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       Submission, p.10

         Part #2 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  “I don’t blame you. She’s beautiful, James. ” Sax spoke for the first time as he moved to the bed, his own cock thick and hard as he stared down at Ella.

  Her gaze flickered to him, her eyes widening as they caught the sight of his cock, as hard and long as James, if not a bit more. Her gaze flew up to him and he could see the fear in her eyes.

  “I’m scared,” she whispered, her hands curling into fists as he sat down beside her on the bed again.

  “The fear is good, to a point, Ella,” he told her gently. “You have to trust me, though. You have to trust that I won’t allow you to be harmed, that I will never threaten you, never cause you undue pain in any way. Without that trust, baby, we’re wasting our time here. ”

  His hand reached out to cup one of her full breasts, his fingers gripping the nipple firmly. She breathed in roughly, the little point tightening further. Leaning to her he drew one of the hard points into his mouth, relishing the thick moan that vibrated at her throat.

  When his head rose, he was pleased to see the flush of lust, of deepening desire coloring her once pale face.

  “I love you, Ella,” he said softly. “Above all things, I love you. ”

  She nodded her head sharply. “Fine. Fine. ” She was breathing hard and deep, then her eyes widened, shock flaring in her expression as her gaze went between her thighs.

  James followed her look and his lips quirked into a smile. Sax couldn’t resist soft, wet pussy, and he was lapping at the creamy mound now with the intent concentration of a man enjoying a prized dessert.

  He couldn’t help but watch, and Sax gave a show worthy of any porn star as he made certain each touch, each stroke could be clearly seen. His tongue ran through the narrow slit, parting it, gathering the thick juices on the tip of it before he licked them into his mouth and started again. Slow, teasing strokes of his tongue that circled her pink pearl clit then returned to her tender opening to start all over again.

  Then his fingers parted her, his dark flesh an erotic contrast to her pale skin. When he had her lips flared open, his tongue distended then disappeared slowly inside her vagina. James’ cock jerked at the sight of it, imagining the feel of her pussy gripping the other man’s tongue, her muscles rippling around it as he fucked in and out of the hot channel.

  “James. ” He saw her hips jerk, the muscles of her abdomen tightening as her body tensed, her legs moving against the restraints.

  Sax was slurping on her now, sucking as much of the thick honey from between her thighs that he could reach. And James knew even more would replace it. It would be impossible to suck that well of sweetness dry.

  “Shhh. ” James leaned forward, his tongue licking over her lips as she stared up at him with dark, shocked eyes. “Just enjoy, Ella. Just enjoy. ”

  He kissed her. A long, wet kiss that had her moaning into his lips, her head lifting from the pillow as she fought to get closer. Sax’s noisy feast below seemed to make the kiss more desperate, heated, as her body began to clamor for release. A release she would be screaming for before it ever came.

  His lips moved from hers, his own breathing rough, impatient, as they traveled down her neck, moving unerringly to the hard-tipped breasts that rose and fell roughly. She was moaning, her head thrashing on the pillow as she fought to get closer to the mouths tormenting her.

  Sax would tease her. He wouldn’t want her release coming until she was sandwiched between them, no more than James did. And she would be ready for them. Then he heard her shocked gasp, the moan of near pain that erupted from her throat and knew Sax was preparing her back entrance as he stroked her cunt hotter.

  “It’s okay, baby. ” He kissed her nipple, licking it gently as he rose to his knees beside her. “Just enjoy, Ella. Just let it feel good. ”

  He gripped his cock in his hand, grimacing at the near black of her eyes, the flush of lust on her face. She was so beautiful it was damned near killing him.

  “James, I can’t stand it. ” She bucked against Sax’s mouth as James looked to the other man.

  Sax had pulled back, watching as two of his fingers sank slowly in her pussy, two up the forbidden depths of her anus. Her heels were pressed into the mattress, fighting for leverage to thrust against the shallow thrusts. Sax wasn’t about to hurry, though. He knew as well as James did, the pleasure she would experience from the teasing.

  Sax’s head lowered again then, unable to keep his lips, his tongue from the soaked slit that flowered open for him. He murmured his enjoyment into her flesh, his eyes closing as he savored each lick. James felt his cock drip with his own pre-cum at the sight. Her moans, her ragged breaths, the unconscious sexuality reflecting in her face, in her jerky movements, was more than he could bear. If he didn’t push his swollen cock into her mouth soon he was going to go insane.

  Chapter Fourteen

  Ella wanted to scream, to find some way to release the surging sensations building in her body, but she couldn’t find the breath. Seconds later the choice was taken out of her hands as James’ cock slipped past her lips, filling her mouth, as his rough groan echoed around her.

  Her lips tightened on him, her tongue licking over the thick veins, the tight flesh in greedy hunger, as the scents and sounds of sexual need wrapped around her. The flared head of his erection sank nearly to her throat as her tongue worked desperately along the shaft. She suckled him, pulling her head back then pushing forward, tempting him to fuck her mouth, to spill the hot rich seed that tasted like nectar on her tongue.

  Between her thighs, Sax was lapping at her cunt, his tongue dipping into her vagina, two large fingers sliding deep inside her anus. She shuddered with the sensation, moaning around the flesh thrusting between her lips as she fought to suckle it, to tempt him into the release she knew he was teetering on the edge of.

  She was suspended on a rack of agonizing pleasure and desperate fear. She had seen the other man’s cock, thick and hard, the dark flesh appearing angry, eager to take her. How would she bear it? How would her body hold two thick shafts like that at the same time?

  “Ella, you’re killing me. ” James’ voice was thick and deep as his hand gripped the halfway point of his cock and his thrusts became harder. “Your mouth is so sweet, so hot. ”

  She felt the head pulse against her tongue as she delved beneath it to the sensitive spot that she knew would make him groan with dark lust. The sound shot to her womb, ripping through her with almost climactic intensity. She tightened her mouth on him, slurping on his hard flesh hungrily as his thrusts became harder, his breathing rougher.

  He was on the edge of release, she could feel it, almost taste it, but she was as well, and the tormentor between her thighs was refusing to send her over. She strained against his suckling mouth, his piercing tongue, but nothing seemed to be enough.

  She growled around James’ cock as she fought for that one stroke, that one caress, that would send her over the edge.

  “Stay still. ” A sudden, light slap to her mound as the other man moved back had her stilling in surprise.

  Her eyes flew to James’ face as he watched her, then glanced down once again.

  “Again. ” James voice was soft. “She’s not sucking me properly, Sax. I think she needs to be punished for it. ”

  Her mouth was full of James’ cock, but her strangled scream should have been enough. When the lightly stinging blow landed, she felt her entire body flinch. Not from pain, but from shameful pleasure. Her clit throbbed, pulsed, so swollen and sensitive now that the light blow was agony and ecstasy all in one.

  Her mouth tightened on James’ cock, her tongue stroking, her mouth suckling as she knew he liked it, but she was determined that when the restraints came off, so did her façade of submission. This was all well and good, but she would make certain they both paid for the tormenting arousal.

  Another blow landed. She jerked, moaning in protest at the streaking sensations. Her clit swelled furt
her, throbbing in an agony of arousal. When the next blow came, she growled around the cock thrusting into her mouth and raised her hips for more. More. One more blow aimed just right, and her clit would explode.

  But the next smack never came. Instead his tongue stroked, caressed, running around her clit with light, deliberately teasing strokes. She rewarded James, the beast, with a firmer suction on his erection, driving him past his own control.

  “Yes, Ella. Baby. I’m going to come now. Take me, Ella. ” He powered in, his moan deep and hard as his cock suddenly exploded.

  Thick and hot, his seed shot into her mouth as his body jerked with the pleasure she knew was washing over him. In return, the mouth on her cunt only teased her more. She continued to suckle James’ flesh, drawing the last drop of his tangy seed from the tip as she fought to keep from screaming out in agony.

  “Perfect. ” James pulled back from her, his cock still hard, leaving her suckling mouth reluctantly.

  Perspiration coated his body. His eyes were dark, his face flushed, his lips heavy with sensuality as his hands went to her breasts once again.

  “Are you ready, baby?” His hands went to the restraints at her wrists as Sax moved away from her to loosen those at her ankles.

  Ella shuddered. Her pussy was on fire, desperate, yearning. Every nerve ending in her body was sensitized and throbbing for release. When they released her, Sax moved to the side of the bed, laying back, the bulging length of his heavily veined cock rising to his abdomen. As she watched, he rolled a condom over the throbbing shaft, preparing to take her.

  Ella moved, coming quickly to her knees as she caught James’ shoulders, her hands moving to his head as she pressed her lips to his. The surprising action seemed to fray his hard-won control. His tongue plunged into her mouth as she felt him moving her, Sax lifting her.

  They lifted her over Sax’s big body until she felt the wide, flared head of his cock nudging at her vagina. She pulled back then, staring up at James, seeing the heady excitement in his gaze as the other man clasped her hips, holding her still.

  “I’ll take you anally first,” he whispered. “Then Sax will take you. Scream for me, Ella. Don’t worry about control, don’t worry about anything. Just the pleasure. ”

  She groaned as Sax drew her down to him, his lips whispering over her cheek, her neck, as he drew her head to his hard shoulder. Below, his cock throbbed at the opening of her cunt

  “Relax, Ella,” Sax’s voice was soft, soothing. “It’s like nothing else you’ll ever experience. Nothing else you’ll ever know. ”

  She flinched as she felt two fingers, slick and cool, slide into the prepared depths of her anus. She cried out, pressing closer, desperate to drive the hard cock inside her pussy as James tormented her back entrance.

  “Stay still, Ella. ” Sax’s fingers tightened at her hips. “Patience, beautiful. Patience. ”

  Then James moved into position. She felt the head of his cock nudge against the little puckered hole a second before he began to press inside. She tried to arch, but Sax held her close and still. Her wail, one of agonizing arousal and the sharp bite of erotic pain, was muffled against the shoulder beneath her as James entered her with excruciating slowness.

  “James,” she cried out his name as Sax’s hands held her still, closer, his cock throbbing at the portal of her cunt.

  She felt the burning stretch of tight muscles, heard James groan, praising the heat and the grip of her tight channel. One hand gripped a buttock, flexing, tightening on her as he surged inside her last few inches with a hard, shockingly deep groan.

  Impaled, stretched and overfilled, Ella fought to breathe through the first fiery thrust, then to adjust to the invasion. She tightened on his cock, her breaths beseeching cries as her cunt flooded with moisture, convulsed and fought for release.

  “Now,” James groaned behind her. “Now, Sax, I won’t last long. ”

  “Please. ” She felt the condom-covered tip of his cock force its way into the entrance of her pussy.
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