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Alphas on Top, Page 1

Harper Sloan

  Alphas on Top

  Copyright © 2014


  Copyright © 2013 by E.S. Harper

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  Until November

  Copyright © 2013 Aurora Rose Reynolds

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  Broken Hart

  Copyright © Ella Fox 2012, First Edition

  Copyright © Ella Fox 2014, Revised Edition

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  Copyright © 2014 Tessa Teevan

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  Push the Envelope

  Copyright © Rochelle Paige

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  Table of Contents


  Cage - title page

  Cage - Copyright

  Cage - Acknowledgments

  Cage - Playlist

  Cage - Dedication

  Cage - Disclaimer

  Cage - Prologue

  Cage – Chapter 1

  Cage – Chaper 2

  Cage – Chapter 3

  Cage – Chapter 4

  Cage – Chapter 5

  Cage – Chapter 6

  Cage – Chapter 7

  Cage – Chapter 8

  Cage – Chapter 9

  Cage – Chapter 10

  Cage – Chapter 11

  Cage – Chapter 12

  Cage – Chapter 13

  Cage – Chapter 14

  Cage – Chapter 15

  Cage – Chapter 16

  Cage – Chapter 17

  Cage – Chapter 18

  Cage - Chapter 19

  Cage – Chapter 20

  Cage – Chapter 21

  Cage – Chapter 22

  Cage – Chapter 23

  Cage – Chapter 24

  Cage – Chapter 25

  Cage – Chapter 26

  Cage – Chapter 27

  Cage – Chapter 28

  Cage - Epilogue

  Cage - Bonus Chapter - Wedding

  Cage - Deleted Scene

  Cage - Bonus Scene ‘The Gift’

  Until November

  Until November – title page

  Until November – copyright

  Until November - Chapter 1

  Until November - Chapter 2

  Until November - Chapter 3

  Until November - Chapter 4

  Until November - Chapter 5

  Until November - Chapter 6

  Until November - Chapter 7

  Until November - Chapter 8

  Until November - Chapter 9

  Until November - Chapter 10

  Until November - Epilogue

  Until November - Acknowledgements

  Until November - About the author

  Until November - A note to my readers

  Broken Hart

  Broken Hart – title page

  Broken Hart – Copyright

  Broken Hart - Dedication

  Broken Hart - Chapter One

  Broken Hart - Chapter Two

  Broken Hart - Chapter Three

  Broken Hart - Chapter Four

  Broken Hart - Chapter Five

  Broken Hart - Chapter Six

  Broken Hart - Chapter Seven

  Broken Hart - Chapter Eight

  Broken Hart - Chapter Nine

  Broken Hart - Chapter Ten

  Broken Hart - Chapter Eleven

  Broken Hart - Chapter Twelve

  Broken Hart - Chapter Thirteen

  Broken Hart - Chapter Fourteen

  Broken Hart - Chapter Fifteen

  Broken Hart - Chapter Sixteen

  Broken Hart - Chapter Seventeen

  Broken Hart - Chapter Eighteen

  Broken Hart - Chapter Nineteen

  Broken Hart - Chapter Twenty

  Broken Hart - Chapter Twenty-One

  Broken Hart - Bonus Scene One

  Broken Hart - Bonus Scene Two

  Broken Hart - Bonus Scene Three

  Broken Hart - About the Author


  Incinerate - title page

  Incinerate - Copyright

  Incinerate - Quote

  Incinerate - PROLOGUE

  Incinerate – ONE

  Incinerate – TWO

  Incinerate – THREE

  Incinerate – FOUR

  Incinerate – FIVE

  Incinerate – SIX

  Incinerate – SEVEN

  Incinerate – EIGHT

  Incinerate – NINE

  Incinerate – TEN

  Incinerate – ELEVEN

  Incinerate – TWELVE

  Incinerate – THIRTEEN

  Incinerate – FOURTEEN

  Incinerate – FIFTEEN

  Incinerate – SIXTEEN

  Incinerate - SEVENTEEN

  Incinerate - EIGHTEEN

  Incinerate - NINETEEN

  Incinerate - TWENTY

  Incinerate - TWENTY-ONE

  Incinerate - TWENTY-TWO

  Incinerate - TWENTY-THREE

  Incinerate - TWENTY-FOUR

  Incinerate - TWENTY-FIVE

  Incinerate - TWENTY-SIX

  Incinerate - TWENTY-SEVEN

  Incinerate - TWENTY-EIGHT

  Incinerate - TWENTY-NINE

  Incinerate - THIRTY

  Incinerate - THIRTY-ONE

  Incinerate - THIRTY-TWO

  Incinerate - THIRTY-THREE

  Incinerate - THIRTY-FOUR

  Incinerate - THIRTY-FIVE

  Incinerate - THIRTY-SIX

  Incinerate - THIRTY-SEVEN

  Incinerate - THIRTY-EIGHT

  Incinerate - EPILOGUE

  Incinerate - Bonus Scene 1

  Incinerate - Bonus Scene 2

  Incinerate - PLAYLIST


  Incinerate – ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  Push the Envelope

  Push the Envelope - title page

  Push the Envelope - Copyright

  Push the Envelope - Dedication

  Push the Envelope - prologue

  Push the Envelope - chapter 1

  Push the Envelope - chapter 2

  Push the Envelope - chapter 3

  Push the Envelope - chapter 4

  Push the Envelope - chapter 5

  Push the Envelope - chapter 6

  Push the Envelope - chapter 7

  Push the Envelope - chapter 8

  Push the Envelope - chapter 9

  Push the Envelope - chapter 10

  Push the Envelope - chapter 11

  Push the Envelope - chapter 12

  Push the Envelope - chapter 13 />
  Push the Envelope - chapter 14

  Push the Envelope - chapter 15

  Push the Envelope - epilogue

  Push the Envelope - Acknowledgments

  Push the Envelope - About the Author

  Push the Envelope - Bonus Drake POV: Before Alexa

  Push the Envelope - Bonus Drake POV: The Dress

  Push the Envelope - Bonus Drake POV: The Fight


  Broken - title

  Broken - copyright

  Broken - Dedication

  Broken - Prologue

  Broken –Prologue – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter One

  Broken - Chapter One - A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Two

  Broken - Chapter Two – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Three

  Broken - Chapter Three – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Four

  Broken - Chapter Four – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Five

  Broken - Chapter Five – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Six

  Broken - Chapter Six – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Seven

  Broken - Chapter Seven – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Eight

  Broken - Chapter Eight – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Nine

  Broken - Chapter Nine – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Ten

  Broken - Chapter Ten – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Eleven

  Broken - Chapter Eleven – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Twelve

  Broken - Chapter Twelve – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Thirteen

  Broken - Chapter Thirteen – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Fourteen

  Broken - Chapter Fourteen – A dark two weeks

  Broken - Chapter Fifteen

  Broken - Chapter Fifteen – The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Sixteen

  Broken - Chapter Sixteen – The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Seventeen

  Broken - Chapter Seventeen – The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Eighteen

  Broken - Chapter Eighteen – The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Nineteen

  Broken - Chapter Nineteen – The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty

  Broken - Chapter Twenty – The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-One

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-One- The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Two

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Two – The not so dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Three

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Four

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Four – Jackson’s dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Five

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Five – Jackson’s dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Six

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Six – Jackson’s dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Seven

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Seven – Jackson’s dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Eight

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Eight – Jackson’s dark days

  Broken - Chapter Twenty-Nine

  Broken - Epilogue

  Broken – Bonus Scenes – Chapter One

  Broken – Bonus Scenes – Chapter Two

  Broken – Bonus Scenes – Chapter Three

  Broken – Bonus Scenes – Chapter Four

  Broken – My Books

  Broken - Acknowledgements

  Broken - About the Author


  Copyright © 2013 by E.S. Harper.

  Braxxon Breaker Dialogue, Copyright © 2013 Crystal D. Spears

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  Cage Playlist

  To my parents.

  For teaching me to dream and showing me how.

  Love you both.

  More than you will even know.

  And to my Dad.

  First man I ever loved and ½ of my biggest cheerleading duo.

  For supporting me and pushing me to be the greatest I can be.

  This book is not suitable for younger readers. There is strong language, adult situations, and some violence.

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  Email: [email protected]



  “Greg Cage.” I bark into my phone. I’ve been sitting outside of the damn ultrasound place for the last thirty-minutes. Of course, the actual parents are running late. Those two can’t keep their hands off of each other.

  God, I want that.


  “Yeah, Cage. It’s Derrick.” The knot in my stomach grows. This motherfucker has been nothing but a headache for the last two years.

  “News?” I don’t have time for this bullshit today.

  “Um, yes?”

  “Derrick, I do not have the patience for this right now. You called me for a reason, and I swear to Christ, it better be a good one. Has that slimy motherfucker finally slipped up?” I’ve had Derrick, a local cop, keeping tabs on my ex-brother-in-law for the last two years, ever since Simon married another innocent woman. I know there is something going on there, but I haven’t been able to get a speck of dirt on that asshole. Grace would be sick if she knew how deep my need for vengeance runs.

  “Um, yeah… that’s why I’m calling, Cage. I just don’t know how you’re going to handle this news.” Derrick might be a stand up kind of guy, but in times like this, I just want to punch him in his pretty boy face.

  “What. Is. It?” I see Axel’s truck pulling into the parking lot, and I know I need to be off this phone before Izzy sees me. I love her, but the second she senses my stress, she won’t stop until she has some answers. I refuse to cloud her happiness right now.

  “It’s about his wife Sofia. Well, you see… there was an accident last night.”

  “Fuck…” I hiss.

  Just like Grace. Just like my beautiful sister.

  “Please fucking tell me that there is something that ties his ass to this.” There has to be. The coincidence is just too fucking much.