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       Cowboy Casanova, p.7

         Part #12 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
Page 7


  Ainsley turned her head slightly, drawing in the clean scent of Bennett’s skin. “Want to takes bets on who finishes first?”

  His low chuckle vibrated down her neck.

  The first guy rammed his cock fully into his woman’s mouth. His eyes locked to hers as he rasped, “Baby, I love how you do this to me every time. ”

  Okay. Ainsley could admit that was pretty hot. And maybe watching it got her a little hot.

  Bennett gently tugged her away from the scene. “There’s more to see. Come on. ”

  “How big is this place?”

  “Not very, compared to other clubs. There are two public rooms, not counting the main bar and lounge area, and nine private rooms. At other clubs, where the members are heavily into all the trappings of the lifestyle, the wait for a public room is long. Here, the private rooms always fill up first. ”

  She had a million questions she couldn’t ask because Bennett assumed she’d been in places like this before.

  The hallway divided. He waited for her to choose a direction.

  Don’t be a mouse. Be a…cougar.

  Ainsley boldly looked at his crotch then back up at his face. “So, Bennett. Did you dress left or right tonight?”

  His blue eyes heated. “Left. Or maybe it was right. Wanna double-check?”

  She managed a laugh. “Maybe later. For now, I’ll go with your first answer. ” She started down the hallway, but stopped at the first open room.

  The redhead from the bar was naked except for four inch silver stilettos. Draped over a padded bench, ropes secured her arms, her ass was sticking up in the air, and her legs were split wide enough that Ainsley could see the woman’s vulva. From back here. In living color.

  She ducked out of sight.

  Bennett stepped in front of her, blocking her retreat. “Problem?”

  “I didn’t want to interrupt. It looked ah…private. ”

  “Nope. This is a public scene. And it just started, so we’re in luck. ”


  “Don’t deny us this experience, Angel. ”

  “What is he going to do to her?”

  “Spank her. ”


  “Because she wants it. ”

  Her belly fluttered. She took a step closer to the scene and Bennett was right on her heels.

  The man wielding the paddle was the business-suit-wearing guy she’d seen at the bar. He’d ditched the suit jacket and the tie. He’d left the top two buttons of his white dress shirt undone and rolled up the sleeves, revealing muscled, tanned forearms. His left hand smoothed over the woman’s curves, from her shoulders to her butt and he spoke to her in a low tone. Ainsley couldn’t discern specific words but the cadence was obviously meant to soothe the bound woman.

  So the crack of the paddle on the redhead’s flesh startled her. It startled the redhead too, if her full body twitch and sharp cry were any indication. Before she could catch her breath, two more blows rained down on each cheek.

  The woman jerked against the restraints. The harder she fought, the harder he spanked her. She begged him to stop. He didn’t even pause.

  Bennett must’ve sensed her question. “An overseer makes the rounds every ten minutes to check that things don’t get out of hand. ”

  “She looks like she’s in pain. ”

  “She is. But that’s what she wants. ” His lips brushed the top of her ear. “Would you like that? Your beautiful ass bared for everyone to admire? Letting me run my hands all over it before I spank it? And running my mouth all over it to feel the heat on my face after I spank it good and hard?”

  “I…” Good Lord, she couldn’t even speak.

  “Look at her face. See how it’s changed? She’s trusting her partner to take her to that point where her body craves the connection of his hand on her ass. Where she only feels the warmth, the pleasure, and the care he’s showing her, trusting he’ll give her the release he built for her. ”

  With the way Bennett offered a sensual step by step, Ainsley mentally traded places with the woman restrained to the bench. Her ass glowed bright red. Her head spun as Bennett kissed her crazily, one hand fisted in her hair, the fingers of his other hand thrusting in and out of her hot, wet sex. Her shuddering, shaking orgasm reverberated in Bennett’s hungry mouth.

  She groaned softly, intending to turn away, but her face met Bennett’s warm neck. She shifted her legs together as she tried to dodge him, but he wasn’t having any of it. He flattened his palm on her lower abdomen, holding her in place.

  “Are your panties wet?” he murmured. “What would you do if I slipped my hands under your robe to find out?”

  “Don’t. Please. Not here. ”

  He half-growled, “I’m allowing it only because you’re in charge tonight. ”

  The last thing she felt right now was in charge.

  “But if I was wearin’ that gold bracelet? I wouldn’t give you a choice. ”

  Her whole body trembled. And he knew it.

  “Come on. Let’s see what else will get you whipped into a frenzy. ” Bennett kept his hand in the small of her back as they moved down the hallway.

  The next room was completely open. It contained a throne-like looking chair, except it had shackles on the armrests and the legs. Alongside that chair was a leather footstool and another spanking bench. Restraints hung down. Hooks and pulley systems were embedded in the ceiling. Chains and ropes were attached to the hooks and pulleys.

  A naked, blindfolded woman was bound by a set of chains, her arms stretched above her head, a bar kept her legs spread apart. Two men stood in front of her, sucking on her nipples. Each man had a hand between her legs, one in front, one in back. Needy, desperate sounds came from her mouth through the gag.

  “This is one of the more extreme things you’ll see. For that woman, the more men involved in the scene, the better. ”

  “M-more than two men?” Ainsley stuttered.

  “Yep. I’ve seen her take six men at one time. ” His lips skimmed the underside of her jaw, sending tingles down the left side of her body. “Wanna know how that works?”

  “No. ”

  He chuckled. “Such a bad liar. You’re tryin’ to figure out where six cocks are gonna go, so let me set the scene. She’d have one in her pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth. Another would be fucking her tits. The last two? One in each hand. ”

  Talk about multitasking.

  “And she really gets off on the guys comin’ all over her. On her face, her tits, her ass. ”

  Again, she was speechless.

  “Not your thing?” Bennett asked softly.

  “Being coated in come? No. ”

  “What about multiple partners? Does the thought of two men touching you, fucking you, bending you to their will send a shiver of want down your spine?”

  “No. I’m more of a one-on-one type, I think. ”

  He placed another soft kiss on the inside of her neck. “That’s good to know. ”

  With Bennett touching her and kissing her, Ainsley realized she didn’t want to watch what other couples were doing; she wanted to experience it for herself.

  “Find a room. Now. ”

  “Come on. ” Bennett tugged her down the hallway and pushed her into a room. He slammed the door and pressed her against it.

  She expected he’d kiss her with unrestrained passion. Tear off her clothes and take her hard and fast against the door.

  But Bennett stepped back and waited.

  For what? A written invitation?

  Right, she was in charge of this scenario. Forced out of lust-filled possibilities, she locked her gaze to his.

  “Tell me what you want me to do, Angel. ”

  She didn’t hesitate. “Make me come. Fast. Use your fingers or your mouth or even a vibrator. I don’t care but do it now. ”

  “Drop the robe. ”

>   Her fingers fumbled with the knot at her waist. Then Bennett was there, taking over, murmuring, “You really need this, don’t you?”

  “Yes. ” The robe slithered down her back. “On second thought, forget the vibrator. I have a whole collection of them at home. ”

  When he tried to kiss her, she turned away so his mouth connected with her cheek.

  “No time for kisses, huh?” His big hands cupped her breasts, then he jerked the peignoir aside and pulled her bra cup down. A rumbling noise reverberated against her breast when he bent and sucked her nipple into his hot mouth.

  Ainsley kept her hands by her sides, lost in the silken pull of his mouth and the hot lashes of his tongue. She shifted impatiently, her damp thighs rubbing together, trying to create enough friction to set her off. But it wasn’t working. She released a frustrated wail.

  Then Bennett’s mouth was on her ear. “Don’t make me guess, dammit. You’re in charge. Tell me what you want me to do to you. ”

  She blindly reached for his hand and shoved it between her legs. “Touch me. Please. ”

  He tugged aside her g-string and plunged a finger into her pussy. Then another. Thrusting in and out, a pleased rumble vibrated in her ear when he realized how wet she was. She pushed her pelvis toward him, wanting more.

  Bennett trailed sucking kisses down the side of her neck.

  Any attention to her neck made her thrash wildly. She used her shoulder to force his mouth away from her skin.

  “Hold still,” he hissed.

  “I can’t. Touch my clit. I’m so close. ”

  Muttering another curse, Bennett slid his fingers free and rubbed the wet digits on her clit. He eased back and suckled her left nipple so hard she felt the bite of his teeth.

  That set her off. “Yes. Yes!” Her clit throbbed beneath his stroking fingers, sending tremors throughout her body. When her head fell back, Bennett zeroed in on her neck and sucked.

  Her whole body vibrated as if she’d swallowed a live current.

  He kept sucking and petting her until her knees gave out. “Whoa there, Angel. ” He pressed his lower body against the door, keeping hers upright.
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