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       Turn and Burn, p.25

         Part #5 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  Standing on tiptoe, Tanna broke the seal of their mouths and brushed her lips across his jaw, starting on the left and moving to the right. She whispered, “I’m yours however you want me.”

  “Couch. Now.”

  She unwreathed her arms from his neck and sauntered away, aware his eyes were glued to every enticing swing of her hips.

  Like he needed additional enticement. The woman was sex on legs.

  Bottle of oil in hand, Fletch joined her. “Hands on the cushions, legs spread wide, ass in the air.”

  As soon as she’d assumed the position, he sat on the floor between her legs. With his neck resting on the edge of the cushion, her cunt was above him.

  Fletch poured oil on his fingers. “Put your pussy on my face.”

  Tanna lowered herself without hesitation.

  He feasted on her. Lapping her juices, tickling her clit with the tip of his tongue, burying his mouth in her soft, wet tissues until he was drunk on her taste. High on the scent of her arousal. His mouth wandered to the pink pucker and he flicked his tongue over that tight rosebud until Tanna’s moans escalated.

  Then he stopped, replacing his tongue with an oil-slicked finger. He teased her pussy with rapid swirls and firm-lipped nibbles as he slowly inserted one finger in her ass.

  Tanna was so focused on her impending orgasm that she didn’t notice—or didn’t care—when he added a second finger. He reached up and squirted more oil on her tailbone. It rolled down her butt crack into her asshole, coating his fingers as he plunged them in and out, preparing her to take his cock.

  “Please. Please make me come.”

  He latched onto her clit and sucked until that sweet moment when her body responded. And he swallowed a very male grunt of satisfaction that he’d brought her there. Again.

  Every throbbing pulse caused her to gasp, “Oh God. Oh-God-oh-God-oh-God.”

  After the last tremor, Fletch gave her pussy a soft kiss, eased his fingers from her back channel and stood on shaking legs.

  Want. Need. Now.

  It took every ounce of willpower not to ram his cock into her right that second. He grabbed a handful of tissues from the coffee table and wiped his fingers. Then he realized he hadn’t brought protection. Tanna was still in a stupor and she wouldn’t notice if he slipped away for just a sec.

  But when he turned toward the bedroom, she said, “Where you goin’?”

  “To get a condom.”

  She raised her head and looked over her shoulder at him. “No condom.”

  Shocked, he said, “You sure?”

  “You’re clean. I’m clean. And it’s not like you’ll get me pregnant.” She shot him such a hot look the temperature in the room seemed to go up twenty degrees. “Bare. Your cock in my ass. Don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about it.”

  “I have. I just wasn’t aware that you had.” Their gazes stayed linked in a heated eye-fuck as he poured more oil in his hand and slicked up his cock.

  He stood behind her, his body tensed, primed, eager, but even in his raw surge of need, he took a moment to string kisses down her spine. Her beautiful skin erupted in gooseflesh when he placed a kiss on the dimples above her ass.

  Fletch didn’t ask if she was ready; he was too far gone. Although his hands were slippery, he managed to keep hold of her butt cheeks as he pulled them apart. He nudged the tiny entrance with his cock twice, pushing the head in on the third pass. Once those strong muscles constricted around the head, he couldn’t hold back. He slammed into her to the root.

  Tanna cried out.

  That caught his attention. Before he could ask if she was all right, she said, “Don’t stop. God. I forgot how much I love that bite of pain.”

  A possessive noise rumbled from his chest and he withdrew and impaled her again. And again. “Goddamn, I like this without a condom.”

  After a dozen strokes, he picked up the pace. His hips pumping, her soft butt cheeks a cushion for his increasingly hard thrusts. Then he pulled his cock out completely, the head pausing briefly at the tiny hole before ramming home.

  Tanna pushed back into him, each thrust eliciting a “Yes.”

  A crazy pressure began to build in his head as he watched his dick driving into her ass. Her anal passage was so hot and tight and a different sensation from plowing into her wet and welcoming cunt.

  Sweat beaded on his chest. The back of his neck burned. The scent of coconut permeated the air. For a brief instant he imagined they were in the jungle as he fucked her like an animal. Like a mad man. One hand fisted in her hair. One hand clamped to her hip, holding her body steady for his unyielding powerful thrusts.

  Tanna moved her hands to the back couch cushions to brace herself against his pistoning hips.

  His brain chanted faster.

  That warning buzz started in his tailbone.

  He closed his eyes. His body had demanded this rapid pace, driving him to this point as quickly as possible, and now left him teetering on the precipice. This was a special kind of torture; he wanted it to end, he didn’t want it to ever end. “So close. So fucking close.”

  Knowing what he needed, Tanna contracted and released her inner muscles, increasing the pressure on his dick. His shaft stayed nearly motionless in her snug channel as he came in hot blast after hot blast. He’d never experienced anything like his bare cock jerking against her inner walls with every wet pulse. The abyss opened up and he might’ve yelled “fuck yeah” a time or two as he fell into sweet bliss. The blood roaring in his ears muffled sounds and gave him a monumental head rush. He’d gripped her so desperately that his hands had cramped. As well as his ass cheeks. And his jaw.

  Breathing hard, spent, his mind a little scrambled, Fletch slumped forward, his hands beside hers on the cushion. His chest covered her back, but he didn’t let her small frame bear the brunt of his weight. He remained poised above her until he could breathe normally.

  That’s when Tanna turned her head and whispered, “Boom.”

  “No kidding. That . . . you . . . blew my fucking mind, Tanna.” He found his sanity kissing her, drawing out soft-lipped smooches and the glide of wet lips on wet lips.

  “Next time I’ll know what you really have in mind when you threaten to go all caveman on my ass.”

  He didn’t laugh. He just growled and lightly bit the top of her ear. She wasn’t a virgin to anal sex, but no doubt she’d be sore tomorrow after how hard he’d taken her.

  Fletch pushed her hair aside and started sucking another hickey on her nape just because he could.

  Tanna arched into him and moaned. “Fletch. Stop. I can’t take much more.”

  “Too bad because I’m not done with you yet.” He teased her, blowing in her ear, nibbling on her lobe as he cupped her mound. “Baby, you’re still wet. And swollen.” He pushed two fingers inside her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. “Need some relief?”

  “I . . .”

  “I’ll take that as a yes.” Tanna was so primed it didn’t take long until she hit the point of no return. “Come like this for me. With my dick in your ass and my fingers in your cunt.”

  “Oh, goddamn you, Fletch, I’m . . .” And she started to come. Violently. Tanna actually released a scream as every intimate part of her contracted around his fingers, his cock, his thumb. She bucked into his hand. And away from his hand. As soon as the intense orgasm ended, she sank her teeth into his bicep.

  He hissed at the sharp sting of pain.

  “I’m done in,” she panted, “worn out.”

  “Me too. You undo me every time I get to touch you.” He removed his fingers first, then his cock and pushed himself upright.

  When Tanna straightened up, Fletch wrapped his arms around her belly and kissed the back of her head, just needing to hold her.

  She sagged against him.

  “Shower?” he murmured in her ear.

  “Not right now. I just want to bask in the two hundred orgasms you forced on me.”

  “Okay.” Fletch swept her i
nto his arms and carried her to his bed.

  Tanna spread out on the cool sheets and moaned. “My body is so overheated right now. So overstimulated.”

  He stretched out alongside her. He was so wired he considered putting on his running shoes and hitting the pavement. But he didn’t want to leave her. They’d had intense sex before, but this was on a different level.

  Unused to silence from her, or physical distance in bed, he placed his hand on the small of her back, half worried she’d shake him off after the overstimulated comment.

  She didn’t. She sighed.

  God. He was so crazy for this woman.

  After a bit, she said, “Thank you.”

  Was she being sarcastic? “For . . . ?”

  “For not treating me like I’m fragile. Especially after the stuff that happened at Eli’s today.”

  Not sure if she wanted a response, Fletch remained quiet and his thumb lightly caressed her spine.

  “It was hotter than hell. You fucking me, taking me the way you wanted. Not making tender, sweet love to me.”

  His motion stilled. “You don’t like that?”

  “Don’t get me wrong, I love the way it can be tender and sweet. Or fun and fast. But sometimes . . . I need it like . . . that.”

  Relieved, he said, “I do too, baby, so you’re welcome.”

  “And please don’t ruin this by asking me if you were too rough,” she warned without looking at him.

  “Actually, I was thinking that next time I’m gonna spank your ass until it’s hot and pink before I fuck it.”

  Tanna groaned—a good groan.

  For the longest time Fletch petted her and stroked her and she let him. After she drifted off, he dressed and went for a long run. Before he returned he remembered to pick up the towels from the pool.

  As far as mood improvement therapy, he’d scored a touchdown.

  Chapter Twenty-three

  After finishing her physical therapy exercises, Tanna picked up her cell phone and saw she’d missed a call from her brother Garrett, not ten minutes ago. She called him back, hoping he picked up.

  He answered on the second ring. “If it isn’t my wayward big sister.”

  “I’m not wayward. I’m untoward, remember?”

  Garrett laughed. Tanna had to close her eyes at the hollow feeling that sound evoked. She missed him. During her years on the road they’d spent a lot of time on the phone. She hated that since he’d started a career as a “security specialist” eighteen months ago, she couldn’t just call him whenever the mood struck her.

  “How’re things goin’ in Wyoming?”

  “Hawking clothes and slinging drinks at the resort is fun so it doesn’t seem like work most days. Where are you?”

  “I’m in Colorado, actually.”

  “Hey, you’re close to me. So are you done training?”

  “I hope so. So much of it is bullshit busywork. I hate playing step’n’fetch. But I gotta pay my dues before I move up to management, which hopefully won’t take more than six months, since turnover is so high.”

  She paused, wanting to ask him a million questions. “What happens now?”

  “Checking out my apartment options in Denver.”

  “Really? But I thought you’d put in a request for California.”

  “I did. But I’ve decided to stay with this office rather than transferring to the one in L.A. Colorado . . . the geography is different enough that I won’t pine for Texas here. Goddamn, I miss sweet tea. I even miss the humidity.”

  Tanna laughed. “I don’t miss the humidity. And I’m happy there seem to be very few bugs around here. Anyway, I’m proud of you.”

  “For what?”

  “For admitting that you’re pining for Texas but adapting to that change better than I have.”

  “Tanna. First of all, I wasn’t in an accident that permanently altered the course of my career. Second of all, I didn’t have a career beyond hauling hay. Anything is a step up from unemployment.”

  She snorted. A career hauling hay. Garrett hadn’t been some second-generation slacker ranch hand. He’d enrolled in college immediately after high school, signing up for business management classes, computer programming classes. Even theology classes. He’d racked up enough college credits to graduate, but not in any specific major. So if asked, he’d claim a degree in B.S.—which amused him far too much.

  “I heard that snort.”

  “You were meant to. But I’ll point out that bein’ an unemployed barrel racer doesn’t earn me unemployment checks.”

  “Anything new on the getting back on the horse front, sis?” When she didn’t respond, he sighed. “Forget I asked.”

  “So when this Wyoming gig dries up, can I move in with you in Denver?”

  “I’d like that. Might make me sound like a pussy, but I miss living with family.”

  No, bro, that means you’re still the sweet, kind boy you’ve always been. “Speaking of family . . . Have you heard from Dad?”

  “No. Then again I haven’t heard from anybody since training started. Have you?”

  “Not a word.”

  “Jesus. What a fucktard. How long has it been since you talked to him?”

  “A year and a half. You?”

  “About the same. I did get a weird Facebook message from Rosalie’s daughter Lucinda, about the same time you had your accident.”

  “What did she want?”

  “She asked if our dad and her mom had joined some kind of weird cult where the new members have to cut off all ties with their family.”

  “Did you respond?”

  “No. I wanted to say . . . that her mom and my dad contracted asshole-itis and I’m staying far away ’cause I fear it’s highly contagious.”

  Tanna couldn’t even laugh at that.

  Silence lingered between them for a moment.

  Garrett sighed. “You know, there are days that I’m still in shock about how it all played out after Mom died.”

  “But other days?” she prompted.

  “Most days I’m not surprised Dad surgically excised us from his life.”

  “This might be a stupid question, but did you know?”

  “That Dad hated everything about the ranch?” A long pause followed. “I had my suspicions.”

  Not what she’d expected and she said so.

  “Don’t take offense, but you weren’t there most of the time. With the drought takin’ a toll on the cattle numbers, you know we had to sell off a bunch of livestock . . . so he’d been in a state of transition five years prior to Mom’s death.”

  “Why didn’t you say anything to me? Warn me?”

  “It wouldn’t have changed anything. And you’d’ve gotten pissed off at me and confronted Dad about it. Dad would’ve told Mom to control her daughter, she’d’ve gotten upset and it would’ve become an ugly deal. There was no reason for it.”

  How many times had her father called her her mother’s daughter? And why hadn’t she noticed that it’d been an insult to her and her mom? Or at least their close relationship?

  “I know selling the ranch upset you, but did you really see yourself giving up your career and settling down to become a full-time rancher after Dad retired?”

  She paced to the window. “Dad made that choice for me. Why are you taking his side?”

  “I’m not. I’m just pointing out a few things you haven’t considered.”

  “Such as?”

  “Such as all you ever wanted was a home base. A place to come back to. The ranch was there for your convenience. You weren’t raising livestock on a daily basis. You were competing halfway across the country.”

  “Did you resent me for that, Garrett?”

  “Sometimes. But I also saw the writing on the wall right after you started competing professionally. Why do you think I kept taking all those classes? I knew I needed a fallback position besides ranching. It’s why I volunteered with search and rescue, the coroner’s office, the police reserves and the fire d

  “I thought you were just trying to one-up me with all that shit.”

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