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Cage, Page 1

Harper Sloan

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  “Greg Cage. ” I bark into my phone. I’ve been sitting outside of the damn ultrasound place for the last thirty-minutes. Of course, the actual parents are running late. Those two can’t keep their hands off of each other.

  God, I want that.


  “Yeah, Cage. It’s Derrick. ” The knot in my stomach grows. This motherfucker has been nothing but a headache for the last two years.

  “News?” I don’t have time for this bullshit today.

  “Um, yes?”

  “Derrick, I do not have the patience for this right now. You called me for a reason, and I swear to Christ, it better be a good one. Has that slimy motherfucker finally slipped up?” I’ve had Derrick, a local cop, keeping tabs on my ex-brother-in-law for the last two years, ever since Simon married another innocent woman. I know there is something going on there, but I haven’t been able to get a speck of dirt on that asshole. Grace would be sick if she knew how deep my need for vengeance runs.

  “Um, yeah… that’s why I’m calling, Cage. I just don’t know how you’re going to handle this news. ” Derrick might be a stand up kind of guy, but in times like this, I just want to punch him in his pretty boy face.

  “What. Is. It?” I see Axel’s truck pulling into the parking lot, and I know I need to be off this phone before Izzy sees me. I love her, but the second she senses my stress, she won’t stop until she has some answers. I refuse to cloud her happiness right now.

  “It’s about his wife Sofia. Well, you see… there was an accident last night. ”

  “Fuck…” I hiss.

  Just like Grace. Just like my beautiful sister.

  “Please fucking tell me that there is something that ties his ass to this. ” There has to be. The coincidence is just too fucking much.

  “That’s just it. The accident. I wasn’t on call last night, so this is all second hand until I get into the station…shit. ” I know this won’t be good, I just know it. “Sofia made it long enough to be transported, but they called it shortly after she arrived at the hospital. ” He talks a deep breath before continuing, the whole time my stomach turning to stone. “She was DOA, Cage. ”

  I see Izzy’s big, blinding smile through the window of the car, and my heart lightens a little.

  “I need to go. You keep me fucking posted. I don’t mean every now and then either. I want to know every fucking detail, you got that?”

  “Yeah, Cage. I understand. ”

  When I hear him click off the line, I shove my phone in my pocket and get ready to greet Izzy. I see her walking up to me, her small stomach rounded with her progressing pregnancy. I can’t help but smile.

  The unease I feel from Derrick’s call is still eating me but I shove it aside and wrap my arms around Izzy in greeting. “You ready, Baby Girl?” She looks up at me with the biggest smile, and I remember how easy it is for her to be so important to me. Grace would have loved her.

  Her blinding smile, so full of love and happiness helps to wipe away all the webs of distress that have just fallen all over me.

  Life moves on.

  Now I just need to figure out how to forget that motherfucker Simon Wagner.

  Chapter 1

  (A little over a year later)

  The sound of my headboard slapping heavy against the wall is almost loud enough to drown out the insistent ringing of my cell phone.

  “Fuck,” I snarl. Pulling my hand from the slender wrist I have bound behind this chick’s back, I reach over and snatch the phone off my side table. “Don’t speak. ” I bite out, feeling her pussy clamp tight around my dick. This chick loves when I boss her around.

  “Cage,” I answer, thrusting my hips forward and locking down hard. My breathing is coming in quick bursts, showing me just how hard I have been taking her. “Hello?”

  “Uhh, G?” Izzy’s soft voice comes through the line. Fuck. This is not how I need to answer the phone to her. She has been like my sister for the last four years.

  “Yeah, give me a second, Baby Girl. ” Muting the phone, I pull my rock hard dick from Mandy’s tight body and slap her ass, hard.

  “Go get cleaned up. Play time is over. ” If looks could kill, I would be dead on the floor right now.

  “Are you kidding me?” She rolls over, and with a huff, crosses her arms over her large and very fake tits.

  “Not kidding, Mandy. Don’t have time for your shit either. You know what this is, and I didn’t make any promises earlier. ”

  “Do you think that just once, you could actually act like you want me around?” She pouts.

  I level her with a look of my own and roll off the bed, stripping my dick of the condom, and throwing it in the trash before walking out of the bedroom.

  Once I get into the office, I unmute and take a deep breath before I speak. “Izzy, sorry. What’s up?”

  “I’m so sorry, G! I didn’t think you would be… busy. ” I might have believed her if it weren’t for her soft laughter.

  “Funny. So? What’s the early morning call for?”

  “Okay, okay. Not laughing anymore. I need a huge favor. Nate’s running a small fever, and I can’t make his appointment. I need to meet with the wedding planner in an hour, and Ax is down at the office. I think he’s just teething, but I would feel better with the wedding and all this weekend if I made sure. Anyway, I called Dee, but she can’t take him because she has a meeting this morning, and I tried Maddox because Ax said he was free, but he said ‘no girl’ and hung up on me… I think he has a friend over if you know what I mean. ” She isn’t going to stop talking if I don’t hurry this up. Izzy in ‘frantic bride and worried mother’ mode is just a hot mess.

  “Iz, spit it out. If I can help, I will. ”

  “Right. Can you take Nate to the doctor in an hour?”

  “Yeah, Baby Girl. That wasn’t that hard, was it now?”

  She laughs before answering, but I can still hear the stress lacing her words. “Not hard, G. I feel like I’m losing my mind. ”

  “Just hang in there. By the end of the weekend, everything will be worth it. ”

  “I know, but I still feel like something is going to go wrong any second now. ”

  “Stop stressing. Do you honestly think Axel would let anything stand in the way of making you his wife? Nope. Wouldn’t happen. He would move mountains for you. Time to relax. ”

  “All right, I’ll try. Owe you one. ”

  “No, you don’t. You know I love spending time with little man. I’ll swing by in about half an hour. Got some stuff I have to take care of here first. ”

  “Oh, yeah… I can imagine. ” Her laughter is the last thing I hear before she disconnects.

  When I turn around, Mandy is standing in the doorway, ass naked and scowl firmly in place.


  “Who the hell was that? You took a call when your dick was in my body. A call from another woman?”

  Why do I put up with this bitch? Oh, that’s right, because if I wait any longer to get some, my dick will shrivel off. “Amanda,” I roar her full name. “Hear me right now. You do not get to sit here and sling that shit. My sister calls and I’m done. Get that now, if you ever plan on revisiting my bed. ”

  “You’re done? Your dick is still hard,” she shrieks at me.

  I don’t have to look down to know that my dick is screaming at me to finish. I reach down and caress my balls, trying unsuccessfully to ease the ache that is coiling in my gut. Fuck… I need this so bad.

  “Babe. I don’t have time to take my time. You want to finish? Fine, but it will be hard and fast. ”

  Her snarky mouth and creased brow immediately lift. The smile that takes over her face remind
s me of why I waste my time with Mandy. She is fucking beautiful, and if I weren’t such a cold bastard, I might want something more than a way to get my rocks off with her.

  She saunters over to my desk and hops up on the edge, spreading her long, toned legs and revealing her wet pussy. “Come on baby. I’m dripping for you. ” She runs her red tipped fingernails along her folds, rubbing her clit a few times before pushing two fingers deep into her center. Sure enough, when she brings her digits out, they are gleaming with her juices.

  “Want a taste, baby?” Her voice brings me back from my lust-induced fog, reminding me why she is here.

  “Shut up. ” I growl before shoving my arms under her legs and lifting her pussy to my lips. She grabs hold of my hair, gripping it with her long fingers as I stand with her still attached to my mouth, eating like a starved man.

  “Oh… Greg, baby! Love your mouth, love when you eat me. ”

  I growl against her core, willing her to shut up.

  Walking blindly back down the hall, I dip twice so that she doesn’t knock her head against the door frame, and toss her back into the rumpled mess of my bed.

  She quickly crawls over to the edge, and before I can stop her, my dick is all the way down her throat. I pause to enjoy her wicked fucking mouth for a second, and then I softly push her off me. “No time, Mandy. Got shit to do. ”

  Reaching over to the side table, I grab another condom and roll it over my straining dick. I’m going to blow a nut any second now if I don’t get inside her body.

  “Roll over. ” She gives me another frown, but rolls over and pushes her ass high in the air. Grabbing one slim hip with my hand, I run the tip of my dick across her lips. Every time the steel of my jewelry hits her clit, she wiggles impatiently.

  “Fuck me!” She screams, pushing back with her hips.

  “Better hold on Mandy. Going to take you hard. ” I ram into her pussy with one quick, deep thrust. She screams out in pleasure, rocking back to meet my forceful pounding. There is nothing loving about this; this is about a man and a woman meeting their needs.

  It only takes a few minutes before her walls clamp tight on my dick, milking every last drop out of my body. With a firm slap to her cheek, I pull out and walk into the bathroom.

  “Got to go, Mandy. Get ready. Time for you to take your fine ass home. ”

  I shut the door just in time to miss whatever object she tosses across the room.

  Crazy bitches. This is why I’ve avoided relationships for so long.

  Chapter 2

  Parking in front of Axel and Izzy’s, I quickly jog up the steps and let myself in with my key. “Iz?” I call out, my voice echoing throughout the house.

  “Back here, Greg. Just getting his bag ready for you. ” Assuming her voice is coming from the kitchen, I take off in that direction.

  Turning the corner to the kitchen, I almost knock Izzy to the floor in her rushed flurry of activity. “Baby girl, you have got to calm down. What exactly do you think is going to happen, huh?”

  “Oh, Greg… I don’t know. I just feel like something is going to go wrong. Now with Nate sick, and the wedding this weekend, I just can’t stop worrying. ”

  “You need to chill. I promise you nothing is going to happen. ” I wrap her up in a hug, waiting for her frantic breathing to calm down a little. “Where’s my little buddy for the day?”