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         Part #2 of The Enforcers series by Maya Banks

  And he knew Manuel was in no way sated either. Nor would he be when the night was over, but that was all his friend would have. A night. Never a regular arrangement. Only at Drake’s discretion and whim.

  Both men had in common the desire to please and pleasure Evangeline. To bring her to orgasm over and over, to hear her soft moans of ecstasy, her cries of pleasure and the warm glow of contentment in her beautiful blue eyes, hazy with passion.

  Drake exchanged glances with Manuel, and Manuel simply nodded. It was time. Manuel extended his hand to Evangeline and she slid her fingers over his palm to allow him to assist her up. His hands roamed over her body, cupping and caressing every curve and swell, paying special attention to her plump breasts, her ass, and then delving between her legs.

  Evangeline’s eyes went cloudy, her pupils dilating as passion flared in the dreamy orbs.

  “Turn around,” Manuel directed, freeing her from his hold.

  Obediently, she did as she was told and then Manuel drew her back against his chest and began walking them backward to the couch. He sat but put a firm hand to her back, silently telling her to remain where she was. Drake tossed him the lubricant and Manuel applied a generous amount to his dick, pumping up and down until he was as erect as Drake already was.

  But Evangeline did that to him. His own cock was straining upward, lying flat against his abdomen, pointing at his navel. He was about to burst from wanting to be inside her, and the knowledge that her ass would be stuffed full of Manuel’s dick, thus making her impossibly tight, had pre-cum leaking from the tip of Drake’s erection.

  “Sit down on me,” Manuel said, strain evident in his voice. “Back slowly down. I’ll guide you. Reach behind you and spread your ass for me.”

  Her cheeks went pink, a flush working its way up her neck until her entire face was rosy. But again, she did as instructed, instilling fierce pride in Drake at how magnificent this woman was.

  His woman. She belonged to him and only him, and the knowledge that he was making an overt claim, was openly acknowledging that fact, nearly brought him to his knees. He who’d never called anyone his. He who’d never had anyone, save his brothers. No one he cared about. No one who cared about him.

  It was humbling and yet it sent adrenaline spiking through his veins. A stunning revelation and one he’d never imagined admitting to anyone. But his men knew he’d staked his claim—there was no doubt about that. Anyone with eyes and a modicum of common sense could see that Drake was firmly snared, and the hell of it was he didn’t give a flying fuck who knew it.

  When his brothers had broached the subject of him going public, of making a very public statement that this woman was his, cherished and protected and not to be fucked with, he’d been reluctant. Hesitant. And yes . . . afraid. He who feared nothing and no one. Yet one fragile female scared the fuck out of him. Two months ago, he would have laughed in the face of anyone suggesting he’d be brought to his knees by a blond-haired, blue-eyed temptress. On the surface, he was the dominant, the one in control, but he knew the truth. He was anything but in control of his relationship with Evangeline, because he would move heaven and earth to make her happy, would do anything at all to keep her. He was, in effect, at her mercy.

  He watched as Evangeline slowly followed Manuel’s dictate and allowed him to grip her hips and pull her down to his lap. Her hands hesitantly slid over her luscious ass and then parted the globes, her breaths speeding up, the color still high in her cheeks as she battled her uncertainty.

  Even though she was self-conscious and unsure of herself, she obeyed every command given. And she did it for him. Even as she went willingly with Manuel’s firm pull, her eyes locked with his, never once looking away, as if she were telling him, This is all for you. Only for you. Always for you.

  His chest tightened to the point of a physical ache and he almost betrayed his emotions by rubbing it to alleviate the slight discomfort. Then her eyes closed as Manuel began penetrating her, strain evident in the crease of her brow, her breath puffing in quiet, audible sounds.

  “Open your eyes, Angel. Look at me. See only me.”

  She readily complied, and he lost himself in the smoky haze swirling in her eyes, the blue more brilliant, beckoning him to lose himself further.

  He was already hopelessly lost with no possibility of ever finding his way out. He had no desire to.

  She emitted a startled whimper when Manuel abruptly pulled her all the way down, seating himself to his fullest depth in her ass. Manuel leaned against the couch, throwing his head back, his fingers digging fiercely into Evangeline’s hips. He stretched out his legs, spreading them, effectively spreading her wide as well so her pussy was open and exposed to Drake’s view.

  Manuel angled himself further down into the soft couch, sliding forward so Evangeline was perched on the very edge in perfect position for Drake. He remained still, Evangeline’s opening stretched impossibly wide around his cock. It didn’t look possible that she could even accommodate him. The position made her pussy entrance so much smaller, so small that Drake would have to work at getting inside her.

  Just the thought of her silky tissues trying to ward off his invasion and how exquisitely snug she would be around him had him sweating and already on edge, moisture seeping from the crown of his dick. It wasn’t possible that there could be a more incredible feeling in the world than her velvety walls wrapped around his cock, clutching and resisting as he persistently pushed his way in.

  Hell, if he managed to get balls deep in her, he’d come in two seconds. He’d never last and he was known for his rigid control and discipline. But with Evangeline he had none. She made him frantic, irrational, with no control over his release whatsoever.

  But damn if he wouldn’t enjoy every single minute—or rather second—of being balls deep inside her with her milking every drop of his come. And this time, he wasn’t pulling out. Neither was Manuel. They were going to fill her with their semen until it ran down her thighs, a visible stamp of their ownership and possession.

  Evangeline didn’t say a word. She was too disciplined and too determined to ever disappoint Drake by subverting his authority. But it was in her eyes as clearly as if she had made the request aloud.


  As if he could deny her anything.

  “Spread her wider,” Drake directed Manuel.

  Evangeline’s eyes went wide and she automatically glanced down at her already splayed legs as if wondering how Manuel could spread her further.

  Drake’s eyes were riveted to her now wide-open pussy; the soft, puffy pink lips beckoned his touch. He wanted to touch her everywhere, taste her, but there was plenty of time for that later. Right now his dick was about to burst at the seams at the thought of that deliciously tight clasp just waiting for him to push in.

  The silky flesh glistened with moisture, making it shiny and so very inviting. She was wet. Very wet. But even so, it was going to be a difficult task to get inside her. He was going to have to take it slow or risk tearing her, and the last thing he wanted to do was cause her pain.

  There was pain that was pleasure and then there was pain. Never would he cause harm to her while satisfying his own selfish desires.

  He moved in between her spread legs, grasping his thick erection with one hand. He rubbed the weeping head up and down her satiny opening to her clit and then back down again to tease her entrance.

  She moaned desperately as her hips, though firmly in Manuel’s grasp, bucked upward as if trying to sheathe him herself. Finally he lodged the tip of his dick in her tiny hole and pressed forward with steady pressure. Her eyes flew open, wide with shock, hazy with desire. She found his gaze and he felt it like a jolt to his senses.

  Her eyes said it all. Take me. I’m yours.

  Hell yes, she was his.

  With a groan he pushed all the way in, sweating and swearing as her body resisted his advance, tightening around him as if to push him out. The war of wills was fierce. Him against her natural defe
nses. He would win. Of course he would win. He’d have it no other way.

  His jaw clenched tight, he withdrew the barest of inches and then slammed into her, seating himself to the balls. There was a chorus of moans and sighs, a mixture of reactions from Evangeline, Manuel and himself as the three struggled against the wicked edge of heady pain mixed with the sweetest of pleasures.

  As soon as he was all the way in, the walls of her vagina fluttered around him, clenching, going even wetter with her impending orgasm.

  “Come, Angel,” he murmured. “Come as many times as you want.”

  With a startled cry, her body erupted around him, spasming, going slick and clutching desperately at his dick. He had to grit his teeth to keep from coming himself. Manuel groaned and cursed, his hands moving restlessly at Evangeline’s hips as he too fought for control.

  Drake began fucking her hard. He moved with ruthless, powerful strokes, fucking her through one orgasm until he felt her stir and her body tighten as she began the fast climb to another.

  “Jesus,” Manuel muttered.

  She was wild between them, bucking, moving mindlessly, her head twisting back and forth as ecstasy overtook her. She no longer had any control over her body. It was Drake’s to command. Drake’s to take care of. And take care of her he would.

  He drove her through another orgasm and then Manuel could no longer hold up under the enormous strain and he began bucking his hips up, powering into her from behind while Drake slammed into her from the front. Manuel collapsed onto the couch, still holding Evangeline up to Drake like a pagan sacrifice. He nuzzled his lips against her neck, pulling her damp hair away from the tender flesh so he could lavish more attention on it.

  But Drake wasn’t finished.

  “One more. Give me one more,” he commanded. “Come for me, Angel.”

  “I can’t,” she gasped.

  “Yes, you can.”

  Despite her denial, he felt the ripple of her tissues and he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. But he was determined to give her ultimate pleasure first. So he slowed, forgoing the brutal pace he’d set, and began sliding into her with long, leisurely thrusts. Fuck, she felt good. Sweat beaded his brow and his features were a mask of strain, delicious torment licking from his balls to the tip of his dick.

  “Drake!” she cried out, her hands fluttering in a helpless gesture as though she didn’t know what to do.

  “Hold on to me, baby,” he said huskily. “Let’s go together. You and me. Come with me now.”

  Her fingers dug into his shoulders, holding on frantically as he pushed himself inside her until his balls pressed against her ass. Once. Twice. On the third thrust, he was bathed in the hot surge of her sweet release and it triggered his own. He began pumping harder, filling her with his seed until it spilled from her cunt.

  He thrust one last time and then locked them together, holding himself still as his cock twitched and pulsed, expelling what seemed like a gallon of semen into her pussy. She sagged, utterly spent, against Manuel’s chest, her eyelashes fluttering closed.

  Transfixed by the sight, he kissed both her eyelids and then her nose and finally her mouth, resting against her as she lay sandwiched between the two of them. His chest rose and heaved, pressing her farther into Manuel, and no one spoke, unwilling to break the sensual fog that surrounded them.

  “Wow,” she mumbled, her words slurring, her eyes only able to open partway. “I think y’all killed me but I can’t think of a better way to go. That was . . . amazing.”

  Manuel nipped at her neck and Drake kissed her delectable mouth.

  “Glad you enjoyed it, Angel, but I assure you, the honor was all ours. You gave us something very precious tonight and don’t think we don’t know it, or that we’ll forget it.”

  “Never,” Manuel vowed in a somber voice. “You are a very special woman, Evangeline, and Drake is one lucky son of a bitch who better be glad he saw you and claimed you first or you’d be in my bed right now.”

  Evangeline smiled crookedly, looking intoxicated, drunk on passion. She never reacted to Manuel’s statement, one that Drake knew to be absolutely sincere—Manuel wasn’t a man who said shit he didn’t mean—but instead she focused on Drake, her eyes warm and bright with love and affection. She reached out to cup his jaw, caressing his much rougher skin with baby-soft fingertips.

  “Do I get a shower before we start all over again? I seem to recall a promise of having all night and by my math, we still have several hours left.”


  Evangeline paced the living room floor in agitation. Tonight was the benefit at Carnegie Hall and, other than knowing what she was going to wear, she had no idea how to pull off hair and makeup. Drake had warned her about the media and that photographers would be everywhere, and the last thing she wanted was to embarrass Drake by looking like the gauche girl-just-off-the-farm that she was.

  She picked up her cell phone and plucked up the courage to punch Silas’s contact. She nearly hung up the minute the call connected but she forced herself to put the phone to her ear and wait for him to answer.

  “Evangeline?” he said on the second ring. “Everything okay?”

  “Yes. No. I mean nothing’s wrong. It’s just . . .” She broke off with a sigh and sank onto the couch.

  “Are you at the apartment?” he asked.

  “Yeah,” she said lamely.

  “I’m only five minutes away. I’ll be right there.”

  The call ended and the line went silent. Alrighty then. And that was the law according to Silas. He was going to think she was a flaming moron when he realized why she’d called him. She let out a groan of dismay and flopped back on the couch.

  And that was where Silas found her exactly four minutes later when he strode into the apartment.

  “What’s wrong?” he asked sharply, plopping down on the couch beside her.

  “You’re going to think I’m an idiot,” she mumbled.

  He stared expectantly at her, obviously waiting for her to expound.

  She sighed again and sat up. “Tonight is the benefit Drake’s taking me to at Carnegie Hall.”

  “Yeah, and?”

  “I have a dress and shoes. But I need help with hair and makeup. I don’t want to embarrass Drake and make a fool out of myself,” she said, growing more distressed by the minute. “He said there would be photographers and cameras everywhere. Oh God, Silas. What am I supposed to do? I don’t belong at things like that. I should have never agreed to go.”

  Silas’s lips grew thin. “Bullshit. You’ll be the most beautiful woman there. I guarantee it.”

  “I don’t suppose you’re my fairy godmother and have a magic wand hidden on you somewhere,” she said glumly.

  His lips twitched and then curved upward into an honest-to-goodness smile. She was so startled that all she could do was stare in utter fascination. Silas was always so serious and somber. He so rarely smiled that she was completely transfixed each time he did.

  “I may not have a magic wand, but I’m not without my resources,” he said with an arrogant twist to his lips that unseated his smile. “How quickly can you be ready to go?”

  At that she blinked. “Ready to go where?”

  “I’m taking you to get your hair and makeup done. Then I’ll run you back by here so you can get dressed and be ready when Drake gets home from work.”

  “You know someone who’ll do my hair and makeup?” she asked suspiciously.

  “What can I say, I’m a jack-of-all-trades. Now get your ass up and get dressed so we can get out of here. I’ll call ahead so they can get you right in.”

  Four hours later, she and Silas arrived back at the apartment. Evangeline was completely glammed out and unrecognizable, thanks to an amazing makeup artist who owned an exclusive salon where appointments had to be booked weeks in advance. Silas, however, obviously had some serious pull, because the artist who’d done her hair and makeup had canceled all her afternoon appointments in order to accommodate S
ilas’s request to fit Evangeline in.

  She stopped to study her reflection in the mirror in the foyer as they got off the elevator and she frowned.

  “This isn’t me,” she fretted. “I look like some high-class call girl.”

  Silas frowned and pinned her with his steely stare. “Swear to God, Evangeline. You get one more pass from me and then I will turn you over my knee and spank your ass. You look beautiful. Now go change into your dress and shoes and come out and let me see the finished product. You’ve got five minutes, so get moving.”

  She launched herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. He staggered back, bewilderment shining in his eyes.

  “Thank you,” she whispered. “You’re the best, Silas. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re the absolute best friend I’ve ever had.”

  His arms tentatively went around her and he squeezed her back, though he was obviously discomfited by her spontaneous outburst of affection.

  “You’re very welcome, Evangeline,” he said warmly. “Now go get changed so I can check you out.”

  She ran for the bedroom and pulled the dress from the closet, carefully unzipping it from the garment bag. Being careful not to mess up her hair or get makeup all over the dress, she pulled it on and then realized she wasn’t going to be able to zip it herself.

  Holding the bodice over her chest, she toed out the shoes and slipped them over her feet, admiring the sparkle from heel to toe. She examined herself in the mirror and realized that when it all came together, she didn’t look half bad. The makeup artist had asked her what color her dress and shoes were and had then used bronze hues and tones so her skin had a golden glow.

  The dress was a darker, shimmery gold that picked up the blond highlights in her upswept hair. Small ringlets dangled down her neck and framed her face. Remembering the huge pair of diamond earrings Drake had bought for her, she dug them out of her jewelry box and then scrounged for the diamond teardrop necklace that was bigger than her thumb.

  She fastened the earrings and then looped the necklace over her head so it dangled down her bodice. She glanced at her bare wrist and then shrugged. Why not? It wasn’t as though she had a lot of opportunity to wear the expensive jewelry Drake showered her with. If tonight wasn’t such a night, she didn’t know what was.

  She was a reflection on Drake and she wanted to make him proud. If it was true that he’d never attended any public function with a woman on his arm, well, that made tonight that much more epic in her book. She fastened the diamond bracelet around her wrist, satisfied with the end result.

  Heels tapping on the marble floor, she hurried into the living room, still holding her dress up with one hand.

  “I need help,” she said breathlessly. “Can you zip me up?”

  “This has got to qualify me for sainthood,” Silas muttered. “A man can only take so much, for fuck’s sake.”

  She looked at him in puzzlement. He rolled his eyes and turned her so he could zip her dress.

  “Are you really so clueless as to your effect on the male population?”

  She blushed to the roots of her hair. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled. “I didn’t think.”

  “I’m just teasing you, Evangeline,” he said gently. “I’m glad you feel comfortable enough with me to A, call me because you had no one to do your hair and makeup, and B, ask me to zip up your dress. Having been around you long enough to know that you’re pretty picky about the people you trust, I’m honored that I can be one of them.”

  He turned her back around and then took several steps back so he could survey her from head to toe.

  “Turn around slowly and give me the full view,” he encouraged.

  She twirled slowly and laughed when the dress sparkled and glittered in the light.

  “I really do feel like Cinderella now,” she said with a wide grin.

  “What you are is special, Evangeline,” he said sincerely. “And very beautiful. I’m glad I’ll be going with you and Drake tonight. I’m going to be a smug bastard muttering ‘I told you so’ the entire night watching grown men make asses of themselves in front of you.”

  “Oh, that’s right!” Evangeline exclaimed. “I had forgotten you’re going. I’m so glad. That makes me feel so much better now that you’ll be there.”

  She hugged him again and he carefully held her away from him by her shoulders so she didn’t mess up her hair and makeup. Then to her surprise, he lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek.

  “I’ve got to go now so I can change and get back in time to accompany you and Drake to the benefit. Do not allow anyone up unless it’s Drake or one of us. Got me?”

  “Yes, oh lord and master,” Evangeline drawled.

  His dark gaze smoldered. “If you were in my bed, you’d know I was exactly that and you wouldn’t joke about who was your master.”

  Butterflies scuttled around in her belly, but she refused to let him shake her.

  “Out,” she ordered. “You’re just trying to rattle me. I have quite enough lord and master to deal with already, thank you very much.”

  Silas winked and then sauntered to the elevator. “See you in a few, doll. Don’t mess up my work of art.”

  Evangeline went in search of her phone, hoping Drake had texted to let her
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