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         Part #3 of Breathless series by Maya Banks

  “I’d love to hear all those ideas. I’m intrigued now.”

  He smiled, his eyes gleaming with amusement. “Some of them are probably illegal.”

  “Even better.”

  He laughed, low and husky, the sound vibrating over her skin. “I like your enthusiasm.”

  “Should we write them all down and draw one out of a jar to decide how we have sex?” she asked with a grin. “Or can I count on you to be decisive in the matter?”

  “My darling is being cheeky today,” he drawled. “I might have to punish you for that.”

  Heat rushed into her cheeks. One of his eyebrows lifted.

  “You like that idea.”

  She cleared her throat, unsure of what to say. Ash had said he wasn’t into games. Wasn’t her playing the naughty submissive to earn a punishment a game?

  Ash’s gaze narrowed and he slid his fingers underneath her chin, forcing it upward so she met his gaze.

  “What the hell are you thinking right now?”

  She sighed. “It’s silly. I guess I was worried about how to respond to that. And how it would make me sound if I did say that the thought of you punishing me turned me on. You said you weren’t into games and you wanted to keep it real.”

  He brushed his thumb over her lips to silence her.

  “First of all, never ever hesitate to tell me anything. Especially what turns you on, what you want, what you need from me. Sexually, emotionally, whatever. Second thing, your desires aren’t a game. I get that what I said may have caused some confusion. What I meant was that you and me, we’re real. Not a game. Doesn’t mean we can’t play together. As long as you get that what we do is real.”

  “Clear as mud,” Josie said, amusement thick in her voice.

  “We haven’t talked about punishment. Have to tell you, I’m not much into the discipline thing. I’m not your father and you’re not a child. But there are things I like, and there’s a big difference between thinking you need punishing and me wanting to redden your ass because it turns me on. Get where I’m coming from?”

  “Yeah,” she said breathily.

  “I’m guessing that idea appeals to you too.”

  She nodded. “I like it. I mean it’s a turn-on. There’s something hot about a mouthwatering alpha male spanking me. Or exerting his will over me. That probably sounds stupid.”

  Ash sighed. “You’re not getting me, baby. Nothing you think or feel is stupid. Understand? If it turns you on then it’s not stupid. If it turns you on, I want to know about it because I want to bring you pleasure. I want to make you feel good. Now, what I want at this exact moment is you on your knees, my dick in your mouth. But after? We’re going to have a discussion about your kinks. And mine for that matter. Hopefully they’ll match up pretty damn well.”

  She swallowed and licked her lips in anticipation.

  He groaned and then pressed his mouth to hers, devouring her hungrily.

  “You drive me crazy,” he said into her mouth.

  “Good,” she whispered.

  He reared back, pushing up to his feet. Then he extended his hand down to help her up. After reaching over for one of the pillows from the couch, he dropped it onto the floor and then urged her down on her knees on the cushion.

  His hand went to his fly, unfastening it and then lowering the zipper. He reached in, pulled his straining erection from the confines of his pants and fisted it as it jutted forward toward her mouth.

  “Lick it,” he rasped out. “Tease the head and then suck me deep.”

  She flicked out her tongue, circling the broad head and teasing the sensitive underside. She loved the way he sucked in his breath and the way it escaped in a long hiss in reaction.

  His fingers delved into her hair, twisting around the strands before his knuckles came to rest against her scalp. His hold wasn’t gentle, and she liked that. With his other hand, he cupped her jaw, opening her mouth as he pushed inside.

  His thrusts weren’t any more gentle than his grip in her hair, and she loved that too. She loved the raw power barely restrained underneath the surface. He was like a lion poised to pounce. All predatory, delicious male.

  She levered up higher so she could take him deeper. She wanted him deeper. Wanted his taste, loved the way he took control, the fact that she had no power except what he gave her.

  “Jesus,” he breathed. “Never felt anything better than your mouth around my cock, baby.”

  She shivered in delight over his words. Her nipples hardened, puckering into taut crests. She gasped when he reached down and took both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, twisting gently, exerting just enough pressure to drive her insane without causing her pain.

  She licked leisurely from base to tip, letting the head rest precariously on her lips before sucking him back in and sliding her mouth down until her chin rested against his sac. She swallowed, milking the head with the back of her throat. He groaned, rewarding her effort with a twitch, and his fingers grew more aggressive at her breasts, eliciting a groan of her own.

  “I’ve imagined you so many ways,” Ash said in a strained voice. “Tied up, ass in the air, my mark on your skin. On your hands and knees, me taking you from behind, in your ass, in your pussy. You on top of me, riding me. Me eating your sweet pussy while you suck my dick. You name it, I’ve imagined it.”

  She shuddered, her body trembling almost violently as the images he provoked fired through her mind.

  “I won’t always be this easy, baby,” he murmured. “It’s hard to hold back, but I don’t want it to be too much too fast.”

  She tore her mouth away from his cock and stared up at him, her fingers wrapped around his erection. “I don’t want you to be easy, Ash. That’s not why I’m with you. I want what you can give me. I need it.”

  He cupped her face in his hands and looked down, his expression tender. “I love that you want that from me, Josie. I just want to make sure you’re ready for it. You’ve been through a lot and the last few days have been hectic and stressful for you.”

  “Yes, they have,” she agreed. “But do you know today was the best day? The first day in longer than I can remember where I was utterly content. I was happy, Ash. Because of you. Because I was here. I sat in your living room painting, and all I could think was how content I was to be here, working, anticipating the moment when you called to let me know you were on your way home.”

  His eyes softened and went liquid green, the color almost electric. “You take my breath away.”

  “Now,” she said, rocking back on her heels as she positioned her mouth to take his cock again. “When do we get to the kinky part?”

  chapter sixteen

  Ash was nearly undone by the sight of Josie on her knees, her mouth around his dick, just like he’d imagined so many times since seeing her that first day in the park. Now she was his. In his apartment. His life.

  He knew she’d given him a precious gift. He didn’t look beyond the fact that she offered him her trust. She’d placed her body and heart in his hands, and he’d do whatever it took to protect both. He’d never take for granted what this beautiful, courageous woman was giving him.

  He slid his hands through her hair, curling the strands around his fingers as he leaned into her. Deeper. Each stroke the most exquisite pleasure he’d ever experienced.

  He’d had many women. He’d been honest with Josie about that. But she was different. And he couldn’t even say why definitively. There was something about her that just spoke to him on a different level. Made him think about permanency when that had never been an issue in his past relationships. But then, him and Jace fucking the same women could hardly be classified as actual relationships.

  It had been years since he’d spent any time with a woman one-on-one, and he found the idea appealed to him now. Josie appealed to him.

  She was on her knees before him, utterly submissive, and not only submissive, but she wanted the same things he wanted. Enjoyed the same kinks he enjoyed. There wasn
’t a more perfect woman for him. Of that he was certain.

  He sank deep into her mouth, twitching at the back of her throat before sliding back out, enjoying the rasp of her tongue over the sensitive underside of his dick. Then he withdrew, watched as her eyes, aquamarine pools clouded with desire, found his.

  Wordlessly, he extended his hand down for hers to help her to her feet. As soon as she’d risen, he pulled her into his arms, crushing her against his chest. He kissed her, almost forgetting in his urgency to possess her mouth that he should take care. She still wore bruises. Her mouth was still tender. Yet it hadn’t stopped him from fucking her mouth, even as gentle as he’d been.

  “Let’s go into the bedroom,” he said gruffly. “I’ve been hard on your mouth. For now I’ll focus on other portions of your delectable body.”

  Her eyes flared with heat and anticipation. She’d asked him for kinky. He sure as hell could accommodate her there. His hands itched to redden her ass, to see his marks of possession on her body. It was a primitive urge that completely overtook him. He wanted to own her, for there to be no question as to his ownership.

  But as he guided her toward his bedroom, he acknowledged that he didn’t want just to own her body. He wanted to own her heart. And while he would possess her body in short order—as he’d already possessed her once—it would take much more effort and time to own the parts of her she held most dear. Her heart, mind and soul.

  He wanted them all. Wouldn’t settle for anything less than all of her.

  Now he just had to convince her.

  “Get on the bed. Lie on your stomach, hands behind you at the small of your back. I’ll come to you as soon as I prepare everything.”

  She caught her breath and color suffused her cheeks. He could see her breathing had sped up and excitement reflected in her gaze. Her hand slid from his, leaving him bereft of her touch. Then she walked to his bed and positioned herself as he’d directed.

  He collected the items he needed from his closet. A leather strap. He was confident it would bring her—and himself—great pleasure. A length of rope.

  He dropped the rope on the bed and then positioned his knee between her splayed thighs. He gathered her wrists in one hand and then began coiling the silken rope around them, binding them together.

  She gasped softly. He could feel the tension coiling in her body.

  When he had her wrists securely tied, he stepped back.

  “Up on your knees,” he said firmly, injecting a bite of command into his tone. “Ass in the air. Cheek against the mattress.”

  She struggled upward, and he reached underneath her, splaying his hand over her soft belly. He helped her upward until her knees found purchase in the mattress and she rested her face against the bed.

  Satisfied with her position, he stepped back again to retrieve the leather strap.

  “Have you done this before, Josie? I don’t want it to be too much. You need to let me know what you can take.”

  “Yes,” she whispered. “And I can take a lot, Ash. Don’t hold back. I . . . need it. I want it.”

  He leaned forward, blanketing her with his body. “If it’s too much, at any time, you say stop. Understand? It all ends with that word, darling.”

  A shudder rolled through her body. She liked endearments. He liked her reaction every time he used them.

  Then he stepped back once more and smoothed a hand over her plump ass.

  “Twelve,” he said. “Twelve marks you’ll wear on your skin. When I’m certain you’re with me, we’ll graduate to more. But for now, we start at a dozen.”

  She nodded, her eyes closed, her lips tight with anticipation. He didn’t make her wait any longer.

  The first snap of leather against her skin was loud in the silence. She jumped, the red immediately blazing across her ass. Then a soft moan escaped her lips, the sound intoxicating to him.

  Again he expertly delivered the blow, the other cheek this time. Red shimmered, coloring her skin, the contrast between the paler, untouched skin and where the leather had kissed beautiful and striking.

  She squirmed restlessly as he administered the third, fourth and fifth. By the ninth, she was softly begging. More. Harder.

  “The last three, Josie. They’ll be harder. And then I’m going to fuck your sweet ass. Think you can take that?”


  His name came out a moan. A desperate plea. Yeah, she was with him. More than with him. He was holding back, and she didn’t want that.

  He allowed more power into the tenth stroke, watching her closely, how she took the pain. It was there, at first. But just as quickly as the pain registered, she converted it, pushed it away and embraced the pleasure.

  Her eyes, open now, were soft and dreamy, as if she’d escaped into another world.

  He wasn’t used to tempering his movements, to holding himself back. He’d held back with Bethany, that night he and Jace had been with her together, because Jace wouldn’t allow him to do anything but. But Josie was important. Different. He wanted to cherish her. Be gentle and patient, even when she herself exuded impatience with his reserve. There would be plenty of time for him to give her everything. For now he wanted to make sure she was with him every step of the way, that he didn’t cross the line and cause her more pain than pleasure.

  He gave her the eleventh and then paused, savoring the last, wanting her edgy and needing. She twisted restlessly, arching back. He didn’t even know if she was cognizant of the way her body begged for more.

  “Twelve, Josie. Take the last. Give it to me. Everything you have.”

  He brought the strap down, harder than the previous times, taking care not to hit the same spots he’d hit before. The crack sounded. Her surprised yelp faded into a moan. A soft, sweet sigh of pleasure that prickled the hair at his nape and dove deep under his skin. His dick was rigid, so hard it was painful. He wanted inside her body. Deep in her ass. It was the one part of her he hadn’t possessed yet, the final hurdle in his complete ownership of her body.

  He dropped the strap, impatient to be inside her. But he held himself back, forcing himself to take the care he needed to ensure she could take him with no pain.

  He took his time applying the lubricant, stretching her opening, adding one finger and then two, applying the gel inside and out. Then he squirted more into his hand and rubbed it down the length of his erection.

  A groan escaped him. His dick hated his hand. It wasn’t what it wanted. His cock wanted inside her.

  He pushed forward, cupping her rosy buttocks in his palms before spreading them so her opening was bared to him. Then he circled his erection with one hand, palming the base, and guided it against her entrance.

  She presented the most erotic image, kneeling, ass presented, her hands bound and secured at the small of her back. Utterly helpless to do anything but take whatever he gave her.

  He tucked the head of his cock to the puckered opening and began to press forward, taking his time and exerting patience he hadn’t known he possessed.

  She moaned as he began to push inward, stretching her tight ring around the thick width of his dick.

  “Don’t fight it, baby. Push back and let me inside,” he soothed. “It’s going to feel so good when I’m inside you.”

  He reached underneath her, circling her waist, his fingers splayed wide against her belly. Then he lowered his fingers, delving into the damp curls to find her clitoris. As soon as his finger brushed over the taut bud, she jerked in reaction and he took advantage of that burst of pleasure to thrust hard.

  She gasped as her body opened, surrendering to his invasion. He closed his eyes and breathed harshly through his nose as he fought off his release. God, she was so tight around him, gripping him like a fist. And he was only halfway in.

  He stroked once more over her clit, exerting just the right amount of pressure, and when she began to buck back toward him, he used his strength to push himself the rest of the way in. To the balls. She enveloped him, swallowing h
im whole. His thighs rested against her ass as he heaved for breath.

  “I’m close,” she whispered desperately. “I can’t hold it off, Ash. Oh God.”

  He moved his finger, just for a moment, waiting for her to catch up. He didn’t want her to come yet. It would make his possession too painful. She needed to be with him the whole way. The minute she orgasmed, the edgy build-up would be lost and he’d hurt her.

  “Not until I do,” he commanded, withdrawing a bit so he could push back into her. “And I’m not ready yet, baby. You feel so damn good. Going to enjoy this sweet ass a little longer before I come inside you.”

  She moaned again, her ass clenching hard around his cock.

  He withdrew and thrust forward again, careful to keep his fingers from her clit. Then he touched her again, testing just how close she was to falling over.

  The moment her body tightened, he took his finger away again, earning him a desperate sound of agitation and impatience. He smiled. So responsive. So fucking beautiful. And all his.

  He was balls-deep inside her ass, no part of her body untouched by him. She wore his marks on that beautiful ass. And still she wanted more. Fucking perfect.

  He began to thrust harder. Rhythmically. A drive to completion. As soon as he felt his balls draw up and the rush begin to hurdle over him, he began to stroke her clit again, wanting her with him. Wanting them both to fly over that edge together.

  With his free hand, he curled his fingers around her bound wrists, gripping the rope, holding it and using it to pull her back hard against him to meet his thrusts. She let out a sharp cry, one that worried him for a moment because he feared he was hurting her. But she was thrusting back against him, desperate for more.

  “Get there, Josie,” he rasped out. “Come for me, baby. I’m there. I’m coming. Fuck me.”

  His fingers never left her clit, even as his own orgasm swarmed over him. The room blurred around him. He closed his eyes as he strained into her, as he yanked her back to meet his demanding thrusts.

  The first spurt of his release was painful. Edgy. Overwhelming. Still, he continued to thrust, bathing her insides with his hot semen. Until it seeped from her opening and ran down the inside of her leg.

  The visual spurred his orgasm to further heights. Seeing the evidence of his possession on her body was supremely satisfying. He’d never been so gratified before.

  His name tore hoarsely from her mouth. Her entire body tightened. Her fingers balled into tight fists underneath his hand. Her body shook and trembled and then she slid down, her knees losing purchase on the bed. He went with her, his hand sliding from between her legs to brace himself on the bed so she didn’t bear his full weight. But he let her have some of it. The feel of her beneath him, of the way he blanketed her body, hit him hard. He loved it.

  Nothing was more satisfying than her beneath him, him deeply embedded in her body.

  When it became evident that his weight was likely too much and that she struggled to catch up in her breathing, he shifted, causing them both to moan as he began to retreat from her ass.

  Gently he pulled the rest of the way out, holding himself up on his palms as he looked down at her reddened ass, the distended opening where he’d been just seconds before, and the traces of his semen on her skin.

  “Fucking beautiful,” he murmured. “Never a more beautiful sight, baby.”

  She sighed, her eyelashes fluttering against her cheek. Then he loosened the bonds at her wrists and leaned in to scoop her into his arms. She nestled against his chest as he carried her into the bathroom. He set her down on the commode only long enough to turn on the shower and wait for the water to heat. Then he pulled her into the shower with him and washed every inch of her skin with gentle hands.

  “Too much?” he murmured as he stroked a hand over her cheek.

  She looked up at him, her eyes still glazed with passion. And she smiled. A beautiful, gut-tightening smile that made him want to take her all over again.

  “Never too much,” she whispered. “It was wonderful, Ash. I loved it.”

  He leaned down to kiss her as the hot spray rained down on them both. “Glad to hear you were with me, sweetness. Because it’s definitely something I want to do again. Never going to have enough of you.”

  She circled his neck, hugging him as she returned his kiss. He reached up behind her to turn off the water and then he ushered her out to wrap a towel around her so she wouldn’t get cold.

  After she was dry, he wrapped his robe around her and tied the ends so she was completely covered.

  “It’s early yet. You want to go out and get something to eat or would you prefer me to order in and us eat here?”

  She paused a moment, her hands thrust into the pockets of the robe. The towel he’d wrapped her hair in was perched atop her head, and she’d never looked more beautiful than she did right here, wearing his robe, in his bathroom while they discussed their plans for the evening.

  “I’d like to eat in. Here, with you, if that’s okay,” she said. “This is our
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