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         Part #2 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  Chapter Seven

  Jumping to her feet, she rushed to her bedroom, fighting her tears, her fears. James’ voice was dark, angry behind her, spurring her forward, making her heart beat in dread. If he touched her again, asked her again, she wouldn’t be able to refuse him. He was her weakness. He was her sin.

  She slammed the door behind her, then fought to drag the suitcase from her closet. She couldn’t stand it. If he wouldn’t leave, then she would. He could have the fucking house. Do whatever the hell he wanted. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She ignored her dress as it flared away from the front of her body, ignored her nakedness beneath it. She had to leave, had to get away from him.

  Bent over, her mind centered on pulling the damned case from the small utility closet, she was unaware that James had followed her until he burst into the bedroom, gripped her hips and tossed her on the bed.

  “Damn you,” she screeched as she came to her knees, clutching the sides of her dress. Her eyes widened as she watched him undress. Slowly. Watching her with narrowed, intent eyes.

  The air in the bedroom heated, thinned, until she had to fight for breath. She sat on her knees, gripping the edges of her dress together, fighting just to breathe as each article of clothing was dropped to the floor, until he wore nothing but his own brazen sexuality.

  Dear God. He was naked. All dark, sleek skin and toned muscle. Especially the bulging length of his cock. It was thick and hard, the head flared and appearing bruised, it was so engorged with blood. She couldn’t take her eyes from it, couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped her lips.

  “First lesson,” he growled dominantly, his voice brooking no refusal. “Take your dress off and lay down on the bed. ”

  “Are you insane?” She repeated her earlier question.

  “Most likely,” he bit out, his hand going to the engorged flesh rising between his thighs. She watched, mesmerized, as his fingers stroked the hard cock. “So it might be best to placate me. ”

  She licked her lips. “What are you going to do?”

  He walked over to the dresser and picked up the articles she hadn’t seen until then, in one hand. He must have placed them there before coming to her on the back porch.

  The first looked like a slender cock, the middle thinner than the flared head, with a hose and bulb leading from the base. With it was a small tube of gel lubrication. In the other hand, he picked up the leather wrist and ankle restraints. Her eyes widened.

  “I’m going to fuck your ass, eventually,” he told her softly. “While I’m fucking your sweet mouth and your tight little pussy, I’m going to be preparing your ass to take me. The inflatable plug will take care of that. “

  Inflatable? How much did it inflate? It already looked too damned big to her.

  “James, please. ” She shook her head, reduced to pleading. “Don’t do this to me. I don’t think I can bear it. ” Physically she was dying for it, emotionally, she was terrified.

  “We’ll start out easy. ” He wasn’t asking her, he was demanding. “Undress and lie on the bed. ”

  “Why?” She couldn’t take her eyes off the restraints. “Why do you have to tie me down?”

  He laid everything at the bottom of the bed. “It’s all about control. ” He eased the straps of her sundress from her shoulders. “The one losing it, the one possessing it. My pleasure, Ella, comes from yours. But you think you have to control that pleasure. Fight it. I want you restrained, unable to run from me, unable to fight what I need to give you. I want you to lose that control that keeps you locked inside your own fears. ” She trembled as the material of her dress skimmed her swollen breasts.

  “I don’t like it,” she whispered, almost groaning as his lips feathered her shoulder.

  “If your pussy doesn’t get wet and hot for me, if your body doesn’t scream out for more, then I’ll stop. I’ll know if it’s not right for you. ” The dress fell to the bed behind her. “Now, lie down for me, on your stomach first. ”

  Ella licked her lips. God she wanted him. She had controlled it with Jase, no matter the fantasies of James that had tormented her. Surely she could control her heart, if nothing else.

  Shaken, weakened by her own desires, her own fantasies, she did as he ordered.

  “Have you ever been taken anally, Ella?” he asked her then. “Not a plug, but by Jase, or anyone else?”

  She shook her head, careful to keep her face buried in the blankets of the bed. He attached the leather restraints to her legs first, the small links of the chains rattling as he secured them to the short bedposts. He moved then to her wrists. His hands were gentle, caressing, the leather cool as he secured it above each hand before securing the chains to the headboard.

  She was spread out. Though there was some slack in the chains, she wouldn’t be able to go far if she did move. She shuddered, dragging in air with a sense of desperation as her arousal intensified. Never with Jase had she felt the trepidation and searing desire that she did now. As though she had known Jase was no threat to her, neither emotionally nor sexually, but James was. He could destroy her. If she let him.

  “So nice,” he whispered as he moved back to the bottom of the bed, moving between her spread thighs.

  His hands ran up the backs of her thighs as she trembled beneath his touch. Long-fingered and broad, his hands were warm and slightly calloused, creating an exciting friction on her flesh.

  “I used to hide and watch you whenever I saw you out in public,” he whispered. “I knew you would run if you saw me, and I loved watching you move, Ella. Watching the sweet curves of you ass flex, the line of your back, the tilt of your head. I would drink the sight of you in. ”

  Ella’s hands clenched in the blankets beneath her as his hands cupped the lower curves of her rear, spreading her apart sensually. She could feel her cunt, drenched and hot, rippling with convulsive shudders of need. She couldn’t stop the involuntary flexing of her buttocks, or the little whimper that escaped her throat.

  “Are you comfortable?” he asked her, his voice low, rough.

  “No. ” She had to fight for air. She felt intoxicated and yet on the edge of panic.

  “Good. ” He patted her rear a little sharply in approval. Ella flinched at the tingling heat that washed up her spine from the light tap. “Now, I want you to try to relax for me a little, Ella. I want to put the plug inside you, get you ready, before we go any further. ”

  Relax? He was kidding, she thought. He had to be.

  She felt him moving at the bottom of the bed, his body shifting beneath her before his hair brushed her leg. She jerked as his hands went under her thighs, lifting her a bit before his tongue thrust hard and fast inside the soaked channel of her pussy.

  “Oh God! James!” she cried out, her back bowing in reflex, angling her hips higher for the invasion.

  His tongue was like a flame, searing her vagina as he pushed in hard, then pulled back slowly. As though he had already shaken the foundations of her desire, he began to lap at her. His tongue licked and stroked, drawing her juices from her body as he murmured his appreciation of her taste, or her need, she wasn’t certain.

  His fingers moved to the gentle curve of her cunt lips, spreading them marginally as his tongue delved higher, licking through the slit, circling her clit. Teasing strokes of his demon tongue had her grinding her pussy into his mouth, and yet with little ease. As she moved closer, his mouth drew farther away.

  She was only barely aware of his fingers probing between her buttocks, slick with the cool gel of the lubrication that coated them. One long finger pierced her puckered opening as James’ tongue speared deep inside her cunt once again.

  Ella’s eyes flew open as a gasp escaped her lips. Braced only partially on her knees, the slack in the restraints taken up by her position, there was no way to escape the invasion. She moaned, a drawn out sound of shocked pleasure, heated pain as his tongue fucked her clenchi
ng vagina once again.

  “James,” she whimpered his name, fighting to hold onto her control.

  Her anus stretched around the probing finger, welcoming the heated sensations that came from his smooth, stroking movements. He didn’t answer her unspoken plea, one she wasn’t certain of herself, rather he pulled the finger back, added another and pushed into the tight entrance once again.

  A cry strangled in Ella’s throat.

  “Easy, darlin’. ” His voice was a rough croon as his fingers began to gently scissor inside her anus, stretching her slowly as he slurped at the juices running from her heated cunt.

  The bite of pain was intoxicating, addicting. Pleasure swelled inside her as he stretched her, licked her, his other hand moving up her body until it tucked beneath her breast, his fingers plucking at her nipple. She was shaking, suspended between lust and that sharp bite of pain, and terrified he would stop.

  He prepared her slowly. The pleasure became a tormenting surge of sensations as his fingers prepared her anus gently. There was no impatience, as Jase had often shown, no irritation that it took so long to prepare her. Beneath his unhurried caresses she eased, relaxed, until he was working three long fingers in and out of the back passage as her strangled moans echoed around the room.

  “Yes, baby,” he crooned into the dripping folds of her pussy. “So sweet and tight, Ella. ”

  She moaned in protest as his fingers pulled free, then moaned again in rising pleasure as his tongue began circling her clit. She was unaware of his hands for long moments, unaware that more was coming. Her dazed senses only knew his hard breaths between her thighs, his stroking tongue…

  Chapter Eight

  “James…” She wailed his name as the head of the butt plug seared her anus as he pushed it into the tight entrance.

  She fought the restraints, pressed harder into his licking tongue and nearly came to the smooth, stroking movements as fire lanced through her rectum. Thickly lubricated, the plug invaded her slowly, stretching her, burning her, bringing her so close to orgasm she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out for it.

  “James, please. ” She couldn’t stop the strangled plea tearing from her throat as the anal plug lodged inside her anus, her muscles clenching on it, her pussy shuddering in reaction to the pleasure/pain.

  He moved then, despite her protesting cry, pulling himself from beneath her thighs and kneeling behind her. Her hips arched to him, her body desperate, mindless. His hand landed on the upturned cheek of her ass in a surprisingly sharp blow.

  Ella stilled. At first, shock arced through her body, then an excitement that had her stilling in fear. She didn’t like it, she assured herself. It was depraved, perverted. She wouldn’t like it.

  “From now on, if you need to get off, Ella, you come to me. No more vibrators unless I insert them. Do you understand me?”

  “James…” She shook her head, needing to protest, yet unable to.

  His hand landed on the opposite cheek of her ass. She flinched, her body shuddering at the heat. She wouldn’t like this, she promised herself, though her pussy convulsed in nearing orgasm.

  Then she felt the plug, seated so snugly in her rear, begin to swell. Slowly stretching her, burning her as his fingers went to her dripping vagina. One slid slowly inside her, caressing the thin muscle that separated her vagina from her anus. She could feel the enlargement of the plug as he caressed her there. The steady growth, the burning pain, the striking pleasure that shot through her body like flares of lightning.

  “The plug enlarges, Ella, to eight and a half inches and several inches around. Almost as thick, almost as long, as my cock. ” She was struggling for breath when the swelling stopped. “Seven inches is all you can take now. When you can take it all, Ella, then I’ll fuck you there. ”

  Ella writhed against the blankets, fighting to accept the thickness of the device that stretched her anus. She could feel the heat steaming from her pussy, the sensitivity of her body, the agonizing need that was as much pain as it was pleasure.
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