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Guilty Pleasure, Page 23

Lora Leigh

Page 23


  "Push your sandals from your feet," he commanded, his tone rich with lust.

  Stumbling, her knees weak, Marty did as he ordered while the zipper of her jeans gave a light hiss as he lowered it.

  "Now, we were discussing the things you had to do this morning," he reminded her.

  "No," she gasped, as his free hand slid into the parted fabric and eased beneath the low band of her panties. "You were discussing them. "

  His chuckle was low, dark. "You're being very naughty. "

  "So spank me . . . Oh God, Khalid. " She couldn't hold back the cry as his fingertips glanced over the swollen knot of her clit.

  It was exquisite. Pleasure raced through her pussy, around her clit, suffused her body.

  "Spank you. I could do that," he assured her, as his hand pulled from her jeans, only to begin pushing the snug material over her hips. "I could really get into that, Marty. Watching your pretty ass blush, hearing you beg for more. "

  She was already ready to beg for more. He didn't have to spank her to get that.

  He worked the jeans down her thighs and below her knees. "Step from the jeans, precious. "

  She stepped from the material, dressed in nothing but panties dampened by her desire. The silk clung to the bare curves of her sex as his hand slid up her thigh.

  Her hands were still held behind her back, and she ached to touch him, to feel his flesh beneath her palms, against her skin.

  "Beautiful," he whispered, and turned her until she was facing the antique, full-length mirror that sat in the corner of the library.

  She looked so wanton. Arched back in his arms, her breasts swollen, her nipples flushed. Pale rose panties barely covered the mound of her pussy, and she could see the dampness at the crotch.

  She watched as his hand moved to the panties. She expected him to push them over her thighs. He gripped the side, and with a quick movement the fragile material rent and fell away.

  A gasp tore from her lips as the motion caused a flare of wicked pleasure to tear through her womb.

  She was naked. Her pussy gleamed with her juices, the flesh flushed with need.

  "Spread your legs," he whispered at her ear.

  Behind her, Khalid was fully dressed, but his expression was filled with such stark hunger that it didn't seem to matter.

  She spread her legs, watching in the mirror as his fingers slid between them, parted the swollen curves, and revealed the glistening bud of her clit.

  "Watch," he breathed against her ear. "See what I see when I touch you. Watch the pleasure your body fills with. "

  The tip of his finger began to circle her clit, rubbing against it, around it, sending such electrically charged sensations tearing through her that her hips jerked against the caress.

  "Pretty, pretty, little flower," he groaned, his voice becoming darker, more remote, more foreign. "Open for me, love. Let me watch my fingers take what my cock is dying for. "

  He released her arms, allowing them to curl around his neck as his fingers slid lower, circled the sensitive opening, then two pressed forcefully inside the heated ache of her pussy.

  The sudden impalement stretched delicate tissue, revealed sensitive nerve endings, and sent her juices flowing over his fingers as tiny pinpoints of detonating heat began to flare inside her.

  Feminine muscles clenched around his fingers, trembled against the penetration, and tried to draw them deeper inside her.

  "Khalid, please. " The plea was torn from her throat. "Don't torture me. "

  She felt too sensitive; the room was too hot. Perspiration gathered on her brow, her breasts. The whisper of the AC against her nipples was almost painful. The rasp of his clothing against her back had her flesh aching for his bare skin.

  "Torture you?" His voice was midnight velvet, rasping over her senses with erotic intent. "Ah, sweet love, torture is the last thing I had in mind. "

  Chapter 10

  It was almost enough.

  Khalid stared at the image in the mirror, watching as he fucked the sweet heat of Marty's pussy with two fingers. With his free fingers he held the silken folds apart, giving a better view of the penetration of her body.

  Sweet silky juices spilled along his fingers, the darker flesh glistening against the pale peach tone of her intimate folds.

  The pad of his palm brushed against her clit, perfectly timed to each thrust inside the milking depths of her sex.

  It was exquisite. The little moans spilling from her throat had his cock throbbing, his balls drawing tight enough that the erotic pain was almost too much to bear.

  He wanted nothing more than to sink the heavy width of his dick inside her, but this, this was a pleasure he didn't want to end.

  Her body was drawn almost rigid as it trembled with the sensations tearing through her. Her gaze was locked on the mirror, on his fingers as he played with the intimate recesses of her body.

  "I love the feel of your sweet pussy," he groaned, as he stroked the internal muscles and felt them clench tighter around his fingers. "There, precious. Suck my fingers inside you. Show how much you love my cock when I get inside you. "

  The explicit words caused a heavy flush to stain her cheeks, and her juices flowing around his fingers.

  "I love watching you," he whispered at her ear. "Seeing your pleasure, hearing you beg for more. I'd love to watch you going crazy with my cock up your ass. Stretched tight around me and screaming at the pleasure of it. "

  He swore she tightened to a breaking point as more of her lush cream flooded his fingers.

  "You like that, don't you, Marty?" He kissed her neck gently, all the while his gaze moving between her face and her swollen pussy. "Every time I watch you walk, I imagine you bent over, that sweet, pretty ass lifted for me, my dick pushing inside as you cry out my name. "

  He imagined much more than that as well.

  His fingers stroked inside her again, and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He'd end up coming in his jeans if he didn't get his dick inside her soon.

  Keeping his fingers locked inside her, Khalid used his free hand to release his jeans and pull the tortured length of his cock free.

  Stroking his hand along the agonized shaft he watched her, feeling the response of her body as he pulled back enough to tuck the heavy length against the cleft of her rear.

  Her eyes dilated with anticipation and pleasure. Little tremors of response shook her body as her pussy sucked at his fingers and made him crazy to fuck her properly.

  "What would it be like, do you think? To be taken, back and front. To know your body is the center of complete pleasure?"

  She was gasping for air, and Khalid realized he was nearly panting himself. God, the thought of it. His hips rolled, pressing his cock deeper into the narrow cleft of her ass.

  "I want it soon," he whispered. "To watch you, to hold you as Shayne fucks you. As his cock slides inside you while I touch you, caress you. While I see the response of your body and the pleasure tearing through you. He's dying for it as well, Marty. Merely watching is making him insane for you. When we take you together, he'll fuck you like a man driven crazy for the feel of your sweet pussy, or the tight grip of your tender ass. "

  A whimper left her lips, then a cry, as he slowly slid his fingers free of her and turned her to face him.

  He intended to lift her, to impale her. Instead, his beautiful, adventurous Marty went to her knees as her fingers curled around his cock.

  Her lips parted and, as he watched, the dark, swollen head of his dick disappeared into the heated, damp depths of her mouth.

  "Ah God. " His head fell back as he slid his fingers into her hair and clenched the strands desperately.

  He swore the tip of his cock touched her throat as she sucked him inside. The vibrations of her moans against the sensitive flesh were destructive. He was too close to the edge, the trigger on his release was too dam

ned touchy.

  He was going to fill her mouth.

  "Marty. " The groan that tore from him was thick, rasping with the agonizing need tearing through him. "Sweet love. Keep it up and I'll fill your mouth. Is that what you want, sweetheart?"

  She didn't stop. The fingers of her free hand curled around his balls, stroked, massaged him as her sweet, hot mouth sucked him with hungry intent.

  Her tongue curled beneath the head, licked against the ultrasensitive area that had him clenching his teeth to hold back his release.

  "Suck it. " He couldn't hold back the explicit words now, the need to show her, the only way he knew how, the exquisite pleasure tearing through him. "Fuck yes, baby. Suck it deep. Hell, suck it until I come, Marty. Give me that sweet, hot mouth. " His voice was more strained, rougher, darker.

  He could feel the impending release building in his balls. Like a tight knot of energy it began there, exploded, raced up his spine, then shot back to detonate in his dick.

  His hips jerked, thrust forward, and the brilliant, white-hot sensation of tortured pleasure consumed him as he began to fill her mouth with his release.

  She took it. She took him. Each hard spurt of liquid lust that shot into her mouth, she consumed, moaned, and took more.

  It felt as though it would last forever. An agony, a pleasure he didn't want to end but swore he couldn't endure.

  As the last tremor of pulsing pleasure raced through his cock, he pulled back from the sweet, sucking depths of her mouth.

  He was still hard. Still hungry.

  God help him, would he ever get enough of her?

  Lifting her from her feet, there was no time for the gentle consideration he normally gave so easily. He was dying for her. A man driven insane for the pulsing pleasure that existed within this woman.

  Pushing her against the couch, he gripped her hips, bent his knees and positioned himself before driving inside the liquid fire of her pussy.

  He buried halfway on the first thrust, paused to feel the lightning-swift response that traveled through her body, then, with a heavy groan, buried himself in to the hilt.

  It was rapture. It was the most pleasure he had ever known in his life. Fist tight, velvet soft, rippling around the torturously sensitive shaft of his dick, her heated pussy began to suck, to milk at the thick flesh stretching it.

  Sweat poured down his face and dampened his chest as he fought against the heat consuming his body, the pleasure tearing through him.

  Never had he known anything this erotic, this sensually perfect. Though he knew he must have, he couldn't remember a single time that another woman had created such a violent hunger inside him.

  "Beautiful. " He groaned as his hands lifted and stroked her from her trembling shoulders to her hips. "Sweet baby. "

  He began to move slowly, her desperate moans and heated cries spurring him on until he was shafting inside her with desperate lunges, rapture consuming them both as they fought for release.

  Khalid swore he would die inside her grip, that when he came again, it would take his soul.

  Gripping her hips, he watched as his cock thrust into the tight depths of her hot cunt. Heat swirled around him, through him. God help him, what was she doing to him? She was stealing parts of himself that he hadn't known existed. That he had been certain he lacked.

  Emotions poured through him. Agonizing rapture raced through his dick and tore through his body. Electricity sizzled across his flesh, and when he felt her pussy lock around him, clenching, stroking his cock as she began to shake with the orgasm he could feel exploding through her, he gave in to the explosions detonating in his balls.

  Light and sound clashed inside his head. He swore his heart was thundering from his chest, pouring from his ears as some part inside him that he hadn't known, that he had locked down, surged open.

  Like Pandora's box, it rushed through him, destroyed him, remade him. Right there, buried in the sweetest grip he had ever known, Khalid felt the loss of himself as his release pumped inside her.

  He gave her more than his seed. He gave her more than his pleasure.

  He gave her his soul.

  Marty stared up at Khalid long minutes later, after he carried her to his bed. With a warm, damp cloth he washed the perspiration and the slick excess of sex from her body.