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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain

  Produced by David Widger


  By Mark Twain

  (Samuel Langhorne Clemens)


  CHAPTER I. Y-o-u-u Tom-Aunt Polly Decides Upon her Duty--Tom PracticesMusic--The Challenge--A Private Entrance

  CHAPTER II. Strong Temptations--Strategic Movements--The InnocentsBeguiled

  CHAPTER III. Tom as a General--Triumph and Reward--DismalFelicity--Commission and Omission

  CHAPTER IV. Mental Acrobatics--Attending Sunday--School--TheSuperintendent--"Showing off"--Tom Lionized

  CHAPTER V. A Useful Minister--In Church--The Climax

  CHAPTER VI. Self-Examination--Dentistry--The Midnight Charm--Witches andDevils--Cautious Approaches--Happy Hours

  CHAPTER VII. A Treaty Entered Into--Early Lessons--A Mistake Made

  CHAPTER VIII. Tom Decides on his Course--Old Scenes Re-enacted

  CHAPTER IX. A Solemn Situation--Grave Subjects Introduced--Injun JoeExplains

  CHAPTER X. The Solemn Oath--Terror Brings Repentance--Mental Punishment

  CHAPTER XI. Muff Potter Comes Himself--Tom's Conscience at Work

  CHAPTER XII. Tom Shows his Generosity--Aunt Polly Weakens

  CHAPTER XIII. The Young Pirates--Going to the Rendezvous--The Camp--FireTalk

  CHAPTER XIV. Camp-Life--A Sensation--Tom Steals Away from Camp

  CHAPTER XV. Tom Reconnoiters--Learns the Situation--Reports at Camp

  CHAPTER XVI. A Day's Amusements--Tom Reveals a Secret--The Pirates take aLesson--A Night Surprise--An Indian War

  CHAPTER XVII. Memories of the Lost Heroes--The Point in Tom's Secret

  CHAPTER XVIII. Tom's Feelings Investigated--Wonderful Dream--BeckyThatcher Overshadowed--Tom Becomes Jealous--Black Revenge

  CHAPTER XIX. Tom Tells the Truth

  CHAPTER XX. Becky in a Dilemma--Tom's Nobility Asserts Itself

  CHAPTER XXI. Youthful Eloquence--Compositions by the Young Ladies--ALengthy Vision--The Boy's Vengeance Satisfied

  CHAPTER XXII. Tom's Confidence Betrayed--Expects Signal Punishment

  CHAPTER XXIII. Old Muff's Friends--Muff Potter in Court--Muff PotterSaved

  CHAPTER XXIV. Tom as the Village Hero--Days of Splendor and Nights ofHorror--Pursuit of Injun Joe

  CHAPTER XXV. About Kings and Diamonds--Search for the Treasure--DeadPeople and Ghosts

  CHAPTER XXVI. The Haunted House--Sleepy Ghosts--A Box of Gold--Bitter Luck

  CHAPTER XXVII. Doubts to be Settled--The Young Detectives

  CHAPTER XXVIII. An Attempt at No. Two--Huck Mounts Guard

  CHAPTER XXIX. The Pic-nic--Huck on Injun Joe's Track--The "Revenge"Job--Aid for the Widow

  CHAPTER XXX. The Welchman Reports--Huck Under Fire--The Story Circulated--A New Sensation--Hope Giving Way to Despair

  CHAPTER XXXI. An Exploring Expedition--Trouble Commences--Lost in theCave--Total Darkness--Found but not Saved

  CHAPTER XXXII. Tom tells the Story of their Escape--Tom's Enemy in SafeQuarters

  CHAPTER XXXIII. The Fate of Injun Joe--Huck and Tom Compare Notes--An Expedition to the Cave--Protection Against Ghosts--"An Awful SnugPlace"--A Reception at the Widow Douglas's

  CHAPTER XXXIV. Springing a Secret--Mr. Jones' Surprise a Failure

  CHAPTER XXXV. A New Order of Things--Poor Huck--New Adventures Planned


  Tom Sawyer

  Tom at Home

  Aunt Polly Beguiled

  A Good Opportunity

  Who's Afraid

  Late Home


  'Tendin' to Business

  Ain't that Work?

  Cat and Toys


  Becky Thatcher

  Paying Off

  After the Battle

  "Showing Off"

  Not Amiss


  Tom Contemplating

  Dampened Ardor



  Using the "Barlow"

  The Church


  Tom as a Sunday-School Hero????

  The Prize

  At Church

  The Model Boy

  The Church Choir

  A Side Show

  Result of Playing in Church

  The Pinch-Bug



  Huckleberry Finn

  Mother Hopkins

  Result of Tom's Truthfulness

  Tom as an Artist

  Interrupted Courtship

  The Master

  Vain Pleading

  Tail Piece

  The Grave in the Woods

  Tom Meditates

  Robin Hood and his Foe

  Death of Robin Hood


  Tom's Mode of Egress

  Tom's Effort at Prayer

  Muff Potter Outwitted

  The Graveyard


  Disturbing Muff's Sleep

  Tom's Talk with his Aunt

  Muff Potter

  A Suspicious Incident

  Injun Joe's two Victims

  In the Coils


  Aunt Polly seeks Information

  A General Good Time


  Joe Harper

  On Board Their First Prize

  The Pirates Ashore

  Wild Life

  The Pirate's Bath

  The Pleasant Stroll

  The Search for the Drowned

  The Mysterious Writing

  River View

  What Tom Saw

  Tom Swims the River

  Taking Lessons

  The Pirates' Egg Market

  Tom Looking for Joe's Knife????

  The Thunder Storm

  Terrible Slaughter

  The Mourner

  Tom's Proudest Moment

  Amy Lawrence

  Tom tries to Remember

  The Hero

  A Flirtation

  Becky Retaliates

  A Sudden Frost


  Aunt Polly

  Tom justified

  The Discovery

  Caught in the Act

  Tom Astonishes the School


  Tom Declaims

  Examination Evening

  On Exhibition

  Prize Authors

  The Master's Dilemma

  The School House

  The Cadet

  Happy for Two Days

  Enjoying the Vacation

  The Stolen Melons

  The Judge

  Visiting the Prisoner

  Tom Swears

  The Court Room

  The Detective

  Tom Dreams

  The Treasure

  The Private Conference

  A King; Poor Fellow!


  The Ha'nted House

  Injun Joe

  The Greatest and Best

  Hidden Treasures Unearthed

  The Boy's Salvation

  Room No. 2

  The Next Day's Conference


  Uncle Jake

  Buck at Home

  The Haunted Room

  "Run for Your Life"

  McDougal's Cave

  Inside the Cave

  Huck on Duty

  A Rousing Act

  Tail Piece

  The Welchman

  Result of a Sneeze


  Alarming Discoveries

  Tom and Becky stir up the Town

  Tom's Marks

  Huck Questions the Widow


  Wonders of th
e Cave

  Attacked by Natives


  The Wedding Cake

  A New Terror


  "Turn Out" to Receive Tom and Becky

  The Escape from the Cave

  Fate of the Ragged Man

  The Treasures Found

  Caught at Last

  Drop after Drop

  Having a Good Time

  A Business Trip

  "Got it at Last!"

  Tail Piece

  Widow Douglas

  Tom Backs his Statement

  Tail Piece

  Huck Transformed

  Comfortable Once More

  High up in Society