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         Part #1 of Animal Magnetism series by Jill Shalvis
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  They showed up for the animal adoption clinic at Belle

  Haven together, hand in hand. They were late, because Brady had taken Lilah back to her cabin for a little review session on exactly what loving each other meant.

  In the shower, of course, since she’d been such a mess.

  Now she was clean but flushed, and her heart rate was still a little bit elevated as they walked into the reception area and stopped traffic.

  Jade’s fingers were a whirl on her keyboard. Dell stood in the doorway holding a file. They both went utterly still.

  Jade took in the look on Lilah’s face, the one that no doubt said Just Fucked, and let out a slow smile.

  Dell’s brow shot up.

  Then the door opened behind them, hitting Lilah in the butt.

  It was Adam, holding a handful of leashes, surrounded by a pack of golden retrievers, all suited up in their S&R vests. He was clearly in the middle of a training session and was followed by one of his students—the ever-uptight Holly.

  Even attending a dog-training class she was wearing a business suit and heels. She was frowning, and when Adam stopped so suddenly, she plowed into the back of him.

  “Adam,” she started. “You can’t just walk away in the middle of a class. You—”

  “Shh,” he said, and they all shushed.

  Every single one of them in the place shushed.

  Adam locked gazes with Brady.

  “Dr. Death!” someone whispered from a waiting room chair.

  Beside her, Lilah felt Brady tense. She knew it was important to him that Adam and Dell accept him. And the town, too.

  “You forget something?” Adam asked.

  “Yes,” Brady said. “A few things, actually.”

  When he didn’t expand, Dell laughed softly from across the room. “You going to fill us in or just stand there blocking traffic?”

  “I forgot to tell you that the Bell sticks at two hundred and fifty feet,” Brady said. “You have to baby the throttle, ease into it. Anyone who flies it should know that.”

  “We told you,” Adam said. “We don’t have plans for anyone to fly it except you.”

  “Well then, I’ll make a note of it,” Brady said.

  Dell was smiling as he came close and clapped Brady on the biceps hard enough to knock him back a step. “You didn’t come back for the Bell. You came back for the girl. Our girl.”

  “Yes.” Bridge wrapped an arm around Lilah’s neck and pulled her in, pressing a kiss to her temple. “I came back for the girl.”

  There was a collective “a w w w w” from the waiting room. Mrs. Sandemeyer stood up and pointed at Brady. “I’m first in line for you.”

  “He’s taken,” Lilah said.

  “I meant for him to see my baby.” Mrs. Sandemeyer gestured to the dog at her feet.

  “You do know he’s not actually licensed in anything animal related,” Dell said. “Right?”

  “I don’t care. He helps out, I’ve heard he helps out. He escorts the patients into the exam rooms. I’m ready to be escorted.”

  “What if I live up to my nickname?” Brady asked.

  “I’m more afraid this line will take too long and I’ll miss bingo tonight.”

  Dell grinned and reached behind the desk for the sign-up clipboard. “You in?” he asked Brady, holding the clipboard out.

  Brady cupped Lilah’s face with one hand and held her against his body with his other as he kissed her, sending a bolt of happy right down to her toes. “I’m in.”

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