Saddled and spurred, p.15
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       Saddled and Spurred, p.15

         Part #2 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  After spending hours tossing and turning in her bed, Harper decided to do something impulsive for once in her life: She’d throw herself into a sexual fling with Bran because there was an end date. No chance she’d fall for him or that he’d want more from her than sex.

  Wasn’t that a man’s ideal relationship? All sex and no commitment? If that was what she offered, wouldn’t he jump at it?

  Harper knocked on Bran’s door at ten o’clock the next morning.

  He immediately opened it, looking sexy and yummy—and that was before he gifted her with a sweet smile. “Harper.”

  “Ah. Hi.”

  “Hi, yourself. Come on in.”

  She went through the ritual of removing her outerwear, like she’d done so many times at this very spot. But this time was different. This time she felt Bran’s eyes on her as she undressed. And when their gazes collided, he didn’t bother to bank the desire burning in his.

  Silence stretched. They didn’t move closer. They weren’t really even looking at each other.


  Just as she was ready to chalk this up to a dumb idea, Bran towered over her and cupped her face in his hands.

  He murmured, “Finally,” and snared her mouth in a kiss. A chaste kiss, as he kept their lips connected, sliding, gliding, a teasing test of how long they could maintain the soft, sweet, innocent smooches.

  Harper slid her hands up, leaving her palms flat on his chest. His heart beat as fast as hers. She thrust her tongue between his lips, not wanting careful kisses and measured touches. Wanting heat and fire.

  And did the kiss ever catch fire. Frantic, hungry, breath-stealing, a hot never-want-to-put-it-out kind of inferno.

  When the kiss was no longer enough for either of them, Bran ripped his mouth free. “Tell me to stop or I’m takin’ you right now.”

  She arched her neck, moaning as his damp lips trailed across her throat. “Don’t stop.”

  The last barrier between them shattered.

  Bran kept kissing her as he herded her down the hallway to his bedroom.

  As soon as they were in the room, he yanked the comforter and sheets to the end of the bed. He worked the buttons on her blouse free, stringing kisses as each button revealed another inch of her feverish skin.

  Once her shirt hung open, Bran peeled it off and let it flutter to the floor. A primal heat darkened his eyes as his fingertips traced the swells of her breasts. “You’re beautiful.” He bent his head, using his tongue to follow the path his finger had taken.

  Straight down. He dropped to his knees.

  Her skin tightened, raising goose bumps. She shuddered at the delicious sensation of his hot mouth on her body. How long would he tease her before removing her remaining clothes? Hopefully he’d take his time, not rush into the naked, thrusting part of sex. As much as she liked that body-to-body intimacy and the sensation of that ultimate physical connection, in her limited sexual experience once the goal of getting inside her was achieved, it ended quickly. And she always got the short end of the stick.

  “Harper? You still with me?”


  His fingers popped the button on her jeans. He lowered the zipper and placed his warm mouth below the waistband of her bikini panties. He tugged the denim until it stopped at her knees. “Sit on the bed so I can get these off.”

  She complied. Jeans gone, socks gone, Harper wore just her bra and panties while Bran was fully clothed.

  He placed his hands on her knees and gently pushed. “Make room for me.” He scooted close enough that his belt buckle dug into her crotch. Those rough-skinned hands slid up the tops of her thighs, around her hips, and up her back to the clasp of her bra. One quick tug and the cups loosened. The straps started to fall down her arms and then Bran’s hands were right there, impatiently removing them.

  The look of hunger on his face when he saw her naked breasts for the first time soaked her panties and increased her hopes that all her fantasies about the kind of amazing lover Bran would be would come true.

  Bran palmed her breasts, placed his mouth around her right nipple, and sucked.

  Yes. This was what she wanted. Harper arched and let her head fall back.

  Then he switched to the left nipple, giving it an openmouthed kiss as his hands kneaded the mounds of flesh. Then his mouth was gone, and so was his body as he stood.

  She opened her eyes.

  He yanked his T-shirt over his head.

  Harper’s mouth went dry. Oh, wow. He had a really great chest. Well-defined muscles. A smattering of dark hair. A line of hair she followed down to where it disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. She watched, her heart racing madly, as he unhooked the belt buckle. Unfastened the button. Unzipped. The jeans hit the carpet with a muffled thump. The tip of his penis poked out of the top of his navy blue boxer briefs. Then the entire length was staring her in the face, rising from between muscular thighs and more of that same dark hair.

  Okay. So Bran wasn’t huge, but he was bigger than either of the men she’d been with. Way bigger. Heat burned in her cheeks and she swallowed hard, an equal mix of anticipation and anxiety.

  Bran walked to the nightstand. He rustled in the drawer and she heard the sound of crinkling plastic. When he turned around he wore a condom.

  That was fast.

  He grinned. “Scoot up in the middle of the bed and spread out.”

  Harper moved and Bran was right there, fusing his mouth to hers. Kissing her with more eagerness than finesse. She wrapped her arms around his neck, threading her fingers through his hair, sinking into the kiss.

  But the kiss didn’t last long. His lips followed the line of her jaw up to her ear and he whispered, “I’m dyin’ to be inside you.”

  At that moment, she froze. Surely there was more than . . . this?

  Bran’s hips and chest met hers. His hand slipped between their bodies and he placed the blunt cock head at her entrance. He buried his lips in her neck and pushed inside her channel. Slowly. So slowly she felt every inch filling her until he was all the way in.

  “You okay?” he murmured.

  She nodded.

  He pulled out and pushed in.

  By the sixth thrust, she’d wrapped her legs around his waist and rolled her pelvis to meet his thrusts. This was getting better. After each withdrawal she held her breath, wanting that deep plunge again. Wanting that delicious fullness. That wet friction.

  Then Bran’s hips moved faster. Short, shallow strokes that really did nothing to increase her enjoyment but seemed to do a whole lot to increase his.

  He arched his back and slammed into her fully. And stopped, softly groaning as his climax overtook him.

  Nothing she did, squeezing her interior muscles, canting her pelvis to more fully connect with his, brought her release.

  Bran slumped against her, his body still quivering with aftershocks.

  Must be nice.

  In her fantasies, she’d built up sex with Bran Turner to a multiorgasmic fulfillment of all her long-held sexual desires. Once again, she was disappointed. More than she’d ever been.

  The reality never lived up to the hype.

  Breathing hard, Bran rolled off Harper and stared at the ceiling above his bed. That hadn’t taken long. At all. So much for wowing her with his staying power. Or sexpertise. Once he’d gotten his dick inside her warm, snug pussy, he’d lasted about two minutes before he’d shot his load.

  He could claim that it’d just felt too damn good, or it’d been too damn long for him, or he was afraid he’d scare her with his sexual demands, or he’d intended the first time to be over fast so he could take more time with round two. Those were all valid reasons for being so quick on the trigger.

  You gonna lie to her too? Or just to yourself?

  The truth was, he was out of practice. And he wasn’t sure if she’d even come.

  Some red-hot lover you are, stud. Making sure you got yours first.

  Harper pushed up, keeping the sheet
covering her breasts as her feet hit the floor on the opposite side of the bed.

  Bran placed his hand in the center of her bare back and she jumped. “Goin’ someplace?”

  “I—I should get dressed.”

  “What’s your hurry?”

  “We’re done, right?”

  That cinched it. She definitely hadn’t come. Wasn’t happy about it either.

  Not that Bran blamed her.

  “Besides, now that we’ve got that out of our systems—”

  “Harper,” he said sharply. “Look at me.”

  She peered over her shoulder at him. “What?”

  “Did I say we were done?”

  “No. But it’s obvious—what are you . . . eep!”

  He’d grabbed her around the waist and pinned her to the mattress, straddling her hips, holding her arms above her head. “What’s obvious to me is that you didn’t come. And I owe you an apology for the wham-bam way this ended up. It wasn’t what I wanted or intended. But damn, woman, you’re so sexy and hot and I’ve wanted you for so long that I sorta lost my head.”

  The skepticism stayed in her eyes.

  “Okay. I see you don’t believe me. I can prove it and make it up to you.”

  She relaxed slightly.

  “But first we need to set a couple of things straight. We should’ve talked about these things before we hit the mattress today. As much as I hate the word, I am your boss. I write your paychecks.”

  “Well, technically you aren’t writing the paycheck. Your accountant is.”

  “Do you really see it that black and white, Harper?”

  Silence descended between them. Her gaze skittered away briefly before her eyes met his again. “No. I know how much you ranchers hate rules, but if we are going to start this . . . we need to set a simple . . . guideline and both agree to abide by it.”

  “Such as?”

  “Keeping this strictly a working relationship during working hours.”

  “That’s it?”

  “Yes. Then what we do together when I’m off the clock shouldn’t matter, should it?”

  “No messing around at all while we work together?”


  He whistled. “That’s a hard stance.”

  “But a simple solution.”

  “True.” Bran smooched her nose. “You are such a smart woman. So you’re all right with us starting this? Because once we start, Harper, you’re mine until you leave town.”

  “Same goes, Bran.”

  He liked the possessive note in her voice. “Then it’s settled. Now if I have the accountant cut you a performance-based bonus check, you won’t have to worry that it was because you gave me a spectacularly good blow job.”

  Harper’s face flushed and she let loose an awkward laugh.

  Holy hell. She blushed and tittered like a schoolgirl at the mere mention of the words blow job? Bran leaned closer. “How much sexual experience do you have?”

  “Umm. More than my limited amount of ranch experience, but not much.” She debated for a split second and blurted, “I’ve only been with two guys before you and neither were long-term.”

  With deliberate care, he moved to the edge of the bed and scrubbed his hands over his face.

  “Bran? What’s wrong?”

  “I don’t . . . You don’t . . .” Hell, he couldn’t form coherent sentences. He’d suspected her innocence, but hearing her admit it? An unfamiliar instinct surfaced—one he couldn’t voice because he didn’t understand it.

  “My lack of sexual experience bothers you?” she prompted.

  How was he supposed to answer that?

  “So, you’re saying you’d want me more if I’d been with a million guys instead of just two?”

  Bran whirled around. “No. Jesus, that’s not what—”

  “Then what? You thought I’d be as indiscriminate with men as my mother was?”

  “Wrong answer, sweetheart. I would never compare you to your mother. Never.”

  “Or are you into kinky stuff? Stuff that I haven’t done in my limited experience?”

  He tried to stay calm even as she seemed to be baiting him. “I guess it depends on what you consider kinky.”

  Frustrated, Harper jammed a hand through her hair. “I know even less about kinky than I do about cows. I’ve had plain sex. That’s it. I don’t know if I look like a woman who’d automatically say no to the kinkier stuff or if the guys I was with were into the basics.”

  He frowned. “Explain what you mean by the basics.”

  “Missionary position. Me on top. Oral.”

  Bran’s gaze dropped to her mouth. He’d couldn’t freakin’ wait to see those luscious lips wrapped around the base of his cock. Feel her cheeks suctioned tight as he pumped his seed down her throat.

  “I’ve gotten oral too,” she said, breaking his wayward train of thought, “but not as often as I’d like.”

  He chuckled. “Fond of that?”


  He slid his hand up her leg. Her skin broke out in chill bumps. “Well, I’ll have no problem showing you new things.”

  Her whiskey-colored eyes were so serious. The cute little wrinkle between her eyebrows indicated she was deep in thought.


  “Since I’ve been honest with you, be honest with me. How much experience do you have?”

  “Plenty.” He crawled back up her body, trapping her hips between his knees and pinning her hands above her head. “I ain’t into kinky shit like golden showers, or hard-core pain games like using a crop or a cat-o’-nine-tails on you, or havin’ you sit on a pallet at my feet like a slave girl and service me like an unpaid whore. I’d never do anything to you that you didn’t want, Harper. That said, I plan to be very demanding in bed. That’ll especially hold true with you.”


  Because it’ll give me a chance to explore my raunchy side, something I’ve never had the guts to ask a woman to let me try.

  “Because you’re inexperienced and I’m not. I prefer doin’ things my way.” Bran kissed the surprised O of her mouth. “And it ain’t gonna be one-sided pleasure, like earlier. I plan to use my hands, my mouth, and my cock to fuck that basic vanilla sex right outta you.”

  Her breath caught.

  He felt the increased pounding of her heart where his fingers circled her wrists. “Tell me you want this,” he growled, scenting her excitement. “Tell me with a word, that for the next two months, your body, your pleasure, your sexual will belongs to me.”


  Rather than roar like a beast that had procured its next meal, Bran placed his lips on her ear. “Let your legs dangle over the edge of the bed.” He released her and rolled to his feet.

  Harper kicked aside the sheet and maneuvered herself into position. Each sliding scoot of her ass made her tits bounce. Nice. Bran planned on spending a lot of time getting acquainted with them. Later.

  He snagged two pillows. “Put these under your head so you can see what I’m doin’.” As soon as she was settled, he fell to his knees.

  There was her sweet, surprised intake of breath again.

  And he hadn’t even put his mouth on her yet.

  Bran’s hands tracked her long, shapely legs from her ankles up her shins to her knees. His fingers inched up the outside curves of her thighs until he reached her hips. Man. Her waist was so tiny his hands nearly spanned its width. He followed the feminine arc of her body to grab a handful of her ass cheeks.


  “Put your feet on my shoulders.”

  She bit her lip, hesitating for a second. Then her toes brushed his biceps and her heels settled into the cups of his shoulders.

  “Keep your hands by your sides and watch me.” Bran bent his head and
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