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       Guilty Pleasure, p.37

         Part #11 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  She was gasping, shuddering, as waves of intense sensation raked over her nerve endings and filled her senses.

  "Fuck, hurry Shayne," Khalid said, panting. "Let me see you fuck her. I won't last much longer. "

  She was dying with the sensuality, the white-hot lust and burning need wrapping around her.

  Shayne did as he was bid. His hands tightened on her hips as he began to fuck her, drawing back then sinking inside her rear with careful, deep strokes that had waves of piercing sensation tearing through her.

  "Marty, baby. " Khalid moved closer, a grimace of agony on his face as he tucked his cock against the folds of her pussy, as Shayne stilled. "Sweet baby. Tell me if it's too much. " He began to stretch her, pushing apart the tender folds and easing into the clenched entrance as Shayne stilled behind her, still filling her ass, stretching her as Khalid began to penetrate an entrance that seemed already filled to overflowing.

  Marty reached for him, her hands gripping his shoulders as the broad crest pierced the entrance to her pussy and sent pure, painful ecstasy racing through her.

  It didn't hurt, yet it was agony. She was burning, freezing. With each shift of his hips, each additional inch pushing inside her overly tight vagina, she was clenching harder on him, crying out in an agony that was pure rapture.

  She had never imagined this. A pleasure that bordered pain. An agony that was a wash of pure ecstasy. Sandwiched between their hard bodies, pierced by their thick, heavy erections, Marty felt purely female. At their mercy. An integral part of them, and their pleasure.

  She had called herself a toy, and she had demeaned what she felt at the moment both men filled her. She felt powerful, and yet submissive. She was their pleasure, just as they were hers. They were entwined, connected through more than just the flesh.

  Holding Khalid's gaze she saw something in his eyes she had never seen before, as he thrust his erection to the hilt inside her. Here he was at peace. Here, wrapped in the pleasure she gave him, he was more than just a man. He was her man. And for these moments, she knew she held him body and soul.

  "So tight. " His lips lowering to hers as she fought to adjust to the heavy presence of the two cocks penetrating her. "Sweet Marty. So tight, it's agony. "

  Yet he was moving. Slowly. They were both moving inside her. Each thrust in, out, pushing in deep, then pulling back, drove her higher, sent her flying further into the dark, sensual depths of this adventure she realized she had nearly missed.

  Her body was hypersensitive, each thrust shafting inside her had her gasping, crying. Her nails dug into Khalid's shoulders, her head ground against Shayne's chest.

  "Marty. " Khalid's voice was ragged, desperate. "God, baby. I can't hold on. "

  Leaning back, his head also fell back as his hips began to move harder, faster. They moved in time, retreat and thrust, fucking into her and pulling back, their thrusts increasing, speeding up until she was screaming, trying to scream, gasping for air, and then exploding in such sensory overload that she wondered if she would survive it.

  Shayne was coming. She felt him tightening, heard his groan behind her and the powerful throb of his cock up her ass. A second later her eyes flared open, her gaze locking with Khalid's as he spurted his release inside her.

  This wasn't the first time. With the first fiery blast of his seed inside, her pussy tightened around him further and her body shook in another orgasm that left her spinning out of control. Each heavy throb of his cock sent another pulsing wave of heated warmth inside her and another explosion of intensity.

  She couldn't survive this much pleasure, she thought. She couldn't survive if she lost this pleasure, and that thought sent a wave of fear rushing through her.

  Khalid's pleasure affected her own. His need, his hunger, his very touch and the knowledge of his desires fueled her own fantasies.

  That made her weak. It made her want to give; it made her hungry for more. And she was terrified that Khalid had nothing more to give than this. His body, his desires, his hunger, and more pleasure than she had ever imagined could exist.

  What would she do if she ever lost that?

  Holding on to him now as he lifted her from Shayne and eased her into his lap as he sat on the opposite seat, Marty tried to tell herself she would be okay when it was over. All things come to an end, she reminded herself. At least for her.

  "Come here, precious. " His voice was a velvet croon as he lifted her chin and touched her lips with his. The kiss was gentle, easing. It sent an easy feeling of warmth through her soul and almost settled the painful thoughts filling her head.

  "You make me breathless," he whispered against her lips. "You steal my control when no other has ever managed to do so. "

  Her lashes lifted to stare into his sexually sated expression. Nothing had ever been so damned sexy as Khalid sexually sated.

  "What the hell am I going to do about you?" she whispered then, her hand lifting to stroke his rough jaw as a small smile tugged at his sexy lips.

  "Take me often?" he suggested. "Keep me lazy and sated, and I will follow behind you like a puppy begging for a touch from your silken hand. "

  She almost snorted at the words. Yeah, she could see Khalid trailing behind her like a little lapdog. Not.

  "Now, are you hiding a shower in here?" She sighed, desperate to keep from sinking into the emotional trap awaiting her.

  "No shower. " He kissed her lips quickly. "Trust me, though, sweetie, I know how to clean that sweet, pretty body of yours. "

  She hoped he did, because she was slick, wet, and definitely in need of a shower. Even more, she was in need of a sense of balance. Some way to place a guard between her heart and this man who she could feel stealing it, touch by touch.

  If she wasn't very, very careful, she was going to end up with a broken heart and a very lonely life.

  Chapter 17

  Anger Thornton's guest list made up the who's who of politics and power in D. C. and Alexandria. He didn't stint on the wine, champagne, and buffet. It was the best of everything, and everything was perfect.

  The band was subtle and excellent, the music wafting through the air with a gentle presence. The place was filled with the clink of glasses, the murmur of conversation, as well as an air of privilege and refined arrogance--rather like Anger himself.

  At six-four, broadly muscular, with piercing blue eyes, and thick black hair, Anger was a man who most others knew to watch out for. He was rough-hewn; no one could call him handsome. He was more striking, and completely domineering, than "handsome" could ever describe.

  The Thornton family had been one of the social elite in the area since the inception of the colonies. They had thrived, risen, cemented their hold and held on to it with steel-reinforced claws. Anger continued the tradition, as well as the tradition of making money in an import-export business that had been in operation nearly since the family had stepped foot in the colonies.

  The three-story mansion Anger resided in boasted two large connecting ballrooms. That night, guests milled in both rooms, as well as in the large outer rooms and well-lit gardens. It was a ball that most of the female guests planned for a year in advance. The right dress, the right shoes, and, of course, the perfect escort if they weren't married or that option were available.

  For Thornton, it was the business event of the year. He'd managed to acquire many a government contract over the years because of the excellence of this one party.

  Entering the main ballroom, Marty had to hold back a smile of mocking amusement as heads turned, the arrival was noted, and varied looks touched many of the faces. Marty wasn't a regular to the parties that kept the social matrons buzzing through the years. Tonight, dressed in a gown that Khalid had managed to procure at the last moment, Marty knew that she was easily competing with even the most expensively dressed women there. Somehow he'd managed to acquire an original by one of the most exclusive dressmakers in
the world.

  Never underestimate a determined man, she thought. The royal blue silk-and-taffeta concoction bared the upper curves of her breasts, lifted and cupped the rounded globes before tightening beneath them and shaping her hips. From there it fell to the floor in a glorious array of material and stiffened petticoats. Sapphires glittered at her ears and throat, while her long dark blond hair had been upswept into a loose, graceful style that complimented her neck and shoulders.

  Beside her, Khalid was dressed in a black silk evening suit with a tie that coordinated perfectly with her dress. Shayne was dressed similarly, though his tie was a slate gray rather than a royal blue.

  They flanked her, one on each side, and Marty knew the tongues would wag that night and come morning.

  "Marty Mathews, you've finally decided to grace one of my parties. " Anger stepped from a nearby group of aging men, his fit, dominant features at odds with the wrinkles and gray hair that surrounded him. "Khalid, Shayne, good to see the two of you again. "

  Marty almost arched her brows at the familiarity Anger extended toward Shayne. Another member of the club, she assumed. She glanced at Shayne and almost snorted at the amused look he threw her way.

  "Anger, an impressive crowd," Khalid stated as they shook hands.

  "As always. " Anger chuckled.

  He sounded amused, but with Anger, one could never be certain. His blue-eyed gaze was cool, his expression placid, barely registering emotion.

  "I hear congratulations are in order as well," Khalid said. "A very lucrative contract with the State Department?"

  A hint of a smile touched the corners of Anger's lips. "Someone has to transport their dirty laundry, may as well be me. "

  Khalid inclined his head in acknowledgment as Marty caught sight of her parents across the room. Joe and Virginia Mathews stood with a small group of friends and acquaintances. One of whom could be a contact to the Mustafa brothers.

  She had no doubt that someone there was in contact with Ayid and Aman. They wouldn't move with such confidence, such ease, unless they had help within their own government as well as in the States.

  Her parents were there as well as her godfather, though. They would be covered. She just prayed she was right. The suspicion that Ayid and Aman would have friends in this crowd had arisen only after she had read the file on the Saudi operation. Someone had sent the brothers that message, and that person could have only been among a very small group of government individuals.

  "If you'll excuse me. " Marty smiled to the group. "I see my parents. "

  "Of course. " Anger's gaze flickered with curiosity for the briefest moment. "I spoke to your father and godfather earlier. They seem rather pleased with your association with Khalid. I wish you both the best. "

  Marty nearly choked at the good wishes. Her fathers were obviously sick tonight. They were both furious at Khalid as well as at Shayne, for her resignation as well as her refusal to stay at her parent's home while Khalid's brothers were still on the loose.

  "Thank you, AT," she murmured. "If you'll excuse me. "

  "And I as well," Khalid stated behind her. "I believe I'll accompany my lovely companion. "

  Anger chuckled and Khalid's hand settled once again at the small of her back as they moved across the room.

  "Your fathers are good," he murmured, as he bent his head to her. "No one will have any illusions that you are now sharing my bed. "

  She flicked a glance up at him. He was so smooth, so confident. She felt like stomping his toes just to see his reaction when that amused arrogance showed itself.

  She might have if she hadn't caught a glimpse of Vince Deerfield moving slowly from the group her parents were a part of, as he cast her a look that indicated he wanted to meet with her. His eyes were narrowed on her and Khalid, tracking their movement across the ballroom as he drew farther away from them, heading from the ballroom to a hallway at the other side that she knew led to guest bathrooms as well as a small library and a sitting room.
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