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           Kirsty Moseley

  pushed himself up, using the bed for leverage, and stepped closer to me. His eyes were burning into mine and showed a passion which took my breath away. “I love you so fucking much, Emma,” he growled.

  Before I could answer, his lips pressed against mine, kissing me possessively. I smiled against his mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body against his carefully. As the kiss deepened and his tongue touched mine, and with his hard body against mine again, I couldn’t help but want him. It had been so long since we’d been together physically that the passion and lust building inside me was a little overwhelming. I whimpered into his mouth and gripped my hands into his hair as the kiss grew in intensity until it was almost a raging inferno.

  When he pulled back, I gasped for breath, feeling my heart crash against my ribs. “Let’s do it soon. Like, as soon as possible,” he rasped. “I don’t want to wait five months to make you my wife.”

  I nodded in agreement. Now that it was official, I could hardly wait to get that second ring on my finger and take his surname. “The sooner the better. I don’t need a big, fancy wedding. Why don’t we just go to Vegas?” I suggested.

  He nodded eagerly. “Vegas it is then,” he agreed, claiming my mouth in a kiss which set the very essence of my soul on fire.

  I grinned against his lips. “Margo’s going to be pissed,” I chuckled, thinking of the wedding planner who had already made so many arrangements for us to get married in five months’ time.

  “Margo can go take a long walk off a short pier,” Carson answered. “All that matters is that I get my ring on your finger before you change your mind and realise you can do better than a dumb-arse race driver who can’t do anything other than handle a motorbike.”

  I shook my head at his absurdity. “I’m not changing my mind. There is no one better than you,” I whispered, going up on tiptoes and gently brushing my nose against his.

  “VEGAS!” LUCIE SQUEALED, leaning on the handrail and looking out over the spectacular view of The Strip. “I still can’t believe we’re in Vegas!”

  I grinned and nodded, moving up next to her and casting my eyes over the beautiful, twinkling lights of the Las Vegas Strip below. Although I had suggested we get married here, Carson had chosen the actual venue, and I couldn’t have been happier with his choice. We were currently in the ‘Chapel in the Clouds’ – i.e., the tower part of the Stratosphere Hotel, Casino and Tower. Being 112 floors up, the view was uninterrupted and majestic. You couldn’t get better.

  “I know, it’s so incredible!” I gushed, shaking my head in awe at the view before me. We’d arrived yesterday, but by the time we’d settled into our hotel rooms and then gone for a couple of drinks last night, it was time for bed. Today, being my wedding day, had been filled with giggling, champagne breakfasts, and hair and make-up appointments. We hadn’t had the opportunity to explore The Strip yet.

  It was exactly three weeks today since Carson’s accident. As soon as he was out of hospital, he’d put in a call and booked the first available wedding slot he could. He’d been a little disappointed it had taken three weeks before we could do this, but we had to abide by his racing schedule because he couldn’t take time off during the season.

  Lucie sighed dreamily and turned back to look at me, gripping my upper arms as she grinned at me. “Look at you, about to get married to the man of your dreams,” she gushed. “Oh, Emma, you look beautiful. Although I really wish we’d gone for a dress that sparkled like a thousand diamonds were sewn into it,” she joked, winking at me while jibing Margo’s description of the perfect wedding dress. Lucie had found it highly amusing when I’d told her about it.

  “I know. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all,” I replied, trying to mimic Margo’s posh accent. “After you, of course,” I added, linking my arm through hers.

  “Of course!” she agreed, grinning wildly.

  I looked down at myself, brushing my hand over the simple, yet elegant, silk dress which was off the rack at a cute little boutique I had found once. Not designer. Just purely me. I loved it but was actually secretly worried if Carson would, knowing his penchant for flashing the cash.

  “Mummy pwincess!” Sasha gushed as she stepped into the room holding Jillian’s hand.

  I smiled at my baby girl, sighing at how beautiful she looked in her little maroon-coloured princess dress with the meringue-netted skirt. Sasha and Lucie were both my bridesmaids today, but Lucie’s dress was decidedly more elegant.

  “Aww, don’t you look beautiful!” I complimented, seeing her for the first time in three hours. Jillian had taken Sasha for me while Lucie and I had our hair and nails done.

  Sasha grinned and nodded. “Sasha pwincess!”

  I nodded in agreement. “Daddy’s gonna think you look so lovely,” I predicted. I just hope he thinks the same about me! On that, I wasn’t as confident.

  I looked up at Jillian and smiled. She had actually asked to come to the wedding today. Carson had told her about us jetting off to Vegas, and he hadn’t expected her to care that much, but she’d insisted she wanted to come along to support us. In the three weeks since Carson’s accident, Jillian and I had been making a real effort to get along. Our relationship wasn’t perfect by any means, and we would never be close, but we could be polite and accepting – that was all I needed actually.

  “Has she been well-behaved?” I asked, raising one eyebrow at Sasha, looking for a tell-tale sign that she’d been naughty.

  Jillian grinned. “Oh, she’s been as good as gold.”

  A clearing of the throat from the doorway made me look up. Rory stood there in a suit Carson had taken him out to buy and a maroon tie, which matched the girl’s dresses. He looked rather handsome. “The guests are getting bored. Gonna get this show on the road yet?” he asked.

  I smiled and nodded, bending and planting a soft kiss on Sasha’s cheek. “Yep, let’s make this official.”

  Lucie took Sasha’s hand, and Jillian disappeared from the room, probably to take her seat on the balcony where the ceremony was being conducted. “Ready?” Lucie asked.

  I nodded and opened my mouth to say yes, but Rory shook his head quickly. “I just need a word with my sister before we do this,” he said confidently.

  Lucie groaned and shook her head. “You’re wasting your time, I told you this already.”

  Rory waved his hand toward the door, a clear indication he wanted her to leave. “I have to check,” he replied. I watched, confused, as Lucie led Sasha from the room, leaving me alone with my brother.

  “Check what?” I asked, fussing with my dress with one hand and picking up my small bouquet of flowers with the other.

  Rory sighed and stalked to my side, stopping in front of me and looking at me intently. “I need to check you’re doing this for the right reasons.”

  I tilted my head and met his eyes as I answered his question. I knew he was worried about me; it was because he was such an awesome little brother. Clearly, he wanted confirmation that my change of heart toward the wedding was something I genuinely wanted and not something Carson was forcing me into.

  “I love him, Rory, and he loves me. We’re getting married because I want to get married; no other reason, I promise,” I confirmed, reaching out and taking his hand. “And I love you for worrying about me and for always having my back and for looking out for me and Sasha all the time, but you don’t need to protect me from Carson. I promise that, too.”

  He pursed his lips, seeming to consider my words for a while before he nodded. “Okay, good. I guess he’s an all right bloke. You know, as dickheads go.”

  I giggled and squeezed his hand. “I’ll tell him you said so.” When the violin music began from the other room, my whole body stiffened. It was time. “Oh, God, I’m about ready to shit a brick,” I admitted.

  Rory chuckled. “Does Carson know he’s marrying a potty mouth?”

  I gasped and pinched his side in reprimand but before I could scold him or anything, he bent forwa
rd and planted a kiss on the side of my head and then held his arm up in offer for me to take.

  As my arm slipped through my little brother’s, my body was a jangled mess. So many emotions were running through me I didn’t know which to feel first. When Rory led me out through the hotel function room and toward the balcony beyond that was cloaked by red curtains, my stomach was churning. I watched, silently chewing on the inside of my mouth as Lucie proudly led Sasha through the curtain and disappeared.

  And then it was my turn.

  As one of the hotel staff pulled back the curtain so we could pass, I was excited, nervous, thrilled, happy and scared all rolled into one jittery package. I had no idea how my legs were even managing to support me. But none of that mattered as soon as I stepped out onto the balcony, for as soon as I laid eyes on him, everything else faded into insignificance.

  The gentle, Nevada breeze blew his light-brown hair, ruffling it in the way that made my stomach twist into a knot. He turned, facing me, watching me walk to his side. The smile on his full, pink lips made my palms sweat. His eyes consumed me, drawing me in, leading me to him up the little white carpet they’d laid out. I tried to walk to the beat of the music, but it was almost impossible to hear over the squeeze of my heart.

  After what seemed like a lifetime, I stopped at his side and Rory stepped back, grinning and slapping Carson on the arm affectionately. My mouth was dry as I stared up at him. His eyes didn’t leave mine as he stepped closer to me and shook his head. “You look incredible,” he whispered, reaching out and catching a curl of my hair that had escaped the elegant twist I had at the back of my head. His tongue darted out, wetting his lips as he looked at me through sultry, heavily lidded eyes. “You ready to become Mrs Matthews?” he asked.

  I nodded slowly. “I’ve been ready for three years,” I admitted.

  His resulting grin was dazzling as his hand slipped down to mine and he tugged me a little closer to him as the pastor stepped forward and grinned. As the ceremony began, I made sure to memorise every single second of it, every single one of Carson’s smiles and the twinkles in his eyes. I wanted to be able to remember this moment with crystal clarity when I looked back on it on our sixtieth anniversary. After being given the gift of my baby girl’s birth, this was the second most special thing that had ever happened to me.

  “ARE YOU TWO GONNA COME ON THE ROOF RIDES? They’re supposed to be amazing!” Rory asked after the ceremony and photographs.

  I grinned and shook my head, fighting the blush trying to colour my cheeks. I had much more exciting things in mind for now, and it didn’t involve anything else other than my new husband and a king-size bed.

  “No, er, I’m pretty tired actually,” I lied, losing the battle against my blush. “I think I’ll just go to bed.”

  Carson’s fingers dug into my waist as his arm tightened on me. His whole body seemed to stiffen. “Oh, hell yeah, I’m tired too,” he chimed in, grinning down at me knowingly. My girlie giggle made Rory scoff and shake his head, now understanding.

  Lucie chuckled, raising one eyebrow. “Yeah, the newlyweds will be riding their own Vegas thrill ride tonight,” she teased, winking at me.

  “Eww, Christ, TMI!” Rory stated, fake gagging dramatically.

  I chuckled and pressed against Carson’s side, grinning up at him happily.

  Lucie grinned wickedly at Rory’s uncomfortable face. “Oh, come on, how do you think Sasha was made? Immaculate conception?” she joked. “Just accept it. Your sister is madly in love with a hottie, so she’s gonna want to jump his bones from time to time.”

  Rory closed his eyes and wrinkled his nose in disgust. “I don’t ever want to hear the phrase ‘jump his bones’ and my sister mentioned in the same sentence again.” He shuddered.

  Everyone laughed, even Carson’s mum who had been fairly quiet through the whole ceremony and flight over here. I smiled awkwardly at her, and she smiled nicely in return.

  Lucie grinned. “Go on, you two. Go have your fun. I’ll look after Rory and Sash,” she said, winking at us.

  I chuckled and nodded, slipping my hand into Carson’s back pocket and giving his bum a little appreciative squeeze. “Okay, you sure you’re all right with Sash? You won’t get to go on the rides tonight,” I countered worriedly.

  She rolled her eyes and waved a hand dismissively. “Just get out of here.”

  Jillian stepped forward then and smiled. “I’ll help you watch Sasha. If you want to go on the rides for a bit, we’ll wait down the bottom and watch, won’t we, sweetheart?” Jillian asked, holding out her hand to her granddaughter.

  Lucie’s smile widened. “Yeah? Thanks! I’d love to go on the mechanical arm thing that hangs you upside down over the side of the building!” she chirped, clapping her hands together excitedly.

  I winced, secretly glad I had an excuse to get out of that ride. “Okay. Well, I’ll call you in the morning and arrange picking Sasha up,” I suggested.

  “Whatever, though I can’t imagine he’ll let you come up for air before dinnertime,” she replied, nodding toward Carson.

  My insides squirmed at the thought alone, and I actually hoped she was right.

  “All right, see you guys tomorrow. Be safe and have fun,” I said. Sasha was sitting on Jillian’s lap, playing with the fake flower in her hat. “Goodnight, beautiful. See you tomorrow. Be good for Auntie Lucie. I love you.” I bent and planted a kiss on her cheek.

  “Bye, Mummy!” she chirped, not even the least bit tired even though it was nine o’clock at night.

  After Carson had bid his farewells, we both climbed into the lift, and he swiped his card, which would take us to the honeymoon suite where we were staying for the next week.

  The air in the lift seemed to thicken as the doors closed and we were finally alone. Wordlessly, his hand closed over mine and he gave me a little tug toward him. His hand cupped the side of my face as he dipped his head, looking directly into my eyes. “I love you, Mrs Matthews.”

  The thrill the new name gave me actually made me squeal with delight as I grinned and pressed myself to him tightly. “I love you, too.”

  The lift ride was taking too long in my opinion. The passion was spiking to dangerous levels inside me with each passing second. He stepped forward, pressing me back against the wall as I bit my lip and looked up at him through my eyelashes. His resulting smile set my heart racing and made my scalp prickle. When he finally pressed his lips against mine, I seemed to lose all control of myself. The passion took over as I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him as if I could devour his soul. Grunting, he pushed me tighter against the wall, crushing his body to mine before his hand slid down to my bum.

  My hormones were raging. This was the part of our relationship Carson and I were the best at – the physical stuff always seemed to happen perfectly naturally between us. My teeth unconsciously sank into his bottom lip when he tried to pull his mouth from mine. He gasped and effortlessly lifted me off my feet as the lift door pinged, signalling our floor. I whimpered into his mouth as I awkwardly wrapped my legs around his waist, clamping myself to him as best I could in my dress.

  After way too long, the door creaked open. It opened up directly into our suite so in a few quick strides, we were on the bed. I didn’t even take my eyes off him long enough to look around the suite which was sure to be as spectacular as the brochure promised.

  Carson’s hands traced down my body over my dress, skimming my sides and down my thighs as his hand slipped under the silky material and onto my bare leg. As he pushed his hand higher, following the line of my thigh, he hitched my dress up around my waist. I let out a moan at the feel of his hands on my skin. When he looked down, lust and passion were clear in his eyes, but more importantly, I saw the love there which made my heart ache.

  My breathing was so heavy I should have been ashamed, but I was too caught up in the moment to care as he slowly peeled my wedding dress from my body while I rid him of his suit jacket and shirt. I traced my hands down
his back, drawing my fingernails across his shoulders, just picturing the guardian angel tattoo on his back as I did it. I was so turned on I couldn’t stop squirming and wriggling underneath him, trying to get closer to him and feel him on every inch of me. My whole body yearned for his.

  Carson kissed me deeply as I worshipped every inch of his chest and back with my fingertips, just marvelling over the perfection I was touching. My love for him was overwhelming, and I could feel from his kissing he felt the same as me, which made this ten times better than anything I had ever experienced before.

  “You really do give me wings, you know,” he murmured against my neck. His voice was so husky and sexy I actually shivered under him, which in turn caused him to let out a breathy moan.

  His words hit me hard. I’d heard that before. Well, not heard exactly… read. His tattoo. The beautiful butterfly one he had just below his navel, the words which made up the outline of the wings… You give me wings and make me fly.

  I gulped, unsure what to say. “Your tattoo,” I whispered, sliding my hand down his chest and feeling the soft skin below his navel.

  He pulled back, grinning down at me as he nodded. “I had that done for you. It’s yours, a little symbol that reminds me of you.”

  My heart seemed to stop as I flicked my eyes up to his face to see if he was joking or teasing me. His expression was deadly serious, though. Impossibly, my love for him seemed to grow and flourish even more. Carson had that butterfly inked onto his body not long after I’d given birth to his daughter – probably only a couple of months after I’d returned to work at the club. I remembered him having it, and how excited he’d been to show it to me. At the time, we were just ‘lap dancer and client’ – maybe we were never really just that to him after all.

  He smiled at my stunned expression and lay down at my side. “You’re the only girl who has ever seen it. I had it done down there because I knew no one would see it unless I was naked. You’re the only person I ever want to see my naked body, so it only seems right that I should have a symbol for you there. Like a little stamp for something that’s yours. Kinda like an ownership branding,” he joked, smirking at me.

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