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That First Kiss, Page 2

J.C. Valentine

  This man, whoever he was, was driving her crazy. In a brief moment of clarity Piper realized that if she didn’t break their connection soon, she may never be able to.

  When the upbeat music switched to something slower and more sinful—what Lynn referred to as baby making music—half the dance floor emptied out. Piper straightened, preparing to break the connection, thank her partner and head back to the table, when she was abruptly spun around. Gasping, Piper found herself face-to-face with the hottie with the body.

  Up close, he was even better than she had envisioned for the last hour. Wild dirty blonde hair, crisp blue eyes, a wide jaw and a straight nose made him the perfect male specimen. And when he smiled, hot damn! The man had two perfect dimples that she had the urge to lick. She didn’t, of course, because that would be creepy, but she could do whatever she wanted in her mind, and she was licking his face like it was the last creamsicle on the planet.

  He pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms securely around her waist and as he looked down at her with those piercing blue eyes, she was powerless to stop him. Draping her arms over his shoulders, they started dancing. While she didn’t recognize the song playing, it was the perfect setup to a night of drunken debauchery, and judging by the heated look in his eyes, he was thinking the same.

  Wedging his knee between her thighs, Piper felt an immediate burst of heat flood through her as the denim rubbed against her exactly where she needed it to. Before she knew what she was doing, Piper was grinding against his leg and working herself into a fervor rivaling a dog in heat. Had she thought for one second that he wasn’t enjoying the spectacle she was making of herself, it was instantly dispelled by the rigid bulge riding the inside of her thigh. Like her, he was breathing heavily, and when she tipped her head back, the wild, hungry look in his eyes told her she wasn’t alone.

  Stepping away from her, he took her by the hand and led her off the dance floor and down the hall toward the bathrooms.


  Bypassing a line of women waiting outside the restroom, Piper followed hand-in-hand as the man shoved the door to the women’s bathroom open and went inside. Standing in front of the two wall-mounted sinks were a couple of women reapplying their lipstick and fixing their hair.

  “Excuse us, ladies.” It was the first time she had heard him speak and the sound of his deep, rumbling voice curled her toes. “I hate to trouble you, but we need to borrow these facilities for a moment.”

  The one with the dark hair sized him up, very obviously liking what she saw. Unhurried, she capped her lipstick and dropped it into her clutch. As she and her friend brushed by on their way out, they each gave Piper a knowing once-over that caused her to flush a bit.

  She wasn’t naïve. She knew what they were about to do. She’d had sex in public places before—a car, a hot tub, in the back room of a restaurant after hours—but never had she done it in a public bathroom…with a line of people waiting outside and knowing exactly what she was up to. This might be a bit too much for her to handle, and yet, the idea of being taken by this man in such a public place, where anyone could walk in on them at any moment, sent a thrill of excitement down her spine.

  After checking the stalls and satisfied they were alone, she watched as the man walked past her and flipped the solitary lock on the door. Why a public bathroom would have a lock, she had no idea, but this one did and the knowledge that she was now trapped in here kicked her heart rate up a notch.

  Turning to her, he flashed a wolfish smile. As he stalked toward her, she swallowed hard in anticipation.

  Stopping in front of her, so close his chest brushed hers, he lifted his fingers to her shoulder. Thanks to the fun strapless dress she had chosen tonight, he had yards of flesh to play with. Lightly tracing them over her collarbone, he cut a slow path down her exposed cleavage, causing goosebumps to rise in their wake. Liquid heat wet her panties and her pussy throbbed as one finger traced the swell of her breast before dipping inside to find her nipple. With a low growl of impatient need, he used both hands to yank down the cups of her dress and the bra beneath it, popping her breasts free. Palming them, he gave each a squeeze and then dipped his head to take one stiff peak into his mouth.

  Holding his head in her hands, Piper threw her head back and relished the feel of this man’s hot, wet mouth on her body. His tongue circled her nipple while his hand continued kneading her other breast. She screeched her surprise when his teeth bit down. Smiling devilishly, he lavished equal attention on the other breast, continuing to pinch and squeeze and bite until she thought she might scream.

  When he finally released her breast, the mound swollen and pink and glistening with wetness, she moaned her disappointment. Luckily, he had only left her long enough to unfasten his pants. His cock sprang free, its plump head swollen and red and slick with pre-cum.

  Eagerly, Piper grabbed hold of it, stroking her hand from base to tip. He groaned quietly, and then stepped into her again. Reaching under her skirt, he found her saturated panties and pulled them aside. He wasted no time pushing two fingers inside her, working them in an out to the pace she set jerking his cock.

  Her belly coiled as the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm bore down on her. Yet no matter how hard she concentrated on it, it refused to come into the light. And then it dawned on her what she was missing: the simple act of a kiss. It was the final piece of the puzzle, the ultimate connection between two people capable of stripping them bare.

  Releasing the punishing grip she had on his bicep, Piper grasped the back of the man’s neck and drew him down to her. Jerking his head back and withdrawing his fingers from her body so fast she had no time to protest, he spun her around. With a firm grip on the nape of her neck, he bent her over the sink and tore the flimsy G-string in half.

  “What do you think you’re doing?” Admittedly a little terrified of this sudden turn of events, she struggled against him. Detecting the nearly frantic hitch in her voice, his hold on her eased somewhat. Gathering her hair off her shoulders, he ran his lips over the back of her neck and down her naked back, making her shiver. Unbidden, her body relaxed, trusting him even while her mind questioned if she should still be there or running out the door.

  With purposefully rough hands, he fisted her hair and pulled, forcing her to look into the mirror mounted on the wall in front of them. She met his eyes and saw the promise in them as he hiked up her skirt and kicked her feet apart to allow him a closer connection. Producing a foil packet, he tore the condom open with his teeth, winked at her, then rolled it on.

  His eyes left hers and she watched him watching himself enter her. Piper sucked in a sharp breath as her body struggled to accept him. Pinning her with his sharp eyes, he pushed deeper inside, determination evident in the firm set of his chin. When he was fully seated, he gave her a moment to adjust to his size, and then withdrew slowly. He watched her in the mirror as he pulled almost all the way out, and then slammed back in. A shout of ecstasy burst free from her lips as he quickened his pace, pounding into her pussy so hard her teeth rattled. It was almost as if he had heard her earlier desire to find someone capable of pounding the taint of her ex from her mind. Well, she had to admit, it was working. She wasn’t thinking about anything beyond her next stuttered breath.

  Pressing his chest against her back, he kissed and licked her skin as he reached his hand around and found her hardened nub. Taking her clit between his long fingers, he pinched and rubbed until all coherent thought went out the window. The sound of wet, slapping flesh and heavy breathing filled her ears. Squeezing her eyes tightly closed, Piper concentrated on the feeling of that hard cock rubbing her from the inside while his fingers rubbed her from the outside.

  The sensation of his tongue and sometimes his teeth on the back of her neck was driving her to madness and before she could give it any consideration, the orgasm slammed into her, sending jolts of electricity zapping through her body, momentarily robbing her of sight and hearing. It went on forever and when the w
aves of the orgasm finally began to subside, she watched in the mirror as the man behind her captured his own release, pumping violently into her until the shudders wracking his body finally subsided.

  Slumped over her, Piper braced her arms on the sink, using what little strength she had left to hold them both up. A moment passed. Two. Finally, he picked himself up off of her and withdrew from her body.

  “Hello?” Someone pounded on the door. “People need to use the bathroom!”

  Grinning at her, the man walked casually to the trash can in the corner to dispose of the condom and tucked himself back into his pants while she got busy righting her clothes. There wasn’t a damn thing she could do about her panties, though. Pulling off the ruined garment, she flung it into the trash. As she pulled down her skirt and made her way to the door, she caught him staring at her in amusement.

  She shrugged. “I’ve been meaning to buy new underwear anyway.”

  Instead of letting her pass, he looped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. A strange look passed over his face as he looked down on her. Piper felt a stirring of butterflies deep in her belly as he lowered his lips to hers. He kissed her slowly, his tongue sweeping languidly across hers. Unlike the way he took her body, he made love to her mouth, showing her without words all that he was capable of. She could get lost in the gorgeous stranger, her brain warned her, but she didn’t want to listen. Right then, she could think of nothing better than being lost.

  He kissed her until her legs quaked and her bones melted, and he stopped all too soon.

  The pounding on the door was more insistent now; the sharp voices of several women demanding they get out audible even over the constant thumping of base reverberating through the walls. The distraction ripped them from the moment and thrust them back into harsh reality.

  Still wrapped up in each other, Piper relished the feel of his tender caress as his thumbs smoothed over her cheeks, her jaw, and her bottom lip. She wanted to kiss him again, and she knew he wanted to kiss her too.

  Stepping away, she watched with disappointment as he went to the door. He paused, his fingers covering the lock. With his back to her, he asked, “You got a name?”

  “Piper. How about you?” she asked, but he was already opening the door. An angry mob of women waited outside for them, and Piper hurried to follow him out. Together, they took the walk of shame past scowling, bloodthirsty, hormonal females bristling for a fight and back into the heart of the club. She came up short when he turned to face her.

  Grasping the back of her neck again, he drew her up to him and brushed her mouth with a kiss. “Thank you,” he said softly, and then without a backward glance, he slipped into the crowd.

  She should be angry with the way he just left her like he did. She didn’t get his name or number. Hell, she should be offended that, after what they had just done, he didn’t show any interest in wanting hers. But the moment was so perfect, so incredibly hot, that she couldn’t see fit to complain. When she crawled into bed tonight she knew she would be replaying every dirty detail, and she had no doubt he would be showing up in her dreams and starring in her fantasies for a long time to come.

  With a secret smile, Piper set out to find her friends.

  “Holy Jesus, you slut!” Shelia suddenly popped up in front of her face. “You totally fucked that guy in the bathroom didn’t you?”

  Slapping a hand over her friend’s mouth, Piper glanced around frantically. “Quiet your mouth, you dirty whore!” she whispered loudly through a fit of giggles.

  “Come on.” Tossing an arm around her shoulders, Shelia shepherded her through the crowd. “The girls are dying to know every gory detail.”

  “Lord help me,” Piper groaned dramatically.

  Back at the table, she was met with three curious and sexually frustrated women eager for a tell-all. Piper bit down on her bottom lip to repress her smile. A tremble of satisfaction still tingled between her legs as she slid into the booth, pilfered one of the women’s drinks and prepared to tell her story.


  “I can’t get over the fact that you did a guy in a public bathroom,” Patti commented with a disbelieving shake of her head.

  Piper pushed clothes around on the rack, idly skimming her eyes and hands over the soft fabrics as she replayed the scenario in her head again. The mental images were just as delicious now as the moment they happened. “Why not? I’m not a prude,” she defended. “Are you telling me that you’ve never done it in a public place before?” She selected a red cotton button down and held it up.

  Patti paused to consider the blouse and nodded her approval before returning to her own search. “I’m no prude. The good Lord knows that I’m not, but clearing out an entire bathroom so you can get down and dirty is just so…”

  “Public?” Piper supplied.


  Bogged down by an armload of business savvy attire, Piper gestured to the dressing rooms. They selected two neighboring stalls and pulled the curtains closed behind them. As Piper stripped down to her underwear, she considered Patti’s words. “Honestly, it was a bit exposed for my taste, but, Patti, babe, you had to be there. That guy was…” She trailed off, unable to find the proper words to describe him. Somehow, amazing just didn’t cover it.

  “Wow, speechless,” Patti’s muffled voice carried over the indie music playing through the store’s stereo system. “I don’t think that’s ever happened with you before. On a scale of one to ten, how good was it?”

  Piper’s answer was quick and decisive. “Ten. Definitely a ten.”

  Patti chuckled. “Ten is good. Great even. Not sure I ever had a ten before.”

  “Next time we hit the club, we’ll hunt you down your very own ten,” Piper promised as she slipped into a pair of black slacks and buttoned herself into the red blouse. “Ready?”


  At once, both women parted their curtains and stepped out to face each other. “Too much floral,” Piper assessed, eyeing the flowery dress.

  “Too much boob,” Patti retorted, her gaze landing on the swell of Piper’s breasts peeking through the buckling fabric.

  Ducking back into their dressing rooms, they tossed aside the unwanted selections and began the process over again.

  “So what are going to do if this guy you’re working for ends up being a complete jackoff?”

  Piper shrugged at her reflection in the mirror. “What can I do? The job pays better than anything I’ve ever had before. I can’t exactly quit if he gives me a hard time.”

  The curtains rustled and a moment later, Patti’s face peered inside. “What if he does try to give you a hard time?” she asked, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

  “I’m a girl,” Piper said with an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “What guy doesn’t try to give me a hard time? I think I can handle it.”

  Patti narrowed her eyes briefly. Humor danced across her face as she said, “I’ll just bet you can.”

  “Get outta here,” Piper said in a mock Italian accent. Palming her face, she pushed Patti back through the curtain divider.

  “What do you want to do after this?”

  Finished dressing in her street clothes, Piper slipped her feet into her shoes and slung the garments she wanted to purchase over her arm. The rejects she took in her other hand and hung them up on a rack outside the dressing rooms for one of the staff to put back. “I don’t know,” she said as they made their way to the front of the store. “I’m kind of starving.”

  “Yeah, me too. I’m running on last night’s alcohol fumes and a slice of toast. Food sounds heavenly right now.”

  “Did you ladies find everything alright?” the cashier asked as she began removing hangers and tossing them into a bin beneath the counter.

  “Yep,” Piper said distractedly while she fished around in her oversized purse for her wallet. “I haven’t eaten much yet today either,” she told Patti. Finding her debit card, she swiped it through the card reader and waited to
hear the damage. “I’m thinking something light.”

  “Your total comes to two-hundred seventeen dollars and eighty-three cents.”

  Piper grimaced, mentally calculating how much that would leave her with for groceries and other necessities while she waited for her first check to come in. Good thing she had a savings—a teeny tiny savings—to help bridge the gap until that time came.

  “How about Subway,” Patti suggested. She placed her clothing on the counter and about had a fit when she heard the total. “Good God,” she breathed as she wrote out a check. “Forget a ten; I need a sugar daddy, stat.”

  “Maybe we can find you both,” Piper said and waved her thanks to the woman at the register as they gathered their bags and left the store. “There must be a man out there that is both a ten and has deep pockets.”

  “And most importantly,” Patti added, “a deep need to pay all of my bills.”

  “I thought that was implied,” Piper laughed, nudging her toward the eatery.

  “I just thought it was worth repeating.”

  By the time Piper arrived home, the afternoon was closing in on evening. Dropping her bags on her bed, she left them, unwilling to stand on her feet another minute. Wrinkles would probably set in, but that’s what God made irons for.

  Carrying herself into the bathroom, she started the water, cranking it up to lobster red-hot. She enjoyed shopping as much as the next woman, but all day excursions like the one she had just returned from was something she couldn’t get used to.

  Patti, however, was a shopping machine. Five minutes seated on a bench set her up for another hour of window browsing. Browsing usually turned into buying, and before Piper knew what happened, she was lugging around an extra twenty pounds of crap that wasn’t even hers. How the woman hadn’t gone completely broke was a mystery to her. Piper could hardly afford the weeks’ worth of outfits she purchased, let alone the sheer volume of stuff Patti crammed inside her Jetta’s trunk.