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         Part #2 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  “Here, baby. ” He was beside her then. Ella opened her eyes, staring up at him as he helped her to lever herself up as far as the chains he had loosened would allow.

  She trembled, knowing what he wanted, more than eager to give it to him. She licked her lips slowly then allowed his cock to push slowly between them. He was thick and hard, so hot and demanding she moaned in exquisite anticipation as she closed her lips tightly around him and suckled slowly at his flesh. He burrowed in, sliding over her tongue until he was almost gagging her, poised at the entrance to her throat.

  He stopped, breathing roughly as his hand wrapped around the flesh where her lips were closed around it. Then his hips began to move. She heard his groan as her tongue licked at him, her mouth sucking him as he began to fuck her with smooth, powerful strokes. She was restrained, at his mercy, a receptacle for whatever he commanded. She was helpless. She was insane with lust.

  She suckled his cock with moist, noisy appreciation. There was no shame in the sounds she made, no trepidation that he would give her more than she could take. At least, not in this instance. There was only the hot male taste of him. Only the need to make him as crazy to come as she was.

  “Damn, even your mouth is tight,” he groaned as he fucked her slowly. “Hot and tight, Ella. But your pussy’s going to be hotter, tighter. Like fucking a virgin with that butt plug filling your ass, tightening your cunt. ”

  She trembled as his wicked words washed over her, but she suckled his cock like a woman starved for a man. She licked beneath the head, slurped at it, starved for the taste of his seed. The shaft throbbed, pulsed, but he held onto his control as she slowly lost hers.

  “Enough,” he growled long moments later as he pulled back from her.

  Ella moaned in protest, struggling against the restraints, as she tried to follow the burgeoning erection. His hand landed on the curve of her ass again. A warning slap that only made her pussy vibrate with increased need.

  “I’ve got to fuck you, Ella. I’ll strangle you if I try to take my pleasure in your mouth now. ”

  Ella stilled. Her breath rasped from her throat, fear suddenly trembling through her with almost the same force as her lust did. His cock was large, thick. The plug in her anus had tightened her vagina, and it had been more than a decade since anything larger than her small vibrator had invaded the channel. He would kill her with his cock…

  “Not like this, I want to watch you take me, Ella. ” She was too weak to fight him as he released the restraints on her ankles and her wrists.

  He turned her over on her back, then replaced them carefully. Ella stared up at him, unable to protest, unable to fight him. She ached in ways she could have never imagined. Her pussy felt as though it was boiling with heat, and the fullness in her anus only called attention to the emptiness of her vagina.

  He leaned over her, his expression so gentle, so filled with approval that her heart clenched. When his lips covered hers, her womb flexed with melting desire. His kiss was hot, heated, tasting of her intimate juices and his male need. She moaned into his lips, wishing she could hold him to her, touch him, as she felt his cock nudge against the sensitive opening of her vagina.

  “Ella,” he groaned her name, his hand touching her damp hair, the other holding her hip as the head of his cock invaded her tight opening.

  “Oh God! James!” Her head tossed as he began to push slowly inside.

  “Easy, Ella. It’s okay, baby. You can take me. ” She struggled against the restraints, crying out as he separated the sensitive muscles, powering through the drenched, fisted grip of her pussy.

  She bucked beneath him, barely aware of her sharp cries of pleasure…or were they of pain? Her movements drove him deeper inside her. Deeper. Deeper. Her hips arched to him as he slid into the hilt, the pulse and throb of the heavy veins beneath his hard flesh echoing through her body.

  “Damn you, Ella,” he cursed her, his voice rough as he fought for control. “You’re so fucking tight I could come now. Look what you’ve denied us all these years. All these years, Ella, you stole this from us. ”

  She screamed then. She had sworn she would never scream for him. But when he began the hard driving rhythm inside her tight clasp, the pleasure/pain that tore through her body pushed the desperate scream from her throat. She was bound to the bed, unable to fight the sensations, helpless against the rocking strokes that tore past her muscles, made her accept her own desires, the pain and the pleasure and the need for more.

  Too many years longing. Too many nights dreaming. On the third stroke Ella exploded. The orgasm that tore through her body had her tightening further, screaming out his name, her body shaking, tensing, convulsing as she fought the strength of her release. But she couldn’t fight it. Couldn’t escape the hard, quickening strokes of his cock as he fucked her through the cataclysm, then a last desperate lunge as his seed jetted hot and harsh inside her convulsing pussy.

  “Ella. ” He cried out her name as his lips buried at her neck.

  She felt his release spurting inside her, her own rushing through her quaking vagina as her soul rocked with the pleasure, and she knew the emotions she had fought for so many years.

  Her vision dimmed as she lost her breath with the last wave of intense sensation. Tears fell from her eyes, and as she collapsed back on the bed, she knew in her soul she would never be the same again.

  Chapter Nine

  “Hey, Ella, you missed dinner. Are you in there?” Ella jerked awake at the sound of her friend’s voice that evening, her shocked eyes going to the bedside clock. Damn, she had forgotten about Charlie having the key to the house, and her habit of just coming in as she pleased.

  It was dark, a little after ten, and James was still in the bed with her. Even worse, his half erect cock was still buried in her pussy where it had been after her last climax.

  She moved to jerk away, but his arm around her hips stopped her, and her heart raced as his cock began to harden inside her.

  “In a minute, Charlie,” she called out, pushing at his arm. “I fell asleep. I’m sorry. I’ll be out in a minute. ”

  “Well, hurry,” Charlie called back. “It’s getting late and I need to head home. ”

  The sound of the other woman’s footsteps fading away from the bedroom door eased her harsh breathing until she felt James thrust inside the tight grip of her vagina as his throttled groan sounded at her ear.

  “I have to get up,” she whispered, pulling at his arm, wanting nothing better than to push back against him, to scream out in the pleasure again.

  “Damn,” he muttered, though there was no anger in his tone, only regret.

  Ella bit her lip as the hot length of flesh eased from her and he rolled lazily to his back as he reached over and flipped on the light at his side of the bed. She looked back at him as she wrapped the blanket around her and rose to her feet. He was naked and unashamed of it. His long fingers scratched at his chest as he smothered a drowsy yawn. His erection lay against his lower stomach, glistening with her juices and his earlier release. He looked sexy as hell.

  Ella shook her head before he could tempt her any further, grabbed her robe and rushed to the bathroom. It took longer than she would have liked to clean the evidence of their spent passion from her body. Thankfully, James had removed the butt plug earlier, though her vagina, and her tender back entrance were still a little sensitive.

  Ten minutes later, she left the bathroom, covered in her long gown and robe. James still lay on the bed, watching her through narrowed eyes.

  “She doesn’t know you’re here,” she whispered.

  His eyes narrowed further. “Who does know?”

  She licked her lips nervously. “Just Tess and Cole. ”

  “I see. ” His tone of voice suggested he might see more than she was actually saying. “So you want me to stay put?”

  She shrugged. Hell yes, she did. Her friends r
arely kept secrets. What Charlie knew, Terrie would know, and Marey would know and Tamera. She winced at the thought. She especially didn’t want Tamera to know.

  “Fine. ” He shrugged, though she didn’t trust his tone of voice. “Go visit your friend. I’ll be here when you’re done. ”

  He closed his eyes. Ella breathed in deeply in relief before she rushed from the room.

  * * * * *

  “It’s about time. What were you doing in there, anyway?” Charlie turned from the refrigerator as Ella moved into the kitchen.

  Charlie was nearly five years younger than Ella, slim and sophisticated, dressed in a gray silk sheath with matching heels. Her long, black hair fell to the middle of her shoulders like a fall of midnight silk, contrasting to the perfect peaches and cream perfection of her bare shoulders.

  “I was asleep. ” Ella went to the coffee pot and put on a fresh brew of coffee.

  “You’re never asleep before midnight, Ella,” Charlie scoffed. “Hell, you’re still up at one and two in the morning. I know, I can see your bedroom light from my house. ”

  Ella lowered her head. She was unaware Charlie kept such a close eye on her. It was disconcerting.

  “Sometimes I take a nap. ” She shrugged, flipping the switch and listening to the machine begin to hum as it began to heat the water. “It’s no big deal. ”

  She turned back to her friend, aware of Charlie’s steady regard as she took a slice of cheesecake from the refrigerator and moved to the table. She collected a fork from the cabinet as she passed by it, but still, she watched Ella.

  “What’s going on? You’re acting strange. ” Charlie was the most perceptive of her friends, but Ella didn’t like how easily even she was reading her.

  “Nothing’s going on. ” Ella moved two cups from the cabinet and set cream and sugar on the table. “I was just tired, Charlie. ”

  She was just damned uncomfortable now. Her thighs were weak and tender, her breasts marked by James’ mouth, her body longing to return to him. She usually enjoyed her friend’s visits, and looked forward to them. Charlie was usually easy going and filled with laughter, but now she just wanted her to leave. Ella wanted to return to James, his heat, his hard body.

  “Ella, you aren’t acting right, honey. ” Charlie watched her with sharp, deep blue eyes. “What’s going on?”

  “Nothing. ” Ella shook her head as she poured the coffee. She had to fight the trembling of her hands, and the knowledge that everything was suddenly out of control. And not just sexually.

  She set Charlie’s coffee cup in front of her, then moved to the other side of the table and sat down. As she looked up, her stomach dropped. Charlie was staring across the room in complete shock. Ella’s head turned slowly, knowing what held her rapt attention. Her brows snapped into a frown as James walked barefoot through the kitchen.

  “You didn’t tell me you were fixing coffee, baby. ” He wore blue jeans and nothing else. And those damned jeans. The top button was loose, and the waistband rode low on his tight abdomen. Right above it was a strawberry love bite. She remembered marking him, and now her face flamed as she realized her friend couldn’t miss it.

  “Dear God,” Charlie breathed as she obviously fought for breath, her gaze swinging from Ella to James.

  Ella could only cover her face as James poured his coffee, dropped a quick kiss to the top of her head and said, “I’ll finish up some of that paperwork you dragged me away from earlier while you talk to your friend. ”

  She peeked through her fingers as he ambled away. The jeans molded his buttocks to perfection, and Charlie wasn’t missing a second of the view as he left the room.

  As he disappeared through the doorway, Charlie turned to her, her eyes wide, her expression shocked.

  “James Wyman,” she breathed out in shock. “Oh my God! Ella, you fucked James Wyman? Or is it Jesse?” she squeaked in fear, well aware of Tess’s interlude with Jesse Wyman and Cole.
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