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Sustained, Page 13

Emma Chase

  “I set my mom and Owen up in the upstairs guest room, so they don’t have to drive back to Baltimore tonight.”

  “Okay.” She nods.

  I skim the steering wheel with the palm of my hand. “That means we could go to my place or head—”

  “Your place is good,” Chelsea says in a rush that makes me grin.

  “My place it is.”

  On the ride over, I think about how it’ll go down. Don’t want to be overeager—can’t jump her the minute I get in the door.

  No matter how much I fucking want to.

  I’ll have to move slow, be smooth. Romance her. Offer her a drink, give her a tour. It’s not like I haven’t done this before, but it feels different this time. Because I know her.

  Because I actually . . . like her—no matter how ridiculously inadequate that sounds.

  • • •

  I walk in the door ahead of Chelsea, flicking the switch on the wall that turns on the low light of the corner table lamp, illuminating black leather couches, hardwood floors, and bare walls. I’m not much for decorating.

  Chelsea closes the door behind us, and I toss my keys on the table. I turn around to her, asking, “Would you like somethin—”

  But I never finish the sentence.

  Chelsea collides with me, arms around my neck, practically crawling up my torso, pulling me down and locking our lips. It’s totally fucking unexpected.

  And a total fucking turn-on.

  Her breasts press against my chest, her hips gyrate against me—providing glorious friction against the straining boner trapped between us. And her mouth—god—she sucks at my tongue, nibbles on my lip, traps it between her teeth and tugs, one small step above pain that threatens to make me lose my goddamn mind.

  When her hand skims down my shirt and rubs against the fabric-covered outline of my cock, I groan. “Jesus, slow down.”

  She pulls back, panting, “I don’t want to slow down.”

  And she sounds so sure—confident and whimperingly needy at the same time—my heart starts to pound out of my chest.


  My hands dive under her dress, grasping hot, firm thighs, just below her ass, and I lift, wrapping those perfect legs around my waist. Her fingers burrow through my hair as I angle my head, covering her mouth with mine. When I return the favor—sucking and biting, scraping those plump lips with my teeth like I’ve been dreaming about for weeks—a sharp keening sound vibrates from Chelsea’s throat, and I swear to Christ, I almost come right then and there.

  She lifts herself up and down, writhing against my stomach, as I stumble like a drunk toward the bedroom.

  “Clothes,” I grind out between kisses. “Too many clothes.”

  She nods, laughing, trying to drag my jacket off my arms while they’re holding her up—which ends up pinning my elbows to my sides, like I’m a hockey player who’s about to get his ass kicked in a brawl. Finally, we make it to my room. Chelsea’s fingers span my jaw as she kisses me, slipping her legs out from around me, sliding deliciously down my front to her feet.

  I rip my jacket the rest of the way off, then I breathe deep, trying to regain at least some finesse. My palms slide up her arms, my lips cover that perfect pulse point on her neck, and a moan echoes through the room.

  I just can’t tell if it’s mine or hers.

  I taste her skin with my tongue, licking and sucking—and she’s warm, so fucking sweet. Without looking I manage to unzip the back of her dress. She lowers her arms, letting it drop to a puddle at her feet. And then I definitely look.

  I step back from her, feasting with my eyes. All that smooth, rich skin beckons, aching to be touched, broken up only by bits of sheer black lace. Fuck, I can see her nipples through her bra—hard, pert, pink points. Her waist is flat and narrow, its circumference spanning both my hands, with a hint of toned muscle beneath soft skin. Her legs—Christ—long and lean and silky, like I knew they would be. And at the juncture of her thighs, the tiniest dusting of an auburn landing strip teases through the lace of her panties.

  I want to rub my face against that softness, I want to rip that lace with my teeth and fuck her with my tongue until my name is the only word she remembers.

  “You’re perfect.” My voice is low and ragged.

  She meets my eyes; hers are impatient. “And you’re overdressed.”

  My mouth twitches with a smirk, and I hold her gaze as I slowly unbutton my shirt. Her eyes go from ice to blue fire as I skim the shirt off my arms and drop it on the floor. She stares at my tattoos, the bulk of my biceps, wetting her lips with that tasty pink tongue. Still smirking, I unclasp my pants and drag the zipper down. My cock springs free from his confines, stiffly bobbing just a bit, and a moment later my pants and black boxer briefs pool on the floor too.

  I stand before Chelsea naked and more consumed with lust than I have ever been in my entire fucking life. Her gaze continues to roam and it feels intense. Like a stroking hand—over my corded neck, across my chest, around the ridges of my abs, down the happy trail. When she gets to my cock, jutting out thick and ready, her eyes widen.

  And then . . . she giggles.

  Not exactly the reaction I was expecting.

  “Something funny?”

  Chelsea’s flush deepens until her cheeks are crimson, and she giggles again.

  “You’re doing a number on my ego here, Chelsea.”

  “No, it’s not . . .” She takes a breath. “You have really big hands.”

  I frown in confusion. “And?”

  “And . . . I was just thinking . . . what they say about guys with big hands is definitely . . . true.”

  I’ve heard similar compliments before. What can I say? When God was passing out dick, he gave me extra.

  But she sounds almost nervous when she says, “It’s . . . it’s been awhile for me, Jake.”

  “What’s awhile?”

  “Eight months.”

  That is a long time. And sick bastard that I am, the first thing that pops into my head is how incredibly snug she’s going to feel around me.

  I push those thoughts aside and focus on Chelsea. “Then here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to lay you down in my big, huge bed and I’m going to make you come with my mouth and my fingers.” I start to stroke my dick while I talk. Because it feels good and because she’s watching. “Then we’re going to go real slow . . . inch by inch . . . until you beg me to not go slow anymore. Sound good?”

  Chelsea’s chest rises and falls quickly. “Yeah. I like the way that sounds.”

  “Good.” And it feels like I might actually die if I don’t get my mouth on her right now. “C’mere.” She meets me in the middle, raising her lips to welcome my mouth. The kiss is slower now but deep and rhythmic. I don’t let up until I feel her shoulders relax. Then I move back to her luscious neck. I skim my nose along her collarbone, leaving a trail of wet kisses from her pulse to below her ear and back again. Her head tilts and she moans my name. I pull her bra strap down her shoulder, following it with scraping teeth. My deft fingers work the back clasp, and it falls away from her, leaving nothing standing between my mouth and Chelsea’s pale, absolutely perfect tits.

  I dip my head and take one peaked nipple into my mouth, working it over with my tongue, making her squirm and grind against my thigh. Then I pick her up, wrapping her legs around me again, before slowly laying her down in the center of the bed. She guides me over her, between her legs, and now we’re kissing and rubbing—moaning and grinding. It’s fucking fantastic.

  Quick gasping curses slip from between Chelsea’s lips, and it’s so goddamn sexy because she’s trying to keep them in . . . and just can’t.

  I slide down her writhing body, kissing and licking as I go. I nibble around her belly button, making her stomach contract. And just as I’m about to dive into pussy heaven, Chelsea whispers my name.


  Only . . . it’s not the good kind of whisper—not a Jake, fuck me right now typ
e of tone. Has more of a wait kind of sound to it.

  I look up into her eyes and ask against her skin, “What’s wrong?”

  There’s vulnerability in her eyes and she does that flaily thing women do with her hand. “You should know I . . . I don’t usually . . . get there this way.”

  “What do you mean?”

  “I mean, sometimes it can take a long time for me to get off when a guy is . . .”

  “Going down on you?” I finish for her.

  And I swear her entire body blushes.


  I consider this information while nibbling on the skin just below her hip bone. It’s succulent.

  “Do you want me to stop?”

  Please say no, please say no, please say no . . .

  “No, it’s fine . . .”

  Thank fuck.

  “. . . I just didn’t want you to be disappointed.”

  I laugh a little, ’cause it’s not the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s up there. “That’s . . . really just not possible.”

  But now I’m intrigued. I slide back up until I can kiss her mouth and her tits press tight against my chest deliciously. Then I shift my hips, rubbing our lower halves together. Chelsea groans and sucks at my neck, getting into it.

  “Why do you think you can’t come with my face between your legs?” I ask against her ear.

  “Do we really need to talk about this now?”

  “I’m a lawyer. Asking questions turns me on. Having them answered is pretty hot too.”

  “I just . . . ,” she pants. “I can’t seem to ever relax enough, you know? My mind’s always going. Always worried . . .”

  I trace her ear with my tongue, blowing softly. “Worried about what?”

  She scrapes her nails down my back. “You know . . . the sounds I’m making, what I . . . smell like . . . taste like.”

  Is she kidding? There’s no way in hell I’m letting this go.

  “Close your eyes, Chelsea.”

  She does. And I wrap her hand around my length, stroking slowly.

  So fucking good.

  “Now say my name.”



  “Again,” I grunt. “Fucking moan it.”


  I grow harder, hotter, in her hand. I rub her thumb on the pre-cum that leaks from the tip, spreading it around the head.

  “Do you feel that?” I pant harshly.

  “Yeah.” She gasps. “Yes.”

  “That’s what your sounds make me feel.”

  She keeps her hand on my cock as mine skims down her stomach into her panties. She’s smooth and swollen and so fucking soaked I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning. I slide my fingers through her lips, where she’s warm and wet.

  And then I bring my fingers up and run them across her upper lip.

  “What do you smell?”

  She’s breathing so hard from her open mouth, it takes her a moment to answer.

  “I . . . it smells clean . . . hot. Oh god, it smells like I want you really bad.”

  What a great answer.

  I dip my fingers back in, circling her opening, teasing us both. Then I trace them over her lips, painting her with her own desire. She gets what I’m doing and slides her tongue out without being told.

  “What do you taste like, Chelsea?”

  “Sweet . . .” She gasps. “Warm . . . thick . . . like honey.”

  And I can’t hold back a second longer. My mouth crashes onto hers—sucking all that sweetness off her lips. Licking at every drop. When I finally break away, I promise, “Now I’m going to make you come. And it’s going to be every bit as fucking good for me as it is for you. Probably better.”

  Need pushes on me hard. I yank her panties down her legs and spread her wide open. And then my lips are on her like an openmouthed kiss, lapping and sucking, spearing her with my tongue.

  Her back arches and her hips buck against me. I grasp her and hold her down, delving my tongue deep inside, tasting heaven. I push against her harder, covering my face in her—fucking drowning. And it’s sublime. I eat her like she’s the last meal on earth, devour her like the delicacy she is.

  My tongue rubs tight, tiny circles on Chelsea’s clit and I slide two fingers into her. Her muscles grip as I pump my hand and groan. And then she’s coming, hard and long, pulsing around my fingers, against my mouth.

  I drag myself up, wipe my mouth against my arm, not giving her time to recover. Not able to wait.

  She takes my face in her hands and brings my mouth to hers. I grip my cock firmly, dragging the head through her pussy, teasing her opening.

  And then, slowly, I push inside. Just the head.

  Fuck me, she’s tight. My eyes squeeze closed as her cunt closes around the tip of my dick, muscles clenching—pulling me in deeper.

  Wait, my brain screams. Wait, wait, wait . . .

  Braced above her on my elbows, my body and my mind war for sanity. For some kind of goddamn composure. Because I need to pull away. I need to get a condom.

  And it’s like she can read my mind.

  “I’m on birth control,” she gasps, sounding as winded and wound up as I feel. “The patch. I . . . I’ve been tested—the school clinic. I’m clean. There hasn’t been . . . I don’t do this. Ever. But I want it to be really good for you . . .”

  It’s already blown every other past experience out of the water—and I haven’t even come yet.

  “And . . .”

  She caresses my face, gentle and tender. I look down into those beautiful blue eyes.

  “. . . and I trust you, Jake.”

  It’s not smart—actually it’s beyond stupid, especially for me. Especially after all that’s happened and the last three weeks of hell. But feeling her bare. Sliding inside her with nothing between us . . . how can I say no to that?

  I must’ve really lost my mind.

  Because I don’t.

  “You can . . . ,” I swear. “You can trust me. I won’t hurt you.”

  She nods, eyes locked with mine. And that’s all I need.

  My hips move forward, pushing into her slowly, inch by torturous inch. It’s hell and heaven rolled into one. Agonizingly, mind-blowingly slow.

  I feel her stretch around me. Making room. She clenches, so snug and hot it borders on pain. The best kind.

  A serrated moan pours from her lips and I almost lose it.

  “You’re okay?” I gasp desperately. “It’s good?”

  Chelsea arches up to kiss me, keening against my lips. “Yes . . . so good.”

  I pull back, just a centimeter, then flex forward again. Pressing and pushing, sliding along that tight fucking channel until I’m fully nestled. Until my balls rest against her ass. So deep. So wet. My eyes roll closed and I’m consumed by the sensation of Chelsea wrapped around me. Her scent, her moans, the taste of her lips, the grip of her hands on my back, on my ass, overwhelms me. Everything else fades away, and I’m lost in this one perfect moment—focused solely on where I’m buried deep inside her.

  With almost a tinge of regret, I withdraw. Only to moan when I get to slide back in. This isn’t fucking. Or screwing. This is something different—something more—that doesn’t have a name.

  “Jake . . . oh god . . . faster.”

  Her hips rise up to meet me and I lose track of time. All that exists is grinding and gasping, kisses and whispers, pounding and pulsing. Harder and deeper and more. Pleasure beyond anything I’ve known.

  Electric heat scorches up my spine. I feel Chelsea’s muscles throbbing around me, squeezing as she cries out beneath me. And when I start to come, the only word in my mind . . . is her name.

  “Chelsea . . . Chelsea . . .”

  I picture it, how I’m jerking, pulsing deep inside of her—filling her. And the image makes me come that much harder.

  Afterward, the sharp pleasure eventually wanes, smoothes out, and settles into a pleasant hum through my limbs. Awareness returns
and I lift my head from the crook of Chelsea’s neck—my new favorite spot—to see her smiling drowsily up at me.

  And all I can do is smile back.

  I run my hand through her damp hair, feel the slick sweat on our bodies that seals us together, as I pull out of her with a grunt, then shift to the side, dragging her against me. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her forehead with more tenderness than I ever knew I was capable of.


  I can’t get enough of Chelsea’s skin. It’s bordering on obsession. I can’t stop touching it, stroking the rough pads of my fingertips up her arm, across her creamy shoulder, down the perfect, pale line of her spine. It glistens like an opal under the glimmer of moonlight coming in from the bedroom window. My lips follow my fingers, soft brushes—she feels like velvet against my mouth, like the deepest cleft of a rose petal.

  And she’s not exactly idle either. Her tongue swirls around my nipple, she nips at my shoulder, her fingers play with the peppering of hair on my chest . . . and lower. She likes the feel of my stubble against her breast and I love the sensation of her auburn hair sliding across my stomach. For the next hour, it’s a silent exploration. An erotic discovery—what tickles, what turns us on, makes me groan, makes her scream.

  And then we’re at it again. This time I’m on the bed, legs stretched out straight, leaning back on my elbows, watching with rapt attention as Chelsea rides my cock with total abandon. Her knees fall on either side of my waist; her pelvis rocks forward and back with the rhythm of an exotic dancer. The moonlight glowing in the window behind her casts her features in shadow, but her silhouette is nothing short of magnificent. Her hair wild, head thrown back, tits bouncing, lips parted and gasping.

  I could stay just like this . . . I could watch her forever.

  “Oh god . . . oh god . . . ,” she pants, hips moving faster.

  I curse, trying so hard not to thrust. Because I’m so deep—buried from base to tip in snug, hot cunt—and it feels incredible. I don’t want it to end yet.

  I cup her breasts, rolling both nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Pinching until she moans loud and long. It makes her hips sway harder, grinding down on me now in tight circles. And her moan sounded so sweet, I have to take her nipple in my mouth. Dragging my tongue around the velvet bud, flicking and teasing. Chelsea’s hands grip my hair, holding me there, as I suction with my lips, then move up and around the soft mounds, sucking at the flesh, leaving a scattering of pink abrasions she’ll feel tomorrow.

  Her hands flatten on my shoulder blades, keeping me close.

  “Jake . . . ,” she keens, just to say my name, I think.

  “That’s it, Chelsea.” My voice is both reassuring and demanding. An order and a prayer. And I can actually feel her get wetter, tighter around me. Fucking A—nothing has ever felt this good. “Come on, baby. Ride me, make yourself come. You’re so close, aren’t you?”

  She whimpers and nods, her head jerking.

  “Let me feel it. It’s gonna feel so good. Get there, Chelsea.”