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Miss Firecracker, Page 13

Lorelei James

Page 13

  Author: Lorelei James

  “What’s going on?”

  “Stupid piece of shit car. Damn thing won’t start. Again. ”

  Blake grabbed his keys. “We’ll get it looked at tomorrow. Lemme lock up and I’ll drive you home. ”

  “Don’t you have to close out the till and stuff? It’s already late. ”

  “I’m used to late nights. No biggie. ”

  “I can take you home,” Willow offered.


  She faced Blake. “It’s okay. I’m done. ”

  He crossed over to her and touched her cheek gently, but the fire in his eyes was unmistakable. “You are coming back?”

  “Do you want me to?”

  “Of course. ”

  “Now you have an incentive to finish fast. ”

  “Seems I do. Lock the delivery door behind you when you get back and come find me, all right?”

  “Sure. ”

  Outside the air was losing the sultriness. Willow rolled down the window as Mandy climbed in her truck.

  “I appreciate this, Willow. ”

  “Least I could do. ”

  “You know, you’re nothing like I thought you’d be. ”

  Willow glanced at her. “Same goes. But naturally I’m curious as to what you mean. ”

  “I see you around town and I’ve always envied your confidence. ”

  Was Mandy implying she came off cocky? “Yeah?”

  “Yeah. But I can’t fathom what it’d be like to run a construction company, especially being a woman. ”

  “It has good days and bad days, just like any other job. I’ll admit I have a rougher time being taken seriously than my male counterparts. And since I work around men ninety-nine percent of the time, I don’t get much chance to indulge in the girly type stuff other women take for granted. ”

  “Is that why you entered the Miss Firecracker pageant?”

  Willow shook her head. “This nasty woman I went to school with put my name in as a joke. I had too much pride to back out. ”

  “You won. That had to feel good. ”

  “It did. Doesn’t mean I learned a thing about becoming more ladylike, as so many gossips in this town have pointed out to me. ” And to my mother.

  “Turn here,” Mandy said. “You’d think since I’m on the receiving end of snap judgments I wouldn’t do it, but I do too. ”

  Good thing it was dark and Mandy couldn’t see the blush stealing across Willow’s cheeks. She’d prejudged Mandy. Misjudged her apparently. Yet they were on common ground because Mandy had done the same to her. “What do you mean?”

  “Most people in this town think I’m a skanky barmaid biding my time to hook a husband so I can quit slinging drinks. I’m not looking for a man to take care of me. I get by fine and take care of myself. And I am not interested in dating. Especially not guys who hang out in bars. ”

  “Do you like being a cocktail waitress?”

  “I’m not qualified to do much else and I am good at it. My ex split when our baby was six months old. Since he drives truck, and he changes trucking companies like some women change clothes, I don’t know where he is most the time so child support is a joke. ”

  “You can get his wages garnished. I’ve got a couple of guys who work for me who are in that situation. ”

  “I know. By the time they track him down, he’s gone again. To be honest, I’m relieved he’s not in our life. At least working nights gives me all day to spend with my daughter, Anya. ”

  “How old is Anya?”

  “Four. She’s the light of my life. ”

  “Who stays with her when you’re working?”

  “My sister, Roxanne. Our family situation…well, it’s not the best. I married the first bozo who came along to escape it and I didn’t want the same for my little sister. Roxy moved in with me three years ago when she was twelve so she could go to school here. ” Mandy pointed at a tiny house set back from the road. “That’s it. ”

  Willow parked. “You working tomorrow night?”

  “No. Mondays are my day off. ”

  “Oh. Well. Good. Enjoy it. ”

  “Thanks for the ride, Will. ”

  “You’re welcome. ”

  “It’s been fun getting to know you. Don’t be a stranger. ”

  “Umm. Would you like to get a cup of coffee sometime? You and Anya?” She froze. “I mean, Anya wouldn’t have to drink coffee. And you could bring Roxy along too if you wanted. ”

  Mandy laughed. “I’d like that. A lot. Take care. ”

  She watched until Mandy disappeared inside the house.

  Willow was beginning to think that her stint working at LeRoy’s Tavern was one of her better mistakes.


  Willow flipped the deadbolts on the back door. Blake wasn’t in the office. The overhead lights were off in the main part of the bar and it was spooky with neon glowing across the walls.


  “Back here. ”

  He sat on a barstool in the corner behind the bar. His shoulders rested against the wall and he stared at her hungrily from beneath those super long eyelashes.

  “What’s going on?” she asked.

  Blake held up a chunk of denim and tossed it to her. “Put this on. ”

  She frowned at it. When had Blake grabbed her jean skirt out of her bedroom and hidden it in her duffel bag? The question died on her lips when she looked at him again.

  This wasn’t the easygoing Blake she’d gotten to know in the past few days. This man was a…predator. A shiver rolled through her but not of fear, of anticipation.

  He said, “I’ll wait. ”

  Willow had just turned the corner, when she heard him say, “Oh, and another thing. No panties. ”

  Not a request. A command.

  Once she’d slipped on the skirt, she realized she didn’t have the right shoes. She didn’t carry a strappy pair of heels in her work truck. And she didn’t particularly want to walk through the bar barefoot. She laced up her steel-toed black boots.

  Willow unbuttoned her blouse and tied the shirt ends in a knot below her breasts. After a quick look in the mirror, she released her hair from the ponytail, letting it fall around her shoulders.

  She added an extra hip sway as she rounded the corner.

  His gaze swept over her. Once. Twice. Then he finally met her eyes. Blake didn’t say a word; he merely crooked his finger.

  Willow sauntered until she stood directly in front of him.

  Blake’s knuckles traced the swath of skin exposed between her waistband and where the shirt was tied.

  Her belly quivered beneath his teasing touch.

  “The boots are sexy. You’re the only woman I know who could pull off this look. ”

  “Umm. Thank you. ”

  “You nervous?”

  “Uh-huh. I don’t know why. ”

  He cocked his head. “Maybe because I’m bein’ bossy?”

  “Or maybe because you look like you want to eat me alive. ”

  “There is that. ” Blake smiled slowly as he tugged on the loose knot and the shirt fell open. “Undo your bra, Will. ”

  She popped the front clasp.

  Immediately Blake’s hands smoothed over her ribcage, pushing the plain white cotton bra and shirt off her shoulders and arms. He bent his head and licked her left nipple.

  Oh. That felt so good.

  Blake kept licking, lapping the tips, never suckling completely. Nuzzling sweetly, not devouring her like she expected. He kissed his way up her neck to her ear. “You feeling adventurous tonight?”

  “What did you have in mind?”

  “How about if we switch places and I show you?”

  “Okay. ”

  He gripped her arms and stretched to his feet and then plunked her down on the stool.

  Willow’s face was on level with his crotch. She l
ooked up at him and lifted a brow.

  His dimples winked at her. “Oh, I could get used to having your mouth wrapped around my c**k a couple times a day, but that’d be selfish. And I’m in a very…giving mood tonight, sunshine. ” He dropped to his knees on the rubber mat in front of her. “Slide down. Put your hands behind you and hold on. ”

  Talk about feeling exposed. Willow gripped the edges of the round seat, which raised her h*ps higher.

  “Now hook your heels around the rungs. Perfect. ” Keeping his gaze locked on hers, he pushed the skirt up to her hips, baring every inch of her lower half. “Hold on. ” Keeping his palms on the inside of her knees, Blake lowered his head. He kept his mouth above her sex, close enough his breath tickled the hair on her mound, but not nearly close enough.

  Bump your h*ps so he knows what you want.

  Blake knew exactly what she wanted, but he appeared in no hurry to give it to her.

  These new power games were exciting. But Willow didn’t kid herself about who held all the power right now. Or who was the most excited.

  And then that compelling tongue burrowed into her cleft.

  She moaned.

  He flicked her cl*t with the barest tip of his tongue then traced the seam down. And up. And down. Teasing swirls. Eventually he wiggled his tongue inside her, curling the end into her slick walls.

  “Yes. Oh yes. ”

  Blake nibbled on her clit, then he tongued her deep. But there was no rhythm, just him tasting, teasing.


  Willow’s legs started to shake. She was so close… If he’d just stay in one place long enough.

  “Patience,” he said, then sucked her pu**y lips into his mouth.

  “Blake. ”

  His answering, “Mmm,” vibrated against her swollen tissues.


  He laughed and did it again before he backed off and looked up at her. “Trust me?”

  Willow nodded.

  His hands left her thighs. “Close your eyes. Keep ’em closed. ”

  She did. He moved but wasn’t gone long.

  Silky strands of his hair brushed her cheek as he trailed hot kisses down her jaw. Her throat. He spent time sucking on the spot where her neck met her shoulder.