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           Maya Banks

  sounds, the soft whispers and sighs. The light moans. It was erotic as hell because here she was, surrounded by three men, all of whom were giving her everything she could possibility want. They were taking the things they wanted. They wanted her. They desired her and they wanted to make her happy.

  Their touches, their regard, the simple act of a reassuring kiss. It made the entire series of events, and not just the actual sex, erotic as hell.

  Her body was the receptacle for not one man, but three. Three sexy-as-sin men who knew precisely what to do with a woman when it came to sex.

  “I told you I’d fuck your mouth while they fucked your ass and pussy,” Chase said in a satisfied tone.

  Zoe held up her middle finger for him to see. He chuckled and thrust hard into her mouth as punishment. She choked and shot him a dirty glare. He tweaked her nose and resumed fucking her mouth.

  Brody pounded her ass while Tate pushed upward, sliding back and forth into her pussy. It was the perfect trifecta. Mouth, pussy, and ass. Three gorgeous, rock-hard cocks diving into all three.

  While Zoe sucked Chase’s cock and the other men worked their cocks in her pussy and ass, Tate rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, pulling outward and then pinching lightly.

  Chase lowered his hand to cup the back of her neck and then he massaged, squeezing and working the sensitive area.

  She shuddered and began moving restlessly. Chase’s cock nearly fell from her mouth, but he caught her jaw and turned her back so he could thrust back in.

  Brody let out a shout, rammed as far into her ass as he could. The action pressed her so far onto Tate that he was lodged into her pussy. Both cocks were stuffed to capacity. They twitched deep inside her and Brody and Tate bucked their hips as they came almost violently.

  Chase cupped her face with both hands and began fucking fast and hard. Race to completion. His cock swelled larger, moved harder and deeper. Semen filled her mouth, coated her tongue and slid down the back of her throat as she swallowed.

  Brody and Tate were still locked inside her body when Chase finally eased from her mouth. While Brody and Tate watched, Chase made her clean the semen from his cock with her tongue.

  The fact that they twitched inside her body when they were already spent told her the sight was a turn-on for them.

  Then Brody carefully pulled from her ass. She flinched at the soreness his exit caused. Then Brody reached down and picked her up from Tate’s lap. Tate’s cock fell free, and Brody set her on her feet next to Chase.

  She would have gone down flat on her face if Chase hadn’t grabbed her and hauled her against his chest.

  “Whoa, baby, careful. I’ve got you.”

  “Tired,” she managed to say.

  He squeezed his arm around her shoulders. “I know. We’re going to put you to bed now so you can get some rest. I think we’ve roughed you up enough for the night.”

  She smiled and leaned up on tiptoe to kiss him. “Thank you. It was perfect. All of it was perfect.”

  “You’re welcome, babe.”

  She turned to Brody and Tate, unsure of how they’d receive her thanks, but she wasn’t going to ignore their very large part in fulfilling her fantasy.

  She hugged Tate first and then leaned up and kissed him. Not a little brush like she might have given him in the past, a peck as a friend. No, she kissed him hot, with passion and all the lust she’d felt for him while he and Brody fucked her.

  She was gratified when he kissed her back with every bit as much enthusiasm and heat.

  “Thank you,” she whispered as she pulled away.

  Tate smiled. “You’re welcome, sweetheart. You know I’d damn near do anything for you, but this might have been the best thing yet.”

  She turned to Brody and pushed herself into his beefy embrace. At first he stiffened and very gingerly put his arms around her, but she wasn’t letting him get a corncob up his ass over this. She loved him to pieces. Absolute pieces. He was one of her favorite people in the entire world and nothing—definitely not sex—was going to change that. In fact, she hoped sex between them made things even better.

  She all but crawled up his chest since he wasn’t exactly helping her. She wrapped her legs around him and hauled herself up his body until her arms were locked around his neck and her legs locked around his waist.

  “You finished scaling me?” he asked balefully.

  She giggled. “You’re a hard tree to climb, Brody.”

  His expression eased, and amusement glinted in his eyes. “All right. Kiss me and get it over with then.”

  Her eyes narrowed. “Is that what you think’s going to happen? I’ve got news for you, Brody McNamara,” she muttered.

  She yanked him to her mouth and covered his lips in a burning hot, carnal kiss to end all kisses. Heat sizzled up her spine and damn near set off fireworks in her head. Her tongue swept over his, licking and then dueling. There was no way he was indifferent to this.

  They were both sucking some major wind by the time she let him go and slid back down his body.

  “Don’t pull that shit with me again,” she scowled.

  He raised one brow. “I didn’t realize I was pulling anything. For God’s sake, Zoe. You damn near mauled me.”

  “Don’t pretend you can be all indifferent to me now and you don’t want to get close. You’re stuck with me, dumbass. If things are awkward, it’s because you’ll make them so.”

  He drew his brows up in confusion and then shook his head as if he had no idea what the hell she was talking about. And maybe he didn’t. He was a man, after all. She’d probably given him too much credit in the thinking department.

  She started for the bedroom but turned and put her palms in the air and let her eyes widen innocently. “So who’s going to bed with me?”


  When Zoe awoke, her first instinct was to lie there and sleep for the next year. She was bone tired, and her muscles felt like jelly. And there were certain parts of her anatomy that were extremely tender.

  She sighed and snuggled a little deeper into her pillow until it occurred to her that she was in bed with more than one male, and now curiosity niggled at her because she wanted to know who she was cuddled up with.

  She pried her eyes open and found she was facing Brody’s back. The flame tattoo covered his left shoulder and tapered off near the middle of his back. If she hadn’t been afraid of waking him, she’d have traced the edges with her fingers. It was beautiful, like him, and it fit his personality to a T. Whoever had done his ink had done a spectacular job. It looked alive, like a blaze soaring up his back and over his shoulder.

  She glanced over her shoulder to see Tate sound asleep on the other side of her. They weren’t completely naked. At some point they’d retrieved their underwear, which amused her for some reason. Maybe men didn’t want their dangly parts observed at full rest.

  So where was Chase?

  A distant sound told her he was probably in the kitchen, which meant he was probably fixing breakfast. She could eat a cow right now, she was so hungry. That much of a sexual workout would give anyone an appetite.

  After the episode in the living room, they’d gone to the bedroom, and the rest of the night was a blur. She’d had sex with Tate. She’d had sex with Brody. She’d had sex with both of them. They’d finished off the night with a foursome on the bed, and she still couldn’t remember who went where, but she could still remember how their hands and mouths felt on her skin and how their cocks felt in her body.

  A delicious shiver skirted down her arms. It had been a spectacular experience. She was just sorry it was over.

  With a rueful smile, she eased up and crept down the middle of the bed so she wouldn’t wake the guys. She had no idea where her clothes had gotten to, so she snagged Brody’s T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Then she went off in search of Chase.

  As expected, she found him in the kitchen working on breakfast. She sneaked up behind him, wrapped her arms around his waist
, and rested her cheek against his back.

  “Morning, sleepyhead.”

  “Good morning,” she mumbled against his back.

  He turned in her arms until they faced each other. He smiled down at her and then lowered his mouth to kiss her.

  “How are you this morning?”

  “Sore,” she admitted. “I may not want sex for a week.”

  He grinned. “If you go a week without sex, that’ll be a record.”

  She blinked up at him with mock incredulity. “Are you saying I’m some kind of nymphomaniac?”

  His eyes widened innocently. “Would I say something like that?”

  She gave him an oh-please look in response.

  He leaned back against the counter and pulled her with him so she was nestled in his arms.

  “So give me the verdict. Was it everything you expected? Were we too rough?”

  His face had grown more serious, and there was a distinct edge of worry in his voice. She smiled and ran her hands up his muscled arms and then looped them around his neck.

  “Have I told you lately how fantastic you are? Have I told you how lucky I am to have a guy who understands me so completely and who busts his ass to please me?”

  “Hmm, maybe, but I’m not opposed to hearing it a few more times,” he said in a husky voice.

  “If I weren’t so tired and sore, I’d totally take you over to the couch and jump your bones,” she said regretfully.

  He laughed and squeezed her a little tighter. “You need to take it easy for a few days, baby. That was one hell of a workout you got last night.”

  She leaned into his chest and rested her forehead against his chin. “We still have today and tomorrow off together.”


  She leaned back to look at him again. “Do we have any plans beyond being couch bums?”

  “Oh, I don’t know. I thought about taking you to dinner tonight. Maybe a movie.”

  “Ooooh, date night!”

  “And tomorrow I thought we’d have some guys over from the station for a barbecue. Or if you prefer, we can keep it to just you, me, Brody, and Tate.”

  Remembering her teasing Brody the previous night, she frowned and nibbled at her bottom lip.

  “Something wrong?” Chase asked.

  She met his gaze, unsure of how to say what was on her mind. “You don’t think . . . You don’t think things will be weird between us now, do you? I mean with Brody and Tate?”

  “You’re wanting to know if your having sex with them changes things.”

  She nodded. “Well, yeah . . . and between you and me.”

  As if sensing the very real worry in her voice, he cupped her face and ran his thumb over her lips.

  “I can’t speak for Brody and Tate. But I can most assuredly tell you that this changes nothing between you and me. In some ways . . . I think it’s better. Right now I swear I just want to sweep you into my arms and hold you for the next two days. I can’t explain it, but what happened was so absolutely awesome. I don’t even have words. It went beyond a simple fantasy fulfillment. Maybe a part of me worried you wouldn’t be into it. Maybe I worried I wouldn’t be into it. But right now I feel really damn lucky that I have a woman who understands my kinks and fantasies, has a set of her own, and doesn’t mind acting on mine or hers. That freaking rocks, Zoe. Maybe I’m a little relieved because I feel like we’re being more honest with each other than ever. I’m not saying I could have never not shared this kind of stuff with you. I think we would have been just fine and our relationship would have been as incredible as it’s always been. But now? I feel like I’ve been given a bonus on top of everything else.”

  She stared at him in shock. This was the most talkative Chase had ever been when it came to the two of them. Their relationship had always been a study in fun, comfortable, and great sex. She’d been willing to go along with the status quo because she wasn’t someone who ever liked to rock the boat. And why fuck up something good by demanding more?

  Her heart squeezed when she saw the absolute conviction in his eyes.

  God, but she loved this man. She’d loved him for a long time. No, it hadn’t been some overnight revelation. It had been more like a gradual awareness, something that grew day by day until she hadn’t been able to imagine her life without him.

  It bloomed and grew, continued to grow each day they were together. It was comfortable. It was steady. Like him.

  Shouldn’t she tell him? Shouldn’t she say the words? Somehow she imagined a better place than the kitchen of a deer camp after a night of hedonistic debauchery. For now, it was enough to know that it was there. He wasn’t going anywhere, and neither was she. She’d find the right time. She wanted it to be perfect.


  To her relief, things hadn’t gotten weird between her, Brody, and Tate. It had been a constant worry on her mind the few days following the night at the deer camp. They looked at her differently, but then she looked at them a whole lot different too.

  On an emotional level, nothing had changed. She’d always cared very deeply for her two friends. Oh, she’d always thought they were hot. What normal female wouldn’t? She’d even had her moments of imagining what they’d be like in bed.

  Now she knew, and when she looked at them, she remembered every detail.

  “Hey, Zoe, you ready? We’re going to be late,” Brody bellowed from the kitchen.

  She grinned, finished lacing her tennis shoe, and headed out of her bedroom to meet him and Tate.

  They were standing in the kitchen when she walked in. Brody had the keys in his hand and was waiting by the door. He made a show of checking his watch, and she rolled her eyes.

  “I’m not playing this time,” she reminded them.

  “You will if one of ours doesn’t show,” Tate said. “Where else are we going to get a sub?”

  “Ask one of the wives to play.”

  “We like your breasts better,” Brody teased.

  A hot flush worked up her neck. Damn it. In the past, not only had that sort of remark been common, but she damn sure wouldn’t have blushed like a moron—or remembered his mouth around her breasts.

  She glanced down at her plain T-shirt. “I came better prepared this time. No way can I come out of this one.”

  “Pity,” Tate said. “That was the high point of the last game.”

  She scowled up at him.

  Tate put his hands on her shoulders and herded her out the door. “Besides, Chase is going to be there. He had some paperwork to finish at the station, but he said he’d meet us there.”

  Her eyes narrowed. “Uh-huh, provided he doesn’t meet with an untimely delay.”

  Brody chuckled as he got into the truck. “We’d never sabotage the team captain.”

  Zoe climbed into the back and shoved over Brody’s pile of stuff so she could have room on the seat. Thank goodness he kept the house cleaner than his truck.

  She leaned up between the two seats as Brody backed out of the drive. “So what’s on the line today? Beer? Barbecue? Glory?”

  “Yeah, yeah, and yeah,” Tate said. “Loser has to throw a barbecue—complete with beer, lots of beer, for the winner.”

  She frowned. “Is it bad of me to hope we lose then?”

  Tate whipped his head around and looked at her aghast. “Traitor!”

  She gave him a smug smile. “C’mon, Tate. Nobody cooks barbecue better than Chief Maxwell. Do we really want to eat whatever the sheriff’s department comes up with?”

  “She has a point there,” Brody said.

  “Well, hell, now we have to throw the damn game?” Tate asked.

  “Maybe you should renegotiate the winner’s terms,” Zoe suggested. “That way you don’t forfeit all your manly glory and you still get something good out of the deal.”

  Brody’s face twisted in thought. “Beer . . . and what?”

  She laughed. “As long as the beer’s covered, do you care?”

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