A feast for crows, p.71
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       A Feast for Crows, p.71

         Part #4 of A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin

  — Kyra’s son, WALDER GOODBROOK, a boy of nine,

  — Kyra’s daughter, JEYNE GOODBROOK, six,

  — SEPTON LUCEON, in service at the Great Sept of Baelor,

  — by his third wife, {LADY AMAREI of House Crakehall}:

  — SER HOSTEEN, m. Bellena Hawick,

  — Hosteen’s son, SER ARWOOD, m. Ryella Royce,

  — Arwood’s daughter, RYELLA, a girl of five,

  — Arwood’s twin sons, ANDROW and ALYN, four,

  — Arwood’s daughter, HOSTELLA, a newborn babe,

  — LYENTHE, Lord Walder’s daughter, m. Lord Lucias Vypren,

  — Lythene’s daughter, ELYANA, m. Ser Jon Wylde,

  — Elyana’s son, RICKARD WYLDE, four,

  — Lythene’s son, SER DAMON VYPREN,

  — SYMOND, m. Betharios of Braavos,

  — Symond’s son, ALESANDER, a singer,

  — Symond’s daughter, ALYX, a maid of seventeen,

  — Symond’s son, BRADAMAR, a boy of ten, a ward of Oro Tendyris, a merchant of Braavos,

  — SER DANWELL, Lord Walder’s eighth son, m. Wynafrei Whent,

  —{many stillbirths and miscarriages},

  —{MERRETT}, hanged at Oldstones, m. Mariya Darry,

  — Merrett’s daughter, AMEREI, called AMI, m. {Ser Pate of the Blue Fork, slain by Ser Gregor Clegane},

  — Merrett’s daughter, WALDA, called FAT WALDA, m. Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort,

  — Merrett’s daughter, MARISSA, a maid of thirteen,

  — Merrett’s son, WALDER, called LITTLE WALDER, eight, a squire in service to Ramsay Bolton,

  —{SER GEREMY}, drowned, m. Carolei Waynwood,

  — Geremy’s son, SANDOR, a boy of twelve, a squire,

  — Geremy’s daughter, CYNTHEA, a girl of nine, a ward of Lady Anya Waynwood,

  — SER RAYMUND, m. Beony Beesbury,

  — Raymund’s son, ROBERT, an acolyte at the Citadel,

  — Raymund’s son, MALWYN, serving with alchemist in Lys,

  — Raymund’s twin daughters, SERRA and SARRA,

  — Raymund’s daughter, CERSEI, called LITTLE BEE,

  — Raymund’s twin sons, JAIME and TYWIN, newborn,

  — by his fourth wife, {LADY ALYSSA, of House Blackwood}:

  — LOTHAR, Lord Walder’s twelfth son, called LAME LOTHAR, m. Leonella Lefford,

  — Lothar’s daughter, TYSANE, a girl of seven,

  — Lothar’s daughter, WALDA, a girl of five,

  — Lothar’s daughter, EMBERLEI, a girl of three,

  — Lothar’s daughter, LEANA, a newborn babe,

  — SER JAMMOS, Lord Walder’s thirteenth son, m. Sallei Paege,

  — Jammos’s son, WALDER, called BIG WALDER, eight, a squire in service to Ramsey Bolton,

  — Jammos’s twin sons, DICKON and MATHIS, five,

  — SER WHALEN, Lord Walder’s fourteenth son, m. Sylwa Paege,

  — Whalen’s son, HOSTER, a squire of twelve, in service to Ser Damon Paege,

  — Whalen’s daughter, MERIANNE, called MERRY, eleven,

  — MORYA, Lord Walder’s daughter, m. Ser Flement Brax,

  — Morya’s son, ROBERT BRAX, nine, a page at Casterly Rock,

  — Morya’s son, WALDER BRAX, a boy of six,

  — Morya’s son, JON BRAX, a babe of three,

  — TYTA, Lord Walder’s daughter, called TYTA THE MAID,

  — by his fifth wife, {LADY SARYA of House Whent}:

  — no progeny,

  — by his sixth wife, {LADY BETHANY of House Rosby}:

  — SER PERWYN, Lord Walder’s fifteenth son,

  —{SER BENFREY}, Lord Walder’s sixteenth son, died of a wound received at the Red Wedding, m. Jyanna Frey, a cousin,

  — Benfrey’s daughter, DELLA, called DEAF DELLA, a girl of three,

  — Benfrey’s son, OSMUND, a boy of two,

  — MAESTER WILLAMEN, Lord Walder’s seventeenth son, in service at Longbow Hall,

  — OLYVAR, Lord Walder’s eighteenth son, formerly a squire to Robb Stark,

  — ROSLIN, sixteen, m. Lord Edmure Tully at the Red Wedding,

  — by his seventh wife, {LADY ANNARA of House Farring}:

  — ARWYN, Lord Walder’s daughter, a maid of fourteen,

  — WENDEL, Lord Walder’s nineteenth son, thirteen, a page at Seagard,

  — COLMAR, Lord Walder’s twentieth son, eleven and promised to the Faith,

  — WALTYR, called TYR, Lord Walder’s twenty-first son, ten,

  — ELMAR, Lord Walder’s lastborn son, a boy of nine briefly betrothed to Arya Stark,

  — SHIREI, Lord Walder’s youngest child, a girl of seven,

  — his eighth wife, LADY JOYEUSE of House Erenford,

  — presently with child,

  — Lord Walder’s natural children, by sundry mothers,


  — Bastard Walder’s son, SER AEMON RIVERS,

  — Bastard Walder’s daughter, WALDA RIVERS,

  — MAESTER MELWYS, in service at Rosby,



  The Hightowers of Oldtown are among the oldest and proudest of the Great Houses of Westeros, tracing their descent back to the First Men. Once kings, they have ruled Oldtown and its environs since the Dawn of Days, welcoming the Andals rather than resisting them, and later bending the knee to the Kings of the Reach and giving up their crowns whilst retaining all their ancient privileges. Though powerful and immensely wealthy, the Lords of the High Tower have traditionally preferred trade to battle, and have seldom played a large part in the wars of Westeros. The Hightowers were instrumental in the founding of the Citadel and continue to protect it to this day. Subtle and sophisticated, they have always been great patrons of learning and the Faith, and it is said that certain of them have also dabbled in alchemy, necromancy, and other sorcerous arts.

  The arms of House Hightower show a stepped white tower crowned with fire on a smoke-grey field. The House words are We Light the Way.

  LEYTON HIGHTOWER, Voice of Oldtown, Lord of the Port, Lord of the High Tower, Defender of the Citadel, Beacon of the South, called THE OLD MAN OF OLDTOWN,

  — LADY RHEA of House Hightower, his fourth wife,

  — Lord Leyton’s eldest son and heir, SER BAELOR, called BAELOR BRIGHTSMILE, m. Rhonda Rowan,

  — Lord Leyton’s daughter, MALORA, called THE MAD MAID,

  — Lord Leyton’s daughter, ALERIE, m. Lord Mace Tyrell,

  — Lord Leyton’s son SER GARTH, called GREYSTEEL,

  — Lord Leyton’s daughter, DENYSE, m. Ser Desmond Redwyne,

  — her son, DENYS, a squire,

  — Lord Leyton’s daughter, LEYLA, m. Ser Jon Cupps,

  — Lord Leyton’s daughter, ALYSANNE, m. Lord Arthur Ambrose,

  — Lord Leyton’s daughter, LYNESSE, m. Lord Jorah Mormont, presently chief concubine to Tregar Ormollen of Lys,

  — Lord Leyton’s son, SER GUNTHOR, m. Jeyne Fossoway, of the green apple Fossoways,

  — Lord Leyton’s youngest son, SER HUMFREY,

  — Lord Leyton’s bannermen:

  — TOMMEN COSTAYNE, Lord of the Three Towers,

  — ALYSANNE BULWER, Lady of Blackcrown, a girl of eight,

  — MARTYN MULLENDORE, Lord of Uplands,

  — WARRYN BEESBURY, Lord of Honeyholt,

  — BRANSTON CUY, Lord of Sunflower Hall,

  — the people of Oldtown:

  — EMMA, a serving wench at the Quill and Tankard, where the women are willing and the cider is fearsomely strong,

  — ROSEY, her daughter, a girl of five-and-ten whose maidenhead will cost a golden dragon,

  — the Archmaesters of the Citadel:

  — ARCHMAESTER NORREN, Seneschal for the waning year, whose ring and rod and mask are electrum,

  — ARCHMAESTER THEOBALD, Seneschal for the coming year, whose ring and rod and mask are lead,

  — ARCHMAESTER EBROSE, the healer, whose ring and rod and mask are silver,

  — ARCHMAESTER MARWYN, called MARWYN THE MAGE, whose ring and rod and mask are Valyrian steel,

  — ARCHMAESTER PERESTAN, the historian, whose ring and rod and mask are copper,

  — ARCHMAESTER VAELLYN, called VINEGAR VAELLYN, the stargazer, whose ring and rod and mask are bronze,

  — ARCHMAESTER RYAM, whose ring and rod and mask are yellow gold,

  — ARCHMAESTER WALGRAVE, an old man of uncertain wit, whose ring and rod and mask are black iron,


  — maesters, acolytes, and novices of the Citadel:

  — MAESTER GORMON, who oft serves in Walgrave’s stead,

  — ARMEN, an acolyte of four links, called THE ACOLYTE,

  — ALLERAS, called THE SPHINX, an acolyte of three links, a devoted archer,

  — ROBERT FREY, sixteen, an acolyte of two links,

  — LORCAS, an acolyte of nine links, in service to the Seneschal,

  — LEO TYRELL, called LAZY LEO, a highborn novice,

  — MOLLANDER, a novice, born with a club foot,

  — PATE, who tends Archmaester Walgrave’s ravens, a novice of little promise,

  — ROONE, a young novice.


  The Lannisters of Casterly Rock remain the principal support of King Tommen’s claim to the Iron Throne. They boast of descent from Lann the Clever, the legendary trickster of the Age of Heroes. The gold of Casterly Rock and the Golden Tooth has made them the wealthiest of the Great Houses. The Lannister sigil is a golden lion upon a crimson field. Their words are Hear Me Roar!

  {TYWIN LANNISTER}, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport, Warden of the West, and Hand of the King, murdered by his dwarf son in his privy,

  — Lord Tywin’s children:

  — CERSEI, twin to Jaime, now Lady of Casterly Rock,

  — SER JAIME, twin to Cersei, called THE KINGSLAYER,

  — TYRION, called THE IMP, dwarf and kinslayer,

  — Lord Tywin’s siblings and their offspring:

  — SER KEVAN LANNISTER, m. Dorna of House Swyft,

  — LADY GENNA, m. Ser Emmon Frey, now Lord of Riverrun,

  — Genna’s eldest son, {SER CLEOS FREY}, m. Jeyne of House Darry, killed by outlaws,

  — Cleos’s eldest son, SER TYWIN FREY, called TY, now heir to Riverrun,

  — Cleos’s second son, WILLEM FREY, a squire,

  — Genna’s second son, SER LYONEL FREY,

  — Genna’s third son, {TION FREY}, a squire, murdered while a captive at Riverrun,

  — Genna’s youngest son, WALDER FREY, called RED WALDER, a page at Casterly Rock,

  — WHITESMILE WAT, a singer in service to Lady Genna,

  —{SER TYGETT LANNISTER}, died of a pox,

  — TYREK, Tygett’s son, missing and feared dead,

  — LADY ERMESANDE HAYFORD, Tyrek’s child wife,

  —{GERION LANNISTER}, lost at sea,

  — JOY HILL, Gerion’s bastard daughter, eleven,

  — Lord Tywin’s other close kin:

  —{SER STAFFORD LANNISTER}, a cousin and brother to Lord Tywin’s wife, slain in battle at Oxcross,

  — CERENNA and MYRIELLE, Stafford’s daughters,

  — SER DAVEN LANNISTER, Stafford’s son,

  — SER DAMION LANNISTER, a cousin, m. Lady Shiera Crakehall,

  — their son, SER LUCION,

  — their daughter, LANNA, m. Lord Antario Jast,

  — LADY MARGOT, a cousin, m. Lord Titus Peake,

  — the household at Casterly Rock:

  — MAESTER CREYLEN, healer, tutor, and counselor,

  — VYLARR, captain of guards,

  — SER BENEDICT BROOM, master-at-arms,

  — WHITESMILE WAT, a singer,

  — bannermen and sworn swords, Lords of the West:

  — DAMON MARBRAND, Lord of Ashemark,

  — SER ADDAM MARBRAND, his son and heir, Commander of the City Watch of King’s Landing,

  — ROLAND CRAKEHALL, Lord of Crakehall,

  — Roland’s brother, {SER BURTON}, slain by outlaws,

  — Roland’s son and heir, SER TYBOLT,

  — Roland’s son, SER LYLE, called STRONGBOAR,

  — Roland’s youngest son, SER MERLON,

  — SEBASTON FARMAN, Lord of Fair Isle,

  — JEYNE, his sister, m. SER GARETH CLIFTON,

  — TYTOS BRAX, Lord of Hornvale,

  — SER FLEMENT BRAX, his brother and heir,

  — QUENTEN BANEFORT, Lord of Banefort,

  — SER HARYS SWYFT, good-father to Ser Kevan Lannister,

  — Ser Harys’s son, SER STEFFON SWYFT,

  — Ser Steffon’s daughter, JOANNA,

  — Ser Harys’s daughter, SHIERLE, m. Ser Melwyn Sarsfield,

  — REGENARD ESTREN, Lord of Wyndhall,

  — GAWEN WESTERLING, Lord of the Crag,

  — his wife, LADY SYBELL, of House Spicer,

  — her brother, SER ROLPH SPICER, newly raised to Lord of Castamere,

  — her cousin, SER SAMWELL SPICER,

  — their children:


  — JEYNE, widowed wife of Robb Stark,

  — ELEYNA, a girl of twelve,

  — ROLLAM, a boy of nine,



  — his younger son, SER ALYN STACKSPEAR,

  — TERRENCE KENNING, Lord of Kayce,

  — SER KENNOS OF KAYCE, a knight in his service,




  — LEWYS LYDDEN, Lord of the Deep Den,




  — SER FORLEY PRESTER, his cousin,


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