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       Mistress Christmas, p.10

         Part #1 of Wild West Boys series by Lorelei James
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Page 10

  Author: Lorelei James

  “Don’t move. No matter what. Stay just like that. ”

  Nick’s heated touch vanished and was replaced by the cool brush of his mouth and the wet slash of his tongue.

  The involuntary arch of her spine earned her a sharp slap on the ass.

  “I said don’t move. ” His free hand snaked up her belly to her breasts. He plucked and twirled the left nipple until it was pebble-hard and then he pinched it to the same beat he tapped on her throbbing clit.

  All that stimulus, plus the licking and lapping across the sensitive base of her spine, made it difficult to stand still. Nick’s every exhalation stirred the baby fine hair covering her lower back and she trembled violently.

  “So sexy. So daring. So beautiful you steal my damn breath. ”

  She wouldn’t have been able to speak even if she hadn’t been gagged. His words rumbled over her skin, adding another layer of arousal to her over-stimulated body and mind.

  “I want to feel you come completely undone at my touch. I wanna hear you scream. ”

  Holly tried to say, too much, but it came out a mumbled mass through the cotton covering her mouth. Nick moved and in her peripheral vision she saw him waving the bottle.

  “There’s not enough left for a full glass, so I might as well put it to good use. ” He dumped champagne into the small of her back.

  A few droplets splashed on her shoulders, but the majority pooled in the well she’d created by keeping her pelvis tilted. Slurping soft kisses and the nip of teeth were the final straw to snap her obedience.

  Holly bucked upward, sending the fizzy champagne trickling along the crack of her ass. The icy coldness did nothing to cool the burning between her thighs.

  Nick’s hands landed solidly on her butt cheeks and he pulled them apart as his warm tongue traced the cleft, chasing the trickles down where no man had ventured . He licked with feral groans of delight that reverberated up the length of her spinal cord and nearly set her hair on end. His tongue tickled, teased and probed. Her pussy. Her clit. Her anus. Never staying in one place long enough to get her off, just tightening the connection between all three hot spots.

  Just when Holly knew she couldn’t take any more, just when she suspected her knees would give out, Nick curled one meaty hand around her hip and impaled her.

  The gag kept her from crying out.

  Slam. Retreat. Slam. Retreat. Slam. Retreat.

  Nick f**ked her like he meant to imprint her body with the force of his. Hard. Relentless. No words. No sounds except for the slap slap slap of his h*ps connecting with her buttocks and his male grunts.

  Wiggling had no effect. He was one hundred percent in charge of her pleasure. She couldn’t verbalize her needs. She couldn’t touch herself to hasten the race to orgasm. She couldn’t even squeeze her legs together and increase the friction where she most needed it.

  Without faltering in his rhythm, Nick slid his hand over her hip and began to lightly stroke her clit, which was in direct opposition to the unyielding way his c**k rammed into her.

  The contrasts were as staggering as the realization that in just a few short hours he’d established his mastery of her body.

  When that deceptively gentle rubbing on her cl*t unleashed her orgasm like a tidal wave, he fisted his free hand in her hair, loosening the gag. “Now let me hear you. ”

  She released her pent-up breath in a half-scream/half-wail.

  Nick sank his teeth into the nape of her neck and sucked through every pulsing hot spasm of the most overwhelming, most intense, most perfect orgasm of her life.

  Soon as he knew she’d reached the end, he straightened and gripped both her h*ps in his hands to better anchor his pounding thrusts. She felt the tip of his c**k jerk inside her and a guttural moan burst from his mouth.

  Holly bore down, clenching and unclenching around the male hardness, milking every twitch, wishing she could feel the heat of his ejaculate soothing the swollen tissues of her innermost walls.

  Breathless, Nick slumped against her back, but she was so shaky she couldn’t hold them both up.

  “Hey. I’ve gotcha. ” He braced his arms beneath her. “You okay?”

  “My arms are numb. ”

  Nick chuckled and kissed the back of her head, reaching down to remove the bindings around her wrists. “Then we’re even, because my dick is numb. ”

  “I think you broke me. ”

  “Yeah? I think you’re more resilient than you’re letting on. ” His breath ruffled the damp hair by her ear. “You sore?”

  “A little. ”

  “I could kiss it and make it better. ”

  Holly snorted. “In light of our injuries I think we should call it a night and crawl in bed. ”

  “Oh, hell no. We’ll take it easy for a bit, but there’s still a lot of night left. Still a lot we haven’t tried, especially since we’ve gotta fulfill all those wicked and wild fantasies of yours before dawn. ”

  A little whimper escaped. Because she couldn’t take more of his fulfillment? Or because she didn’t want the night to end?

  Chapter Six

  Nick couldn’t believe he’d tied Holly up. He couldn’t believe she’d let him gag her. Hell, he couldn’t believe how hard he’d f**ked her.

  So he was a little nervous about what he’d see in her eyes when he faced her. Fear? Regret? Embarrassment?

  Rather than dwell on it, Nick removed his semi-hard c**k from that snug channel with a soft hiss. He wrapped his arms around Holly’s midsection and buried his nose in her hair. God she smelled heavenly. Like vanilla. Like sugar cookies. Like home.

  She sagged against him with a sigh.

  A sigh was good. “You hungry? I could order room service. ”

  “It has to be like two in the morning. I’m sure the restaurant isn’t open. ”

  “That’s probably true. ”

  “Are you hungry?”

  “Always. But not hungry enough to leave you here alone while I track down food. Maybe I’ll venture to the vending machine later. ” Nick kissed the top of her head. “For now, I’ll start the bath. ” He retreated to the bathroom.

  After ditching the condom, he flipped on the faucets for the garden style tub. As he washed his face and hands he heard a loud knock on the door.

  Holly poked her head in. “Sorry to bug you, but can I sneak in the shower? I’m all sticky from the champagne. ”

  “I’ll join you. Especially since it was my doin’, getting you all sticky. ” Before she protested, he opened the glass door and dragged her inside. He cranked the water on, keeping his back to the spray until it warmed up.

  “Nick, we shouldn’t—”

  “We should. Don’t think of anything but how my hands feel on your skin. Just think of this. Of how well we fit together. In so many different ways. ” Nick brought Holly’s arms up to wreathe his neck. He slid his lips over hers, allowing his hands to wander over her slippery curves as he positioned her so the heated shower spray landed on her back.

  He caught her sigh of satisfaction and pulled it deep into his lungs, filling his body and soul with her sweetness. The leisurely sweep of his hands became a silent promise that this time he’d take it slow. And he did. He kissed her and teased her and touched her to his heart’s content.

  Holly tugged on his hair.

  “Mmm?” he said, letting his mouth skim the water droplets from the column of her throat, sucking the heady taste of her mixed with the water, knowing it’d do nothing to quench his thirst.

  “Shouldn’t we check on the tub to make sure it isn’t overflowing?”

  “In a sec. ”

  “I’m serious. What if it’s spilling over the edge and soaking the carpet? And dripping water into the room below us—”

  “Relax. It’ll be fine. ” Nick cupped her br**sts and pushed them together so he could tongue both her nipples.

; She trembled and a low moan drifted from her parted lips.

  When he sank his teeth into a beaded tip, she gasped.

  “Does that hurt?”

  “No. Ah. Just the opposite. With those nips and bites I can almost…”

  “Can you come like this?”

  “I-I don’t know. ”

  “Then I’m gonna make it happen. ” Nick purred against her slick flesh. “God, I love your tits. I know that ain’t politically correct, but these beauties are so damn tempting. ”

  He gorged himself on the taste of her, the feel of her, her uninhibited response as she bumped her h*ps closer to his. The whimpering moans vibrating from her chest traveled to his lips and straight to his cock.

  A particularly high-pitched gasp burst from Holly’s mouth. “Harder. Nick. Please. ”

  Without missing a beat, he sucked and tweaked the left nipple hard as she began to come. Nick looked at her, her head thrown back in abandon, completely unaware of the water pounding on her as she greedily took all the pleasure he offered.

  When she expelled another one of those sexy, dreamy sighs, he licked his way back up her throat. “How was that?”

  “Different. ” Holly opened her eyes and smiled at him. “No need for that ego to flare in defense. It was good different. A very good different since I’ve never had that happen before. It wasn’t the same type as when you were sucking on my…”

  He lifted a brow. “Your what?”

  “You know. ” She blushed harder. “Made my whole body tingly. ”

  “I could get used to making you tingly. ” Nick captured her mouth in a thorough kiss and reached behind her to shut off the shower. “Probably we’d better go check on the tub. ”

  “Omigod. I totally forgot!”

  “Then I must’ve been doin’ something right. Come on,” he said, grabbing her hand.

  Holly bit back another sigh as she followed Nick’s muscular n**ed body into the main part of the bathroom.

  Nick kept hold of her hand as she swung her legs over the ledge and sank into the steaming water. “Ah. This is the perfect temperature. ”

  “But it is a little full. Maybe I should do a cannonball to get rid of the excess water. ”
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