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       Cowboy Take Me Away, p.21

         Part #16 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James

  held onto the back of his neck, keeping those full, soft lips on hers when she sensed he wanted to pull away. The sweet and slow kiss kept the passion between them on simmer rather than starting out as a raging inferno. It was exactly what she needed.

  All of a sudden Carson bent forward, hooking her knees in his arms and lifting her up. Still teasing her lips with nibbles and soft smooches, he carried her into the trailer straight to his bedroom and lowered her onto his bed.

  “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

  “Where are you going?”

  “To take a shower.” He grinned and let his hungry gaze wander over her. “A quick shower.”

  Carolyn stretched out. Sex aside, she wondered what it’d be like to spend the whole night in Carson’s bed and not just a few hours. Did he sleep naked? Would they fall asleep in each other’s arms? Would he want to have sex with her first thing in the morning? Beverly told her morning sex was the best. Then she’d gone into a little too much detail about how Mike had woken her up.

  That would be a great way to wake up; Carson’s tongue licking and teasing, his lips sucking on her tender flesh. He kissed her down there with as much skill and enthusiasm as he kissed her mouth. He liked making her squirm until she begged.

  Which she always did. Without shame. Then he launched her into that pulse-pounding rush of heaven and gently brought her back down.

  Just thinking about all the wonderful sensations her body was capable of under his tutelage sent a tingle down her spine and dampened her panties with want.

  When the bedroom door shut, she pushed up on her elbows.

  Carson stood by his dresser, small towel wrapped around his hips, rummaging through the top drawer.

  His naked back was a sight to behold. His muscles flexed even with the smallest movement, sending the water droplets still clinging to his skin rolling down his sinewy muscles.

  Then he faced her. “Caro? You okay?”

  She automatically answered, “Uh-huh,” but she was more focused on the impressive tent at the juncture of his thighs. Right then she wanted to feel that hardness in her mouth. Kissing him the same way he kissed and tasted her. Scooting to the edge of the bed, she gazed up at him.

  He eliminated the space between them and curled his hand around her face. “Interestin’ look on your face, sugar. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

  Carolyn didn’t break eye contact. “I want to put my mouth on you, but I don’t know what to do. Will you teach me what you like?”

  His blue eyes went molten. “What prompted you into wantin’ to give me a blowjob?”

  “Seeing you naked pretty much did it,” she admitted. “I love it when you put your mouth down there and I want to know what it feels like to do the same thing to you.” There. That hadn’t been so hard.

  “I want that too. But before we get to the next stage, I wanna hear you say the words.”

  “What words?”

  Carson yanked away the towel. He circled his free hand around the base and stroked up. “This is my cock. Say it.”

  Her cheeks burned. “That’s your cock.”

  “I know you’ve got issues sayin’ dirty words, but when that bedroom door closes and it’s just you’n me nekkid? Those words ain’t dirty. They’re body parts—our body parts—and I expect you to tell me what you want.”

  You can do this. “I want your cock in my mouth,” she said softly.

  Carson groaned and he moved his hand faster. Then he realized what he was doing and stopped. His hand tightened on her face and he swept his thumb over her cheekbone. “So fuckin’ sexy that you want this.”

  “Show me what you like,” she whispered. She placed her hand over his as he stroked himself.

  “You can keep a pretty firm grip.” He removed his hand, placing hers on that hard shaft. “Slow is good until I need it fast.”

  Without waiting for instruction, Carolyn angled her head and licked the tip.

  He sucked in a breath and said, “More of that.”

  She swept her tongue across the slit, wetting her tongue with the clear liquid seeping out but it didn’t really have a taste. She enclosed the entire tip in her mouth and sucked. Then she backed off and traced the edge of the head with her tongue.

  Carson didn’t direct her; he just let her explore, apparently not minding that she was so tentative. His hand was still curled around her face and his other hand played with her hair.

  Bolstered by his patience, she took the tip in her mouth again and let her lips slide down the length, not stopping until her gag reflex kicked in. This close to his groin she caught a whiff of his musky male scent that even the soap from his shower couldn’t mask. She eased back and swallowed him again to where her hand gripped the base.

  Some instinct told her to kick up the pace; to move her hand up and her mouth down in tandem.

  “That’s it, just like that. God that feels good, sugar. So good.”

  She focused on pleasing him, knowing by the harsh sound of his breathing that she was doing something right. She took a chance and glanced up at him, expecting he’d have his eyes closed. But that burning blue gaze zeroed in on her, not her eyes, but watching his dick disappear into her mouth.

  When Carson started bumping his pelvis forward, that was the sign he’d spoken of to go faster.

  She bobbed her head, sucking hard when his length was in as far as she could take it. She had a quick thought: why did they call this a blowjob? There was no blowing involved. It should be called a suck job.

  “Caro. I’m gonna come…pull back when I tell you.”

  His deep moans and the tighter grip on her hair made her squirmy and anxious. Doing this to him had already soaked her panties.


  As soon as she’d released him from her mouth, he wrapped his hand around hers and pulled on his dick so hard and fast, she wondered if it hurt, especially when the look on his face seemed pained.

  “Watch,” he said hoarsely.

  His body began to shudder. She watched as thick ribbons of milky white shot out of that slit and coated both of their hands. He kept pumping and pumping until the spurts ended.

  “Fuck.” Carson blindly reached behind him and braced a hand on his dresser, acting as if he needed something solid to hold him up after that.

  What a sense of satisfaction that response gave her.

  As he caught his breath she asked, “Why did you have me pull back?”

  “Since this was your first time…you ain’t ready for me to come in your mouth.”

  Carolyn wondered how it’d feel having those powerful spasms on her tongue. Curious as to what that tasted like, she enclosed the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked.

  “Jesus, what are you doin’?”

  She showed her disapproval about his language by lightly sinking her teeth into his softening flesh.

  “Shit. Sorry. That just… Damn, woman. I’m feelin’ a little shaky after that.” He sat beside her on the bed. Snagging the towel off the floor, he wiped off her hand before cleaning up his own.

  “I’m buck assed nekkid and you’ve still got all your clothes on. How did that happen?”

  She kissed the cup of his shoulder. “Oral sex education, remember?” she said, suddenly feeling shy. “So how’d I do?”

  Carson dipped his head. Against her lips, he murmured, “I’d say since you made my knees weak you did pretty damn good, wouldn’t you?”


  “You wanna slip them britches off and let me have a go at you?”

  “If you want.”

  He nuzzled her neck. “Gonna be shy now?”


  “Can’t have that.” Carson put his hand in the center of her chest and pushed her back until her spine hit the mattress. He slipped her pedal pushers to the floor, then her panties.

  When Carolyn started to scoot into the middle of the bed, he clamped his hand onto her thigh.

  “Don’t move.”

ut how—”

  Dropping to his knees, he brought her legs over his shoulders, burying his face between her thighs.

  “This sweet juice tells me you liked havin’ my dick in your mouth.”

  Then she couldn’t answer because her mind was focused on his lips, his teeth and his tongue. Lapping and sucking, his hot breath washed over her, sending tingles up her belly.

  Carson didn’t tease her, leaving her hanging on the ragged edge as he’d done before. He built her into a frenzy of need and then finished her off with that rhythmic sucking thing he did with his lips that sent her soaring.

  Her entire body quaked. She had a strange whooshing in her ears and she thought she might’ve…yelled out his name, with maybe a couple of loud yes, yes, yeses.

  He released her legs and set her feet on the floor. “Sugar, put your britches back on or I’m afraid we won’t leave this bed the rest of the night.”

  She watched him putting on clean clothes, which was almost as sexy as seeing him strip out of his clothes.

  “I could use a beer. Come on.” He offered his hand and led her down the hallway and into the kitchen. “Sorry that I forgot to pick up Coke for you.”

  “I’ll just have a sip or two of your beer.”

  Carson raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t think you drank.”

  “I do sometimes.”

  He let her have the first drink.

  She swallowed the bitter brew. “Thanks.”

  “Let me know if you want more.” He took a healthy swig. “What happened today? You seemed a mite melancholy.”

  “I was. Just…” Don’t go whining to him. “No big deal. Just forget it, okay?”

  “Nope. I’ll keep pestering you until you talk.”

  Carolyn fought the need to fidget under his probing gaze. “I had a fitting for a bridal party today. Remember that woman you had your arm around that night you were so cold to me? She’s in the wedding. And she said some stuff about you.”

  His eyes narrowed. “What’d she say? Because I never did nothin’ with her. Never even kissed her.”

  “I believe you. She said the only reason you were with me was because I’m a challenge to you and you’d dump me like you’ve dumped everyone else. In fact, maybe I was too stupid to know I’d already been dumped because she saw you at the bar last night and you weren’t alone.”

  “Are you askin’ me if that’s true? Yes, I was at the bar with my brothers, we had a couple of beers and left. That’s it.”

  Carolyn placed her hand on his chest. “I wasn’t accusing you. I believe you. I know you like to go out and rip it up. Edie’s comments about you and me started this whole nasty conversation and they were acting like we weren’t a couple.”

  “What’d you say about that?”

  “Nothing. I overheard them. They didn’t say it directly to me.”

  “They’re idiots. We are a couple. Everyone who’s seen us out and about knows we’re a couple.” He tugged on her hair. “As long as you know I’m with you and only with you, then I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks or says.”

  Easy for him to say. Turning a deaf ear to the rumors was harder to do.

  He’s a McKay. You’d better get used to dealing with rumors.

  “How about I buy you supper?”

  “Someplace quiet?”

  “I was thinkin’ more along the lines of the diner in Moorcroft. Show people we are a normal couple out on a date.” He grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I haven’t wanted to share you or our time together, but now I see I’ve gotta show off my beautiful girlfriend.”

  “Carson, you don’t have to.”

  “I want to. It’s past time I take you out someplace besides a bar.”

  Chapter Fourteen


  “You gonna keep beatin’ the shit outta that post? Or maybe we can move on to the next one?”

  Carson swiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his glove and let the hammer fall. “Sorry.”

  “Whatcha thinkin’ about so hard?” Cal asked.

  He didn’t answer. Instead he picked up a shovel.

  “It’s her, ain’t it?”


  A moment passed and Cal sighed. “Come on, Carse, what’s goin’ on? I don’t involve myself in your love life, but it’s affecting your workin’ hours so I have a right to know why you’re so damn distracted.”

  Carson leaned on the shovel handle and gazed across this new section of grazing land, covered in scrub cedar. How did he say this without sounding like a sap?

  Cal said nothing. He just waited.

  “I want my ring on her finger. I want everyone to know she’s mine. It’s the first time I ever felt this way and I don’t know what to do.”

  “Marry her.”

  “Just like that?” He scowled at his brother. “I’m bein’ serious.”

  “So am I. Isn’t that what you told me you planned on doin’ the first night you saw her? And the first night you brought her over here? And after you introduced her to us? Or didn’t you mean it?”

  Carson struck the ground’s hard crust with the shovel. The clang reverberated up his arm. “I meant it. Didn’t know how much I meant it until I’d gotten to know her and she’s…everything.”

  “Still don’t see the problem.”

  “Yeah? How about her family will be pissed, maybe pissed enough to permanently cut ties with her if she marries me. How about she’s young. How about we’ve only been together four fucking weeks.”

  Cal shrugged. “You said yourself that she seems older than her years. Most people get married young—you’n me are about the only ones in our class that ain’t hitched. Doesn’t matter how long you have or haven’t been together. You’ll have deeper feelings for her if you wait another year to make it official? And not to be a jackass, but there are plenty of families in these parts that wouldn’t want you marryin’ their daughter either, so that family bullshit is another moot point. Quit fightin’ with yourself. Cowboy up and make her your wife or walk away.”

  “Just like that?”

  “Just like that,” Cal repeated. “You ain’t one for half measures.”

  “No lie there.” He rubbed his chin with the back of his hand, deep in thought. “I don’t know how to do this. Do I buy her a ring? Or does she go with me to pick one out?”

  “Doesn’t Dad have Mom’s rings?”

  “Yeah. But remember he inherited them from his mother. She made Dad promise her jewelry would go to the first girl born into the McKay family.”

  “Damn. I’d forgotten about that. You bein’ the first one to get married won’t count.”


  Cal cocked his head. “Any money left over from the bank loan after we bought that section from Harvey Buckholz?”

  “Since closing costs were less than we’d estimated…yeah. But I thought I’d use it to make the first payment.”

  “Looks like you’ve found a better use for it.” Cal squinted at the sky. “Let’s pack it in for today. It’s hotter than a demon’s cooch out here anyway.”

  Carson and Cal ended up driving into Rapid City for an engagement ring. He’d look cheap if he picked one with a little diamond chip. Carolyn was worth more than that. At the last store he found a round stone, the size of the end of a pencil eraser, in a platinum setting, that managed to be simple yet eye-catching.

  “So when are you askin’ her?”

  “Tonight.” Carson shot him a look. “You can make yourself scarce, right?”

  “I suppose I’d better find someplace to live, so the newlyweds can have their privacy.”

  “The Buckholz house ain’t in that bad of shape except for the broken windows and the critters that’ve moved in.”

  Cal glanced at him sharply. “I thought you wanted that place.”

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