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       Unraveled, p.36

         Part #3 of Woodlands series by Jen Frederick
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  Karens girlfriend was a medic, and we’d met when I was looking for an apartment to rent. Gray said it made sense to room with someone to defray the apartment costs, particularly when I wasnt going to be spending a lot of time there. The military frowned upon single men cohabiting. It wouldve been easier for Karen and her girlfriend to get by together, but since Rose had come out, they’d decided not to push it.

  It made for a perfect set up. Rose spent most of her time with Karen in our apartment, and I spent most of my time with Gray in his. None of us were "living" together in violation of the unwritten rules of the Corps, but I hadn’t slept one entire night in my apartment. Even with Gray gone, I liked to sleep in our bed, wrapped in his scent, surrounded by his things.

  It was hard on Gray to be gone. He struggled with his issues of jealousy and trust, so I did what I could to allay those concerns. When we Skyped, which we could do regularly, I gave him a general rundown of my day, including who I might have seen or run into. He never once asked, trying hard to show me how much he trusted me and how much hed grown, but why torment him, I thought. Besides I liked sharing what Id been doing. It made us seem closer even though we were miles apart.

  Today he was coming home, though, and I wanted to make his homecoming special. I waxed, shaved, plucked, and perfumed every inch of my body. Underneath his favorite dress—the red-and-white polka-dotted one I wore when I first returned to him—I had brand new panties and a red-and-white polka-dotted lace bra. My three-inch heels would make it easier for him to kiss me, I figured. I dabbed a bit of my favorite citrus perfume on the backs of my ears and a little in the small valley of my breasts. Over the top I added a white cardigan. It was colder now, and I needed it.

  Karen finally charged out of her bedroom dressed in high-waisted grey checked slacks and a fire-engine-red poets shirt with billowy sleeves. Her hair was styled Katherine Hepburn-esque with soft waves molded close to her head. She looked like the embodiment of a 1950s glamorous actress.

  Karen said that she always felt the need to look more beautiful than any other woman standing on the dock because Rose, as a lesbian in the Navy, felt like she had to do and be better than anyone else just to be perceived the same. Times were changing though. Gray didnt care and many of his contemporaries didnt either, although there were definite disagreements about women in combat infantry. Gray acknowledged, after a heated argument with Rose, that it was the men whod need to change their attitudes but thought that it wasnt something that could be done overnight or even in Gray’s lifetime. Rose and Gray agreed to disagree, but that they’d remained friends was an achievement for both.

  "You look great," Karen said, giving me a once over. I smoothed back a lock of curled hair and she batted my hand down. "No mussing. Thats for Gray to do. "

  "Im nervous," I admitted as I drove my Rover toward the base. "I feel like we’re meeting for the first time. Like its a crazy blind date. "

  "I know, isnt it great?" She laughed wildly. "Your relationship can never get old. He steps off the boat and the bloodlust surges through you like you were shot with a lightning bolt. "

  "Cant wait. " It was the truth. Karen and I had argued over who would drive, and finally I told her that if I didnt then Id probably have Gray undressed and in a compromising position within two minutes of him being in the Rover—and only Gray would appreciate that. Shed conceded that maybe my need was just slightly more elevated than hers. Although she did ask me if I didnt self-pleasure as she figured Gray had been doing.

  "As if thats even the same thing," I had scoffed.

  Id masturbated plenty while Gray was gone. Wed actually bought a couple vibrators for me to use and, while I never would admit this to anyone—not Eve, not Karen, no one—I’d used the vibrator on myself a couple of times while Gray and I Skyped. Gray just sat there, his eyes burning like crazy, headphones on so no one could hear my pants and then my pleas for him to touch me and finally my cries when I came.

  We did it only twice because during second time someone must have interrupted Gray and he’d slammed his laptop shut before Id gotten myself off. That night had been a pisser. If guys got blue balls, then I’d had a blue clit or something because I felt like I ached for days afterwards. Id refused to do it again no matter how sweetly Gray pleaded because I didnt like that feeling of unfulfilled emptiness. But the truth was that having Gray watch me use the vibe was better than using it alone. Anytime he was with me, it was better, even if he couldnt touch me, even if he couldnt use his voice to whisper all the filthy things hed like to do to me. Because there were only rare moments of privacy, I didnt get to hear them, although he emailed me. Oh boy did he email me. I wondered if his superiors read his messages and hoped that they didnt, or I wouldnt be able to look at any of them ever again.

  "Thinking dirty thoughts about Gray," Karen teased, breaking into my mental fog. I realized we were almost at the dock.

  "No, why?" I lied and then blushed.

  She laughed, "Because youre squirming like a recently landed fish. "

  "Nice visual. "

  "Killed your little fantasies, right? Dont want you popping off before Gray gets off the boat. "

  "What about you?" Karen seemed unnaturally calm.

  "I took care of myself a couple times this morning because Rose is going to need a lot of attention. "

  My face fell. Maybe I shouldve done that.

  "No worries," she patted my shoulder. "Gray will be thrilled that you cant wait to jump his bones. Every couple is different and every deployment is different. Don’t worry about it. ”


  "I HAVENT SEEN YOU THIS excited since we went base jumping in Castle Valley two years ago," Hamilton muttered next to me.

  "Base jumping has nothing on Sam. " I hadnt had anyone but my parents waiting for me when I came home from a tour. This time I asked that they stay home because I just wanted to be with Sam. That she would be out there with the wives and girlfriends excited me more than I would have imagined. Yeah there had been moments when I envied the guys who were greeted by their girlfriends, wives, and kids, but in the next second I’d always wondered which of the Marines who’d stayed back home were screwing the wives and girlfriends of the deployed. And I congratulated myself on being wise and single.

  Now I was one of those poor sacks whose balls were completely owned by some girl, and I couldnt be happier. "Someday, Hamilton, itll be you. "

  "Nope," Hamilton muttered. "I like my balls attached to my body, thanks. I dont need to give them to some little woman back home in order to be able to function. "

  "You only wish you could cut off your balls and leave them on some chicks table. " Fact was that Sam didnt just have my balls; she had the best part of me with her. But thoughts of my balls naturally led to a nude Sam. I had to stop thinking about the last email shed sent back. There had been a picture of just the bottom half of her body with one of my blue physical therapy shirts draped over her thighs, pulled up up in the center to the top of her belly button. Her one hand held up the T-shirt to expose the white lace of her boy shorts and the other hand? I shuddered at the memory. The other hand was inside her boy shorts, and all I could see were the bumps of her knuckles against the cotton fabric. I got up immediately and went to the head and jerked off for about five minutes after that visual.

  I cant wait for your fingers to replace mine.

  I could jack off just thinking about the words that came with the photo.

  “Five minutes, sweethearts, and you’ll finally get off your holiday cruise. We know you have zero choice in the matter, so thank you for fucking floating with us,” First Sergeant Gracias shouted as he walked by.

  Leaving the boat with a hard-on was unacceptable for a Staff Sergeant. I thought of Hamiltons dirty socks, the transmission of a 1970 GTO, the shit ton of paperwork that Id have to file when I got back to base.

  And then I was walking down the ramp, eyes scanning the dock and then hooking on a re
d-and-white polka-dotted dress. She had her hair all done up for me, looking like a million dollars. I wanted to fling out my arms and circle around, screaming, "See her? Shes mine. Shes going home with me. " In a rare fit of possessiveness, part of me wanted to take her right there on the dock to mark her as mine so that no one would even look at her without seeing my body covering hers. Shed probably gnaw off my balls with her teeth if I did that, though.

  But right now, looking at the glow of excitement, lust and just pure happiness in her face, maybe not.

  We have may said something like hello or I missed you, but all I could remember was lifting her soft body in my arms and the press of her lips against mine and then, finally, God, the lick of her tongue inside my mouth. I kissed her back with all the intensity Id stored up for six long months. The pent-up desire bruised her lips as I held her with one arm around her waist and the other cradling her head to mine.

  I loved her and I couldn’t wait to get her home. The drive back to the apartment felt like it was longer than the ocean voyage but then we were in the bedroom, ripping off each other’s clothes. My uniform in a heap on top of her red and white polka dotted dress.

  “I’m not going to last for five minutes, but I promise to make it up to you. ” I grabbed her hip in one hand and my dick in the other. She was soaked and I slid in, and I finally felt like I was home. I rested my forehead against hers as we both stilled so we could just feel what it was like to be joined again—my cock sheathed by her warm pussy. Ah, so fucking perfect that I could die here a happy man.

  We moved, then, again in unison as if our bodies had taken control and recalled the synchronized rhythm we’d perfected before I left. I slid both hands onto her thighs and pushed her as far open as possible because I wanted to bottom out inside of her. Her hands came to grip mine and with each bite of her fingernails she told me how much she missed me and how much she wanted this too.

  “Talk to me, Gray,” she begged. “Tell me how hard you’ve been. How much you’ve missed me. ”

  She just had to get me going. I stroked her hard, feeling our bodies slam together and reveled in the loud, wet sounds we were making. The friction caused when she clamped down on my cock as I was withdrawing made my eyes cross. I wasn’t going to last much longer but if she wanted the words, I’d give them to her. “Baby, you’ve no idea. Every night I went to sleep, I thought about being in your tight little pussy. How it’s always wet for me. ” Flipping one leg over my shoulder, I used my now free hand to rub her lower lips and strum her clit.

  “Mmm, yes,” she moaned. “Always wet for you. ”

  “And this pussy is all mine. ” I spanked her clit lightly and felt her body bow in shocked and eroticized surprise. Leaning forward, I captured one upthrust nipple into my mouth and felt her convulse around me.

  “Yes, and you’re mine too,” she declared fiercely. I was completely and utterly hers. She owned me, every part of me, and that sentiment made me feel stronger than learning how to shoot a gun or fighting insurgents or anything the Corps had taught me. She began to undulate against me, her body moving in jerky movements, caught up in the sensation of her impending orgasm. Her hands gripped my head and pulled me up for a wild and relentless kiss. Inside her mouth I tasted her want, her fevered desire, and her intense love. Her leg slipped off my shoulder and found its way around my waist until I felt the heel of her foot urging me closer to her.

  “I love fucking you. I love feeling your creamy ass against my cock every morning. I love your gorgeous fucking breasts and your amazing nipples. I could suck on them and never get tired of that. I love the smell of your pussy and the taste of your come on my tongue. ” Her pussy’s grip on my cock was like a vice.

  “Me too,” Sam gasped in my ear. “I love your cock in my mouth. Love it. Love your taste. I just love you, Gray Phillips. ”

  And with that I was done for. I began thrusting into her uncontrollably. Any ability to form sentences was gone and I was left with only one thought in my head. “I love you, Sam. Love you so damn much. ” Slipping a hand between us, I rubbed her until I felt her release overtake her body and then I let go, pumping every ounce of my come into her body, feeling the slickness of her corresponding orgasm until I couldn’t hold myself up anymore and collapsed against her body. In the aftermath, I tried to roll off but she wouldn’t let go.

  Her arms and legs wrapped around me and held me tight against her. “I’m never letting you go,” she whispered. And her words made me shiver, not in lust but in pure fucking happiness. Our love had only grown stronger during our separation, not weaker.

  After we’d had our celebration in the bedroom, I grabbed a beer, stuck something in my pocket, and picked up Sam’s knitting sack. We headed down to the communal pool to enjoy the late afternoon sun. Sam had gotten accepted to FIDM and would start in the fall. In the meantime, with the help of Mrs. Bend and Dorothy, Sam had conquered intarsia stitching and few other techniques that sounded just as impossible. I happily gave up my new hobby, content to just sip a cold one and watch Sam. The rhythmic clicks of her needles were a comforting sound, and it got to the point that I couldn’t even watch a game without her sitting next to me, the clacking of her needle points against each other forming the solid drumbeat of our lives.

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