Guilty pleasure, p.34
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       Guilty Pleasure, p.34

         Part #11 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
Page 34


  Her clit was like a little pink jewel between the folds, glistening and heated. Khalid wanted to see it caressed, wanted to watch her body, feel her response.

  As Shayne spread apart the plump flesh, Khalid jerked, his gaze racing back to Marty as her tongue swiped over the crest of his cock.

  "Brave are you, darling?" He groaned, freeing her hands to allow her to touch as she dared. "Be careful, you may tempt too far. "

  He received a broken moan and the feel of her mouth enveloping the head of his dick in response.

  It was like dying, he thought. This must be what dying would feel like. A sense of flying, of freedom, and the lash of the sun against his flesh as her tongue licked over the sensitive crown.

  As she sucked him in, a cry tore from her throat as her body arched almost violently. Khalid tore his gaze from the sight of his cock fucking her mouth to watch as Shayne's tongue flayed the damp pearl of her clit.

  "Yes, precious," he said, his voice thick. "Feel how good. Feel the pleasure we can give you, baby. "

  Her moan sent electric flames searing into his balls, drawing them tighter. So much pleasure. A hunger he couldn't deny. His woman finally giving in to her fantasies, her hungers.

  Marty was lost. She knew she was lost and wondered distantly if she would find herself again as the sexual pleasure blistered her nerve endings.

  She wanted, needed to touch, to pleasure Khalid. Needed to destroy his senses as he was allowing another man to destroy hers.

  A scream tore from her throat as she felt Shayne's hands slide beneath her ass and, a second later, his tongue fucking into her pussy.

  Pulsing, destructive sensations shot from her core to her soul. She couldn't process the alternate pleasures quick enough; her brain was fried in the lash of heat searing her body.

  Khalid's fingers played with her nipples, caressing, rubbing, tugging at the sensitive tips. Shayne's fingers were sliding inside her pussy as his tongue returned to torture her clit, and pure, undiluted sexual hunger was burning inside her.

  Adrenaline coursed through her, racing through her bloodstream like wildfire through a forest. She hadn't known it could be like this. She wasn't certain if she could survive it.

  "So fucking good," Khalid moaned above her, as she sucked his cock deeper and fought to hold on to just enough control to torture him in return, in some small way. "Suck my dick, sweetheart. So hot and tight. "

  He was fucking her mouth slow and easy as she felt Shayne's fingers slide along her rear. They were cool, slickened heavily.

  A sharp flare of knowledge rushed through her system a second before those fingers rubbed over the entrance to her rear, lubricating it, easing against it, then retreating.

  She stared up at Khalid as she fought to breathe. He was watching Shayne's fingers, and Shayne was making damned certain Khalid could see as they disappeared between her thighs.

  Again and again they returned, slicker, sliding more firmly against her anus as she jerked and shuddered against the sensations. She was terrified, exhilarated, and burning with lust.

  "Look at me," Khalid demanded as her lashes fluttered closed. "Feel the pleasure, Marty. See it in my face. Watching your arousal is the sexiest damned thing I've ever seen. "

  Shayne's finger slid deep inside her ass as a cry ripped past her lips, and she arched with a sharp, jerking motion that only drove him in deeper.

  "Feel him there. Your ass is so hot, Marty. So sweet and tight. The thought of sinking my cock inside it makes me crazy. The thought of fucking you while Shayne works his cock up that tight little ass has me insane with the need. "

  Before she could stop him he pulled back from her lips, touching them gently with his thumb before easing along her body.

  "Khalid, please. " She clenched her hands in the pillow at her head. "I can't stand this. "

  "Just a bit longer, baby. " His voice was so heavy with lust that Marty felt the sound of it clear to her soul.

  Just a little longer? Would she survive a little longer?

  She couldn't.

  She screamed as Shayne pressed two fingers inside her sensitive rear, sending scalding arcs of sensation racing, tearing through her.

  She was dying. She could feel the pleasure destroying her and had no idea how to stop it. She had to have more. Needed more. Nothing mattered but the incredible ecstasy and the pure hunger in Khalid's voice.

  Flames were racing through her, building, pulsing. Her orgasm was only a breath away when, suddenly, it was gone.

  Her eyes flew open to stare down her body as Shayne moved. They pulled her to her side as a whimper left her throat.

  This was it.

  She stared back at Shayne as his lips moved to her nipples once again, sucking at them, nipping at them as she felt Khalid settle in behind her.

  Shayne's head lifted, his gaze locking with hers as he moved against her, aligning his body with hers. Khalid lifted her leg, laying it over Shayne's thigh as she felt his cock nudge against the slick folds of her pussy.

  "So pretty," Khalid crooned, as Shayne's hips began to move. "That sweet, tight pussy is so hot, isn't it, baby? It's so sweet, so very snug. "

  She was being stretched, burned. She was shaking as she felt Shayne thrusting inside her, easing into the swollen tissue between her thighs.

  "So tight. " Khalid's fingers moved into the cleft of her rear. "His dick has to stretch you. Does it burn, love?"

  Her lashes fluttered open to stare up at Shayne as Khalid's voice washed through her.

  "Fuck her easy. Slow and easy," Khalid told the other man.

  Shayne pressed inside her slowly, taking her with slow, stretching strokes, and she felt her rear entrance stretching slowly as Khalid began to slide his fingers inside her. The stretching, burning impalements were too much. Marty felt her nails digging into Shayne's shoulders as a broken cry rasped in her throat.

  "More. " She couldn't hold it back, she couldn't fight it. She needed it all, now. "Please, Khalid. More. "

  A second later Shayne thrust hard and deep inside her as she felt Khalid's fingers sink inside her ass, past the tight ring of ultrasensitive muscles, to caress the nerve-laden flesh beyond.

  She was ready to come. She could feel it. She clenched on Khalid's fingers, on Shayne's cock.

  "Not yet," Khalid said roughly.

  Shayne stilled. A second from orgasm, Shayne stopped, his thick cock buried inside her, throbbing as Khalid's fingers eased from her ass.

  "Khalid, please. " She tried to scream, but the sound was more a breathless moan.

  "Yes, love. " His lips pressed against her shoulder as she felt him spoon against her, his cock pressing into the cleft of her ass. "I'm right here. "

  He was right there.

  The head of his cock rubbed against her anal opening as her leg was shifted, her body angled closer to Shayne's chest as she felt the head begin to stretch the tender opening.

  Pleasure and pain began to race through her. It was like a narcotic, a drug that hypersensitized every nerve ending and held her in a grip of sensation that she didn't know if she could bear.

  Should pain be pleasure? Should the fiery, burning sensation of his cock stretching her, opening her, sinking inside her ass have her screaming for more?

  Each stretching advance of his dick inside her body sent waves of agonizing pleasure washing through her. She could feel Shayne buried inside her pussy, his cock throbbing, his body dampened and tense as Khalid worked the thick flesh of his erection inside her rear.

  "More," she gasped. "Oh God, Khalid, please. Please. "

  Slow impalements, retreats, advances. His cock worked inside her slow and easy until finally, blessedly, she felt the length of it thrust fully inside her before he stilled.

  She was filled. Taken. Possessed.

  "I knew you would be so hot you'd burn me alive," Khalid whispered at her ear. "So tigh
t and fucking hot I'd die for you. "

  The sudden fierce desperation in his voice had her vagina and her ass clenching around their intruders, sucking at them, and triggering a response in the men's lust that suddenly blazed out of control.

  She was suddenly locked in a world that pulsed with a rainbow of color and showers of fire. Pleasure was agony, it caressed through her pussy, along her clit, inside her rear. She clenched on the throbbing erections as they thrust deep and hard inside her now.

  There was no mercy, and she wanted none. They were fucking her as though they were dying for her, as though she would die without it. And she just might.

  With each burning impalement she could feel the ecstasy building. It rose inside her like a tidal wave, surging, encompassing her senses until she felt herself exploding like a star burning out of control.

  She screamed at the rapture. She shook, shuddered. Sensation whipped through her like a sharp-edged dagger raking over her nerve endings and burning through her flesh.

  She was only barely aware of Shayne's groans; it was Khalid's voice at her ear that she heard as she felt him pumping inside her ass, his cock hot and throbbing a second before he moaned her name and stiffened against her.

  She hadn't realized they'd sheathed themselves with condoms. She felt their release, heard their pleasure, but the wash of wet heat was absent.

  In that second she realized how far she had slipped into this pleasure, and just how addictive and destructive it was. Destructive enough that she had forgotten to protect herself. Addictive enough that she was terrified now that it was a pleasure she would always ache for.

  Chapter 15

  The sleepy, irritated grumble Marty gave as Khalid finished cleaning her with a damp cloth brought a smile to his face.

  She hadn't jumped from the bed the second they'd finished in order to shower. She'd mumbled something about sleeping an hour, then immediately drifted off to sleep.

  Sitting next to her on the bed, dressed in the slacks he had worn earlier that evening, he brushed a strand of silken hair back from her face and fought the impulse to hold her to him in a grip no man would ever be able to break.

  He was aware of Shayne as he stood by the opposite side of the bed and watched thoughtfully. Sometimes Shayne thought too much, Khalid mused. He was always looking for angles, always searching for answers and solutions. Sometimes there simply was no solution.

  "Who knew she could burn us alive like that?" Shayne finally spoke, his voice reflective. "I think she exhausted me. "

  Khalid ran his fingers along the slope of her jaw.

  "I knew. " Khalid had always known exactly what she would do to his senses. She filled them. She burned through his mind to his soul and left her imprint in a way he knew he would never be free of.

  "You love her," Shayne remarked.

  Khalid remained silent. He couldn't allow himself to love her, but neither could he find the voice to deny the statement. She was important to him, he assured himself. She was a part of him. That didn't mean it was love; it simply meant he was very very good at lying to himself, perhaps.

  "She's not Lessa, Khalid. Marty can protect herself. She knows what she's doing. "

  Khalid's jaw clenched at the statement. "I know this. " But a part of him couldn't forget the past or the lessons learned from it.

  A heavy sigh sounded from the other man, as though he had run out of arguments or explanations. Shayne had argued for years that Marty was more than mature enough to handle the hungers that tormented Khalid. He'd urged Khalid on more than one occasion to secure her to him before another man did.

  Staying away from her had been nearly impossible at times.

  "I'm heading to bed," Shayne finally announced, when Khalid said nothing more. "We'll have this taken care of, Khalid, one way or the other. "

  Something would have to be done about his brothers soon. Khalid had just enough suspicions that Marty's boss was working with the brothers determined to destroy him, that Deerfield was risking his life at Khalid's hands. They had dared to try and harm Marty now; if Joe Mathews and Zach Jennings didn't finish this soon, then Khalid would be forced to do so.
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