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       Cowboy Casanova, p.12

         Part #12 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
Page 12


  Ben cupped her sex. Wetness coated his fingers. Yeah. Her body wasn’t objecting at all. Keeping his hand covering her pussy, he zeroed in on the hot spot on the left side of her neck.

  She jerked on the restraints, arching and tossing her head, narrowly missing a collision between her sharp chin and his forehead.


  He pressed one hand to the top of her head; his other hand gripped the base of her throat.

  Her eyes were panicked and if she hadn’t been restrained, Ben suspected he’d see skid marks on the carpet from her hasty departure.

  “Breathe. Do you understand I’m not gonna hurt you?”

  Took a second, but she nodded, purposely inhaling slowly and deeply.

  But her neck was so rigid he worried it’d be sore. “Relax. Talk to me. ”

  “Take your hand off my neck, unless you plan to choke me out with auto-erotic-asphyxiation for your next trick. ”

  He laughed. “Trying to piss me off to see if I’ll give up on you and untie your binds?”

  She seemed surprised he’d picked up on her intentions.

  “Tough luck. I have half a mind to just let you squirm and thrash around like a bull in a buckin’ chute. Wouldn’t be long before this wig was laying on the floor. And wouldn’t that be interesting?”

  That definitely got her attention.

  “Why are you so damn squirmy whenever I touch you here?” He stroked the cord straining in her neck.

  Her jaw clenched.

  He brushed his lips over hers. “This would be a good time to practice that honesty thing, bein’s you ain’t goin’ nowhere unless I let you. ”

  “Fine. My whole neck is super sensitive. One touch on it, one whisper across it and I’m a mass of goose bumps. So when you kiss my neck like you were? I feel like I could come from just that. ”

  “And that’s a problem…why?”

  “It’s embarrassing. ”

  “Huh-uh. Try again. ”

  “My head gets fuzzy. It makes me…”

  “Lose control. Guess what? That’s exactly what I’m tryin’ to do. Because control is mine, not yours. ”

  Ben slid his hand between her legs. Swirling his middle finger in her juices and following the seam of her sex up to her clit. He rubbed the tiny nub until it plumped, her escalating moans urging him on. Then he went in for the kill, suctioning his mouth to her throat as he shoved two fingers into her wet pussy.

  Her body jerked like she’d stepped on a live wire.

  He felt the vibration of her scream beneath his lips and a jolt of male satisfaction hardened his dick. She was so damn responsive. He imagined spending all night teasing her, driving her to the pinnacle and then kicking her over the edge. Some other time, since he was chomping at the bit to fuck her.

  When the tension left her body, he donned a condom. He untied her legs and kneaded her calves. “Any numbness?”

  “No. ”

  Releasing the straps, he perched on the edge of the bench. Grasping the backs of her thighs, he pulled her legs straight up and placed her ankles on his shoulders. When he widened his knees, her pussy and her asshole rested against the base of his cock. He twisted his hips, grinding his cock against those hot spots.

  She pressed into him for more friction and her eyes fluttered closed.

  “Eyes open,” he said curtly, waiting until she complied. Then he gradually fed his cock into her, until he was buried to his balls.

  “See how I’ve positioned you? So I can fuck you as deep as possible? So you can’t touch me? So you can’t touch yourself? You are totally at my mercy. Your body, your pleasure all belongs to me. ”

  Tight, wet warmth surrounded his shaft. “Squeeze my cock with those cunt muscles as I pull out. ” The increased pressure around his dick felt amazing. “Again. ”

  After the third time, her surprised, “Yes, more,” as he withdrew made him grab a handful of ass and hike her pelvis higher. No easing in—he bottomed out on the first thrust.

  She arched hard, and turned her head with a drawn out moan.

  “Eyes. On. Me. ”

  A bit of defiance showed in those hazel depths when she looked at him.

  He answered her unspoken question. “Why? Because I want you to see who’s fucking you. Who’s making you cry out. I want you to see who’s in charge. ” Ben plunged into her again.

  Moisture trickled down his spine. Her chest turned slick with a sheen of sweat. Her breathing became labored. When he kicked up the pace, he wanted to come so bad his balls fucking hurt.

  “Are you ready to come, Angel?”

  “Touch me. I can’t—”

  “You will come. Without me touching your clit. Without kisses or whispers in your ear. Without me suckling your nipples or biting on your neck. ” Right after he said that, goose bumps covered her skin. “But you love the thought of that, don’t you? Me sucking on those hot spots that make you tremble. Make you scream. ”

  Ben pulled out halfway to stroke his cockhead against her inner pussy walls. “Arch your lower back. ” He rocked that G-spot, squeezing his fingers at the root of his shaft into a makeshift cock ring. He felt her body go rigid from neck to chest to belly to legs in anticipation of the orgasm. He rasped out, “Bear down. ”

  She unraveled. Her muscles spasmed around his cock and a long, low pitched wail distorted the air, competing with his grunting breaths and the hard grinding of his teeth.

  When the last pulse faded, he unleashed his control and fucked her without pause. Each stroke bringing him closer…and closer. He roared when his balls emptied, each pulse better, hotter than the one before. “Fuck. Fuck!” He closed his eyes and let go.

  A cramp tightened his palms. The sexual fog lifted from his brain and he opened his eyes. Ben glanced down, seeing he still had a death grip on her butt. He moved his hands to circle her ankles, resting above his shoulders. Keeping his gaze on hers, he kissed the inside of her calf.

  The hazy look of pleasure had softened her face. Although she deserved a break, he couldn’t allow that. He needed to keep her in the post-orgasmic state a little longer.

  Ben carefully set her feet on the floor. He ditched the condom and knelt by the bench. While he untied her arms, he fed her sweet kisses and murmured against her skin, until she released a contented female purr.

  He tilted her head back and peered into her sex-sated eyes.

  “Get on the bed, Angel. We’re not done. ”

  Chapter Seven

  Ainsley blinked at him. “What?”

  “Get on the bed. Now. ”

  Okay, so there wasn’t after sex cuddling. But it’d be hard to complain after Bennett had thoroughly rocked her world.

  Three times.

  Talk about a rush, a total mind blower, how completely freeing it was to be tied up. Not to have to worry where to put her hands on his body. Or if she should be touching him more. Or mirroring the way he touched her. Or if she’d lose it when he found her sensitive spots. Which he had. In record time. Oh boy, she couldn’t believe she’d come so hard just by him—

  “Angel,” Bennett said sharply. “Are you listening to me?”

  His handsome face swam into view. She smiled dreamily. “You are so good looking. Even when you scowl. I just want to lick you all over. ” She touched the deep cleft in his chin and swayed closer to him. “Would you let me lick you here?”

  Strong fingers circled her biceps. He studied her face, a cross between delight and pride dancing in his blue eyes. “Christ. You really are sex drunk. ”

  “If I’m sex drunk, it’s your fault. ”

  Bennett bestowed that heart-stopping smile. “Oh, I’ll definitely take all the credit,” and gently pushed her onto the bed.

  She flopped back with a sigh, staring at the gossamer fabric rippling on the canopy above her. She felt like that fabric. Light. Floaty. Beautiful. Her skin tingled. Her puss
y throbbed. And she absolutely didn’t give a rip she was bare-naked with a man she hardly knew. The hottest man she’d ever been with. With the biggest dick she’d ever encountered. How would she ever get that thing in her mouth?

  His amused face hung above her. “So that’s what you’re thinking about? How you’ll fit my dick in your mouth?”

  “I said that out loud?”

  “Yep. It will fill you up. Guaranteed. It’ll be fun helping you bone up on your deep-throating skills. ” He pulled her to a sitting position. “Gimme your foot so I can take off these ankle-breaking shoes. ”

  “They looked naughty and sexy up by your ears. ”

  He just grunted. Then he patted his thighs. “Come here and sit on my lap. ”

  She walked on her knees, watching as his eyes ate up her body. When Bennett’s gaze lingered on her belly, she didn’t suck in the pooch, nor did she mention getting back to exercising to tone up her wide hips and flabby thighs. Ainsley just let him look his fill.

  He curled one hand around her jaw, holding her in place as he kissed her. These bone-melting kisses were new. Soft, slow, and thorough. He explored every inch of her mouth with his tongue as he urged her to sit on his thighs. Ainsley didn’t mind the awkward position if he’d just keep his mouth on hers, devastating all her senses with his drugging kisses.

  But Bennett abruptly spun her around, face first on the bed. One of his legs pinned both of hers to the mattress and his hand was in the center of her back, holding her down.

  “What are you—”

  A sharp smack echoed when his hand connected with her butt cheek.

  Ainsley jerked up, her haze of pleasure evaporating. “That hurts!”

  “Hold still. Every time you fight me I will add another one to each side. ”

  He smacked the other butt cheek and she automatically reared up. Oh God. It stung. How had she ever thought she’d like this?

  Two more stinging swats on her tender flesh. “I warned you. Tell me you understand the consequences. ”

  She said, “I-I understand,” almost by rote.

  Bennett’s hands made soothing circles on her butt. Then he landed two more blows.
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