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The fallen star (fallen.., p.21
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       The Fallen Star (Fallen Star Series, Book 1), p.21

           Jessica Sorensen


  Dazed, and a little out of it, I ended up passing the bathroom and had to retrace my steps. Aislin’s strange behavior had me puzzled. I couldn’t figure out why she freaked out. Why was it so bad for her to mention I liked wearing dresses when I was a child?

  I carefully slipped out of my blood-stained shirt and pulled on the black tee. But when I went to tug the shorts on, I realized the “shorts” Aislin gave was actually a denim skirt. By accident, I think not. I might have loved to wear dresses when I was little, but that didn’t mean I did now. I stuck my tongue out at the skirt before reluctantly putting it on.

  When I finished getting dressed, I splashed some cold water on my face in a pathetic attempt to bring myself out of this dream that I was sure I was stuck in. Vampires, witches, and secret groups who saved the world weren’t supposed to exist. It was all too unreal—too science fiction. They key word here being “fiction.”

  But after I patted my face dry and opened my eyes, the same navy blue walls of Laylen’s bathroom still surrounded me. I glanced into the mirror hanging above the sink and sighed at the sight of my freakish violet eyes staring back at me. I wondered if it was the star’s energy that had created the color. How was I supposed to know how much of my reflection was me? And how much of it was the star’s?

  A knock at the door startled me.

  “Gemma, are you ready to go?” Aislin asked.

  I blinked one last time at my reflection before turning away from it.

  Chapter 17