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Laurann Dohner


  VLG – Book Seven

  Vampires, Lycans, Gargoyles

  By Laurann Dohner

  Aveoth by Laurann Dohner

  Jillian Milzner has lived a life on the run. Her biological sperm donor has made it clear he wishes she’d never been born. Most kids get presents from their dads growing up. He sent thugs to make death threats to ensure she never tries to find him. He needn’t have bothered, since she wants nothing to do with Decon Filmore. His father, however, thinks Jill might be useful. Things go from bad to worse when her grandfather’s goons snatch her up to deliver her to a man both terrifying…and straight out of her sexiest daydreams.

  Lord Aveoth isn’t surprised to hear from Decker Filmore. The man is desperate to make the GarLycan lord call off the hunt for his life, and equally determined to reclaim his VampLycan clan. To achieve both goals, he’ll offer Aveoth yet another half-human granddaughter from his bloodline.

  It’s lonely being a lord of a clan, so Aveoth agrees to the meeting—and he’s instantly attracted to Jill. He’s also angry to learn she’s been brought to him against her will, but he still wants to keep her. Even if it exposes his darkest secret…which could tear his clan apart.

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  Aveoth by Laurann Dohner

  Copyright © July 2017

  Editor: Kelli Collins

  Cover Art: Dar Albert

  eBook ISBN: 978-1-944526-84-9

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal, except for the case of brief quotations in reviews and articles.

  Criminal copyright infringement is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

  All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is coincidental.

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  Aveoth - VLG – Book Seven

  By Laurann Dohner

  Chapter One

  Jill turned off the flame on the welder and watched the guy, who wore a suit, peer around her large shop. He glanced down at the floor, winced, and stepped lightly across the metal shavings littering his path.

  “Can I help you?” Jill didn’t like the look of him one bit.

  His hands smoothed down the expensive black suit jacket and he frowned at her question. It made him look really sour and only heightened the deep lines near his mouth and cold eyes.

  “Are you Mack?”

  Her spine instantly stiffened. The protective mask she wore hid her features and made her voice sound strange. The bulky, fire-retardant smock covering her clothes probably didn’t help either, disguising her shape. But it was still insulting to be mistaken for a man. “Who wants to know?” She pegged him as a bill collector, and that put her on edge.

  “I am looking for Jillian Milzner.”

  “What do you want with her?”

  “I just need to locate her.” He stepped closer, stared down at his shoes and grimaced. “What is that?”

  “Metal dust and scraps.” She decided the guy might dress nice but he wasn’t real bright. “You’re in a metal shop.”

  “I’m a lawyer seeking Ms. Milzner.”

  Her temper flared. “That son of a bitch.” She laid the welder down and tore off her gloves. In seconds, she’d removed her helmet to glare at the shark. She wasn’t a fan of lawyers. “Patrick is suing me? Are you serious? That prick pinched my ass and totally deserved a broken nose. He’s lucky I didn’t shove his nuts into his stomach or just do the world a favor by castrating him. He already pressed charges and the idiot judge sided with him. The only reason I didn’t appeal was because he only sentenced me to a few hours of that stupid class. It wasn’t worth the hassle.”

  He arched his white eyebrows as he studied her. “You’re Jillian.”

  She untied her bulky smock that protected her clothes, jerked it off over her head, and tossed it on the table. “Hang on.” She dug into her back pocket and withdrew the ten-dollar bill she’d shoved there earlier that morning. “Here.” She stepped closer to him, holding out the folded money. “That’s about all he’s going to get. You’re an idiot for taking his case. You can keep half and tell him to spend the five bucks on toilet paper, because he’s full of shit.”

  The lawyer didn’t attempt to take the money.

  “I’m flat busted, broke. You’ll never see a dime otherwise, so take it. I don’t even own a car anymore since my transmission called it quits. I make ten bucks an hour, part time, and live in a one-room apartment over this building working for Mack. My net worth is about fifty bucks. That’s what the tow place offered me to take my car for parts, and I need that for rent. The furniture upstairs isn’t even mine. Take the money and tell Patrick to go straight to hell. You really should be more careful about picking perspective clients. I’m all tapped out.”

  His green eyes widened. “I don’t work for this Patrick you’re referring to.”

  Jill dropped her arm and bit her lip. “Crap. The judge sent you? I went to anger management classes. You can call them and check. That’s why I’m short on my rent. They charge for those stupid, um, classes.” She shoved the money back into her pocket. “You aren’t going to tell the judge I lost my temper, are you? I mean, it was totally justified when I punched that creep. He didn’t just grab my ass, he left red marks. You can understand how I’d be angry, thinking he was trying to sue me, right?” She forced a smile. “I’m totally cool. See? No anger here. Those classes really helped,” she boldly lied.

  He took a deep breath. “No judge sent me, either. I work for Decon Filmore.”

  The name sent shock through her. It was a familiar one. She had to lock her knees to stay upright.

  “He’s your father.”

  “Sperm donor,” she amended, her anger returning. “So you came to threaten me? Don’t bother. You’re wasting your time. I wouldn’t try to contact him for anything. Go away and don’t ever come back.”

  “That’s not the reason for this visit.”

  “Is he dead?”


  “Oh.” She backed away and nearly bumped into the table. “Is he dying of some painful disease?”



  The lawyer frowned. “This isn’t the reaction I’d expected. I’ve come a long way to find you, Ms. Milzner. It wasn’t easy to do. I’m also sorry for your loss.”

  “My loss?” She clenched her hands into fists. “You have no idea. My mother was a wonderful woman, and her death three years ago devastated me.”

  He gave a curt nod. “Your father has sent me to—”

  “Does he need a kidney?” Hope soared, and she grinned. “Bone marrow?”

  The man’s mouth hung open. “No.”

  She crossed her arms over her chest. “This just isn’t my month.”

  “It’s very kind that you’d offer, but he—”

  “Offer? You’re way off. As a kid, I used to daydream about those kinds of situations just so I could stand over his dying body while I told him to burn in he
ll. As a bonus, I used to hope I’d get to stick around until he bit the big one.”

  “Ms. Milzner!” He gasped.

  “Oh, spare me.” She rolled her eyes. “Do you know that asshole?”

  “Of course I do.”

  “Then I shouldn’t have to explain my stance to you, but maybe you’re dense. He knocked up my mother and threatened her when she refused to get rid of me. Do you really think she didn’t tell me the truth? Give me a break! My mother always told me what a douchebag your boss is. He gave her twenty grand and threatened to make me disappear if she ever tried to contact him in any way. He also threatened her with his father, swearing Daddy dearest would spend a fortune in court to take me away from her by making her out to be some whore. To add insult to injury, he then promised Daddy douchebag would put me up for adoption just for the sheer joy of ridding the family of an unwanted bastard.

  “My mother had to raise me alone, and couldn’t even go after that jerk for child support. That twenty grand was mostly eaten up by the hospital bills for my birth and keeping us off the streets right afterward. And every few years, a couple of goons would show up to remind her to never mention his name. Do you honestly think I didn’t notice her crying after they would darken our doorstep?”

  “He felt it was necessary.”

  Her eyes narrowed, and she remembered how she was supposed to counteract rage. Those stupid anger-management classes and the ten hours she’d endured flashed through her mind, but it didn’t help. She threw out her arm toward the welder and hovered her fingers over it while she debated just how long a judge might put her away if she followed through with what she really wanted to do.

  “I’m going to count to ten to get a leash on my temper, because I learned that recently, but if you’re still here by the time I’m done, I’m going to pick this up and beat you with it. I feel that’s necessary. Tell your boss to go crawl back under whatever rock he lives beneath and never send someone else to threaten me. I want nothing to do with him.”

  “Ms. Mil―”

  “One.” She paused. “Two. And by the way, I’m not screwing with your head. That’s an awfully nice suit. I’m totally willing to go to jail, since my life sucks anyway and they feed you three square meals a day in there, from what I hear. Orange isn’t my color, but I’m betting black and blue isn’t yours, either. Get lost.” She took a deep breath. “Three.”

  “Boon!” The lawyer backed away. “Get in here.”

  The door to the shop jerked open and a thug stepped inside. The guy was huge, burly, with shaggy brown hair. A scar ran down one cheek and he oozed meanness that he’d probably learned by experience in his estimated thirty-some years.

  Jill’s heart pounded when she realized she was in trouble. The lawyer had backup. She lifted her chin though as she glared at the scary guy sporting jeans and leather jacket.

  “I don’t want anything to do with that coward. You can spare me the threats. I’ll never contact him or his family. I might be broke, but I have standards. I don’t hang out with trash or associate with it. That leaves ol’ Decon S.O.L. That stands for shit out of luck.”

  The thug glanced at the lawyer. “Problems, Cole?”

  “She won’t willingly come with us.”

  “Did you explain the situation?” The thug had a deep, grumpy voice. It wasn’t pleasant.

  “She isn’t receptive to hearing my offer. She threatened to beat on me, Boon.”

  Boon turned his really dark brown gaze on her and smiled. It sent chills down her spine. Jill backed up and bumped the table as her hand bypassed the welder for the needle-nose pliers she kept there to bend metal. The plastic grips weren’t easy to grab as she began to sweat. Oh shit. Where’s Mack? Isn’t he done with lunch? It would be great if he’d come back right now.

  Her boss didn’t magically appear, despite her wish.

  The big thug prowled closer, moving in a way that made her feel stalked. He sniffed the air. “It stinks in here.”

  “I noticed.” The lawyer backed up farther.

  “What say you?”

  “She’s Decon’s daughter all right. I’ve seen pictures. You can pick her up and we can go.”

  “No thanks.” Jill inched past the edge of the table. “You’re not my type. I don’t like being picked up and I’d rather date a homeless dude. They probably have better hygiene than you.” She scooted around the table and put it between herself and the advancing scarred man. “Back off, barbarian.”

  “Your father requests that you visit him.” The lawyer smiled coldly, drawing her attention. “You are going with us to Alaska. We have a private jet waiting.”

  “I don’t have a father. I’m a bastard, remember?”

  She mentally judged the distance between herself and the door to the alley—then spun on her heels to sprint toward it when the thug drew closer.

  She’d almost made it out of the building when he grabbed the back of her shirt. Material tore when he hauled her to a halt.

  Jill reacted by crying out and twisting. She swung, the sharp nose of the pliers hitting his arm, but her aim was off and the tool just skidded over the leather instead of stabbing him.

  “Stop,” he ordered.

  “Let me go!” She dropped the useless weapon, gripping his arm to get leverage. Then she brought her knee up hard.

  Boon tried to spin away but wasn’t fast enough. She nailed him between his thighs.

  He roared out loud enough to hurt her ears but his hold on her damaged shirt loosened. She threw a punch at his face as he bent slightly forward from the pain. Her knuckles slammed into his cheek, the unscarred one, and she twisted again to break free.

  The creep managed to grab her long braid. Jill screamed in pain as he yanked her back until her body hit his. She shoved her elbow into him as hard as she could, hitting his stomach. He grunted but didn’t let her go.

  He wrapped his free hand around her throat. “You’ve got some fight to you. I like that.”

  Jill couldn’t breathe; he had a strong hold on her neck. Terror gripped her, knowing he could snap it if he wanted, or suffocate her. He was big, about six-four and at least two hundred and sixty pounds. Her head didn’t reach the top of his shoulder when she was given no choice but to lean against him.

  “Don’t hurt her.” The attorney stepped into her line of sight and frowned. “Don’t bruise her up, either. Aveoth won’t appreciate that when we deliver her to him.”

  Who is Aveoth?

  “She kneed me in the nuts,” the thug growled, doing a great impression of a junkyard dog. It only amplified her fear. He did ease his grip around her throat but didn’t let go. “She should at least kiss them better.”

  Jill sucked in air, filling her lungs when she was able to breathe again. Anger overrode her fear. “Yeah. Do that. Unzip your pants and show me your brains. Not only are you working for a loser, but you’re seriously stupid if you think that’s ever going to happen without you bleeding a hell of a lot.”

  The attorney chuckled. He seemed amused by her threat as he stepped closer, holding her gaze. “You take after your grandmother.” He looked at the jerk holding her. “Watch her mouth. She’s bloodthirsty.”

  “You have no idea.” Jill hated it when the thug holding her released her braid, only to wrap his big arm firmly around her waist. “Get your hands off me!”

  The hold on her throat tightened again, as did the one around her middle. She gasped when he yanked her right off her feet. He made her hang there in front of his body, and she couldn’t breathe.

  The attorney suddenly rushed forward to grab her hands when she tried to claw at the huge one squeezing her neck.

  “Easy,” he demanded, showing an amazing amount of strength for someone in his sixties at least, as she fought. “You’re going to sleep for a little while. We’re not going to kill you, Jillian. We’re taking you home.”

  She struggled harder, but black spots appeared before her eyes. Her lungs burned for air and panic gripped her. She coul
dn’t get away, couldn’t breathe, her boss hadn’t walked in to save her. And they were lying to her. Her father wanted her dead for some reason, and she knew life was over.

  God, this so isn’t my month. I’m being murdered by a shark and a scarred idiot who growls.

  * * * * *

  “What do you want?” Aveoth didn’t turn when he felt a presence enter the room. He kept his gaze on the open balcony to stare out at the moonlight. A cool breeze wafted across his bare chest as he took a deep breath and knew who watched him. He made a mental reminder to never forget to lock his doors again.

  “My brother thought you might desire company.”

  He turned his head enough to view the woman hiding in the shadows of his darkened bedroom. He would have attacked a man for daring to invade his sanctuary without permission. “When will you stand up to him, Winalin?”

  She remained silent and he clenched his teeth, knowing she’d wait there all night if he allowed it. It was the worst thing about his people. A pause in conversation could last for hours. Impatience simmered through him.

  “You may go.”

  She didn’t budge.

  “I don’t want company. Is that clear enough?”

  “Elco believes I would be a good replacement for Lane, or possibly a mate, if you chose me.”

  Aveoth slowly turned his entire body to fully face her. “Your brother only wishes I’d take you as my lover or mate to gain my favor and elevate his status within the clan. You’re a bargaining tool to him.”

  The tall, thin woman stepped out of the shadows enough for the moonlight to catch the tight black gown. Her ebony hair fell to her waist in a thick braid and her pale fingers were locked together over her trim waist. She lowered her chin in an attempt to hide her fear of him. He knew he terrified her.

  “You’re alone, and someone needs to take Lane’s place. You’re our lord. It’s our duty to see to your happiness.”