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       Cowgirl Up and Ride, p.36

         Part #3 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
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Page 36


  A kid screamed, another one yelled, “Mom!” Jenn sighed and disappeared upstairs.

  Cord gave AJ’s jeans and T-shirt a once over. “Get your boots on. ”


  “Now. ”

  “They’re in the entryway. ”

  He held the door open for her. “After you. ”

  AJ reached for the red ropers lined against the wall with the others. He noticed the silver spiked-heeled boots and pointed at them. “Bring those too. ”

  “I can’t ride in those. ”

  “You can for the kind of ridin’ I got planned. ”

  “Fine. ” She slipped on the boots and grabbed the other pair.

  “Get in the truck. ”

  “Bossy much?”

  “Oh, you ain’t seen bossy, baby doll. Not by half. ”

  She swallowed hard and climbed in.

  Cord purposely didn’t speak to her at all during the ride to his place. He didn’t crank the radio either. His silence would keep her on edge, right where he wanted her.

  He parked in front of his house and stared straight ahead as he spoke. “You’ve pushed me to the limits of my control, AJ. Today ain’t so much about discipline, but playin’ catch up for the nights you’ve missed. Today I’m gonna give you a taste of me not holdin’ back. I’m warnin’ you; I will be relentless in takin’ what I want. You won’t deny me anything. ”

  AJ didn’t say a word.

  “Go on in the house. You have five minutes to strip to nothin’ and do whatever you need to prepare yourself for me before I’ll expect you in the living room. Five minutes.

  Not a second more. ”

  He watched her hustle in the front door. After two minutes passed, he reached for the box under the seat and headed in after her. A quick trip upstairs to drop off his goodies and her time was up.

  She positioned herself in front of the windows, naked, with her arms folded over her chest.

  “C’mere. ”

  Her footsteps were silent on the wood floor. When she was close enough, he curled his hands around her face and rested his forehead to hers. She melted against him, returning his affection without hesitation. Then Cord kissed her for a good long time, mostly to please himself as he walked her backward past the couch. He nudged her onto the coffee table.

  “Sit. Lean back on your elbows and spread your legs. ”

  She didn’t argue.

  He scooted her forward until her butt hung off the edge. “Just like that. Don’t move. ”

  Cord licked her from her throat straight down to her pussy.

  AJ moaned.

  Lord. She did like a little kink—was already wet and he’d barely touched her. He dropped to his knees and stared at the feminine bounty before him. Soft. Pink. Glistening with want. He burrowed his tongue into her channel, inhaling her sweetness as he began to work her over with his mouth. Long sweeps of his tongue from her clit to her tiny puckered hole. He suckled her pussy lips, used his teeth on her clit while circling his wet thumb across that tight rosette.

  When she began to bounce her hips and that kittenish whimper echoed in his ears, he latched on to her sweet spot and sucked. As she started to come, he plunged two fingers into her ass and his thumb pressed just inside the entrance to her juicy pussy.

  “Oh-man-oh-man-oh-man. Cord!”

  He scissored the fingers in her ass, his thumb stroking the sensitive spot of her wet sex, his mouth suctioned to the swollen bud, every action in tune with the blood pulsating in her body.

  She screamed.

  Cord didn’t back off until AJ exploded again. His attention to her pleasure triggered a sweet, thick female ejaculate and she literally came all over his face.

  It was unbelievably fucking hot.

  As she was floating down from the last orgasm, he kissed her, checking to see if she’d be uncomfortable with the taste of herself on his tongue. But she lapped at him like a hungry kitten, digging her fingernails into the back of his neck.

  His dick was so hard it threatened to drive a hole through his jeans to get out.

  Cord helped her up. “On your knees on the rug, baby doll. Hands behind your back. ”

  He grabbed the rope.

  “What are you doing?”

  “Makin’ sure you can’t use your hands. ” He bound her crossed wrists. “Too tight?”

  “No. ”

  “Good. ” He watched her watching him as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. Lowered them to his shins. He shoved the boxers down and his cock bounced like it was spring loaded. “Come closer. ”

  AJ wet her lips and walked three steps on her knees.

  “That’s right. Get your mouth nice and wet for me. First I want you to suck my balls. ”

  He widened his stance and placed his hands on the top of her head. “Might have to crane your neck. ”

  She nuzzled his groin and kissed down the length of his shaft until her hot breath reached where his sac hung. AJ licked around his left nut before bringing it into her warm mouth.

  “Ah. Both of them now. Like that. ” When Cord glanced down and saw her face buried in his crotch, her eyes closed in enjoyment, his dick jerked against his belly. “Suck nice and slow. Get ’em really wet. Roll ’em over your tongue…oh hell yeah. ” After his balls had drawn up, he stroked her cheek and said, “Enough. ”

  AJ released them. “I love the way you smell. All musky, manly, salty goodness. ”

  “You’re gonna love the way I taste too. ” He tipped her head up and he circled the weeping tip of his cock over her lips. “Open wide, ’cause I’m goin’ deep. ”

  He fed his cock into her mouth an inch at a time. Jesus. He loved that supremely wet heat and how the soft tissues of her mouth molded to his hardness.

  “We’re gonna work past your gag reflex until you feel me in the back of your throat. ” Cord placed his hands on her head to guide her. “You’re doin’ fine. That feels so goddamn good. You can take it all. ” The cockhead crested her soft palate and her lips were pressed against his abdomen at the root. “Breathe through your nose. ”

  AJ tried to speak and the vibration of her voice box traveled up his shaft and electrified his balls.

  “Do that again. ”

  A humming noise this time.

  “Christ. Now I know why it’s called a hummer. Suck me hard as I’m pullin’ out. ”

  Her lips stayed tight around him until the head popped free. “Do I—”

  “No questions, baby doll. My show. ” Cord pushed the length back into her mouth, building a rhythm that brought her bottom teeth into contact with the sweet spot underneath his cockhead on every withdrawal. His legs started to shake with anticipation.

  Everything primitive and male inside him roared satisfaction at seeing his dick coated with her saliva and her chin shiny wet.

  The silky glide and the way AJ alternately sucked and licked jerked his balls up tight. His thrusts became faster, shorter. He gently held her head between his palms and her baby soft hair spilled through his fingers.

  “Oh yeah, flick that wicked tongue, right there. Work just the tip. Make it drippin’ wet. Like that. Open wider. ” He pumped four more times. The last one kept his cock deep. Cord arched as the spasms sent his seed jetting down the back of her throat.

  She swallowed with gusto.

  White noise detonated in his brain. When not a single twitch of his cock remained, he eased out of her mouth.

  AJ’s big gray eyes were on his as he yanked up his boxers and jeans and refastened his belt.

  Cord dropped to his haunches and wiped her chin. “You get any better at that and you’ll send me into a coma. ” He kissed her in a long, slow, seductive tangling of tongues, which left them both breathing hard.

  “Go upstairs and wait on the bed for me. ” He stood and helped her to her feet, watching shamelessly as her breasts bounced,
her ass shook and her shiny blonde hair swayed across the middle of her back when she climbed the stairs buck-assed nekkid.

  Chapter Twenty-seven

  It was difficult to stretch out on the bed with her wrists tied behind her back, but AJ


  Why wasn’t she seeing red at his high-handed behavior?

  Because maybe high-handed means he cares about you.

  Right. It meant he cared that she was a sexual plaything willing to flesh out his darkest fantasies.

  She could work with that.

  AJ closed her eyes and ran her tongue around the inside of her smooth lips. He hadn’t been kidding about showing her his dominant side. Not that she minded. Having him lose control, mindless for the release only she could give him, hearing tough guy Cord McKay whimper. That was powerful, knowing how thoroughly she’d pleased him.

  The creak of the door startled her, but she wasn’t in any position to panic.

  Cord perched on the edge of the bed close to her. Completely dressed. He smiled.

  She smiled back. “Are you still mad at me for last night?”

  “A little. ”

  “What for?”

  “Mostly because you were right. ” He skimmed his fingertips over her face. “You’re beautiful and vibrant and young and sweet. Everything I’m not. You don’t embarrass me, AJ. Me not wantin’ anyone to know about what we were doin’ wasn’t to protect me; it was to protect you. Some folks think it’s funny, the reputation the McKays have. It’s not.

  You saw how Colt’s been behavin’. I’d never let you get caught up in it. You deserve better. ”


  He cut off her protest with a kiss. Seemed he always did that. Seemed she always let him. But there were worse ways to elicit a subject change, in her opinion.

  “Two questions, baby doll. You ever seen the movie 9½ Weeks?”

  She shook her head.

  “You scared of water?”

  “Like you throwing me in the stock tank with my hands tied like this? Yes. ”

  “No. I mean like takin’ a shower. ”

  Cord had showed up so unexpectedly she hadn’t had time to shower. Did she smell bad?
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