailed over his firm chest, and she couldn’t resist leaning forward and running her tongue across his hard ni**les, grazing them with her teeth and drinking in the musky flavor of his skin.

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  She left his cuff links in, then inspiration hit. She circled around him and pulled his arms tight behind his back.

  “What the hell?” he gasped as she grabbed the ends of his shirt and looped it together, securing his hands in the cuffs of his shirt as she wrapped the rest of the material snuggly in place.

  “Whatever I want — remember, Rafe,” she said and gave a tug.

  “I swear by all that’s holy, Ari…” he cried out as he tugged back against her impromptu restraint.

  “Would you like to stop, Rafe? Do you need a ‘safe word’?” She mocked him, enjoying herself too much.

  “You’re a witch,” he said as she circled back around.

  “Name-calling, Rafe? That really doesn’t become you,” she said with a laugh.

  “Paybacks are hell, Ari,” he said, his eyes narrowing.

  She leaned against him, her hands running along his sides. “I’m looking forward to it,” she whispered, smiling as his whole body shuddered.

  Lifting her hands again, Ari undid Rafe’s belt, pulling the leather from his body, then running it through her hands. As she doubled it up, Rafe’s eyes rounded at the clear intent in her eyes. “Don’t you dare,” he called out too late.

  Ari lifted the belt and flicked it across his covered backside, not hard, but enough to make a smacking sound. When she circled back around, Rafe’s eyes were large with shock at her audacity.

  “Oh, Ari. You are in serious trouble,” he said, but the excitement shining in the depths of his eyes had her stomach doing somersaults.

  She’d just opened a door that she knew she could never close again. Instead of being afraid, she was elated beyond her wildest dreams. Yes, “regular” sex was great, but Rafe had shown her that adding a bit of kink brought about so much more.

  He’d stretched her boundaries and made her see new worlds in the adventures he’d taken her on. She still wanted those amazingly slow moments of making love for hours with nothing but the two of them, but she also wanted other things. She liked the bonds, the contraptions he’d come up with. She liked the feel of fur striking her skin, making her come hard and fast, or slow and long.

  She liked…more.

  Instead of answering him, she let the belt fall, and she undid his pants, dropping to her knees so she could take off his shoes and then toss his pants away. She left him standing before her in nothing but a pair of tight black underwear, the front of which was wet from his obvious excitement.

  She pulled them away from his hips, and his erection sprang free, standing thick and long in front of her face. She didn’t hesitate, but leaned forward and took the wide head into her mouth, tasting him on her tongue as he shuddered.

  “I’m going to fall, Ari,” he said as his knees trembled.

  She released him, looking up at his strained face, sweat beading on his brow.

  Ari had done this. She’d made this big strong man tremble with need, made him weak. Euphoria surged through her at the powe
r she had gained over him.

  Standing up, she led him to the bed, where she had him sit down, then she kneeled in front of him and gripped his arousal in her hand.

  “You taste so good, Rafe,” she said as she swiped her tongue from the base of him, all the way to the head of his arousal before sucking him inside her mouth again.

  Rafe leaned back, his arms trapped beneath him as she began sucking him deeper into her mouth, rubbing her hand up and down the bottom of his member and squeezing it to bring him more pleasure.

  She was so wet, so turned on by the sounds of pleasure issuing from his throat.

  “Please, Ari. I don’t want to come like this,” he gritted as his h*ps jerked.

  “I don’t want you to, either, Rafe. I want to be riding you when you release,” she said as she reluctantly set his arousal free from her hot mouth.

  Helping Rafe sit back up, she grabbed the tie from around her neck and began trailing the end over his body, running the soft material along his pecs, his abs, and his throbbing staff.

  He jerked as her mouth followed, licking and sucking on his skin all the way from his neck to his legs, and then back up again, pausing as she kissed along his erection for several moments.

  “Mmm, you taste so good, Rafe. I think I could enjoy doing nothing but licking your flesh all night long,” she said as she circled his stomach, sucking on the tight skin there.

  “I’m about done with this, Ari,” he growled as he pulled against the shirt tying his hands.

  “What’s the matter, Rafe? Am I not satisfying you?” she teased as she ran her tongue along his moistened arousal, making him jerk.

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  “I want to taste you. Fair is fair,” he said, the end of his remark a groan as she sucked his tip hard, scraping her teeth along the head.

  “Yes, it is quite fun tasting you, devouring your body. I think I’ll do this a while longer,” she said with a smile before sucking him in deep.

  “Enough!” he cried.

  She looked up and smiled, loving it as she watched him lose control. Ari was aching as she teased him, but it was so worth the pain.

  Her eyes widened as she watched the muscles bulge in his arms. A glint entered his eyes as she heard the expensive material of his shirt begin to rip. Knowing he was about to escape, Ari jumped back, but it was too late.