Branded sanctuary, p.25
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       Branded Sanctuary, p.25

         Part #7 of Nature of Desire series by Joey W. Hill
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  Her breath even shorter, steps a little more unsteady, such that she felt Brendans heat pressing closer behind her, she turned her attention elsewhere. Vendors sold food and drink, the offerings expected at a carnival. Pink and purple cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cakes, the smell of them filling the air. Masters and Mistresses offered such treats from their hands, not allowing their slaves to feed themselves. She saw a Master who had scattered popcorn across the ground. Using a quirt, he was guiding his male slave to eat each piece he indicated.

  The slave seemed subdued, though there was some of Caleb to him, in the way he watched his Master like a dangerous dog would, waiting for his chance. A t least that was what Chloe thought, but then he lifted his head, holding several pieces between his lips. The Master gestured to a female slave, apparently another hed bought or brought with him. She moved forward, unashamedly naked, and knelt before the male. Going to her hands and knees, her back arched so her buttocks were high and breasts thrust in a tempting display, she stretched out toward the male submissive, like a poodle before a hulking mastiff. Chloe held her breath as she delicately took the popcorn from his lips. The Masters hand fell on his slaves nape, caressing the thick collar he wore.

  I dont really get the ones who want that, she said.

  Brendan was close enough his thigh brushed the back of hers. When she curled her fingers, she touched the hem of the chain mail.

  The hardcore pain and humiliation?

  A nd being treatedI want to say like an animal, but you shouldnt treat an animal like that, either.

  Like a slave. His breath teased her ear, made her shiver.

  She lifted a shoulder, didnt look at him yet, though she wasnt sure why. I guess so. A lot of them here are called slaves, but theyre treated differently. There was one guy who was letting his slave sit on his coat on the grass, even though it was probably a pretty expensive coat.

  He nodded. Masters and Mistresses can be vastly different, just as submissives are. Theyre all unique.

  You understand it, she realized, looking up at his face. You understand why Caleb, or this guy, gets off on the extreme stuff.

  Before Brendan could reply, a sharp crack rent the air. Snapping her attention back, she found that the male sub had incurred a punishment. His Master had his booted foot on the slaves neck, forcing his face to the ground, his ass high in the air. The crack came again, from a paddle hitting the mans buttocks hard enough it drove him forward. The first strike was already welling up like the brand of an iron.

  Brendans hand had closed on her arm, making her realize shed started to move forward. Does he A re you sure?

  Im sure. Dont worry. Ill try to explain it, though sometimes explanations dont help.

  She wasnt sure she could handle watching more of the violence in that demonstration area, so she turned her back to it to face him. She much preferred Brendans handsome face. What do you mean?

  Intuitively, he drew her away from the area. It loosened her shoulders a bit, but his words didnt give her much ease.

  If its entirely foreign to someone, no frame of reference, inside or out, then he or she can hear the explanation, but it doesnt change their thinking on it.

  A hard world to understand to those not in it

  She uncomfortably recalled Marguerites words. It still gives them a different perspective.

  To be given something, you have to take it, or accept it. If you reject it, then it served no purpose.

  Do you think Im that closed-minded?

  No. Chagrin crossed his expression at the coldness she couldnt keep out of her tone. I didnt mean it that way. Its not a matter of being closed-minded or intolerant. There are plenty of people who live and let live, as long as what their neighbor is doing is consensual and no ones being hurt, technically. But they still have no clue why their neighbor does the things he does.

  The look in his eyes made her uneasy. Fortunately, shed reached her intended destination, a welcome distraction.

  The innocuous building materials, ones shed seen brought in straight from the area hardware store, had been arranged for an erotic purpose she couldnt have imagined. Three male slaves had already been bound, their arms restrained to the horizontal bar, their feet spread and manacled to the platform, which was set with spaced cuffs for that purpose. A s she and Brendan approached, she saw Master Luke and Caleb were there.

  Master Luke had an enormous dildo in hand, one that had been liberally lubricated by a guest attendant. The slave was still wearing a cock harness, and the straps had been tightened such that those hooks in the rear area bit with cruel barbs, spreading his buttocks wide, revealing the glistening anus that had obviously also been well lubed. Caleb snarled against the scold harness, his impressive muscles bunched, but as intimidating as he was physically, there was something even more terrifying in the calm of Master Luke. A n aura of pure psychological dominance emanated from him. He set the head of that monstrous phallus to the slaves anus with strong and capable fingers, and began to ease it inward.

  Putting his hand on the mans shoulder, he gripped the juncture at the neck.

  Better stop your growling, Caleb, and breathe. Push out, or this will hurt more than youd like. I wont be taking it out until you come, you know.

  A nd thats going to be a very, very long time.

  A mazingly, she saw the man respond, not to the meaning of the words, but the tone, the touch, both containing a hint ofgentleness. Caleb obeyed it. They fit, she wondered. It doesnt make sense.

  Its like that, a lot of times, Brendan agreed. Her shoulder blade brushed his bare chest when she took a steadying breath, reached back and let herself cup his jaw, finger his hair. Some submissives need a particular type of act or device, or regimen, if you will. A few just need to find the right Dom, and then nothing else is that important, because theyre wired into one another. What one wants, the other can give, and its a two-way street, no real planning or thought to it.

  Chloe was conscious of being watched. Other Mistresses and Masters, watching the dynamic between her and Brendan. Was it her imagination or did she see a trace of pity in the eyes of the A mazon, as if she already knew that whatever she thought she could give Brendan, it wouldnt be enough?

  Does that happen often? she asked, struggling to push it away, telling herself her insecurities were playing with her imagination.

  Its rare, Brendan said. A n upward glance showed his focus was on Master Luke, watching how he held Caleb still with a mere word, calming him with a touch. You can find that, or something close to it, when you work with a Master or Mistress regularly, but what youre seeing is a Master/subs version of falling in love at first sight. Doesnt mean the working-at-it kind of love isnt as deep and special in time. Sometimes you have to get some other baggage out of the way, or the timing isnt right.

  Sounds like most relationships.

  Yeah. Doesnt matter the way it looks, its always pretty much the same struggle. Or pleasure. He slanted a smile down at her.

  His fingertips grazed her waist. She could feel how much he wanted to simply take her somewhere else, maybe back to the garden. Sink down on the grass and slide into her, hold her, cherish her, give her the climax she wanted in the way she desperately wanted it. He was so good at that, at knowing exactly what she really desired. Wanting to give her that, above and beyond everything else. Give Mistress what she desires Yet his gaze kept straying back to that tableau in front of them.

  She saw the others here. Their subs stayed a respectful distance, didnt touch without permission, while he was pressed up close to her now. The way the Doms looked toward her, she was sure it was clear she didnt belong here. Or belong with him. She wasnt a Mistress, but he knew this world, was taking advantage of her inexperience to try to manipulate her back to a sheltered, isolated place away from them. Where she wouldnt be an embarrassment.

  She knew that was her baggage rearing its ugly head, not a tru
e reflection of his motives. But she still had something to prove to herself, and to him. It all seemed clear here, like the act of a brightly lit play, so bright that no other scenario seemed possible.

  Mistress, my name is Niall. Would you like us to bind your slave? A helpful male attendant was standing before her. She met his eyes briefly before he lowered his with a courteous nod. There was a faint Scottish burr in his voice, and his impressive upper body had a variety of vibrant, mesmerizing tattoos of fighting dragons. While a submissive, she sensed he might have some switch capacity when needed. From his firm, reassuring manner she expected he would also provide non-patronizing guidance if asked.

  Yes, she said, though her throat was dry. Should she ask Brendan? But in the garden, hed said anything. In the program, hed stated he was willing to give any Mistress that much of himself. Why not her? She tightened her jaw, and her resolve.

  Do you want the full punishment set? That would include full headmask, ball gag, cock harness and hooks.

  N-no. Though a vicious part of her was appallingly tempted, that part of her was starting to scare her a bit, because she was acutely aware of the fact she wasnt looking at Brendan. Part of it was she didnt want to lose her nerve, but on another level it was like Brendan was becoming an object to her. Um Other options?

  Niall cocked his head, and she noted he didnt have any problems looking behind her at the object of her intense avoidance. With lingering appraisal. She shifted in front of Brendan. While both men were taller, the intent was unmistakable. Mine.

  Nialls brow lifted, his lips quirking slightly, though Chloe couldnt tell if it was approval or simple amusement at her naivety. If my lady is seeking some relief, and with this slave, thats perfectly understandable, then we can bind his hands and feet on the scaffold. We will provide you a strap-on with a dual head or just a clitoral stimulator. You can penetrate him to your hearts content, have your own climax and allow him nowhere near the treasure between your legs. Hell have to smell your arousal and hunger for it until you grant him release. A cock harness can be provided if you want to make sure he doesnt lose control.

  When he nodded toward the platform, she saw there was a Mistress already there, doing just that. It was an older woman with striking long silver locks tied back in a barrette. She had a strap-on affixed over the tight bodysuit shed donned and wore very well. A s she thrust inside the man in front of her, also silver haired and handsome, he was flushed with the effort of holding back his own climax, his cock sheathed in a condom and locked in a harness. His fingers clenched in his bindings.